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The London 1839 Public House & Publican Directory - as listed in LONDON 1839 Pigots Directory - B.

A listing of the Public Houses, Publicans and Public House address in 1839


Bacchus, Bunn Thomas, 161 Hoxton Old Town
Bacchus & Tun, Walters George, Perceval Street
Bag of Nails, Shaw J, 1 Arabella Row, Pimlico
Bagnigge Wells, Hamilton Jno, Clarks Place
Baker & Basket, Hutchins James, Redlion Street, Whitechapel
Baker & Basket, O'Brien John Waters, 18 Worship Street
Bakers Arms, Andrews William, Philip Street, Hackney
Bakers Coffee House, Franklin Joseph, 14 Old Quebec Street
Baldfaced Stag, Roper Fanny, 6 1/2 Worship Street
Bank of England, Clayton Ed, 29 Wharf Road
Baptists Head, Priestly George, 30 St Johns lane
Baptists head, Deakin Henry, 50 Bermondsey Street
Barking Dogs, Mills Jno, 1 Tabernacle Walk
Barley Mow, Bishop George, 12 Romney Terrace
Barley Mow,, Davis John, 20 Cannon Street, St Georges East
Barley Mow, Enock Mary, 8 Dorset Street, Portman Square
Barley Mow, Farguson William, Fore Street, Limehouse
Barley Mow, Gardner John, 50 Long Lane, Smithfield
Barley Mow, Greyer William, 28 Mount Street, Berkeley Square
Barley Mow, Pearce Richard, 40 Duke Street, Grosvenor Square
Barley Mow, Pilgrim Joseph, 86 New Gravel Lane
Barley Mow, Watson Jacob, 111 Drury Lane
Barley Mow, Wyatt George, 210 Upper Thames Street
Bartholomew Coffee House, Hoare Ann, 42 West Smithfield
Basing House, Guest Thomas, 172 Kingsland Road
Bath Hotel, Mulgens George, Hart Street, Covent Garden
Bay Malton, Ridler George, 48 Clipstone Street
Bay Tree, Philpot John, 33 St Swithins
Bayswater Tavern, Wall Wm, Bayswater
Bazaar/a>, Smith Jno, 10 King Street, Upper Baker Street
Bear, Bargman Hy, 1 Upper East Smithfield
Bear & Ragged Staff, Mills & Irwin, 67 Upper Ground Street
Bear & Ragged Staff , Watkins James, 11 Bear Street
Bear & Rummer, Gilbank Jno, Mortimer Street
Bear & Wheatsheaf, Coleman Ann, 72 Lower Thames Street
Beaumont Arms, Fisher John, Whitehorse Lane, Stepney
Beckfords Head, Brownsmith Samuel, 38 Old Street
Beckfords Head, Walker John, 161 Kent Street
Bedford Arms, Coppin Joseph, 1 Pont Street, Pimlico
Bedford Arms, Goodwin Jas Thomas, Wapping Wall
Bedford Arms, Gray Mary Ann, Bedford Street, Stepney
Bedford Arms, Heath R, 1 Bedford Row, Kent Road
Bedford Arms, James Jno Fredk, Grove Street, Camden Town
Bedford Arms, Kerridge Jas, 13 South Street, Marylebone
Bedford Arms, Picnot Andre, 17 Leicester Square
Bedford Arms, Sadler Thomas, 21 Charlotte Street, Bedford Square
Bedford Head, Givens Sarah, 41 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden
Bedford Head, Oliver Thomas, 5 Upper King Street, Bloomsbury
Bedford Head, Westmoreland William George, 236 Tottenham Court road
Bee Hive, Adamson John Timothy, Warner Street
Bee Hive, Bryan William Lambert, 40 Leadenhall Market
Bee Hive, Dunnell John, 126 Crawford Street
Bee Hive, Evans Thos, King Street, Commercial Road east
Bee Hive, Gurney David, 55 Brill Row
Bee Hive, McCarthy Daniel, 4 Stevens Place, New North Road
Bee Hive, Starling C, Carter Street, Walworth
Belgrave, Verey Rebecca, 1 Upper Ebury Street
Belgrave Head, McKean James, 1 Princes Street, Soho
