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Rotherhithe 1851 Kellys directory

Rotherhithe index

Historical London public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels.

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Residents at this address.

Rotherhithe 1851 Kellys

Rotherhithe wall
See from 8 to 120 Rotherhithe street & from 352 to 396

Commercial Dock
John Cardno, shipwright
Dog & Duck, Absolom John Stanley
George Waters Sweeting, ship owner & builder (Clyde Dock)
Henry Cater, boiler maker
Jonathan Hall, ship builder

Rotherhithe street, 1 West lane to 64 Lower street
John R & Thomas H Perks, steam flour mills (Platform)
James Naylor, coal merchant (Rotherhithe Wharf)
1 John R Meade, beer merchant
1 William & Francis Rolt, coopers
6 India House, Thomas Hitchins Newbold
8 Angel, James Chapman
9 Richard William Colmore, china warehouse
12 Mrs Amelia Hart, greengrocer
13 Jesse Hallett, linendraper
14 William Matthew Marshall, coal merchant
15 John Stevens, boot maker
16 Henry Ivimy, Post Office Receiving House
17 Dover Castle, John Richard Bishop
17 John R Bishop, shipwright
18 George Leggett, mast, oars etc maker
Kings Stairs
19 Greig & Ellis, furn ironmongers
21 John Coleman Duggan, lighterman
21 John M Connorton, mast and oar maker
22 John Charles Watson, hairdresser
23 Jolly Waterman, Richard Sampson
24 Joseph Thomas Young, barge builder
25 James Matthews, lighterman
26 John Bayley, plumber & painter
27 John Simpson, grocer
28 Isaac Bliss, fruiterer
29 William Morland, ships boatbuilder
33 Benjamin Batt, stationer
34 Thomas Clark & Son, mast & block makers
35 Mrs Alice Neale, shipsmith
36 Thomas & James Cowan, steam flour mills
37 Rt Hall, ship carver (Princes Stairs)
37 George Kell, mast maker
38 Simon Barritt, lighterman & baker
39 William Walton, tea dealer
Princes Stairs
White Lion, Ralph Garth
Gordon Brothers, sailmakers & ship chandlers
Elephant Stairs
40 William H Stevens, boat builder
41 Torbay, William Henry Stevens
42 Kings Arms, Henry Nunnery jun
46 Ormond smith, ship chandler
Church Stairs Wharf
John Gaywood, coal merchant
Church Stairs
49 Spread Eagle, John Woodley Smith
51 Thames Tunnel Wharf
William Stoneham, barge & boat builder
John Hogarth, iron merchant
52 Thomas & Charles Stokes, lighter builders
53 John Sherar, shipsmith & bellhanger
57 Charles Hay & Son, lightermen
60 Swan Wharf
60 John Moore, boat builder
63 Hanover Stairs
Edward Smith, barge builder
63 Carolina Wharf
64 James & Robert Mangles, wharfingers & corn millers
70 Kings Mill Wharf
James Kid, wharfinger
Joseph T Powell, ship biscuit baker
Henry Powell & Sons, Provision merchants
80 Charles Bragger, ship smith
81 John Beatson, ship breaker etc
82 Gordon, Hill & Christy, engineers
King & Queen Wharf
John Gaywood, coal merchant
William Henry Hackwood & Co, ship builders (King & Queen Dock)
Globe Wharf
Henry Gurney, timber merchant
Webster & Thomas M Flockton, turpentine refiners
William Jonathan Smith, shipwright
Caen Sufferance Wharf
George Gates & Co, wharfingers
Luard, Beedham & Co, Caen stone merchants
Devon Haytor Granite Wharf, George Clark, agent
J Thompson, boat builder (Horseferry Stairs)
G Marshall, shipowner (Lavender Wharf)
Miall, Marshall & Co, roman cement manufacturer
Cuckolds Point Stairs, between 124 & 125
125 Horns, James Field
125 Robert Byass, export porter merchant
128 Blacksmiths Arms, George Carter
Canada Wharf
130 George Vertue & Co, saw mills & timber merchants
William Hughes jun, lightermen
Thomas Bilbe, ship builder (Nelson Dock)
... here Lower Queen street intersects ...
133 Ordnance Wharf
Thomas Gurnell, seed crusher
134 Charles Johnson, surgeon
138 Gerv Foottit, asphalte & color works
140 William P Beech, shipbreaker (Lavender Wharf)
143 Swallow Galley, Thomas Henry Record
