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Poplar 1911 census summary

Dis 1
124 Stainsby Road, PH, Weeks - New River Head
29 Arcadia Street, Sidney Arms, Copley

Dis 2
5 Chrisp Street, Guy Earl of Warwick, Harding
155 East India Dock Road, Recreation Tavern, Doyle
21 Woollett Street, The Chimes Beer shop, Ahrens
83 Grundy Street, Grundy Arms, Beaumont
96 Grundy Street, Alma Beer shop, Wood
60 Kerbey Street, Ellerthorpe Arms, Marks

Dis 3
48 Grundy Street, PH, H Lanes
15 Jeremiah Street, Wades Arms, A W Higgs
48 Grundy Street, African Tavern, H Lane
27 Grundy Street, Duke of Edinburgh, T T Frost
47c Grundy Street, Mariners Arms, T Clark
69 Grundy Street, Enterprise, H C Duffell

Dis 4
7 Ricardo Street, Closed PH, Hide (caretaker) - Market House tavern
26 Giraud Street, Horn of Plenty, Howson

Dis 5
67 Kerby Street, Princess Mary, Sullivan
1 Lion Street, The Lion, Rawlinson
23 Lion Street, The Crown & Cushion, Garsteen

Dis 6
95 East India Dock Road, East India Arms, Wood
4 Upper North Street, City of Canton, Arnold
92 Canton Street, Norfolk Hero, Jones
25 Upper North Street, Alexandra Arms, Cottage
39 Upper North Street, Sir John Barleycorn, Jones
31 Pekin Street, Anchor & Hope, Walker

Dis 7
61 Upper North Street, Hind Arms, Gates
47 Upper North Street, OL Beer, Anderson
19 Gough Street, Waterloo Hero, Newport

Dis 8
71 Upper North Street, Sussex Arms, Baldry
55 Hind Street, Alexandra Beer House, Basey

Dis 9
99 Upper North Street, Sabbarton Arms, Bywater
28 - 29 Suffolk Street, Duke of Suffolk, Turner

Dis 10
West India Dock Road, Railway Tavern, Brown [first entry in district]
145 Three Colt Street, PH, Craig
1 Park Place, PH, Hill - Steam Packet
45 Emmett Street, PH, Green - Shipwrights Arms
12 Emmett Street, PH, Mann - United Brothers
18 Emmett Street, PH, Brandon - Royal Oak
17 Emmett Street, PH, Lee - Union Tavern
Thames Place, Horn & Chequers, Cecil

Dis 11
24 Birchfield Street, Beer House, Moyse - West Arms
37 Castor Street, Beer House, Middleton - Deddington Arms
1 Pennyfields, PH, Cunningham - Commercial tavern
17 Pennyfields, Beer House, Hodgson - Rose & Crown
39 Pennyfields, PH, Forbes - Three Tuns
73 & 75 West India Dock Road, Engineers PH, Naylor
68 High Street, PH, Jessop - Green Man

Dis 12
41 High Street, PH, Jeffree - Horn of Plenty
7 High Street, PH, Main - Prince Alfred
11 High Street, PH, Meeds - White Horse
104 East India Dock Road, PH, Fortman - Phoenix
136 East India Dock Road, PH, Sweeney - Shipwrights Arms
150 East India Dock Road, PH, Wade - Manor Arms
65 Pennyfields, PH, Davis - Silver Lion

Dis 13
20a Hale Street, Beer House, Mordue - United Brother
17 Shirbutt Street, Royal Mason, Merrett
125 High Street, East India Arms, Mrs Petterson
82 High Street, Beer Shop, Ahrens
95 High Street, Queens Head, Branch

Dis 14
108 High Street, PH, Baker - Spotted Dog
126 High Street, PH, Rowlatt
210 High Street, PH, Rogers - Harrow
143 High Street, PH, North - Blakeneys Head
151 High Street, Beer House, Wheeler - Eagle Brewery Tap
179 High Street, PH, Wood - Green Dragon
2 Bath Street, PH, Hickey - John Bull

Dis 15
6 Woolmore Street, Beer House, Boyer
20 Woolmore Street, Beer House, Ellis - Crown & Sceptre
30 Wells Street, Beer Shop, Gaunt
40 Brunswick Street, Beer House, Riddall - Eastern Star
70 Cotton Street, PH, Adams - Nags Head
20 Brunswick Street, Beer House, Whiffen - Vulcan
303 High Street, Beer House, Tunbridge
307 High Street, PH, Bracegirdle - White Hart
2 Bow Lane, Beer House, Cracknell - Greenwich Pensioner
209 High Street, PH, Tyler - Commodore
241 High Street, PH, Pinn - Exchange Tavern
314 High Street, PH, Holbrook - Ship
14 Newby Place, Beer House, Band - Hope & Anchor
270 High Street, PH, Toombs - Rising Sun
290 High Street, Beer House, Reeve - Waterman Arms

