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Halifax Arms, 17 Halifax street, Mile End E1

Mile End Pubs history

Chicksand Street (formerly known as Halifax Street) intersected halfway along King Edward Street (which no longer exists). The Enterprise pub was located at the north-west corner of that intersection, at the far eastern end of Chicksand Street. In the 1861 census, it is listed as 17 Halifax Street, roughly halfway through a list of properties along the western side of King Edward Street (starting at the southern end with the beer house at 1 King Edward Street, and moving north along the street). In the 1871 census, the same halfway point is listed as 11a King Edward Street, and in 1881 as 13 King Edward Street. However, all these are the same property, which in the 1882 directory is given as 1 Halifax Street, and later renamed Chicksand Street. *

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Residents at this address.

1811/William Clarke, Halifax Arms, King Edward street, Spitalfields/../../Holdens Directory

William Clark, victualler, of The Halifax Arms, Halifax Street, Mile End New Town. The will was proved in 1812. ***

1825/Mrs Clark, Halifax Arms, Halifax street, Mile End New Town/../../Licensed Victuallers Association

1833-34/Thomas Pluckrose, Halifax Arms, Halifax street, Mile End New town/../../Pigots Directory

22 December 1835/THE Creditors of Thomas BTnks, heretofore of Stoneykeld-House. near Bowes, Yorkshire, and then of Stockton-upon-Tees, Durham, a Surveyor of Taxes, and Land Steward to the late Lord Rokeby., afterwards of Lisle-Street, in the Town and County of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, then of Stoneyksld aforesaid, then of the King's Bench Prison, Surrey, a Prisoner, then of No. 1, Wellington-Street, Woolwich, Kent, then of the King's Arms Tavern, No. 27, Aldersgate-Street, London, then of No. 24, Dorset-Street, Spitalfields, and late of the Halifax Arms, Halifax-Street, New Town, Mile-End, Middlesex, out of business or employ, and now a Prisoner in Whitecross-Street Prison, Whitecross-Street, London, are requested to meet at the Chambers ot" Mr. Todd, No. 6, South-Square, Gray's-Inn, on Thursday the 7th day of January next, at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon of the same day precisely, for the purpose of choosing an Assignee of the said Insolvent's estate and effects/London Gazette Online

1839/George Crofts/../../../Pigots Directory

1841/George Crofts/../../../Post Office Directory

1843/Thomas Arrowsmith/../../../Post Office Directory

23 December 1842/The creditors of Thomas Binks, heretofore of Stoneykeld-house, near Bowes, Yorkshire, and then. of Stockton upon Tees, Durham, a Surveyor of Taxes, and Land Steward to the late Lord Rokeby, of Mount Morris, near Hythe, in Kent, afterwards of Lisle-street, in the town and county of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, then of Stoneykeld aforesaid, then of the Queen's Bench Prison, Surrey, a Prisoner, then of No. 1, Wellington-street, Woolwich, Kent, then of the King's Arms Tavern, No. 27, Aldersgate-street, London, then of No. 23, Dorset-street, Spitalfields, and then late of the Halifax Arms, Halifax-street, New-town, Mile-end, Middlesex, out of business or employ, and afterwards a Prisoner in White-cross-street, London, an insolvent debtor./London Gazette Online

Morning Advertiser 05 July 1847 - Transfers
Halifax Arms, Halifax street, Richard Bullimore to Thomas James Bailey

1851/Thomas Baily/Victualler/46/Bethnal Green, Middlesex/Census
1851/Elizabeth Baily/Wife/41/Bethnal Green, Middlesex/Census
1851/John Baily/Son/17/Bethnal Green, Middlesex/Census
1851/Elizabeth Baily/Daughter/15/Bethnal Green, Middlesex/Census
1851/John Baily/Son/20/Spitalfields, Middlesex/Census
1851/Maria Baily/Daughter/10/Bethnal Green, Middlesex/Census
1851/Sarah Baily/Daughter/12/Bethnal Green, Middlesex/Census