Bell, Amos Thomas, 59 Mount Street, Berkeley Square
Bell, Attride John, 6 Addle Hill
Bell, Baker Robert, 95 Fleet Street
Bell, Bell James, 21 Pall Mall
Bell, Boulter Samuel, 5 Leicester Street
Bell, Corss William, 134 High Street, Shoreditch
Bell, Devildar John, 18 Cecil Court
Bell, Fenwick James, 116 Ratcliff Highway
Bell, Garland Elizabeth, 4 Borough Market
Bell, Gissing Fredk Henry, 9 Great Carter Street
Bell, Greeves A Henry, 11 Noble Street, City
Bell, Hierons Samuel, 29 Bush lane, City
Bell, House James, 3 Church Row, Houndsditch
Bell, James William, 6 York Street, Westminster
Bell, Le Neve Charles, 8 Little Titchfield Street
Bell, Lock E, 22 East Street, Walworth
Bell, Lomas John, Exeter Street, Strand
Bell, Mogge David, 20 Brick lane, Whitechapel
Bell, Nunn Elizabeth, 3 Lower Thames Street
Bell, Parslow Sarah, 84 Church Street, Rotherhithe
Bell, Ratley James, Church Street, Lambeth
Bell, Reeve J W, 2 Bell Yard, Newgate Market
Bell, Reynolds William, St John Street
Bell, Richards George, 21 Poppins Court
Bell, Ruff Harvey, Bell Yard, Gracechurch Street
Bell, Smith Samuel, Millpond Street, Rotherhithe
Bell, Stone William, Smith Street
Bell, Surridge John, 40 Great Tower Street
Bell, Webster Thomas, 12 Basinghall Street
Bell, West John, 25 New Tothill Street
Bell, Woodgate Samuel, 15 Friar Street, Blackfriars
Bell & Crown, Alehouse James, King Street, Camden Town
Bell & Dragon, West William Chas, 32 Worship Street
Bell & Horn, Rhoads John, Fulham Road
Belle Sauvage tap, Edwards Thomas, Belle Sauvage Road
Ben Jonson, Busher J, Pelham Street, Spitalfields
Ben Jonson, Corti Peter, 27 Bath Street, Clerkenwell
Ben Jonson, Lewis Richard, 24 Great Wild Street
Ben Jonson, Parish Thomas, 95 Houndsditch
Ben Jonson, Swanton George, Worlds End, Stepney
Ben Johnson, White Elizabeth, 2 Shoe Lane
Ben Johnsons Head, Cozens Chas, 2 Westmoreland Buildings
Ben Johnsons Head, Worrall Elizabeth, Goodmans Yard, Minories
Bengal Arms, Weir Peter, 3 Whitelion Court
Berkeley Arms, Campbell James, 6 John Street, Berkeley Square
Berkeley Castle, Harper John, 17 Rahere Street
Berwick Arms, Payne Martha, 69 Castle Street East
Bettys Chop House, Dormer Nicholas, 315 Strand
Birch Tree, Cook John, 45 Great James street
Bird cage, Jones Edward, Barnet Street
Bird Cage, Shannan Malachi, 81 Wood Street, City
Bird in Hand, Durham Richard, Garden Row, Borough
Bird in Hand, Fairlam Richard, 396 Oxford Street
Bird in Hand, Mills Richard, 17 Long acre
Bird in Hand, Wilson Thomas, 3 Northampton Street, Clerkenwell
Bishop Blaize, Croft Thomas, 1 New Inn Yard
Black Boy, Bourne Sarah, Pindar Place
Black Boy, Brown William & Co, 124 High Street, Wapping
Black Boy, Goode Sarah, Mile End Road
Black Boy, Jackson John, 89 Shoe Lane
Black Boy, McBlain George, 88 Lower East Smithfield
Black Boy & Appletree, Sinclair Joseph, 49 St Martins Lane
Black Boy & Camel, Allison John, 9 Leadenhall Street
Black Boy & Horse, Fuller Mary Ann, Nicholas Lane
Black Boy & Still, Vickress James, 162 Whitecross Street
Black Bull, Crerar Peter, Rotherhithe Street
Black Bull, Donald Peter, 151 New Gravel Lane
Black Bull, Edwards James, 9 Old Montague Street
