This is the Cock Tavern which stood at the rear of the Royal Exchange, and was demolished by 1840.

Cock Tavern, 64 Threadneedle street, St Bartholomew at Exchange EC2R

A listing of historical London public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in St Bartholomew at Exchange parish, City of London.

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Thread needle street is, according to Stow, a perversion of Three Needle street. Three needles are the charge on the shield of the Needle-makers Company arms.

There are a number of early tokens which exist relevant to the Cock, in Threadneedle street. These include an halfpenny to Robert Dawson at the Cock, Little Bartholomew. Another for a farthing to will bolton, of the Cock, Little Bartholomew. And another farthing, initials S I, in the year 1652 to the Cock, Little Bartholomew.

Thomas Butler, Cock Tavern, Threadneedle street - Wakefields Directory 1794 - brewers, wine & brandy merchants

The Cock tavern, described in early newspaper advertisements of the last century as " the Cock eating-house behind the Royal Exchange," was the eastern-most of three houses erected against the south wall of St. Bartholomew's church, and stood the next, westward, to the banking-house of Prescott, Grote, and Company. The house is shown in Malton's north view of the Royal Exchange, 1798.

1811/John Lockett, Cock Tavern, Threadneedle street/../../Holdens Directory

1822/John Lockett, Cornhill Cock Tavern, 64 Threadneedle street/../../Directory

1832/Elizabeth Lockett & son, Cock Tavern, 64 Threadneedle street/../../Pigots Directory

1833-34/Elizabeth Lockett & son, Cock Tavern, 64 Threadneedle street/../../Pigots Directory

1834 and 1835/John William Lockett, Cook, Cock, 64 Threadneedle street/../../City of London Electoral register

1836/Jno Lockett, Cock Tavern, 64 Threadneedle street/../../Pigots Directory

1837/John Lockett, Threadneedle street, St Bartholomew Exchange/../../City of London Electoral register

On the demolition of the church, the Cock tavern, and other houses, in 1840, the sign, a spiritedly carved cock, eight feet and a half high, was, at the sale of building materials, purchased by Mr. Norman, a fixture dealer, 76, Old-street road, near the Curtain road, who placed it there, in the front of his house, since designated by him " the Cock fixture warehouse."
The Sun Fire office occupies in part the site of the church, the Cock tavern, and other buildings, then levelled for the city improvements.

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