3 August 1855/James Smith, formerly of the Halifax Arms, Halifax-street, Mile End New Town, Licensed Victualler, then and now of No. 3 1/2, Ann-street, Pollard's-row, Bethnal Green-road, all-in Middlesex, out of business./London Gazette Online

1856/William Taylor/../../../Post Office Directory *

March 1856/William Taylor/Outgoing Licensee/../../Morning Advertiser

March 1856/Samuel Walker/Incoming Licensee/../../Morning Advertiser

1861/William Fryer/Publican/40/Ringwood, Hampshire/Census *
1861/Mary Ann Fryer/Wife/34/Bethnal Green, Middlesex/Census
1861/William Fryer/Son/4/Mile End New Town, Middlesex/Census
1861/Mary Evans/Mother-in-Law (Widow)/75/Suffolk/Census
1861/Mary Anne Marty/Servant/15/Bethnal Green, Middlesex/Census

October 1861/Thomas Gikes/Outgoing Licensee/../../East London Observer +

October 1861/Edward Miller/Incoming Licensee/../../East London Observer +

October 1862/Edward Miller/ Outgoing Licensee /../../East London Observer

October 1862/Maurice Harden Dale/ Incoming Licensee /../../East London Observer

March 1864/Maurice Harden Dale/Outgoing Licensee/../../East London Observer

March 1864/William Hearn/Incoming Licensee/../../East London Observer

November 1864/William Hearn/Outgoing Licensee/../../East London Observer

November 1864/William Parker/Incoming Licensee/../../East London Observer

May 1865/William Parker/Outgoing Licensee/../../Era

May 1865/George Garnham/Incoming Licensee/../../Era

August 1866/George Garnham/ Outgoing Licensee /../../Morning Advertiser

August 1866/John Turner/ Incoming Licensee /../../Morning Advertiser

29th September 1866/Thomas King/Outgoing Licensee/../../East London Observer +

29th September 1866/George Saunder/Incoming Licensee/../../East London Observer +

July 1867/George Saunders/Outgoing Licensee/../../East London Observer

July 1867/Joseph Garner/Incoming Licensee/../../East London Observer

1869/Joseph Garner/../../../Post Office Directory

14 May 1869/Joseph Garner, formerly of No. 20, Minerva-street, Hackney-road, in the county of Middlesex, out of employment, then of Prospect-place, Cambridge Heath, in the same county, also out of employment, and then and now of the Halifax Arms. Halifax-street, Mile End New Town, in the same county, Publican, and also residing at. No. 469, Cambridge Heath-road, in the same county, having been adjudged bankrupt under a Petition tor adjudication of Bankruptcy, filed in Her Majesty's Court of Bankruptcy, in London, on the 21st day or April, 1869./London Gazette Online

March 1870/Joseph Garner/ Outgoing Licensee /../../East London Observer ***

March 1870/John Henderson Perkins/ Incoming Licensee /../../East London Observer ***

October 1870/John Henderson Perkins/Outgoing Licensee/../../East London Observer

October 1870/George Thomas Melpus/Incoming Licensee/../../East London Observer

May 1872/George Thomas Melpus/ Outgoing Licensee /../../The Era

May 1872/George Tienken/ Incoming Licensee /../../The Era

August 1872/George Fenken/Outgoing Licensee/../../Era

August 1872/James Speight/Incoming Licensee/../../Era

May 1873/James Speight/Outgoing Licensee/../../East London Observer

May 1873/Richard Cloake/Incoming Licensee/../../East London Observer

August 1874/Richard Cloake/Outgoing Licensee/../../East London Observer

August 1874/Samuel Morgan/Incoming Licensee/../../East London Observer

6th March 1875/Samuel Morgan/Outgoing Licensee/../../East London Observer +

6th March 1875/Charles Davis/Incoming Licensee/../../East London Observer +

July 1875/Charles Davis/Outgoing Licensee/../../East London Observer

July 1875/../Incoming Licensee/../../East London Observer

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