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The London 1839 Public House & Publican Directory - as listed in LONDON 1839 Pigots Directory - C.

A listing of the Public Houses, Publicans and Public House address in 1839

Transcribed by Chris McGregor


Caledonian Arms, Cross John, 20 Princes street, Portman Square
Calthorpe Arms, Young James, 37 Upper North place
Cambrian, Morgan John, Castle street, Leicester Square
Camden Arms, Carter William, Kensington gore
Camdens Head, Beazley James, 48 High street, Camden street
Camden Head, Cooper & Co., 11 Camden row, Bethnal Green
Camdens Head, Dowley Josiah, Church lane, Limehouse
Camdens Head, Grammar Samuel, 2 Camden street, Islington
Cannings Head, Middleton James, 26 Sidney street, Mile end
Cans and Crown, Barker Edward, 33 High Holborn
Canteen, Howard Jas., Barracks, Portman street
Canteen, Norfolk Daniel, St. Geroges Barrack yard, Castle street, Leicester Square
Canterbury Arms, Hillman Thomas, Upper Marsh, Lambeth
Cape of Good Hope, Bacon George, 3 Great Titchfield street
Cape of Good Hope, Elvery Ann, Commercial road, Limehouse
Cape of Good Hope, Ginger William, 39 Albany street, Regents park
Cape of Good Hope, Porter John William, 9 Lime street,  City
Captain of a Man of War, Goddall John, High street,  Poplar
Carlisle Arms, Moore Robert, Queen street
Carlisle Arms, Partridge Samuel, Carlisle place, Lambeth
Carpenters Arms, Dew J. & J., 18 Gray street
Carpenters Arms, Fletcher Thomas, 7 Adam street West
Carpenters Arms, Fox George, 19 Stafford place, Pimlico
Carpenters Arms, Halfpenny William, 34 Cambridge road
Carpenters Arms, Heaviside J. 18 Princes street, Edgware road
Carpenters Arms, Hentsch F. C., 8 Howland street, Tottenham court road
Carpenters Arms, Smith James, 131 Kingsland road
Carpenters Arms, Smith William, 11 Bridport place, Hoxton
Carpenters Arms, Stevens Robert, 32 Burton street, Burton crescent
Carpenters Arms, Way George, Covent garden
Carpenters Arms, Wright Thomas, Berry street, Goswell street
Cart and Horse, Gardner John, 18 Upper St. Martins lane
Cart and Horse, King John B., 25 Turnmill street, Clerkenwell
Carved Lion, Venier Stephen, 30 South street, South Audley street

Castle, Arthur William Francis, Castle street, Holborn
Castle, Boorman James, Youl’s place, Old Kent road
Castle, Brentvills Joseph, 16 Greenhill’s rents
Castle, Brown William, 32 Great Castle street, Oxford street
Castle, Bulter John, 36 Shouldham street
Castle, Carter Joseph Richard, Kentish town
Castle, Chapman William, 10 Castle street, Bloomsbury
Castle, Cleggett George Mount, 17 Great Chapel street, Westminster
Castle, Click William, Kent street, Borough
Castle, Ewins Samuel, 4 Shepherd’s court, Upper Brook street
Castle, Ford Edward, 3 Portugal street, Lincoln’s Inn
Castle, Jekyll Thomas, 6 Bullen’s court, Strand
Castle, Ketty Susannah, Quaker street, Spitalfields
Castle, Kirwood Charles, 20 Whitechapel road
Castle, Lane William, Notting hill
Castle, Mears George, Cleveland street, Mile end
Castle, Morris William, 30 Cowcross street