Black Bull, Everitt George, 46 Freeschool Street
Black Bull, Gardner Henry, 95 Whitechapel Road
Black Bull, Grimsdale William, 25 King Street, Snow Hill
Black Bull Tap, Johnson Henry, 121 Holborn Hill
Black Bull, Maynard William, Dunnings Alley
Black Bull, Pallett James, 96 Upper Thames Street
Black Bull, Peddle Jane, Little Chapel street, Westminster
Black Bull, Skipper Henry, 60 Grays Inn Lane
Black Bull, Snow George, Hartford Place
Black Bull, Tietjen John, 4 Brook Street, Ratcliff
Black Bull, Washington Jno P, Thomas Street, Bethnal Green
Black Bull, Withers William, 206 High Street, Borough
Black Dog, Collins Thomas, Vauxhall Walk
Black Dog, Farrington Geo, 45 Church Street, Shoreditch
Black Dog, Haskell Philip, Denmark Street, St Georges
Black Dog, Partridge Joseph, 32 Crown Street, Finsbury
Black Eagle, Johnston Alex, 63 Brick Lane
Black Horse, Adamson Jane, 46 Haymarket
Black Horse, Astbury John, 5 Hayfield Place
Black Horse, Barton Thomas, Ropemakers Fields
Black Horse, Calton Charles, Leman Street
Black Horse, Cracknell Jas Thos, Thames Street, Rotherhithe
Black Horse, Cropley Edward, 6 Queen street, Tower Hill
Black Horse, Cutler Edward, 63 York Street, Westminster
Black Horse, Downing Samuel, 10 Bedfordbury
Black Horse, Halstead Mary, 29 High Street, Poplar
Black Horse, Harman Walbrock, Well Street, Wellclose Square
Black Horse, Law William, 6 Rathbone Place
Black Horse, Lee Michael, Middlesex Street, Aldgate
Black Horse, Perkins Benjamin, 114 Aldersgate Street
Black Horse, Phillibrown Mary, Kentish Town
Black Horse, Probyn Thomas, 9 Blackman Street, Borough
Black Horse, Reid James, 5 Titchborne Street
Black Horse, Roodhouse Charlotte, 11 Queen Street, Seven Dials
Black Horse, Smith Jno Chas, Boswell Court, Carey Street
Black Horse, Taylor John, 30 Oxendon Street
Black Horse, Temple Richard, 109 High Street, Marylebone
Black Horse, Wood John, 32 Coventry Street
Black Horse, Wooley Joseph William, 172 Kent Street, Borough
Black Horse & Crown, Thompson William, 235 High Street, Borough
Black Horse & Windmill, Humphreys John, 5 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel
Black Jack, Griggs Ann, 11 Portsmouth Street
Black Lion, Asher Isaac, 99 Middlesex Street
Black Lion, Cooper Robert, 10 Water lane, Fleet Street
Black Lion, Cubitt Thomas, Castle Street, Bloomsbury
Black Lion, Davies Jno & Benj, 28 Church Street, Chelsea
Black Lion, Edwards John, 8 Vinegar Yard
Black Lion, Pearce Henry, 6 Bishopsgate Street within
Black Lion, Reed Edward, 31 New Montague Street
Black Lion, Roberts John, 4 Berwick Street, Soho
Black Lion, Simpson Charles, Bayswater
Black Lion & French Horn, Walker William, 5 Pollen Street
Black Prince, Clutterbuck Charles, 64 Chandos Street
Black Prince, Pollden William, 151 Princes Road
Black Prince, Thurston Jno Chas, 2 Black Prince Row
Black Raven, Simpson Morton, 135 Bishopsgate without
Black Swan, Bolton Francis, 26 Browns lane
Black Swan, Burn William, Schoolhouse lane
Black Swan, Bycott Benjamin, 39 Wentworth Street
Black Swan, King John, 27 Little Carter lane
Black Swan, Taylor James, 71 Bermondsey Street
Black Swan, Waite John, 7 Ryders Court, Leicester square
Blackamoors Head, Cater Lewis, Jermyn Street
