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Licensed Victuallers Benevolent Institution in 1939

Asylum road, Camberwell - All Retail Licensed Trade Retired, and their birth dates

Licensed Victuallers Asylum and School.

Florence M Abbott, 28th Dec 1874, widow
Laura Abel, 24th Sept 1869, widow - Odd Fellows Arms, 185 & 187 Rye lane, Peckham SE15
Mabel Amer, 9th Feb 1878, widow
William E Ballard, 14th May 1868, M
Ellen Ballard, 15th May 1873, M
Frederick C Barber, 11th Oct 1882, M - Victoria Tavern, 79 Choumert Road, Peckham SE15
Eleanor Barber, 22nd Sept 1880, M
Elizabeth F Bennett, 23rd March 1870, widow
Harry Bell, 6th Feb 1880, M
Ellen Bell, 5th March 1869, M
John T Bird, 22nd Sept 1860, widow
Florence E Biswell, 16th Oct 1880, widow
Florence J Blom, 7th Nov 1870, widow
Annie M Boyce, 22nd Dec 1866, widow
James Braid, 12th Mar 1867, M
Annie Brew, 11th Mar 1872, widow
Richard C Bridger, 7th June 1862, M
Louisa Bridger, 13th Sep 1860, M
Edward P Briggs, 27th Dec 1869, S
Alice K Brisley, 10th Aug 1860, widow
Henry T Bristow, 19th June 1869, widow
Edward Brookes, 8th Jan 1867, M
Agnes e Brookes, 28th Oct 1864, M
Arthur Brown, 29th Nov 1867, M
Emily Brown, 17th March 1876, M
Samuel L Brown, 14th June 1870, M
Hilda A M Brown, 11th May 1885, M
Thomas F Brown, 5th Aug 1864, widow
Ernest E Burningham, 22nd Oct 1869, M
Martha J Burningham, 24th Oct 1880, M
Theresa A Cann, 30th Jan 1872, widow - George & Dragon, 151 Cleveland Street, Marylebone W1
John B Chapman, 6th Sept 1868, M
Ellen B Chapman, 10th Aug 1872, widow
Edward T Clark, 17th Mar 1875, M
Hilda B Clark, 4th Mar 1878, M
George Coleman, 31st Oct 1873, M
Mary A Coleman, 29th Jan 1868, M
Ellen Condon, 17th Nov 1862, S - Crown & Anchor, 71 Cheshire Street, Bethnal Green E2
Alice M Cook, 20th May 1870, widow
Henry Cooper, 22nd Nov 1866, M
William M Critchfield, 19th April 1859, M - Westminster Arms, 163 Gosset Street, Bethnal Green E2
Reginald J Crouch, 6th Feb 1869, M
Mary Crouch, 27th Mar 1868, M
Frederick J Dabbs, 16th Oct 1857, M
Elizabeth M Dabbs, 5th Feb 863, M
Elizabeth Davies, 10th Apr 1881, widow
Charlotte D Davis, 29th Mar 1874, widow
Frederick W Davis, 13th Mar 1865, M
Catherine E Davis, 2nd Feb 1863, M
Arthur W Davison, 17th July 1872, M - Bull & Anchor, 92 High Holborn, Holborn WC1
Elizabeth Davison, 26th Dec 1870, M - Bull & Anchor, 92 High Holborn, Holborn WC1
Neville M Dedman, 15th Oct 1871, M
May A Dedman, 18th Nov 1875, M
Charles T Dolby, 31st Oct 1868, M
Delilah M Dolby, 26th Dec 1870, M
George W Duck, 11th Mar 1861, M
Ada V Duck, 22nd Feb 1877, M
Albert E Dyke, 22nd Sep 1864, widow
Alice E Edwards, 7th Sep 1872, widow
George T Elfick, 11th Nov 1872, S
Dorothy Fabian, 6th July 1882, widow
Edward E Finnett, 11th Apr 1870, M - Codrington, 17 Kensington Park Road, Notting Hill W11
Alice Finnett, 27th Jan 1869, M - Codrington, 17 Kensington Park Road, Notting Hill W11
Mary Forsey, 11th Apr 1871, widow
Eileen M Fountain, 7th Feb 1884, S
William Fox, 9th Nov 1862, widow
Jane B Gladwin, 10th July 1855, widow - Queen Victoria, 148 Southwark Park road, Bermondsey SE16 and earlier at the Windsor Castle, 36 Maxey Road, Plumstead SE18
Fredericl Glanister, 25th Feb 1864, widow
John Gurney, 20th July 1873, M
Emma N Gurney, 28th July 1869, M
Louie M Hagedorn, 26th June 1864, widow
Mary A S Harriott, 15th May 1859, widow
Ada H Harris, 12th Feb 1861, widow
Alfred R Harris, 21st Mar 1864, M
Maud Harris, 25th April 1881, M
Eleanor S Harris, 31st July 1854, widow
Charles A Harrison, 28th Apr 1870, widow
Frederick Hart, 24th Apr 1862, widow
Henry Hart, 16th Nov 1866, M
Susan E Hart, 22nd Apr 1864, M
Martha Herrmann, 21st Dec 1862, widow
Lily L Higgins, 1st Ocy 1873, widow
Foord R J Hill, 8th June 1869, M - Steam Packet, 1 Park place, Poplar E14
Emily M Hill, 6th Sep 1883, M - Steam Packet, 1 Park place, Poplar E14
Mary A Hooker, 19th July 1866, widow
Horace A Huntley, 2nd Dec 1860, M - White Hart Hotel, Church street, Hampton
Eliza L Huntley, 24th July 1863, M - White Hart Hotel, Church street, Hampton
