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Pub name and address
37 Ascalon street, Battersea SW8
Bolingbroke, 43 & 45 Dashwood road, Battersea SW8
Brewery Tap, 77 Battersea Park road, Battersea SW8
Bricklayers Arms, 93 Battersea Park road , Battersea SW8
British Lion, 137 Thessaly road / 28 Acre street, Battersea SW8
Butchers Arms, 149 Thessaly road / New road, Battersea SW8
Crown, 30 Currie street, Nine Elms, Battersea SW8
Carpenters Arms, 35 Linford street, Battersea SW8
Dew Drop Inn, 58 Stewarts road, Battersea SW8
Dock Tavern, 7 Battersea Park road, Battersea SW8
Duchess of York, 87 Battersea Park road, Battersea SW8
Duke of Cornwall, 37 Stewarts road, Battersea SW8
Duke of Edinburgh, 26 Crichton street, Battersea SW8
General Moore, 59 Stewart road, Battersea SW8
Grosvenor Wine & Spirit Stores, 179 Battersea Park road, Battersea SW8
Hero of Magdala, 9 Currie street, Battersea SW8
Locomotive, 35 Thessaly road / New road, Battersea SW8
Masons Arms, 169 Battersea Park road, Battersea SW8
Nine Elms Tavern, 33 Nine Elms Lane, Battersea SW8
41 Nine Elms Lane, Battersea SW8
Oxford Arms, 34 Savona street, Battersea SW8
Park Tavern, 75 Battersea Park road, Battersea SW8
Pavilion, 135 / 141 Battersea Park road, Battersea SW8
Plough & Harrow, 55 Battersea Park road, Battersea SW8
Ponton Arms, 7 Ponton road, Battersea SW8
Prince Alfred, 15 Haines street, Battersea SW8
Queens Arms, 146 New road, Battersea SW8
Queens Hotel, 139 St Phillip street SW8
Railway Hotel, Nine Elms, Battersea SW8
Red House, 127 Battersea Park Road, Battersea SW8
Red House, Nine Elms, Battersea SW8
The Richard Field, 6 Gonsalva road, Battersea SW8
Rock House, 153 Battersea Park road, Battersea SW8
Royal Albion, 94 Stewarts road, Battersea SW8
Royal Rifleman, 76 Nine Elms, Battersea SW8
Royal Oak, 1 & 2 Patmore street, Battersea SW8
Shaftesbury, 74 Rule street / 74 St Andrews street, Battersea SW8
Steam Packet Tavern, 2 Everett street, Battersea SW8
2 Tidmore street, Battersea SW8
True Briton, 42 Stewarts road, Battersea SW8
Two Brothers, 110 Thessaly road / 110 New road, Battersea SW8
Victoria Hotel, 166 Queenstown road, Battersea SW8
Welsh Harp, 60 New road / 60 Thessaly road, Battersea SW8
White Swan, 46 Nine Elms, Battersea SW8
Albert, 38 Milford street, Clapham SW8
Bell, 274 Wandsworth road, Clapham SW8
Brandon Arms, 11 Brandon street, Clapham SW8
Brewery Tap, 81 Clifton street, Clapham SW8
Crown & Anchor, 644 Wandsworth road, Clapham SW8
Duke of Cornwall, 539 Wandsworth road, Clapham SW8
Dun Cow, 458 Wandsworth road, Clapham SW8
Freemasons Arms, 17 Courland Grove, Clapham SW8
Hope, 1 New road, Clapham SW8
Hope, 25 Nursery street, Clapham SW8
Horse & Groom, 21 Chip street, Clapham SW8
King William IV, 354 Wandsworth road, Clapham SW8
Lord Raglan, 392 Wandsworth road, Clapham SW8
Lord Westbury, 418 Wandsworth road, Clapham SW8
