Borough High street, Southwark 1817 directory

Southwark St Saviour pub history index

The Borough High street starts in Southwark St Saviour and then winds into Southwark St George

A listing of historical London public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Southwark St Saviour, Surrey, London. The Southwark St Saviour, Surrey , London listing uses information from census, Trade Directories and History to add licensees, bar staff, Lodgers and Visitors.

Borough High street, Southwark 1817 directory

Borough High street, Southwark 1817 directory Borough High street, Southwark 1817 directory
BOROUGH- Southwark. Length 781 yards.-No. of Houses 330.
1 Closs, S. Auctioneer and appraiser
2 Lloyd, Henry, Orange merchant
* Pinder, John, Seed and hop factor
Bickers, J. & Co. India muslin warehouse
Hammond, J. Tea dealer and grocer
Ford, William, Haberdasher and hosier
Kent & Kent, Surgeons & accoucheurs
Hubert, J. Tea and spice warehouse
Bousfield, R.& S. Wholesale woollen drapers
Hall, William, Hatter and furrier
* Martin and Saul, Gold and silversmiths
10 Nettleship, John, Grocer and tea dealer
11 Manning, R. Comb manufacturer & cutler
12 Hicks, R. Wine and brandy merchant
14 Tipping, W. Cheesemonger and factor
15 Bush and Wear, Hop factors & seedsmen
17 Wallis, T. and J. Tailors & slopsellers
18 Anderton, G. Confectioner and pastry cook
19 Baxter, W. Wine and brandy merchant
21 Evans, G. & Son, Hop factors & seedsmen
22 Monnery, J. &W. Glovers & leather sellers
23 Toms, Son, & Hicks, Wholesale grocers
24 Talver & Prestwich, Hop & sectl factors
25 Timbs, J. Tallow chandler and oil man
26 Langley and Edden, Tea dealers
27 Watts, John, Linen draper and hosier
28 Payne, William, Linen draper & hosier
29 Paine & Simpson, Comb makers
31 George, John, Hosier and glover
33 Brown, B. Plumber, painter, & glazier
34 Sparrow, R. Tea dealer and grocer
35 Polhill, E. Tobacconist & snuff manufacturer
36 Brown, F. Linen draper and hosier
37 Weston, Pinhorn & Co. Bankers
38 Finlayson, D. W. Wholesale linen draper
39 Cox and Son, Booksellers & stationers
40 Skirrow & Son, Hop & seed merchants
42 Harris, J. Men's mercer and draper
44 Price, Samuel, Linen draper and hosier
45 Dolphin & Page, Furnishing ironmongers
46 Clarke, W. & Son, Mercers & drapers
47 Cox, William, Hat manufacturer
48 Carter and Clutton, Solicitors
49 Broadly, Peter and Son, Hop merchants
* Broadley, Peter, Wybrants, Merchant
50 Wilmott, John, Wholesale stationer
51 Dawson, Roger & Son, Boot & shoe makers
53 Hunt, J. & Son, Hop merchants & seedsmen
55 Isaac, S. Glass and china warehouse
55 Blackham, Obadiah, Boot & shoe maker
57 Westall & Co. Wholesale haberdashers
58 Edes, John, Indigo blue manufacturer
59 Hooper, William, Hosier and glover
60 Martin, Joseph, Trunk and case maker
62 Rowland & Brewer, Brush makers & turners
63 Long, Henry and Co. Southwark wine Co.
64 Sloman, Thomas, Grocer and tea dealer
65 Jones, John, Chemist and druggist
66 Plant, William, Hosier and glover
67 Farmer, John, Hop factor & seedsman
68 Evans, Thomas, Boot and shoe maker
69 Atkinson, John, Straw hat manufacturer
70 Scholefield,Westerman, Wine & beer merchant
71 Hill, Robert, Stationer and bookseller
72 Smith, Thomas, Cheesemonger & factor
73 Cooper, Joseph, Furnishing ironmonger
74 Buttery, William, Tailor and draper
75 Johnson, James, Hop factor & seedsman
* Winn, John, H. Hop and seed factor
76 Whiting, James B. Hat manufacturer
77 Pridden, W. Tallow chandler & melter
78 Gould, John, Hatter and surrier
79 Farmer, Thomas H. Hop merchant and oilman
80 Swaine and Marsden, Hop & seed factors
81 Ellis, Thomas and Sons, Hop & seed factors
82 Collett, Ebenezer, John, Merchant M. P.
* Thorpe & Collett, Hop and seed merchant
83 Rowley, Robert, Surgeon and accoucheur
85 Blacket, James and Co. Clothiers
86 Harvey, Thomas, Brushmaker & turner
87 Taylor, Samuel, Wine & brandy merchant
