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Hammersmith 1874

Walter Alexander, Hand & Flower, 25 Vale place
Joseph Allcock, Clarendon, 5 Broadway, H
Edward Anthony, Three Jolly Gardeners, 57 King Street east, H
William Attryde, Lord Napier, Great Church Lane, H
James Bacchus, Cross Keys, 57 Black Lion Lane, H
Matthew Bailey, beer retailer, 63 Queen street - Hope
Richard Bailey, Raven, 375 Goldhawk Road, H
Edwin Bax, Red Cow, King Street east, H
Alfred Berry, Chancellor, Queens Road, H
Henry Berry, Queen of England tavern, & pleasure grounds, 320 Goldhwak Road, H
William Bexley, beer retailer, 54 Queen street
William Henry Biffen, beer retailer, Lower Mall
Thomas Bigelstone, Prince of Wales, Albion road
James Bishop, Rifle, 1 Compton Terrace, Fulham Road, H
Henry Bower, beer retailer, Bradmore lane
Thomas Bray, White Hart, 8 King William Place, West End, H
William Brooksbank, Cannon, 80 Queen Street, H
George Thomas Catchpool, Six Bells, 33 Queen Street, H
John Church, Rose Gardens, Albion Road east
Thomas Clayton, Windsor Castle Hotel, 134 King Street west, H
Robert Cooper, beer retailer, 108 King street west - Norfolk Arms
William Copoleston, Bird in Hand, Masbro Road north, H
Edward Cox, Duke of Cornwall, 25 Fulham Road, H
James Creamer, Black Lion, Black Lion Lane, H
Mrs Rosa Crouch, beer retailer, 3 Blythe terrace, Blythe lane
William Joseph Darke, Sussex Arms, 26 Broadway, H
William Davies, beer retailer, 38 Masboro road north
Augustus Dixon, Lord Raglan, 34 King Street west, H
Samuel James Eastland, beer retailer, 13 Brook Green road
William Fairman, Crown, Grove Road, West End, H
Joseph Augustus Fleck, Swan Hotel, 40 Broadway, H
Thomas Fletcher, grocer & beer retailer, Upper Mall
Thomas French, beer retailer, 7 Lower Vale place
Samuel Richardson Gamble, Doves, Upper Mall, H
Thomas J Gamble, wine & beer merchant, 175 King street west
George Gill, beer retailer, Denmark road
Thomas Greaves, beer retailer, 24 Brook Green Road
T Greenhill, Town Hall & Market Tavern, King Street west, H
Samuel Griffin, Royal Oak, Dartford Road, H
Elijah Grinster, Princess Alexandra, York Road, Albion road H
George Haddow, British Queen, 1 George Street, H
William Haines, beer retailer & horse dealer, 22 Queen street
George Harding, beer retailer, Great Church Lane
Mrs Charlotte Hatto, beer retailer, 99 Queen Street - Cabin
William Healing, Rose & Crown, 43 King Street east, H
John Hibbert, beer retailer, Rose Gardens, Albion Road east - Andover Arms
James Hillier, beer retailer, Black Lion Lane - Carpenters Arms
Thomas W Holland, Chaise & Horses, 48 King Street west, H
John Hopkins, beer retailer, Masboro road north - Havelock Arms
Herbert James, Grove Tavern, & wine & spirit merchant, Albion terrace, Grove
John Jefferys, Dartmouth Castle, Dartmouth Road, H
William Johnson, beer retailer, Brook Green place
Mrs Mary Ann King, beer retailer, Upper Mall
William Langdon, Salutation Inn, 154 King Street west, H
Charles Lidgard, Thatched House, Albion Road, H
John Lunn, Cock & Magpie, 172 King Street west, H
John Mapp, Parrs head, 8 Blythe Terrace, Blythe Lane, H
Manuel Garcia Martinez, Royal Oak, Porton Road
Edward May, City Arms, Bridge Road, H
Samuel Millis, Bell & Anchor hotel, & wine & spirit merchant, Hammersmith Road, H
Alfred Offer, beer retailer, 133 King street west
William Parker, Hop Poles tavern, King Street west, H
Richard Peck, Cambridge Arms, 54 Cambridge Road H
William Perry, Old Ship, 95 Bridge road
George Philpott, Maltman & Shovel, 6 King Street west H
Mrs Ann Plant, beer retailer, 79 King street east - Wheatsheaf
Charles Polley, White Bear, 100 King Street west, H
Charles Thomas Price, beer retailer, 25 George street - Ardenne Arms
William Purdy, Plough & Harrow, 122 King Street west H
George Putland, beer retailer, 4 Queen street - Devonshire Arms
James Ringwood, George, 24 Broadway, H
Robert Rose, Angel, 81 King Street, H
William Rumsey, beer retailer, Thomas place, West end
Frank Sawyer, Hampshire Hog, 225 King Street west, H
John Thomas Scoley, Richmond hotel, Shepherds Bush road
Richard Smith, Freemasons Arms, Blythe Lane, H
John Sweeting, beer retailer, 7 Devon terrace, Fulham road - Distillery Arms
William Tailby, Angelsea, Wellington Road, H
Thomas Taylor, beer retailer, 141 King street west - Tradesmans Arms
Mrs Elizabeth Trowbridge, beer retailer, Brook Green - Barley Mow
John Thomas Valentine, beer retailer, 1 St Peters Road
Thomas Martin Vince, beer retailer, 1 Munden terrace
Henry Waddleton, beer retailer, 1 York Road
George Walker, Jolly Gardeners, 5 Brook Green, H
Thomas Walkley, Builders Arms, 12 Bridge Road, H
John Watkin, Queens Head, 13 Brook Green, H
Ralph Weeden, beer retailer, 31 King Street east
John Henry Weeks, Old Ship, Upper Mall, H
Thomas S Welshman, Rutland Hotel, Lower Mall, H
Thomas Weston, beer retailer, 208 King street west
Joshua Williams, Hope & Anchor, 20 Waterloo Street, H
George Wise, beer retailer, Dartmouth road
Thomas Wise, Britannia, Fulham Road H
William Wood, beer retailer, 17 King street east

