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Shoreditch 1911 Census Summary

Shoreditch index

A listing of historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Shoreditch, East London. The Shoreditch, East London Pubs listing uses information from census, Trade Directories and History to add licensees, bar staff, Lodgers and Visitors.

Shoreditch 1911 Census Summary

North East
Dis 1
132 Kingsland Road, Woolpack, Chandler
9 Union Street, Union Tavern, Wain [Update new address]

Dis 2
69 Hackney Road, Ye Old Axe, Lloyd
137 Hackney Road, Flying Scud, John Thomsit

Dis 3
155 Hackney Road, Manchester Arms, Proops
32 Harwar Street, Marquis of Lansdowne, Frederick Barker

Dis 4
5 Pearson Street, Pearsons Arms, William Rogers

Dis 5
212 Kingsland Road, Brittania, William Golding
47 Hows Street, Prince Albert, Walter Graves
76 Kingsland Road, Cobden Arms, Mickleburgh
36 Laburnum street, Duke of Lancaster, Jennings
90 Mansfield Street, King Johns Head, Lambert
84 Laburnum street, Globe, Sutton
14 Mansfield Street, Middleton Arms, Bean

Dis 6
57 Pearson Street, Rutland Arms, Lydia Bardens
13 Weymouth Terrace, PH - Champion, Elias Myers

Dis 7
27 Brunswick Street, Havelock, Davidson
25 Brunswick Street, Brunswick Arms, Goodwin
193 Hackney Road, British Lion, William House
110 Weymouth Terrace, Two Brewers, Owen Goody
84 & 86 Weymouth Terrace, Ship, Santer
80 Weymouth Terrace, Weymouth Arms, Irons

Dis 8
106 Scawfell Street, Duke Of Clarence, Emery
33 Great Cambridge Street, Victory, Henry Miller
101 Great Cambridge Street, Duke Of Cambridge, Henry Nelson
149 Great Cambridge Street, Acorn, Harry Weston
120 Brunswick Street, BH, Doughty - Bakers Arms
30 Brunswick Street, PH, Holt - Duke of Wellington

Dis 9
7 Tuilerie Street, Tile Kiln, Littlejohn
275 Hackney Road, Off Licence, Turner
24 York Street, Duke of York, Charles English
49 Holms Street, Two Crowns, Blackett

Dis 10
311-315 Hackney Road, Brewery Tap, no name
83 Goldsmiths Row, Star of the East, Frederick Styman
39 Boston Street, OL, Rayner
76 Boston Street, Suffolk Arms, Truett
18 Maidstone Road, PH, Bishop

Dis 11
47 Whiston Street, Sportsman, Whiston
15 Whiston Street, BH, Aris
17 Dove Row, Anchor, Thomas Wood

Dis 12
[Note - Margaret Street become Whiston Street]
72 Whiston Street, Royal Oak, Stipple
92 Whiston Street, Pine Apple, Davis
45 Dove Row, Dove, John Thomas Moore
85 Pritchards Road, Fleetwood Arms, Wheeler
51 Pritchards Road, Carpenters Arms, Smith
94 Goldsmiths Row, Duke of Sussex, Schlosser
128 Goldsmiths Row, Globe, Walker
91 Goldsmiths Row, Goldsmiths Arms, Ann Nicholls
149 Goldsmiths Row, Victory, Hyne

Dis 13, 14
103 Pownall Road, Sisters, Charles Edward Smith
27 Marlborough Road, Lee Arms, Thomas Savage

Dis 15
52 Shrubland Road, Sir Robert Peel, Robbins

Dis 16
37 Queens Road, Belgrave Arms, Percy Alfred Balls
4 Angrave Street, Beehive, Alfred Hawkins
58 Haggerston Road, Rising Sun, George Thomas Bishop
66 Haggerston Road, Young Prince, Godden
10 Brownlow Street, Brownlow Arms, Sinclair

Dis 17
1 Haggerston Road, Duke of Sussex, Walter Hy Arber
15 Haggerston Road, Foresters hall, Jonas
99 Haggerston Road, Black Bull, Burch
64 Clarissa Street, Prince Ernest, Paine

Dis 18
26 Dunston Street, Two Bee Hives, Neary
296 Kingsland Road, Acton Arms, Charles Hewitt
17 Stean Street, Brewery Tap, Cocklin
50 Lee Street, Earl of Zetland, Albert Henry Hackman
9 & 10 Lee Street, Lord Clyde, Attrill

Shoreditch North West

Dis 1
7 Shepherdess Walk, PH, Charles Sole - William IV
229 City Road, Windsor Castle, Church
26 Wenlock Road, PH, Groombridge - Wenlock Arms

Dis 2, 3, 4
15 Wharf Road, Queens Head, Jane Alice Norris
20 Wharf Road, Bridge House, William Harvey
28 Wenlock Terrace, PH, Parrish
133 Shepherdess Walk, Block Tavern, Charles Joseph Baldock
2 Sturt Street, BH, Unoccupied
106 Shepherdess Walk, Royal Standard, Fredk Medcalf
24 Wenlock Street, Duke of York, John George Storey