88 Jackson, Benjamin, Hosier and glover
89 Hickman, William, Goldsmith & jeweller
90 Smith & Munn, Hop & seed merchants
91 Hinton, J. Goldsmith and jeweller
92 Webster, D. J. Repository for diet drink
93 Slee, Edward, Wine & brandy merchant  - Grapes
94 Scrivenor and Son, Hop & seed factors
95 Pole, George, Linen draper & haberdasher
96 Ash, John, Engineer and machinist
99 Stringer, Thomas, Boot and shoe maker
100 Davis, David, Saddler & harness maker
101 Alford and Mitehell, Woollen drapers
102 Arpthorpe, Edw. Stay and corset maker
103 Barber & Davis, Men’s mercers & drapers
104 Jones J. and J. Haberdashers & hosiers
105 Ledham & Warter, Cheesemongers & factors
106 Elliotson, John, Chemist and druggist
107 Holehouse, Hill & Hill, Salters & oilmen
112 Hales, Samuel, Iron & tinplate worker
113 Roper, Alfred, Tea dealer and grocer
114 Putley, Abraham, Working cutler
115 Hebb and Roberts, Tobacconists
116 Clarke and Solomon, Straw hat warehouse
117 Overton, Jona. Perfumer and toyman
118 Stewart & Russell, Wine & brandy merchant - King on Horseback
119 Burbidge and Son, Hatters & hosiers
120 Hallam, John, Grocer and tea dealer
121 Cropper, Benj. Thread lace manufacturer
* Woodward, J. Cabinet maker & upholder
122 Plant, William, Hosier and glover
127 Jones, James, Tea dealer and grocer
128 Jones, John, Cheesemonger and factor
129 Duplock & Wiggins, Clock & watch maker
131 Stanning, Robert, Wine & brandy merchant
132 Benham & Prentice, Furnishing ironmongers
134 English, J. Confectioner & pastry cook
135 Toplis, J. Tobacco and snuff manufacturer
136 Bellworth, James, Optician
137 Staple, John, Oil and colourman
138 Bastou, Thomas, Soap manufacturer
140 Olney, Daniel and Thomas, Haberdashers
142 Saunders, George, Confectioner & pastry cook
143 Young, F. and Co. Back makers
144 Ingram, G. Coach and harness maker
145 Adderley, John, Boot and shoe maker
146 Taylor & Sons, Wine & spirit merchants
147 Ring, John, Tailor and draper
149 Hicks, John, Furnishing ironmonger
151 Fleming, T. Wine and brandy merchant  - Crown
152 Riley, H. Ironmonger and nail manufacturer
153 Finnis and Co. Looking glass manufacturer
154 Varden, James, Bookseller & stationer
155 Robertson, John, Silversmith, &c.
156 Sterry, Anthony & Josiah, Oilmen
157 Yate, Richard, Chemist and druggist
158 Pigeon & Son, Distillers and rectifiers
159 Rolls, Edw. Umbrella & parasol maker
160 Riley, Matthew, Tailor and draper
163 Spyring & Marsden, Chemists & druggists
164 Gold C. and H. Grocers and tea dealers
165 Holmer, Martyr and Co. Ironmongers
168 Barber, John, Goldsmith and jeweller
169 Sheppard, John, Saddler & harness maker
170 Goff, William, Linen draper and hosier
171 Kershaw, T. W. Wholesale linen draper
172 Dakin, Joseph, Cheesemonger & factor
173 Langley and Belch, Stationers
174 Thornton, E. N. Upholder & undertaker
175 Birt, Daniel, Linen draper and hosier
178 Gooddy & Hogsflesh, Grocers & tea dealer
179 Higgs, William, Furnishing ironmonger
180 Walters, John, Grocer and tea dealer
181 Taylor, Edward, Boot and shoe maker
182 Palmer, W. Wine & brandy merchant
183 Birt, David, Linen draper and hosier
185 Field, John, Auctioneer and house agent
187 Farrow, Daniel, Salesman, &c.
188 Baylis, G. Corn chandler and seedsman
189 Favell, Lionel, Linen draper & mercer
190 Dent, E. and Son, Hat manufacturers
194 Lane and Tamplin, Hosiers and glovers
195 Budden, Wm. Perfumer and toyman
197 Hales, Henry, Pin and needle maker
198 Stewardson, J. Haberdasher & milliner
201 Holloway, Steph. Linen draper & hoster
202 Lockhart, John, Mercer and draper
203 Rickett, Joseph, Linen draper & hosier
207Dunbibin, J. P. China and glass warehouse
208 Bishop, Chas. Linen draper and hosier
209 Freeman, J. Cheesemonger and factor
210 Herbert, Samuel, Wholesale linen draper
211 Gaselee, John, Surgeon and accoucheur
212 Angus, Samuel, Peterinary surgeon
213 Herbert, Sam. Linen draper and hosier
216 Apsey & Lings, Cheesemongers & factors