Blackamoors Head, Clark James, 4 Dorset Place, Pall Mall
Blacksmiths Arms, Brine John Charles, 10 Back Church lane
Blacksmiths Arms, Honnor Henry, 108 Brook Street, Ratcliff
Blacksmiths Arms, Malby William, 129 Rotherhithe Street
Blade Bone, Stevens Francis, 83 Church Street, Bethnal Green
Blakeneys Head, Daviss William, High Street, Poplar
Blakeneys Head, Pool William, 25 Cable Street
Blakeneys Head, Tunnicliffe William George, 40 Ruffords Buildings
Blakeneys Head, Witherington William james, 33 Bartholomew Close
Bleeding Heart, Edmonds Jno, 19 Charles Street
Blenheim, Rudd Joseph, 7 Bond Street, Chelsea
Blind Beggar, Noble Samuel P, 173 Whitechapel Road
Blockmakers Arms, Potts Thomas, 1 Ashleys Crescent, City Road
Blue Anchor, Banter edward, 92 York street, Westminster
Blue Anchor, Brown ebenezer, 25 St Mary at Hill
Blue Anchor, Davies George, Cable Street, Wellclose Square
Blue Anchor, Elston William, 11 Wormwood Street
Blue Anchor, Fancy James, 1 Catherine Street, Limehouse
Blue Anchor, Greenland james, 114 Long acre
Blue Anchor, Hammond William, 35 Chancery lane
Blue Anchor, Harris Joseph, 102 Bunhill Row
Blue Anchor, Hartley John Thomas, Middlesex street
Blue Anchor, McDonald Donald, 17 Mile End Road
Blue Anchor, Mayhew William, 1 Bankside, Borough
Blue Anchor, Morris Jane, 3 Coleman Street
Blue Anchor, North John, 68 Whitechapel Road
Blue Anchor, Parker Eleanor, 48 Rosemary Lane
Blue Anchor, Sanders Joseph, Parson street, Ratcliff
Blue Anchor, Spicer James, 9 Clare street, Clare market
Blue Anchor, Taylor Henry, 163 Fenchurch street
Blue Anchor, Terry Henry, Brook street, Ratcliff
Blue Anchor, Vivian James & John, 47 Farringdon street
Blue Anchor, Wilkins John, Russell street, Bermondsey
Blue Anchor, Wiseman John, Blue Anchor road
Blue Anchor & Eight Bells, Cooke Robert, 115 Bermondsey street
Blue Ball, Bishop Thomas, Old Cock lane
Blue Ball, King Robert, Whitecross place
Blue Boar, Barnard Thos., Sparrow corner
Blue Boar, Davies William, 111 Great Russell street
Blue Boar, King Robert, Horseshoe alley, Finsbury
Blue Boar, Vickress Thomas, 55 Aldersgate street
Blue Boar’s Head, Eastgate Michael, 34 King street, Westminster
Blue Coat Boy, Corry William, Dorset street, Spitalfields
Blue Coat Boy, Edwards Richard, 5 Norton Folgate
Blue Coat Boy, Levis Rebecca, 42 Lant street, Borough
Blue Coat Boy, Scott Thomas, 1 City road
Blue Cross, Poore James, 69 Wardour street
Blue Eyed Maid, Mantle James, 126 High street, Borough
Blue Last, Cosson Henry, 113 Curtain road
Blue Last, Harris Thomas, 47 Compton street, Clerkenwell
Blue Last, Martin Samuel, 7 Little Bell alley
Blue Last, Pring William, 7 Great Distaff lane
Blue Last, Pullen Joseph, 1 Broadway, City
Blue Last, Walter John, 55 Dorset street, Fleet street
Blue Last & Sugar Loaf, Bratt William, Water lane, Blackfriars
Blue Lion, Farren James & Co. 99 Holborn Hill
Blue Lion, Griffiths Thomas, 26 Upper North place
Blue Pig, Hersey Elizbth, 29 St. Mary axe
Blue Posts, Bell George, 75 Monmouth street
Blue Posts, Boorer George, 7 Holborn bars
Blue Posts, Christoffers John, 59 Haymarket
Blue Posts, Davis William Michael, 22 Berwick street
Blue Posts, Dennison Bernard, 6 Bennett street, St. James.