Castle, Stocks Jos., Holland street, Blackfriars road
Castle, Tapscott Richard, 12 Goodman’s stile
Castle, Tarbath George, 94 Long alley, Finsbury
Castle, Tirkin James, 24 Carnaby street
Castle, Tozer John, 19 City road
Castle, Watson Thomas, 58 Fore street, City
Castle, Wood James, 31 Mark lane
Castle and Falcon, West Joseph, 81 St. John street
Castle Tavern, Winter Spring Thomas, 26 High Holborn
Cat, Crotts William, 220 Whitecross street
Cat and Mutton, Bull William, London fields, Hackney
Catherine Wheel, Burman John, 46 Great Windmill street
Catherine Wheel, Burton Joseph, 43 Bishopsgate without
Catherine Wheel, Charnley Thomas, 11 Church Street, Kensington
Catherine Wheel, Cox Joseph Abraham, 10 Union Street, Borough
Catherine Wheel, Jenkins Richard F, 1 Little St James Street
Catherine Wheel, Sohnge Christian, 3 Essex Street, Whitechapel
Catherine Wheel, Vidler George, 191 High Street, Borough
Chamberlains Arms, Burkett James, 12 Noble Street, City
Champion, Archer John, 14 Goswell Road
Chapel House, Wilson James, 62 Chapel Street, Pentonville
Chapmans Arms, Petter George, Lower Chapman Street
Chequers, Bason Jno, 16 Duke Street, St James
Chequers, Dibley George, Saffron Street, Saffron Hill
Chequers, Postance John, Hays Wharf, Tooley Street
Chequers, Smith Sarah, 55 Tothill Street, Westminster
Chequers, Vagts Peter, 13 Providence Row, Finsbury
Chequers, Williams Luke, 36 Wapping Wall
Cherry Tree, Baldrey John, 85 Upper Whitecross Street
Cherry Tree, Bradbrook James, 1 Bowling Green Lane
Cherry Tree, Johnson Caroline, 12 Cherrygarden Street
Cherry Tree, Whitman John, Back Church Lane
Cheshire Cheese, Blake Jos, 48 Crutched Friars
Cheshire Cheese, Dolamore Henry, Wine Office Court, City
Cheshire Cheese, Gurr Jonathan, 23 Addle street, City
Cheshire Cheese, Mitchell John, 51 Grosvenor Row, Chelsea
Cheshire Cheese, Newson Thomas, 10 Surrey Street, Strand
Cheshire Cheese, Samsum James, 10 Dean Street, Holborn
Cheshire Cheese, Skearsley Eliz, 10 Cross Court, Drury lane
Cheshire Cheese, Skinner William, 16 Fleur de LisCourt, City
Chester Arms, France Joseph, 115 Albany Street
Chester Arms, Nash George, 1 Chester Terrace
China Hall, Eames William, Deptford Lower Road
China Ship, Greengrass George, 5 Little Hermitage Street
Churchill Arms, Hammond F M, Peel Place, Kennington
Cider Cellar, Rhode William, 22 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden
City Arms, Coulston Peter, 2 King Street, Aldgate
City Arms, Float William. 4 Popes Head Alley
City Arms, Mennons Henry, 15 Hunter Street, Borough
City Arms, Newman Charles, 1 Ord street, Millwall
City Arms, Pettinger John, Bridge Place, City Road
City Arms, Stowell William F, 31 Great Tower Street
City Arms, Wise James, Rose lane, Ratcliff
City Clock House, Perkins Sarah, 116 Bishopsgate Street without

City of Canterbury, Webb William, Wells street, Mile End, New Town
City of Carlisle, Sacker Jos, 99 Shoresditch
City of Carlisle, Smith Thomas, 61 Rosemary lane
City of Chester, Hicks Jas, 62 Bunhill Row