Shepherds Bush
John Avenell, beer retailer, Victoria road
William Bailey, beer retailer, Victoria road
William Frost Bath, Rifle Pavilion, Wormholt Scrubs
Thomas Bell, beer retailer, Uxbridge road
Richard Bullock, Wheatsheaf, 163 Goldhawk road
Arthur Burne, Telegraph, 15 Richmond terrace
George Cook, beer retailer, 52 Goldhawk road
William Denington, Queen Adelaide, Uxbridge road
John Etheridge, Swakeley Tavern, & wine & spirit merchant, 174 Goldhawk road
William Hammond, British Prince, 77 Goldhawk road
Charles Hancock, Wellington Arms, Uxbridge road
Mrs Elizabeth Heard, Goldhawk tavern, & wine & spirit merchant, 122 Goldhawk road
James Higgs, Mail Coach, Uxbridge road
William Honyburn, beer retailer, 1 York place, Uxbridge road
Mrs Jane Hopgood, Beaumont Arms, Uxbridge road
John Henry Johnson, beer & wine retailer, Richmond road
William Miller, Askew Arms, Uxbridge road
Thomas Mills, White Horse, Uxbridge road
David Old, Brewery Tavern. 2 Goldhawk road
James Rutter, North Pole, Wormwood Scrubs
Michael Sheetry, Railway Tavern, Goldhawk road
George Stockwell, Sun, Victoria road
George Green Symons, Eagle, Victoria road
John Lancelot Upham, Half Moon & Seven Stars, 243 Goldhawk road
James Watt, Coningham Arms, Coningham terrace, Uxbridge road
William John Willcox, Princess Victoria, Uxbridge road
George Wright, Travellers Rest, Victoria road

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