148 G Marshall, timber merchant (Pageants Wharf)
Pageants Stairs
120 Queens Head, John Cabban
Upper Ordnance Wharf
158 John William Luck, baker
159 M & E Roberts, block & pump makers
164 Stephen Taylor, shoemaker
166 Thomas Crutcher, shipsmith
169 J S Tolman, grocer & cheesemonger
177 George Paido, ship carver
179 Noahs Ark, Samuel Butcher
William Garton & Co, tar distillers
Globe Stairs, between 191 & 197
Three Compasses, Mrs M A Hooper
198 Wheatsheaf, Mrs Sarah Hamilton
198 Globe, William Parkins
204 Christopher Sedger, cowkeeper
208 George Smith, ship modeller
211 R & Mrs Elizabeth T Brownly, butchers
214 Ship Argo, Henry Sheldon Hill
216 James Alexr Weir, engraver
220 William Lewis, timber dealer
221 Charles Allen, baker
225 Charles Knight, plumber
227 Dock House, William Watkin
230 Mrs Harriet Canham, oil & colorman
233 William Watson, baker
236 Dukes Head, Mrs Elizabeth Law
237 William Ceston sen, shipsmith
238 Mrs Hannah Elizabeth Dyer, grocer
240 William Gwynn, sailmaker
258 Thomas Howard, civil engineer
258 Howard, Ravenhill & Co (King & Queen iron works)
259 King & Queen, John Rogers
259 Micah Corder, lighterman
259 Robert Smith, granary keeper
263 John Targett, lighterman
264 Edward Benbrook, builder
267 Half Moon, Benjamin Holman
273 William Thomas Burton, beer retailer
282 Thomas & Robert talbot, barge builders
289 Watermans Arms, Mrs Jane Penny
290 Grand Surrey Dock & Canal Co, William McCannon, superintendent
290 Shipowners Towing Company, Samuel Siddell, superintendent
Mangle Sufferane Wharf, James Kid, wharfinger
292 James & Rt Mangle, Kings flour mills
294 Joseph Cristall & Sons, shipbreakers
296 Rodneys Head, Thomas Bibby
297 George Moore, timber merchant (Norway Wharf)
297 William G Downing, shipwright (Norway Wharf)
299 Ship, Henry Fatharley
Hanover Stairs
302 Duke of Clarence, James Pilon
303 William Gibbs Tolman, grocer
304 John Fountain, baker
305 William Arnold, butcher
... here Swan lane intersects ...
314 John Burley, druggist
316 John Dawson Cristie, clothier
320 William Murdoch, MD, surgeon
327 James Stevens, plumber & painter
332 Thames Tunnel Works, William Whitehurst Mason, sec
336 Ralph Walker, anchor smith
339 Charles Smithy, beer retailer
344 James Arnold, cheesemonger
344 Samuel Stevens, oilman
345 Francis Salmon, baker
347 John Standfast, cheesemonger
348 Samuel Hawksley, grocer
349 Mrs Sarah Watkins, baker
... here Princes street intersects ...
354 William Cross, fishmonger
352 Charles Mackness, butcher
352 Mrs Hannah Summers, potato dealer
353 Samuel Teager, butcher
353 William Sells, brass & cock founder
354 James Ford, corn dealer
355 John William Griffiths, surgeon
356 Grapes, Richard Cass
357 George Sharp, pawnbroker
358 Robert Brackenberry, butcher
359 Wheatsheaf, Frederick Lester
360 John Mitchell, confectioner
361 Edward Alcock, grocer
362 James Webber, butcher
363 Mrs Fanny Butt, cheesemonger
364 Thomas N Couves, baker
366 Jacob Sanders, porkman
367 James G Travers, surgeon & chemist
368 John Augustus Hildyard, hosler
371 Thomas Johnson, tallow chandler
372 William Anderson, stationer
... here King street intersects ...
374 James Russell, grocer
375 Samuel Stevens, Ga?
376 James Giles, hatter & tailor
377 Samuel Spry, confectioner
378 John Ramsey Syeds, tobacconist
Mrs A Syed, compass & mathematical instrument maker
380 Thomas William Clarke, grocer
381 & 382 Robert Newham, cheesemonger
384 John & Nathaniel Rix, ironmongers
385-387 John & James Weeks, linendrapers
389 Richard Wright, surgeon
390 Samuel S McClary, coffee rooms
391 Platform Wharf
William Alfred Fisher, granary keeper
393 Henry Waide Courthope, coal merchant
393 George Courthope, coal merchant
394 William Hogg, optician & furn ironmonger
396 Black Bull, James Carpenter



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