City of Hereford, Burke Philip, King Street, Portman Square
City of Hereford, Dickson George, 1 Union Street, Great Titchfield street
City of London, Law Wm, 104 Berwick Street
City of London, Peeling Samuel, 30 Dalby Terrace
City of Norwich, Bowler Jno, Wentworth Street
City of Norwich, Plevy John, 2 North Row, Park Lane
City of Norwich, Sutherland Thos, 1 Park Place, Mile End
City of Quebec, Brown Jno, 70 Wapping wall
City of Quebec, Morley Thomas, 237 Oxford Street
City of Salisbury, Alleston Thomas, 1 Fair Street, Borough
Civet cat, Cornell George, High Street, Kensington
Clarence Arms, Wilson John, Camberwell New Road
Claytons Arms, Stevens Henry, Clayton Street, Kennington
Cleveland Arms, Hodges Joseph, Montague Street, Portman Square
Clown, Williamson James, 56 St John Street
Coach & Horses, Badham Geo, 40 Leather lane
Coach & Horses, Bailey Thos, 118 Mount Street, Berkeley Square
Coach & Horses, Barker Wm Hy, Crown Row, Mile End
Coach & Horses, Bennett Henry, 17 Little Compton Street
Coach & Horses, Brook James, 62 Frith Street, Soho
Coach & Horses, Burman John, 29 Greek Street, Soho
Coach & Horses, Byrne Eliza, 133 Aldersgate Street
Coach & Horses, Caddell Archibald, 37 Hill Street, Mayfair
Coach & Horses, Chard Charles, 120 St John Street Road
Coach & Horses, Chenery Geo, 11 Charles Street, Covent Garden
Coach & Horses, Clayton Thomas, 118 Edgware Road
Coach & Horses, Corbet John, 9 Brook Hill, Clerkenwell
Coach & Horses, Curtis Robert, 73 Long Lane, Borough
Coach & Horses, Depledge Rebecca, Grosvenor Mews
Coach & Horses, Drinkwater Joseph, Notting Hill
Coach & Horses, Dubock James, 129 Middlesex Street
Coach & Horses, Elkington John, 120 Holborn Hill
Coach & Horses, Fiddes Robert, High Street, Homerton
Coach & Horses, Franklin John, Norfolk Street, Park Lane
Coach & Horses, French William, 49 St Johns Square
Coach & Horses, Galwin Chris, 71 Bartholomew Close
Coach & Horses, Glanville George, 21 North Street, Westminster
Coach & Horses, Glover William, 90 St Martins lane
Coach & Horses, Gruby James, 66 Chiswell Street
Coach & Horses, Heavens James, 324 Strand
Coach & Horses, Hodson John, 45 Brewer Street
Coach & Horses, Hogg Thomas, York Street, Westminster
Coach & Horses, Howard James, 4 Dover Street, Piccadilly
Coach & Horses, Humphries Charles, 81 High Holborn
Coach & Horses, Jones Lewis, 1 Fan Street
Coach & Horses, Jones Owen, High Street, Kensington
Coach & Horses, Kennett Edward, 35 Water lane, Fleet Street
Coach & Horses, Lemon William, Bear Yard, Lincolns Inn
Coach & Horses, Lockett Joseph, Broad Street, Lambeth
Coach & Horses, North James, 136 High Holborn
Coach & Horses, Pain Thomas, 51 Bruton Street, Bond Street
Coach & Horses, Paverley Burrell, 11 Maddox Street
Coach & Horses, Payne Richard, 1 Welbeck Street
Coach & Horses, Pither Thomas, 20 Eyre Street Hill
Coach & Horses, Plant Edward, 140 Whitechapel High Street
Coach & Horses, Quye John, Flood Street, Westminster
Coach & Horses, Rogers David, 16 Conduit Street
Coach & Horses, Ronaldson Chas, 29 Ray Street, Clerkenwell