Dis 16, 17
5 Naval Row, PH, Palmer - East India Arms
24 Naval Row, PH, Weige - Steam Ship
28 Naval Row, PH, Hollidge - Prince of Wales
Brunswick Tavern, Raven
45 Orchard Place, PH, Hendy - Trinity Arms
41 Orchard Place, Barge Beerhouse, Convoy
58 Orchard Place, PH, Joyce - Prince Albert
Brunswick Street, The Ivy House, Reynolds
1 Orchard Place, Beer House, Smith - Steam Packet
9 Orchard Place, PH, Kleins - Crown

Dis 18
130 Brunswick Street, Beer house, Thomas Penny - White Swan
27 Cold Harbour, Gun, Arthur Temple
78 Brunswick Street, Beer House, Steven Stone - Brunswick Arms
9 Cold Harbour, PH, William Barrett - Fishing Smack
Preston Road, Marshal Keat, William Glover

Dis 19
10 Chrisp Street, Coat & Badge Beer Shop, Thurlow
28 Chrisp Street, London Stores Beer Shop, Dillon
50 Chrisp Street, Early Bird Beer Shop, Jennings
133 Grundy Street, Duke of Clarence, Jeves
1 Susannah Street, Bedford Arms Beer Shop, Reed
13 Cotton Street, Darby & Joan Off License, Mannings
12a Union Street, Bricklayers Arms, Brady
7 Ida Street, George the 4th, Hunter
221 East India Dock Road, British Admiral Beer shop, Frith
182 East India Dock Road, The Eagle, Burton
202a East India Dock Road, Falcon Beer Shop, Holmes
238 East India Dock Road, The Volunteer Beer shop, Keenan
12 Robinhood Lane, The Beehive, Clarkson
28 Robinhood Lane, British Oak Beer Shop, Coxell

Dis 20
36 Cuba Street, PH, James Jones - Dock House
3 Took Street, PH, Rattray - Islanders
1 West Ferry Road, PH, T J Carroll - City Arms
25 West Ferry Road, PH, H Baker - Blacksmiths Arms
41 West Ferry Road, PH, G Dawson - Anchor & Hope

Dis 21
20 Havannah Street, Pride of the Isle, Olley
165 West Ferry Road, Tooke Arms, Johnson

Dis 22
233 West Ferry Road, PH, Innocent - Millwall Dock tavern

Dis 23
6 West Ferry Road, Beer House, Wilson - Waterman Arms
18 West Ferry Road, Beer House, French - Mechanics Arms
34 West Ferry Road, Torrington Arms, Warren
Union Road, Union Arms Beer House, Lowery
240 West Ferry Road, PH, Farr - Vulcan
210 West Ferry Road, PH, Mrs McMahon - Ironmongers Arms
194 West Ferry Road, Beer House, Waters - Magnet
154-156 West Ferry Road, PH, Kite - Kingsbridge Arms

Dis 24
367 West Ferry Road, PH, Fuller - Glengall Arms
Ferry Street, Ferry House, Stevenson
395 West Ferry Road, PH, Bates - Great Eastern
248 West Ferry Road, PH, Hewett - Robert Burns
290 West Ferry Road, PH, Payne - Ship

Dis 25
1 Manchester Road, PH, Davey - Lord Nelson

Dis 26
262 Manchester Road, PH, Saunders - Cubitt Arms
84 Manchester Road, PH, Miles - Princess of Wales

Dis 27
99 Stebondale Street, PH, Semper - Builders Arms
283 Manchester Road, PH, Rowntree - Pier Tavern

Dis 28
377 Manchester Road, Beer House, Smith - Dorset Arms
393 Manchester Road, Licensed Victualler, Stutts - London Tavern
70 Glengall Road, OL, Cridge

Dis 29, 30
571 Manchester Road, PH, Marber - Queen of the Isle

Dis 31
Folly Wall, PH, Gallivan - Prince of Wales
308 Manchester Road, Licensed Victualler, Taylor - Manchester Arms

Dis 32-34, 35
## end ##

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