Blue Posts, Glaze John, 81 Newman street
Blue Posts, Jeffery William, 6 Tottenham court road
Blue Posts, King Frederick, John street, Oxford street
Blue Posts, Loder Francis, 1 Greenhills rents
Blue Posts, Mansfield Charles, 32 Old Bond street
Blue Posts, Mitchelson Henry, 18 King street, Golden square
Blue Posts, Morgan William Thomas, 23 Haymarket
Blue Posts, Rhodes Richard Charles, 24 Charlotte street, Fitzroy square
Blue Posts, Shelbourne William, West India dock road
Blue Posts, Stroud James, 4 Fulwoods rents
Blue Posts, Thomas Edw., Grosvenor mews, Bond street
Blue Posts, Thomas Sarah, 14 Rupert street
Blue Posts, Thorn William., 47 Southampton buildings
Blue Posts, Thorn William, 10 Shoe lane
Blue Posts, Williams John, 89 Cowcross street
Blue Posts Tavern, Hitchcock John, 13 Cork street, Bond street
Blue Pump, Cooper Jos., 34 Great Guildford street, Borough
Boars Head, Barker William, 66 Fleet street
Boars Head, Nursey George, 19 Exeter street,  Strand
Bolt in Tun Tap, Thorne James, 64 Fleet street
Boot, Speedy Henry, 117 Cromer street,
Boot, Webb William, 47 Wells street, Oxford street
Boston Arms, Caslake George, Boston street, Dorset square
Box Tree, Vile George, 5 Gravel lane, Houndsditch
Brazen Head, Smeed Thomas., 1 Upper Lisson street
Brazen Serpent, Minus Benjamin, 49 Richardson street, Borough
Brecknock Arms, Stones James, Camden road east
Brewers Arms, Blackburn Thomas, 28 Millbank street, Westminster
Brewers Arms, Nares John, 10 Morgans lane, Borough
Bricklayers Arms, Ansell Thomas, 10 Cable street, Wellclose square
Bricklayers Arms, Barnett Richd., 21 Margaret street, Commercial road
Bricklayers Arms, Bell James, 31 Gresse street
Bricklayers Arms, Chance Thomas, Collingwood street,
Bricklayers Arms, Cheater John, 31 North street, Marylebone
Bricklayers Arms, Crouch Ann, 22 Kingsgate street
Bricklayers Arms, Gage Wm., 20 Gloucester street, Commercial road
Bricklayers Arms, Garratt Henry, 46 South Molton street,
Bricklayers Arms, Groom Mary, Narrow street, Limehouse
Bricklayers Arms, Hancock Wm., Southampton street,  Camberwell
Bricklayers Arms, Hitchcock George, 7 Edward street, Soho
Bricklayers Arms, Kendall James, 18 Eagle street, Redlion square
Bricklayers Arms, Mayhew Samuel, 201 Upper Whitecross street
Bricklayers Arms, Powell & Placket, 34 King street, Golden square
Bricklayers Arms, Richardson John, John street, Curtain road
Bricklayers Arms, Robbins Samuel, 12 Parkers row, Boro
Bricklayers Arms, Sambrook Thos., Gloster place, Old Kent road
Bricklayers Arms, Scott Robert, 12 Earl street, Blackfriars
Bricklayers Arms, Scull William, 54 Park street, Oxford street
Bricklayers Arms, Smith Edw., 12 Elizabeth street, S. Pimlico
Bricklayers Arms, Smith Samuel, 40 Strutton ground
Bricklayers Arms, Steggall Wm., 3 John street, Berkeley square
Bricklayers Arms, Stillwell Samuel, 3 East street, Lambeth