Coach & Horses, Sandiford William, James Street, Kensington
Coach & Horses, Shersby William, 56 Minories
Coach & Horses, Shilcock - , 35 Turnmill Street
Coach & Horses, Sims Henry, 60 Davies Street, Oxford Street
Coach & Horses, Smith Thos Hy, 199 High Street, Shadwell
Coach & Horses, Vincent Jas, 4 Hospital Row, Chelsea
Coach & Horses, Ward William, 29 High Holborn
Coach & Horses, Werrell Merrield, 11 Avery Row
Coach & Horses, Wild William John, 43 Carnaby Street
Coach & Horses, Wilding William, 8 Little Ormond Street
Coach & Horses, Wilson Edw Drury, 19 Great Mitchell Street
Coach & Horses, Wilson Richard, 24 Silver Street, Golden Square
Coach Makers Arms, Edwards George, 24 Marylebone Lane
Coach Makers Arms, Palmer Thomas, 10 Robert Street, Great Surrey Street
Coach Makers Arms, Robbins John, Belgrave Mews
Coach Makers Arms, Taylor William, Bryanstone Street
Coach Makers Arms, Wilburn William, 12 Rose Street, Covent Garden
Coal Hole, Rhoades William and John, Fountain Court, Strand
Coal Meters Arms, Deacon Jas, 32 Heath street, Commercial Road
Coal Meters Arms, Kelly Jeremiah Jno, 46 Lower Shadwell
Cobhams Head, Hickman Jno, Cobham Row
Cobourg Arms, Gigner Fras, 26 Webber Street
Cock, Adams Thos, Church street, Hackney
Cock, Clark John, 20 Bow Lane
Cock, Clay George, 76 Snow Hill
Cock, Colnett William, 201 Fleet Street
Cock, Davey Chas Gabriel, Kennington Green
Cock, Friend Samuel, 21 Wells Row, Islington
Cock, Ginder H N, 3 St Martins Court, Ludgate Hill
Cock, Hutchings George, 72 Tothill Street
Cock, Jones John, 27 Old Street, St Lukes
Cock, McIntosh Alexander, 51 Leadenhall Street
Cock, Marshall William, 20 Love Lane, Eastcheap
Cock, Ongley Thomas, Camberwell Green
Cock, Pearce John, 129 Great Portland Street
Cock, Piper William, 17 Lichfield Street, soho
Cock, Plunkell Henry, 7 New Street, Golden Square
Cock, Temple Geo, 62 Chalton Street, Somerstown
Cock, Thurston jas, 1 Upper North Street, Chelsea
Cock, Wicker Richard, 126 Cock Hill, Ratcliff
Cock, Williams John, 45 Whitechapel High Street
Cock & Bottle, Allen G H, 21 Bedfordbury
Cock & Bottle, Argent James, 83 Strand
Cock & Bottle, Clark George, 7 China Walk, Lambeth
Cock & Bottle, Pallett Robert, 30 Cannon Street, City
Cock & Castle, Simmons William, 54 Elizabeth Street, Hackney
Cock & Crown, Spalding Jno, 41 Little Britain
Cock & Hoop, Gill Nathl, Gun Street, Bishopsgate
Cock & Lion, Fothergill Parkin, Wigmore Street
Cock & Lion, Seale Richard Charles, Lower east Smithfield
Cock & Magpie, McDonald Roderick, 88 Drury Lane
Cock & Neptune, Taylor Peter, 71 Parsons Street, Ratcliff
Cock & Woolpack, Mounsey Grace, 6 Finch Lane, City
Coffee House, Laurence William, 21 James Street, Covent Garden
Coffee House, Shepherd George, 32 Chalton Street
Coffee Pot, Simmons Jos, 1 Whitehart Street
Colonel Wardle, Alford William, 138 Tooley Street
Colosseum, Grace James, 1 Carburton Street
Compasses, Apsey William Hy, Rotherhithe Street
Compasses, Cane Thomas, 58 Upper Ebury Street
Compasses, Crask W B, Epping Place, Mile End
