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The London 1839 Public House & Publican Directory - as listed in LONDON 1839 Pigots Directory - D.

A listing of the Public Houses, Publicans and Public House address in 1839


Darkhouse, Bruce Thos & Co, Three Tun Passage, Ivy Lane
David and Harp, Friend Samuel, Fore Street, Limehouse
Delaware Arms, Roche Lawrence, 220 Oxford Street
Devonshire Arms, Hardy L, 4 Middle Row, Knightsbridge
Devonshire Arms, Heath John, 21 Devonshire Street, Portland Place
Devonshire Arms, Parsons William, Burne Street, Stepney
Devonshire Arms, Pritchard J, 21 Duke Street, Portland Place
Devonshire Arms, Spelt John, 20 Duke Street, Manchester Square
Dial, Hunter James William, 132 Long Alley, Finsbury
Distillers Arms, French Thomas, 11 Great Saffron Hill
Dock House, Belton Jno, East India Dock Road
Dr Butlers Head, Larby William Adams, 5 Whiterose Court, Coleman Court
Dog & Duck, Jones John, 18 Queen Street, Soho
Dog & Duck, Phillips Unity, Princes Street, Redlion Square
Dog & Duck, Stanley Absalom John, East County Dock
Dog & Stile, Pagdin William, 1 Earl Street
Dolphin, Albin Robert, 50 Whitechapel Road
Dolphin, Beeton Samuel & Son, 39 Milk Street, City
Dolphin, Burdett Jas, 38 Church Street, Bethnal Green
Dolphin, Capron George, 6 Union Street, Lambeth
Dolphin, Crisp Edmund, 16 Long Alley, Finsbury
Dolphin, Frampton William, Ludgate Hill
Dolphin, Gardner Robert, 135 Old Street, St Lukes
Dolphin, Gorton William, 22 Gutter Lane
Dolphin, Horner John James, Mare Street, Hackney
Dolphin, Nichols James, 60 Coleman Street
Dolphin, Roberts W H, 318 Oxford Street
Dolphin, Russell Edward, 15 Hyde Street, Bloomsbury
Dolphin, Stennett Charles, 44 Redlion Street, Holborn
Dolphin, Turk Richard N, Hungerford wharf
Dover Castle, Challands Bennett, 36 Commercial Road, Lambeth
Dover Castle, Muckley Benjamin, 30 Redlion Street, Whitechapel
Dover Castle, Shaw Chas, Church Road, St Georges East
Dover Castle, Thompson Benjamin, 17 Rotherhithe Street
Dover Castle, Watchorn Jno Henry, 1 Mount Street, Lambeth
Dover Castle, Wicks Mary, Weymouth Mews
D'Oyley Arms, Middleton Robert henry, 11 Orford Place, Chelsea
Dreadnought, Fox John, 1 Middlesex street
Drum, Mitchell George, 60 Waterloo Road
Drummond Arms, Willemite George, 35 Drummond Street, Somerstown
Dublin Castle, Dore jas, 18 Park Street, Camden Town
Duke of Albemarle, Lee William, 6 Stafford Street, Bond Street
Duke of Argyle, Hutchinson John, Little Pulteney street
Duke of Argyle, Porter james, 6 Laystall Street
Duke of Bedford, Weale Thos, Golden lane
Duke of Bridgewater, Griffiths Richard Stephen, Macclesfield street, City Road
Duke of Cambridge, Evans Walter, Felix Street, Hackney Road
Duke of Cambridge, Sinclair Duncan, Mile End Gates, Mile End Road
Duke of Clarence, Aggleton Thomas, Pancras Place, Somerstown
Duke of Clarence, Harvey Richard, 132 London Road, Borough
Duke of Clarence, Hayden E, Cumberland Street, Hackney Road
Duke of Clarence, Holder Alfred, 19 Hackney Road
Duke of Clarence, Loddy & Jones, 34 Charing Cross Road
Duke of Clarence, Parker Thomas, 56 Tooley Street
Duke of Clarence, Rollier Henry, Vauxhall street, Kennington
Duke of Clarence, Sinclair Jas, Langley Place, Commercial Road east
Duke of Clarence, Sprake C, 19 Munster Street, Regents Park
Duke of Clarence, Tapp James, 1 Clarence Place, Camberwell
Duke of Clarence, Towers Joseph, Rotherhithe Street
Duke of Clarence, Twilley Isaac, 1 Eyre Street Hill
Duke of Clarence, Walsh John, 5 Penton Place, Walworth
Duke of Cumberland, Green Robert, 20 Bryanstone Street
Duke of Cumberland, Walker S, 11 New Road, St Georges East
Duke of Gloucester, Copp Jonas, 8 Gloucester Terrace, Whitechapel Road
Duke of Gloucester, Fletcher Thomas, 82 Seabright Street
Duke of Gloucester, Masters Geo Wm, Gloucester Terrace, Hoxton
Duke of Gloucester, Minter Wm, Union Row, New Kent Road
Duke of Kent, Curran John, Whitecross Street, Borough
Duke of Marlborough, Aves Thos, 32 Pelham Street, Spitalfields
Duke of Marlborough, Deanes Harriet, St Katherines steam wharf
Duke of Newcastle, Meagle Robert, 34 Little Earl Street, Seven Dials
Duke of Ormonds Head, Burrell George, 17 Princes Street, Westminster
Duke of Suffolk, Edwards mary, 58 Brandon Street, Walworth
Duke of Sussex, Clark Charles, 10 Rosemary Lane
Duke of Sussex, Clark John, 12 Gibson Street, Waterloo Road
Duke of Sussex, Gurney Sarah, Park Road, Peckham
Duke of Sussex, Scarlett Wm, 55 High Street, Kensington
Duke of Sussex, Swallow R L, 18 Pierpont Row
Duke of Sussex, Wallis Wm, Bridge Place, Haggerstone
Duke of Wellington, Carlton Charles, 15 Spring gardens
Duke of Wellington, Carveth Thomas, 19 Cross Street, City Road
Duke of Wellington, Davies Arthur, 100 Goswell Street
Duke of Wellington, Dismore Jeremiah, North Street, Whitechapel
Duke of Wellington, Dyer James, Morning Lane, Hackney
Duke of Wellington, Howells John, Brook Street, Ratcliff
Duke of Wellington, Jones John, 153 Bishopsgate Street without
Duke of Wellington, Jones Thomas, 94 Crawford Street
Duke of Wellington, Lyon James, 20 Coleshill Street, Pimlico
Duke of Wellington, Murray James, 22 John Street, Limehouse
Duke of Wellington, Richardson W H, Cumberland Street, Hackney Road
Duke of Wellington, Rotheram Charles, 28 Princes Street, Soho
Duke of Wellington, Searles W R, Brunswick street, Hackney Road
Duke of Wellington, Smith Geo, Cannon Street, St Georges East
Duke of Wellington, Thirst Edward, South Street, Chelsea
Duke of Wellington, Trimbey John, 92 Drury Lane
Duke of Wellington, Turner Augustus, Wellington Street, Newington
Duke of Wellington, Woodrow John, Lucas Street, Commercial Road east
Duke of Wirtemberg, Marshall Thomas, 44 Hatfield Street, New Cut
Duke of York, Bell Joshua, Ormond yard, St James
Duke of York, Carpenter William, New Church Street, Portman Market
Duke of York, Corder J, 1 York Terrace, Salmon Lane
Duke of York, Davy John, 7 Henry street, Grays Inn Road
Duke of York, Freeman Thomas, 28 Stockbridge Terrace
Duke of York, Field Charles, 59 Regent Street, Westminster
Duke of York, Griffiths William, York Street, Portman Square
Duke of York, Groves James, 8 Shepherd Street, Oxford Street
Duke of York, Gwynn W James, 29 High Street, Shadwell
Duke of York, Kirkpatrick Wm, 93 York Street, Commercial Road
Duke of York, Marks Richard, 19 Liquorpond Street
Duke of York, Millwood Edward, Kensington Gravel Pits
Duke of York, Nunney Thos Fred, 13 Gloucester Street, Clerkenwell
Duke of York, Pearce Jeremiah, 9 Royal Hospital Row
Duke of York, Piper William, York Terrace, Borough Road
Duke of York, Plant Paul, Turk Street, Bethnal Green