Bricklayers Arms, Thornton Alexander, Dorchester place, New North road
Bricklayers Arms, Whitehead Thos., 11 Chapel court, Borough
Bricklayers Arms, Wighton Chas., 43 Mount street, Berkeley square
Bridge House, Allen Ths., 3 Vauxhall bridge foot
Bridge House, Davies Jonathan, 31 Queen street, City
Bridge House, Wells Geo., 29 Whitmore road, Hoxton
Bridport Arms, Brinsden John, 34 Bridport place, Hoxton
Brill House, Drewry Edward, 1 Brewer street, Somerstown
Britannia, Belshaw George, 33 James street, Covent garden
Britannia, Bonsall Charles, 37 Little Britain
Britannia, Bowdon Joseph, 46 Belvedere place
Britannia, Cottington George, 29 Golden lane
Britannia, Crowder Jno. Noah, 188 Hoxton Old town
Britannia, Dickins John, 28 Nelson street, Borough
Britannia, Edwards John, Johnstone place., Mile end
Britannia, Fenn John, 36 Fish street hill
Britannia, Hayward Elizabeth, High street, Peckham
Britannia, Hodges Saml., Britannia bridge, Commercial road
Britannia, Jepson Chas., 4 Caroline place, City road
Britannia, Mayston Richard, Church street, Hackney
Britannia, Oldfield J. B., 1 Britannia Row, Islington
Britannia, Pretyman Robt., Britannia place, Bishopsgate
Britannia, Read George, 15 Artillery passage
Britannia, Rider Francis, Marine street, Borough
Britannia, Row Richard, Carnera street, Chelsea
Britannia, Smith Charles, 26 Brown street,  Edgware road
Britannia, Smith John Thos., 8 Portland street, Soho
Britannia, Spratt William, Back road, St. Georges E.
Britannia, Temple Chas., 83 High street, Camden town
Britannia, Warren William, Blackwall
British Lion, Clifford Thomas, 34 Redcross street, Borough
British Lion, Collison Wm., 14 Bartholomew terrace
British Lion, Sperron Jas., Cavendish street,  New North road
British Museum, Castle John, 50 Great Russell street, Bloomsbury
British Oak, Barker Arthur, Baltie street, St Lukes
British Oak, Robertson John, 1 Oxford street, Commercial road
British Queen, Ritchie Geo., 166 Whitecross street
British Sailor, Sanders John, 47 New Church street, Portman market
Broad Arrow, Eldridge William, 87 Milton street, City
Bromley Arms, Allen Edward, 27 Cleveland st
Brown Bear, Bertan Eliz., 2 Grafton Street, Soho
Brown Bear, Codgbrook Thos., 63 Broad street, Bloomsbury
Brown Bear, Faulkner Jas., Union wharf, Millbank street
Brown Bear, Fell Patrick, 29 Eldon street, Finsbury
Brown Bear, Hillyard John, 191 Upper Thames street
Brown Bear, Lloyd Thos., 30 High row, Knightsbridge
Brown Bear, Mason Thomas, 10 Worship street
Brown Bear, Pile William, 89 Leman street
Brown Bear, Pitcher Charles, 14 Seacoal lane
Brown Bear, Simmonds Scott, 7 Southwark bridge street
Brown Bear, Wright Wm., 32 Devonshire street, Queen’s square
Brown Bear, Yeatman Henry, 21 Bear lane
Brownlow Arms, Fraser Simeon, 13 Brownlow street, Drury lane