Compasses, Jones John, 14 Anchor Street, Shoreditch
Constitution, Ellis Jno Thomas, White Street, Borough
Constitution, Shaw Hannah, 32 Bedford Street, Covent Garden
Constitution, Sneezum Thomas, Great James Street
Constitution, Wilson James, 123 Drury lane
Coopers Arms, Brown Eliz, 76 Golden Lane
Coopers Arms, Collyer Charles, 19 Bridge Row
Coopers Arms, Cooper John, 7 Russell Street, Bermondsey
Coopers Arms, Cutts Chas, Brunswick Street, Blackwall
Coopers Arms, Drake Thomas, 6 Strutton Ground
Coopers Arms, Gammage Thomas, 6 Greenbank, Wapping
Coopers Arms, Hall Edward, 78 Rosemary Lane
Coopers Arms, Harvey John, 298 Kent Street, Borough
Coopers Arms, Livermore Edward, 3 Crown Street, Finsbury
Coopers Arms, Malyon Joseph, 12 Miles lane, City
Coopers Arms, Pile Philip, Old Fish street Hill
Coopers Arms, Rebbeck B, 121 Great Saffron Hill
Coopers Arms, Roberts W, 9 Cowcross Street
Coopers Arms, Rorris William, 52 Huntingdon Street
Coopers Arms, Rowles Jane, 28 Hampden street
Coopers Arms, Samways James, 13 Silver Street, City
Coopers Arms, Sheerman John, 21 Trinity Square
Coopers Arms, Titterton George, 21 Union Street, Borough
Coopers Arms, Warren Eliza, 46 Lower Thames Street
Coopers Arms, Whitaker Augustus, 17 Golden Lane
Coopers Arms, Williams Matthew, 16 West Street, Smithfield
Copenhagen House, Garratt William, Islington Fields
Cornwall Arms, Powell Joseph, Cornwall Road
Coronation Arms, Bingley M A, 125 Upper Seymour Street
Cottage of Content, Knowles Richard, 1 Park Place, Kent Road
County Terrace, Pallet George, 31 Webbs County Terrace, New Kent Road
Coventry Cross, Reeng J, 10 Sandys Row
Cow and Calf, Burrow Thomas, 36 Little Eastcheap
Craven Arms, Gibson George, 38 Marshall Street
Craven Head, Nicholson William, 39 Craven Place, Bayswater
Craven Head, Ping Joseph, 98 Drury Lane
Cricketers, Dunn William Corcoran, London Street, Ratcliff
Cricketers, Eagle Robert, 13 Wellington Street, Camden Town
Cricketers, Monk William, Orange Row, Kennington Road
Cricketers, Spencer James, 50 Cheyne Walk, Shadwell
Cripplegate Arms, Constable Susannah, 25 Tenter Street, Finsbury

Crooked Billet, Clifford Leonard, King David Lane, Shadwell
Crooked Billet, Elphie Henry, 37 Wych Street, Strand
Crooked Billet, Garrett William, Little Hill Street, Tower Hill
Crooked Billet, Hutchinson Sarah M, 35 High Street, Wapping
Crooked Billet, Smith Thomas Richard, 6 Portugal Street
Crooked Billet, Wales Peter, 32 Ratcliff Highway
Crosby Head, Gurney George, 38 Pittfield street
Cross Keys, Bushill William, 34 Marylebone Lane
Cross Keys, Cocks James, 6 Belton Street, Long acre
Cross Keys, Mimms Thomas, 58 Theobalds Road
Cross Keys, Sculley David, 28 Wentworth Street
Cross Keys, Silcock Simon, Albion Place, Blackfriars
Cross Keys Tap, Starr George, 128 Wood Street, City
Cross Keys, Wakefield Henry, 1 Lawrence Street, Chelsea
Cross Keys, Woodley James George, Broad Street, Lambeth
Crow, Winter Francis, 22 Moor lane, City
Crown, Andrews William, 33 Lancaster Street, Burton Crescent