Duke of York, Price Samuel, 202 Blackfriars Road
Duke of York, Ridler Richard, 13 Great Marylebone Street
Duke of York, Robins Jno, 8 Little Charlotte Street, Goodge Street
Duke of York, Sherwin George, New York Street, Bethnal Green
Duke of York, Silcock William, Brill Crescent, Somerstown
Duke of York, Smith Henry, 9 Wellington Street
Duke of York, Stevens Fred William, Camberwell new Road
Duke of York, Thompson James, 35 Munster Street
Duke of York, White William, 3 Fair Street, Tooley Street
Duke on Horseback, Avrill William, Holland Street, Blackfriars Road
Duke William, Rendle William, Old Gravel Lane
Dukes Arms, Phillips Philip, 44 Upper Marsh Street
Dukes Head, Brown Mary Ann, 16 Vine Street, Hatton Wall
Dukes Head, Bruce & Gibbons, 28 Norton Folgate
Dukes Head, Eastward William, Reeves Mews, Grosvenor Square
Dukes Head, Fleckney Jos, 23 Lower Fore Street, Lambeth
Dukes Head, Gawan John, 46 Redcross Street, Borough
Dukes Head, Holmes Samuel, 1 Lemon Street, Borough
Dukes Head, Jackson James, 53 Chamber Street
Dukes Head, Law Elborn William, 233 Rotherhithe Street
Dukes Head, Ruming David, 1 Queen Street, Chelsea
Dukes Head, Sampson George, 16 Mint Street, Borough
Dukes Head, Scarnell Benjamin, 56 Museum Street
Dukes Head, Siely John, 79 Whitechapel Road
Dukes Head, Stokes William, Great Peter Street, Westminster
Dukes Head, Tucker Thomas, 37 St Martin Street
Dukes Head, Winchester William, Kennington Lane
Dun Cow, Applegate Stephen, 11 Kingsland Road
Dun Cow, Phillips James, Northampton Place, Old Kent Road
Dun Horse, Yearwood Henry, 161 High Street, Borough
Dundee Arms, Allen Richard, 252 High Street, Wapping
Dunstan Arms, Clerc Samuel, 10 east Road, City Road
Durham Arms, Baker George, Durham Place east, Hackney Road
Durham Arms, Patrick Adam, Harleyford Road, Vauxhall
Dutchess of Clarence, Walford Walter Swift, Belvoir Terrace, Vauxhall
Dutchess of Oldenburgh, Barrett John, 38 Goswell Road
Dutchess of Kent, Guest Wm, Deverell Street, New Kent Road
Dutchess of York, Castle Samuel, 90 Kingsland Road
Dutchess of York, Perry Joseph, York Street, Locksfields
Dyers Arms, Day Geo, 17 Cannon Street, City
Dyers Arms, Esden James, Webb Street, Bermondsey
Dyers Arms, Ray Henry, 55 Long Alley, Finsbury


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