218 Lee, Samuel, Importer of wines
219 Keates, William, Linen draper & hosier
221 Tuesly, W. H. Wholesale ironmonger
222 Woollatt, Samuel, Linen draper&hosier
223 Gilbert, John, Hatter and glover
224 Matthew, David, Mercer and draper
225 Shaw, Samuel, Bread & biscuit baker
226 Hopwood, Joseph, Linen draper &hosier
227 Russell, J. and T. Hop and seed factors
228 Wood, Joseph, Hosier & Linen draper
231 Toms, Son and Hicks, Wholesale grocers
232 Holman, James, Tobacco &snuff manufacturers
233 Boak, Joseph, Linen draper and hosier
234 Brocksop, William and Sons, Grocers
235 Peters, George, Wine & brandy merchant
236 Muggeridge, Jno. Stationer & bookseller
238 Smith, T. H. & Co. Hosiers & glovers
239 Elworthy, J. Wine & brandy merchant
240 Shaw, Thomas, Linen draper and hosier
242 Dodson, William, Hop factor and seedsman
243 Cordingley, William, Rag and phial merchant
* Morley, M. R. Hop and seed factor
244 Parsley and Son, Orange merchants
245 West, Robert, Jun. Hop and seed factor
246 Lawrence, George, Furnishing ironmonger
247 Rokes, George, Upholder & undertaker
250 Morgan & Lockwood, Hop & seed factors
251 Smith, John, Silversmith and jeweller
252 Wardill, Robert, Silk mercer & draper
254 Butler & Constable, Chemists & druggists
235 Atkinson, John, Hop and seed factor
256 Evans, John, Hop and seed factor
259 Munday, A. Forge bellons maker
260 Sloam, Crossley and Co. Cheesemongers
26l Crampton, F. M. Dealer in British lace
252 Williams, A. Surgeon and accoucheur
263 Taylor, G. Pen and quill manufacturer
264 Royle, E. Confectioner and pastry cook
265 Hearder, J. & E. Boot & shoe warehouse
266 Greenwood, James and Co. Hop factors
268 Smith, C. Tea dealer and grocer
269 Holwell, William, Confectioner & pastry cook
270 Draper, John, Orange merchant
271 Knott, William, Draper and salesman
272 South, James, Chemist and druggist
273 Maynard & Burkitt, Tin plate workers
278 Atkinson, Sam. Cheesemonger & factor
279 Newsom, John, Tea dealer and grocer
281 Allmond, William, Scale and beam maker
283 Coulsell and Sandell, Oil & colourmen
293 Cory, George, Linen draper and hosier
294 Ohage, Daniel, Bread & biscuit baker
296 Kleyser & Keltenback, Wooden clock maker
297 Hales, Henry, Pin manufactory
298 Knox, Joseph, Provision merchant
300 Sentance and Flint, Tea dealers
301 Burdock, Thomas, Poulterer & salesman
302 Tongue, M. Cork manufactory
304 Hancock, G. Tobacco & snuff manufacturer
305 Andrew, John, China and glass warehouse
308 Baily, John, Furnishing ironmonger
309 Brown, Andrew, Trunk and case maker
311 Wright, S. T. and Co. Cheesemongers
313 Alderson, William, Draper and tailor
314 Thomas, Thomas, Silversmith& jeweller
315, James, Edward, Cheesemonger & factor
316 Parker and Mitchell, Drapers & tailors
317 Willmott, William, Chemist and druggist
318 Ovenden, John, Boot & shoe warehouse
321 Davis, Sol. Tobacco & snuff manufacturer
322 Harvey & Co. Hop and seed merchants
323 Jordain and Shaw, Provision merchants
324 Flint and Palmer, Haberd. & lacemen
325 Challenor, Jno. Grocer and tea dealer
Cowell, Matthew, Belvidere brewery
Ferguson, James, Hop and seed factor
Gumbrell & Scrivisor, Hop & seed factors
Hamdasyde, Gilb. Iron founder & caster
Hesketh, J. & R. Hop factors & oilmen
Lane, Johnston & Co. White lead manufacturers
Latham, Samuel, Hop and seed factor
Mellersh, Wm. Hop and seed factor
Spershott, William, Waggon warehouse
Huggett, George, Inn holder
Green, J. Millstone merchant
Nash, T. & Sons, Hop factors
Wissenden, H. Inn holder
Cordingly, Eley, Inn holder
Baxter, Robert, Ironmonger
Fenner, J. P. Corn and seed factor
Stanbury and Collett, Inn holders
Clarke, William, Carrier
Foley, E. and Co. Ironmongers
Martin, George, Agent
Whiten, William, Inn holder
Newman, James, Solicitor
Stanton wharf.
Scovell, J. Wharfinger
Winchester wharf.
Garner, R. Coal merchant


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