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Bow 1911 pub history census summary

Dis 1
25 White Post lane, PH, Marsh - Lord Napier
1 Davey Road, PH, Hewlett - Lea Tavern
47 Rothbury Road, OL, Tilbury

Dis 2
69 Cadogan Terrace, Morpeth Arms, Blake
129 Cadogan Terrace, Mitford Castle, Moore

Dis 3
61 Jodrell Road, Beer Shop / OL, Coles
65 Garner Road, OL, Rice
18 Lamprell Street, Beer shop, Strutton

Dis 4
393 Old Ford Road, The Railway Tavern, Lotcho
82 Candy Street, OL, Beech

Dis 5, 6
413 Old Ford Road, White Hart, Baulk

Dis 7
497 Old Ford Road, PH, Standbrook - City Hall
443 Old Ford Road, PH, Brown - White Horses & Woolpack
421 Old Ford Road, PH, Houghton - Railway Arms

Dis 8
740 Old Ford Road, PH, Brown - Lady Coborn
92 Fairfield Road, Beer House, Knott - Bricklayers Arms
62 Fairfield Road, PH, Bozie - Caledonian Arms

Dis 9
233 Bow Road, Half Moon Beer House, Cross
249 Bow Road, Dog & Partridge, Aldridge
259 Bow Road, Coach & Horses, King
185 Bow Road, Three Tuns, Harding
167 Bow Road, Kings Arms, Mordon
535 Old Ford Road, Five Bells, Blitsten
565 Old Ford Road, Boiler Makers Arms, Mead - aka Old Ford Tap

Dis 10
67 High Street, Blue Anchor, Clarke
51 Fairfield Road, Bromley Arms, Underwood
214 Bow Road, White Horse, Latheim
148 Bow Road, Black Swan, White

Dis 11
Bow Road, Little Driver, E A Flower
25 Addington Road, Addington Arms, S V J Burdon
27 Addington Road, OL, K G Bugler
2 Alfred Street, PH, K Purcell - White Hart

Dis 12
49 Alfred Street, PH, Wilmont - Duke of Clarence
8 Coborn Road, PH, Stokes - Coborn Arms

Dis 13, 14
154 Tredegar Road, Joiners Arms, Birks
26 Mostyn Road, Carlisle Tavern, SAnder
116 Tredegar Road, Cambridge Stores, Moore

Dis 15
38 Tredegar Road, OL, Allcock
22 Ordell Road, Ordell Arms, Wright

Dis 16
187 Tredegar Road, Beer House, Wilson - Bridge House
155 Tredegar Road, Beer House, Tarbard - Tredegar Arms
322 Roman Road, Beer House, Andrews - Rose of Denmark
72a Parnell Road, PH, Seegar - Hand & Flower

Dis 17
72 Eglinton Road, Lord Cardigan, Martin

Dis 18
260 Roman Road, Roman Arms, Andrews
40 St Stephens Road, PH, George - Earl of Eglinton

Dis 19
164 Roman Road, Beer House, Green - Young Prince
200 & 202 Roman Road, PH, Webb - John Bull
129 Antill Road, PH, Moore - Duke of York

Dis 20
157 Roman Road, OL, Hines
45 Hewlett Road, PH, Brown - Lord Palmerston
402 Old Ford Road, PH, Taylor - Lord Morpeth

Dis 21
438 Old Ford Road, PH, Gill - Gunmakers Arms
428 Old Ford Road, PH, Sheere - Builders Arms
163 Old Ford Road, PH, Musaphia
129 St Stephens Road, PH, Reader - Princess Alice
57 St Stephens Road, PH, Hatch - Royal Oak

Dis 22
213 Old Ford Road, Ye Old Victory Beer House, Swettenham
281 Old Ford Road, Lady Franklin, Message
337 Old Ford Road, Marquis Cornwallis, Watts

Dis 23
110 St Stephens Road, Essex Arms, Allen
450 Old Ford Road, Three Old Colts, King
458 Old Ford Road, Eleanor Arms, Dempsey
494 Old Ford Road, The Volunteer, Miss Bromley
58 Beale Road, The Gladstone, Smith

Dis 24
34 Libra Road, OL, Necombe
215 Roman Road, PH, Brown - Needle Gun
28 Wrights Road, PH, Cormack - Milton Arms
74 St Stephens Road, PH, Wilson - Prince Albert

Dis 25
279 Roman Road, PH, Innocent - Ranelagh Arms

Dis 26, 27

## end ##

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