Nags Head, 693 Wandsworth road, Clapham SW8
Nelson Inn, 600 Wandsworth road, Clapham SW8
Pensbury Arms, 2 Pensbury street, Clapham SW8
Plough, 518 Wandsworth road, Clapham SW8
Prince of Wales, 99 Union road, Clapham SW8
Queen, 438 Wandsworth road, Clapham SW8
Seven Stars, 65 Clifton street, Clapham SW8
Shakespeare, 472 Wandsworth road, Clapham SW8
80 Southville, Clapham SW8
Victoria Tavern, 642 Wandsworth road, Clapham SW8
358 Wandsworth road, Clapham SW8
575 Wandsworth road, Clapham SW8
Alfreds Head, 60 DorsetRoad, South Lambeth SW8
Anchor & Hope, 81Dorset Road, Lambeth SW8
5 Belmont Place, NineElms Lane, Lambeth SW8
Bradley, 179 Wandsworth Road,Lambeth SW8
Britannia, 353 Wandsworth Road, Lambeth SW8
Brooklands Arms, 36 Brooklands Road, Wandsworth Road, Lambeth, SW8
Builders Arms, 8 WyvilRoad, Lambeth SW8
Canton Arms, 177 South Lambeth Road,South Lambeth SW8
Cavendish Arms, 33 Viceroy Road, Lambeth, London SW8
Champion, 1 Bond Street, Vauxhall SW8
Chichester Arms, 27 Belmore street, Lambeth, London SW8
Coach & Horses, 131 Dorset Road, South Lambeth SW8
Coopers Arms, 82 Southville, Lambeth SW8
Crown, 208 Wandsworth Road, Lambeth, London SW8
Crown & Thistle, 152 South Lambeth Road, Lambeth SW8
Duke of Cambridge, 43 Thorne Road, Lambeth SW8
Eight Bells, 15 Cavendish Grove, Lambeth SW8
Elephant & Castle, 2 South Lambeth Road, Lambeth SW8
Engineers Arms, 108 Wandsworth Road, Lambeth, London SW8
Garibaldi, 42 Hemans Street, Stockwell SW8
Gladstone, 13 Wilcox Road, Lambeth, London SW8
Guildford Arms / Lansdowne Arms, 78 Lansdowne Road, South Lambeth SW8
Jeffreys Arms, 27 Paradise Road, Lambeth SW8
Jolly Brewers, 79 Dorset Road, Lambeth SW8
Jolly Sailor, 35 Dorset Road, Lambeth SW8
Lord Palmerston, 70 Hartington Road, Lambeth SW8
Marquis Of Anglesea, 10 Luscombe Street, Vauxhall SW8
Mawbey Arms, 7 Mawbey Street, South Lambeth SW8
New Portland Arms, 256 Wandsworth Road SW8
Nottingham Castle, 257 Wandsworth Road, Lambeth SW8
Phoenix Brewery, 104 Dorset Road, South Lambeth SW8
Portland Arms, 40 Mursell Road, Stockwell SW8
Portland Arms, 86 Wandsworth Road, Lambeth SW8
Prince of Wales, 33 Wilcox Road, Lambeth SW8
Priory Arms, 83 Lansdowne Road / 62 Priory Road, Lambeth SW8
Queen Ann, Nine Elms Lane 10 Belmont Place, Lambeth SW8
Roebuck, 84 Church Street, Lambeth SW8
Royal Albert, 54 Wandsworth Road, Lambeth SW8
Royal William, 102 Dorset Road, South Lambeth SW8
Southampton Arms, 21 Nine Elms Lane SW8
160 South Lambeth Road, Lambeth SW8
Surprise, 16 Southville, Lambeth SW8
Surrey Arms, 15 Wilcox Road, Lambeth SW8
Three Compasses, 18 Wandsworth Road, Lambeth SW8
Three Goats Head, 40 Wandsworth Road, Lambeth SW8
Train, 90 Hartington Road, Lambeth SW8
53 Wandsworth Road, Lambeth SW8
Wheatsheaf, 126 South Lambeth Road, Lambeth SW8
10 Wilcox Road, Lambeth SW8
William IV, 7 Wandsworth Road, Lambeth SW8
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