Brunswick Arms, Schnackenberg Stoffer, Hooper Square
Buckridge Arms, Grinder Edmund, 31 George st, Bloomsbury Buck’s Head, Higgins Wm., 12 James street, Bethnal Green
Buffalo, Pool Robert, Brett’s buildings
Builders’ Arms, Dowell Jos., 10 Wakefield street
Builders’ Arms, Stoatt Thomas, Charles street, Kensington
Bull, Barnes Hy. & Edward, Birdcage alley
Bull, Bawcomb William, High street, Peckham
Bull, Bone Pearce J., Milford lane, Strand
Bull, Edwards H. J., 190 Kingsland road
Bull, Fernes Peter, 43 Great Windmill street
Bull, Lambert Samuel, 8 Little College street
Bull, Palmer William, Buckingham place, Borough
Bull, Price Charles James, 179 Kingsland road
Bull, Savage Alfred, 17 Devonshire street, Bishopsgate
Bull and Bell, Hulks Sarah, 19 Ropemaker street
Bull and Butcher, Field Timothy, 2 West Smithfield
Bull and Gate, Beynon David, Craven place, Kentish Town
Bull and Last, Knight Sarah, Kentish town
Bull and Mouth, Larcombe William, 31 Hart street, Bloomsbury
Bull and Ram, Miles Thomas, 114 Old street
Bull in the Pound, Banchini Gasper, 42 Broadwall, Blackfriars road
Bulls Head, Baker Fras., 16 Aylesbury street
Bulls Head, Barr Henry, 26 Hyde street, Bloomsbury
Bulls Head, Bowers Thos., 40 Vere street, Clare market
Bulls Head, Buckley Abraham, Wells street, Mile end
Bulls Head, Double William, Lower East Smithfield
Bulls Head, Durrant James, 71 York street, Westminster
Bulls Head, Edwards Thomas, 6 Jewin crescent
Bulls Head, Hagger William, Henry, West Smithfield
Bulls Head, Hood Charles, 80 Leadenhall street
Bulls Head, Husband Jno., Little Windmill street, Golden square
Bulls Head, Jones William, 94 Wood street, Cheapside
Bulls Head, Locke Charles, 44 Carnaby street
Bulls Head, Martlitt John, 16 Peter street, Cowcross
Bulls Head, Peacey Mary, 5 Wellington street, Goswell street
Bulls Head, Porter William, Ball court, Tooley street
Bulls Head, Pounsford Robert, Camberwell green
Bulls Head, Pullen Mary, 20 St. Martins lane
Bulls Head, Renney James, 23 Wallbrook
Bulls Head, Taverner Joseph, 1 High street, Shadwell
Bulls Head, Thornett John, 101 Tottenham Court road
Bulls Head, Walker Edward, Old Gravel lane
Bulls Head, Watkinson Thomas, 8 Crown street, Solo
Bulls Head, Williams Robert, Broad street, Lambeth
Bulls Head, Wooley William, 148 Whitechapel High street
Bunch of Grapes, Dore William, 11 Duke street, Oxford street
Bunch of Grapes, Lobb Thomas, 22 Tooley street
Bunch of Grapes, Wilson John, 5 George street, Jewry street
Bunch of Grapes, Wood Edward, 9 Bennett street, Rathbone place
Burlington Arms, Still John, 21 Old Burlington street
Bush and Magpie, Hewitt William, 16 Redlion street
Butchers Arms, Callow John, 48 Peartree court
Butchers Arms, Watson William, 4 South street, Spitalfields
Butlers Head, Rutter Samuel, Great Bell alley, City


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