Crown, Bainbridge William, 59 Wapping Wall
Crown Tap, Baker Elizabeth, 73 Watling Street
Crown, Balding William, High Street, Peckham
Crown, Bell Edward, 2 Thorney Street, Bloomsbury
Crown, Belton William, 11 Back Hill, Leather Lane
Crown, Bird Samuel, 44 Clerkenwell Green
Crown, Broadhurst James Christopher, Stangate, Lambeth
Crown, Campbell James, 22 Butcherhall Lane
Crown, Chapman Susannah, 84 Edgware Road
Crown, Cockett Frederick, 12 Vinegar Yard
Crown, Davies John, 4 Cranbourn Passage
Crown, Davis Philip, 356 Oxford Street
Crown, Drew Charles, 182 Church Street, Shoreditch
Crown, Dudley James S, 153 Upper Whitecross Street
Crown, Duncan James, 7 Stationers Court
Crown, Farrell Ann, Glasshouse Street
Crown, Foxall Chas, 16 Museum Street, Bloomsbury
Crown, Francis Richard, Church Street, Lambeth
Crown, Gee Margaret, Leigh Street, Redlion Square
Crown, Genge George, Narrow Street, Limehouse
Crown, Giesley Philip, 129 Golden Lane
Crown, Glass George, 80 George Street, Great Surrey Street
Crown, Hessin Thomas, 16 Lant Street, Borough
Crown, Hill Henry, 9 John Street, Spitalfields
Crown, Hind Peter, 108 Blackfriars Road
Crown, Johnson Frederick, 7 Essex Street, Strand
Crown, Johnson Sarah, 1 Hatfield Place, Westminster Road
Crown, Kay Henry, 80 Chiswell Street
Crown, Kilburn William, 24 Redcross Street, City
Crown, Lawrence Jas, 38 Silver Street, Golden Square
Crown, Letchford james, St Dunstans Passage
Crown, Lough Robert, 40 Tufton Street, Westminster
Crown, McClean William, 22 West Smithfield
Crown, Maher Timothy, 27 New Cut, Lambeth
Crown, Manning John, Lower Islington Terrace
Crown, Marriott Thomas, 36 High Street, St Giles
Crown, Morris John, 14 Brewer Street, Golden Square
Crown, Mousley Jno, Butlers Buildings, Smithfield
Crown, Neat William, 1 Great St Andrew Street
Crown, Oliver William, Spa Road, Borough
Crown, Pickles Thomas, 6 Lad Lane, City
Crown, Pink Stephen, Rupert Street, Whitechapel
Crown, Pope Samuel, Pauls Alley, St Pauls
Crown, Ruffe William, 60 Blackman Street, Borough
Crown, Robertson Alexander, 25 Marylebone Street
Crown, Rogers Chas, Henrietta Street, Cavendish Square
Crown, Rozenbrock Claus, New Road, St Georges east
Crown, Savage Wm, Henry Street, Portland Town
Crown, Shaw Thomas, 75 Basinghall Street
Crown, Sheerman John, 23 West Smithfield
Crown, Snowball William, 119 Long acre
Crown, Stewart Thomas, Rhodeswell Road
Crown, Thompson Matthew, 3 green Street, Leicester Square
Crown, Timberlake James, 50 Kent Street, Borough
Crown, Tincock Bannister, 23 Vere Street, Clare market
Crown, Turner Samuel, 226 High Street, Shoreditch
Crown, Turner Thomas, Great Ormond Yard
Crown, Weeks Wm, 35 York Street, Westminster
Crown, Wells Christopher, 60 High Street, Shadwell
Crown, White Joseph, Vine Street, York Road
Crown, White Thomas, 40 Stanhope Street, Clare Market
Crown, Willard Henry, Kings Row, Pentonville
Crown, Winton Luke, 151 High Street, Borough
Crown, Woodyat James, 89 Park Street, Oxford Street
Crown & Anchor, Brown William, Brook Street, Ratcliff