Dis 5
78 & 79 Herbert Street, Merry Monarch, Charles Hudson

Dis 6
38 Shaftesbury Street, Shaftesbury Arms, Rodgers
19 & 21 Bridport Place, Carpenters Arms, Patrick
1 Bridport Place, Princess of Wales, James Brewer
14 Cavendish Street, PH, Davis [British Lion ? - John Davis]

Dis 7
1 Bristow Street, Devonshire Arms, John Higgs
37 Bridport Place, Bridport Arms, Isaac Van Praagh
75 Bridport Place, Oxford Arms, Albert Mills
45 Bridport Place, Sir John Franklin, Charlotte Moore
96 New North Road, Earl Grey, James Lee

Dis 8
225 New North Road, Rydon Arms, William Edward Wortley - See Islington
29 Eagle Wharf Road, Sir Robert Peel, Cormack
128 New North Road, Bricklayers Arms, John Gomm
55 Baring Street, Baring Arms, Henry Kearsey
87 Bridport Place, Horse & Groom, Wm Oakenfold

Dis 9
55 Whitmore Road, Bridge House, Turner
93 Hyde Road, Barley Mow, Bragg
59 Felton Street, Hanbury Arms, Thomas Butcher

Dis 10
112 Bridport Place, Aberdeen, Hudson
13 Hyde Road, Prince of Wales, Percy Buckhurst
57 Hyde Road, Coopers Arms, Huber
26 Felton Street, Bell, Shacklady

Dis 11
295 Hoxton Street, Old Kings Arms, William Geffers
178 St Johns Road, Whitmores Head, Nathaniel Davis
140 St Johns Road, Robin Hood & Little John, William Toombs

Dis 12
67 Rushton Street, Rushton Arms, Mace

dis 13
62 New North Road, Beehive, Mina Moseley

Dis 14
202 Hoxton Street, Unicorn, James Rowe
88 St Johns Road, Ivy House, Albert Wilshire
257 Hoxton Street, Green Man, Parnham
54 Ivy Street, PH, Steele - Queen Adelaide

Dis 15
232 Hoxton Street, Admiral Keppell, Arthur Hammond
35 Ware Street, Crown & Sceptre, Thomas Cawthorn

Dis 16
257 Kingsland Road, Old Kings Head, Louisa Ravenhill
267 Kingsland Road, Royal Alfred, Fossett ?
268 Hoxton Street, Prince of Wales, Short

Dis 17
281 Kingsland Road, Victory, Charles Berry
84 Phillip Street, Prince of Wales, Lily Reay
55 Canal Road, Stags Head, John Newport
29 Canal Road, Moulders Arms, Charles Rashbrook
98 Phillip Street, British Queen, Dipple

Shoreditch South - Spitalfields

Dis 1 - Spitalfields
24 & 25 Norton Folgate, Phoenix, Stevenson
30 Norton Folgate, King & Queen, Clara Rebecca Allen

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19 Finsbury Market, Prince of Wales, Forster
7 Finsbury Market, Market House, Sidney George Skepelhorn
1 Eldon Street, Red Lion, Davis
52 Wilson Street, Flying Fox, Miss Willans [Actually the Flying Horse apparently]
4 Whitecross Place, Sash & Cocoa Tree, Jane Brookes
12 Appold street, Baker & Basket, Alice Johnson
24 Clifton Street, White Hart, Amelia Daniels
16 Sun Street, Coopers Arms, Tory
72 Wilson Street, Cock & Magpie, Westbrook
18 Finsbury Avenue, Crispin, Ball
36 Sun Street, Weavers Arms, Foster

Dis 2
64 Clifton Street, Bald Faced Stag, Ernest Barrack
26 Scrutton Street, Old Kings Head, James Lee
26 Church Street, PH, Chadwick - Kings Head
28 Paul Street, PH, Elvin / Harriet Ellis  - Fox
71-73 Worship Street, Brown Bear, Harryman
13 Bethnal Green Road, Swan, Pickard
64 Shoreditch High Street, White Horse, Griffiths
32 Shoreditch High Street, Unicorn, Thomas Cross & Son
194 Shoreditch High Street, Eagle, Toms
196 Shoreditch High Street, White Swan, Jefferies
197 Shoreditch High Street, White Hart, Morris Levy
199 Shoreditch High Street, Norfolk Village, Edward De Levante
207 Shoreditch High Street, George, William may
226 Shoreditch High Street, Crown & Shuttle, Harry Morgan
232 Shoreditch High Street, Duke of Wellington, William Wright
28 Curtain Road, Horse & Groom, William Brakes
38 Great Eastern Street, Old Blue Last, Francis Brien & Co
44-46 New Inn Yard, Bishop Blaize, Skillern
54 Curtain Road, Crown, George Saunders
13 Holywell Lane, Prince of Wales, Walter Perry