Agnes Hurst, 25th Sep 1865, widow
George C R Hurst, 24th April 1880, M
Selina M Hurst, 6th June 1883, M
Walter Hurst, 28th May 1867, widow - Tile Kiln, 7 Tuilerie Street, Hackney Road, Shoreditch E2
Gerard Indaco, 14th Feb 1873, widow - Red Lion, 50 East Street, Epsom, Surrey
Alfred J Jaggers, 22nd Jan 1865, widow
Ellen M Jennings, 16th Oct 1875, widow - Kings Arms, 83 Brook Street, Ratcliffe
Walter G Jorden, 9th Dec 1862, widow
Harry Keeble, 4th Jan 1877, widow
Annie J Ker, 11th March 1855, widow
Albert E Kruse, 30th Sep 1867, M
Ellen Kruse,24th July 1875, M
Robert Lacey, 27th Nov 1864, widow
Mary E Lawrence, 22nd May 1865, widow
Louisa C Ling, 3rd Nov 1870, widow
John E Lukey, 19th Oct 1860, M
Mary A Lukey, 2nd May 1867, M
Arthur B Lund, 27th Dec 1875, M - Horse & Groom, 262 Walworth Road, Newington, SE17 and also Duke of Lancaster, 36 Laburnam Street, Shoreditch E2
Ada Lund, 8th Apr 1872, M - Horse & Groom, 262 Walworth Road, Newington, SE17 and also Duke of Lancaster, 36 Laburnam Street, Shoreditch E2
Edwin McRae, 4th Oct 1856, widow - Yorkshire Grey, 99 Bermondsey Street, Bermondsey SE1
Eliza J Maidwell, 24th June 1870, widow
Thomas M Masrhall, 15th July 1863, M
Lilla Marshall, 9th Jan 1857, M
Helen Metcalf, 5th Feb 1876, widow - Lord Napier, 111 Beulah Road, Thornton Heath, Croydon, Surrey
Elizabeth J Minty, 1st Jan 1861, widow - Black Horse, 11 Queen street, Seven Dials WC2
Alfred J Mitchell, 11th Aug 1860, widow
Edmund G Moore, 26th Oct 1871, M
Emily M Moore, 3rd Nov 1866, M
James W Moore, 14th Feb 1870, M - Bear & Rummer, 43 Mortimer Street, Marylebone W1
Ellen Moore, 5th May 1876, M
Maude E Morgan, 3rd Jan 1868, widow
Mary A Morris, 13th Apr 1866, widow
James Murray, 18th July 1871, M
Emma L C Murray, 15th March 1873, M
Ada Norman, 3rd Jan 1867, widow
Clara Oberman, 25th June 1867, widow - The Pauls Head, 1 Crispin Street, Spitalfields
Ada A Penney, 16th May 1866, widow
Alfred W Phillips, 11th Dec 1871, widow
John Pigeon, 1st March 1858, M
Nellie M Platt, 7th May 1879, widow
Wilson H Pooley, 25th Apr 1861, widow - Castle, 6 & 8 Week Street, Maidstone
Frank E Powell, 27th Oct 1866, M
Alice M M Powell, 14th Feb 1868, M
Emily A Price, 29th May 1864, widow
George Pudney, 20th Feb 1873, widow
Florence E Rackham, 23rd July 1870, widow
Charles Roberts, 18th Feb 1872, M
Annie M Roberts, 20th Nov 1865, M
Mary A Robins, 6th Oct 1861, widow
Mary E Rowlingson, 1st Dec 1881, widow
Richard F Salt, 18th July 1858, M
Agnes K M Salt, 16th Feb 1858, M
Eliza Sanders, 29th Oct 1864, widow
Henry T Shields, 9th Aug 1872, widow
Tamar Shingles, 26th Oct 1870, widow
Alfred J Smith, 16th March 1872, M
Elizabeth S A Smith, 21st June 1876, M
Annie Smith, 23rd Jan 1863, widow
Ernest C Smith, 24th July 1867, M
Eleanor Smith, 22nd June 1871, M
Harry B Speedy, 20th April 1863, M
Hannah E Speedy, 11th Feb 1871, M
Frederick R Spencer, 10th May 1871, M
Frederick Spraggons, 3rd May 1872, widow - Hanbury Arms, 33 Linton Street, Islington N1
Isabel Stanley, 8th Dec 1862, widow
James L Stutchbury, 13th June 1858, M
Alice M Stutchbury (nee Hawthorne), 25th Jan 1872, M
Mary A Tapsell, 21st July 1854, widow
David G Thompson, 26th Oct 1876, M
Eva B Thompson, 15th May 1878, M
William H Thompson, 17th Jan 1866, M
Ellen K Thompson, 8th Oct 1869, M
Minnie Trew, 1st Nov 1871, widow
Thomas Vincent, 7th Oct 1853, M
Emily Vincent, 16th Dec 1860., M
Elizabeth E Walker, 10th Oct 1862, widow - Bricklayers arms, 4 Elizabeth Street, Pimlico SW1
Paul Warr, 18th Nov 1871, widow
Charles H Warren, 19th May 1876, M
Annie L Warren, 18th Feb 1872, M
Frank H Watts, 17th April 1868, widow
Anne E Webb, 22nd Apr 1863, widow
Emily S Welch, 27th Oct 1856, widow
Edward H Westley, 3rd Oct 1877, widow
Emily S Williams, 23rd Apr 1849, widow
Frances Williamson, 2nd Apr 1863, widow
Evalyne J Willson, 6th Nov 1864, widow
Herbert Wrigglesworth, 31st July 1866, M
Alfred S Block, 19th Oct 1855, M
Annie S Block, 7th Sep 1861, M
Agnes J Meech, 19th Mar 1848, widow

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