Crown & Anchor, Callow Thomas, 43 Paul Street, Finsbury
Crown & Anchor, Challands William, 26 Farringdon Street
Crown & Anchor, Cooper Henry, 32 Parker Street, Drury Lane
Crown & Anchor, Crooks Jas, 71 Drummond Road, Euston Square
Crown & Anchor, Denyer Jno, Pavement, Finsbury
Crown & Anchor, Eastgate Thos, Rodney Buildings, New Kent Road
Crown & Anchor, Garland John, 43 Leadenhall Street
Crown & Anchor, Gent Wm, 25 Temple Street, Hackney Road
Crown & Anchor, Hoey Edward, 9 King Street, Westminster
Crown & Anchor, Hough William, Great Garden Street
Crown & Anchor, Howell Ann, 2 West Street, Somerstown
Crown & Anchor, Jones Thomas, 29 Ebury Street, Pimlico
Crown & Anchor, Ridler henry, 9 Brewer Street, Golden Square
Crown & Anchor, Smith Thos, 9 great Guildford Street, Borough
Crown & Anchor, Terry Sarah, Kings Head Court, Shoe Lane
Crown & Anchor, Watts Jas, St James Place, Old Kent Road
Crown & Anchor, Whiston Nathaniel, 32 Judd Place West
Crown & Anchor, Wills William, 25 King Street, Seven Dials
Crown & Anchor, Young Thos A, 34 Clarence Street, Regents park
Crown & Anvil, Barnett Thomas, 8 Swan Street, Minories
Crown & Apple Tree, Watkins James, 37 Berwick street
Crown & Barley Mow, Cusens Thomas, 23 Grays Inn Lane
Crown & Chairman, Bishop George, 32 Dean Street, Soho
Crown & Cushion, Hill John, Wheeler Street
Crown & Cushion, Hughes John, 9 Little Russell Street, Drury Lane
Crown & Cushion, Raven James, 73 London Wall
Crown & Cushion, Yates Mary, 18 Pages Walk, Bermondsey
Crown & Dolphin, Pottinger Maria, High Street, Stepney
Crown & Dolphin, Watson Abraham, 29 Cannon Street, St Georges east
Crown & Grapes, Burbidge Edw, 7 Little Newport Street
Crown & Horse Shoe, Smith John, 501 Holborn Hill
Crown & Magpie, Durrant Thos, 22 Aldgate High Street
Crown & Queens Arms,Watson William, 32 High Street, Wapping
Crown & Sceptre, Hitchins William Henry, 30 Britannia Street, City Road
Crown & Sceptre, Keasley Thomas, Chapter Street
Crown & Sceptre, Kendrick Wm, 9 Cumberland Street, Regents park
Crown & Sceptre, Mandy Henry, 27 Foley Street
Crown & Sceptre, Peters Edwin, Woolmore Street, Poplar
Crown & Sceptre, Staples Daniel, 20 Old Change
Crown & Sceptre, Tritton William, Shad Thames
Crown & Sceptre, Verey William, 28 Brompton Row
Crown & Seven Stars, Hodgetts James, 47 Rosemary Lane
Crown & Shears, Stephens Joseph, Sparrow Corner
Crown & Sugar Loaf, Lewis benjamin, 14 Garlick Hill
Crown & Sugar Loaf, Terrill Charles Ross, 99 Fleet Street
Crown & Thistle, Allen William, Cottage Place, South Lambeth
Crown & Thistle, Carter John, 42 Haymarket
Crown & Thistle, Nellis Sophia, 11 Billiter Street
Crown & Woolpack, Merritt Francis, 69 St John Street Road
Cumberlands head, Miller Hy, 66 bath Street
Curriers Arms, Hudson John, 23 New Church Court, Strand
Cutlers Arms, Simonds Abraham, 3 Cutler Street
Cyder Cellar, Rhodes William, 22 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden
Czars Head, Willoughby Richard, 48 Great Tower Street

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