Dis 3
15 Phipp Street, Antelope, Mrs Elizabeth Larcher
67 Paul Street, Crown & Anchor, Ellen Smith

Dis 4
80 Tabernacle Street, Crown, Lapthorne
76 & 78 Paul Street, Princess Royal, Edmund Ellis
63 Charlotte Street, Bricklayers Arms, Philip Brinkman
13 Rivington Street, Hen & Chickens, Thomas Stanley
127 Curtain Road, Barley Mow, Richard Hasty
115 Curtain Road, Marquis of Cornwallis, Samuel Smith
93 Leonard Street, Griffin, Stacey James

Dis 5
13 Boundary Street, Ship & Blue Ball, Frederick Johnson
72 High Street, Bull & Pump, Peerless
103 High Street, Jane Shore, Francis
17a New Inn Yard, Jacob Well, John Ahrens
158 High Street, Admiral Keppel, John Max
165 High Street, Holywell, French / Herbert Ernest Kingsman
123 High Street, Kings Arms, Frederick Haw
136-137 High Street, Bell, Albin Pink
67 Rivington Street, BH, Pateman
362 Old Street, BH, Andrews
13 Dereham Place, Norfolk Arms, Cashman [not listed]

Dis 6
15 Hoxton Market, George & Dragon, Pailes
1 Kingsland Road, Spread Eagle, Henry Emmett
333 Old Street, London Apprentice, Sidney Norton
313 Old Street, Prince of Wales, Day
41 Hoxton Street, Red Lion, Crofts
261 Old Street, Jolly Butchers, Charles Waylett
32 Pitfield Street, Hop Pole, Sutherland

Dis 7
93 Hoxton Street, Crooked Billet, James Stribling
71 Hoxton Street, Adam & Eve, Cohen
35 Aske Street, PH, Tankard - Lion & Lamb
72 Pitfield Street, Royal Oak, Benj Kelly or Kelley

Dis 8
114 Pitfield Street, Haberdashers Arms, Francis Ashwell
111 Hoxton Street, King Of Prussia, Thomas Strutt
111 East Road, Prince Regent, Richard Naylar

Dis 9
25-27 Kingsland Road, Old Basing House, Richards
65 Kingsland Road, Champion Arms / Mail Coach, Dickson
26 Drysdale Street, Weavers Arms, Edwards
70 Hoxton Street, White Hart, Thompson
21 Bevenden Street, King of Prussia, George Adams
37 Bevenden Street, PH, Montague
55 New North Road, Sturt Arms, Alice Donovan
111 East Road, Prince Regent, Richard Naylar [Repeated above]

Dis 10
119 Hoxton Road, Brittania, Charles Ozmond

Dis 11
82 Hoxton Street, Red Lion, Edward Barber
32 Falkirk Street, Coopers Arms, Ada Simmons
93 Kingsland Road, Waggon & Horses, Reynolds

Dis 12
7 Flemming Street, Royal Standard, Green
150 Hoxton Street, Hare & Hounds, Cox
121 Kingsland Road, Carpenters Arms, William Eaton

Dis 13
158 Hoxton Street, BH, Charles Hinton
178 Hoxton Street, Queens Head, Harry Day
38 Lynedoch Street, Crown, Gammon

Dis 14
201 Hoxton Street, Plough, Immell
50 Great James Street, Birch Tree, Ambridge
78 St Johns Road, PH, Rothon
Bacchus Walk, Brewers Tap, Kidd
165 Hoxton Street, BH, Johnson
177 Hoxton Street, Bacchus, Fredk Gedge
40 St Johns Road, Duke of Gloucester, Innell
155 Hoxton Street, White Horse, Alfred Witherick

Dis 15
29 Alma Street, Alma Tavern, William Page

Dis 16
10 New North Road, North Briton, Abraham Bowman

Dis 18
74 East Road, Prince Of Wales, Francis Field
88 East Road, Albion, Davis
63 Pitfield Street, George & Vulture, Arthur Barwick
30 Haberdasher Street, Monmouth Arms, Joseph Roberts

Dis 19
50 East Road, Dunstans Arms, Edward Sleeman
8 East Road, Three Crowns, James Underwood
39 Brunswick Place, Kings Arms, Candler
49 Brunswick Place, Prince Arthur, Farley
45 Pitfield Street, Queens Head, Goodman
24 Great Chart Street, Globe, Kate Lott

Dis 20, 21, 22
111 Provost Street, PH, Samuel Bartholomew - Victory

Dis 23
32 Murray Street, Earl Of Durham, William Elliott
44 Westmoreland Place, Three Crowns, Anderson

Dis 24
2 Shepherdess Walk, PH, Hearn - Eagle
96 Britannia Street, PH, McDermott - Crown & Anchor
159 City Road, Queens Head, Chadwick
193 City Road, London Assurance, Boswell
157 City Road, Britannia, Cantwell
30 Britannia Street, Crown & Sceptre, Emma Sorrell
41 Westmoreland Place, Westmoreland Arms, Gayer


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