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The London 1839 Public House & Publican Directory - 1839 Pigots Directory - K.

A listing of the Public Houses, Publicans and Public House address in 1839


Keans Head, Stocker Hebry, 3 Cross Court, Drury Lane
Kemble Tavern, Hill Adam, 62 Long acre
Kendal Tavern, Boor John, 119 Fleet Street
Kensington Arms, Janes James, Newland Street, Kensington
Kentish Arms, Nicholls George, 9 Mabledon Place
Kentish Drovers, Plant John, Walters Buildings, Old Kent Road
Kentish Drovers, Tanner Thomas, High Street, Peckham
Kentish Waggoners, Mansfield Charles, 213 Kent Street, Borough
Kettle Drum, Brown John, 153 Ratcliff Highway
Key, Row Thos, 20 Bell Street, Edgware Road
Kinder Arms, Cooper John, Little Turner Street, Commercial Road
King Alfred, Hibble Charles, 11 Lisson Grove North
King & Queen, Baker James, 73 Three Colts Street, Limehouse
King and Queen, Baverstock George, 30 Norton Folgate
King and Queen, Clayton Elizabeth, 1 Foley Street
King and Queen, Edgington William, 174 Oxford Street
King and Queen, Manbridge James, Rotherhithe Street
King & Queen, Samms James, 11 High Street, Kensington
King & Queen, Sheppard John, High Street, Newington Butts
King and Queen, Trewarthen George, 227 Rotherhithe Street
King and Queen, Weston Thomas Richard, Paddington Green
King and Queen, Winnington George, 3 Great Distaff Lane
King George, McMillan Hugh, Nightingale Lane, Stepney
King Harrys Head, Tritner Garrot, 34 Redlion Street, Whitechapel
King Henry VIII, Hiscock John, 54 High Street, Lambeth
King Johns Head, Duval? B, 8 Albemarle Street
King Johns Head, Groombridge John, Abbey Street, Bermondsey
King of Denmark, Laws Robert, 24 High Street, Wapping
King of Denmark, Wright William, 18 Old Bailey
King of Prussia, Aschermann Chas G A, 4 Wych Street
King of Prussia, Barber Samuel, 7 Lower John Street, Golden Square
King of Prussia, Bawcomb John, 27 High Street, Kensington
King of Prussia, Flack Richard, 82 Lambeth Street
King of Prussia, Leitch John, 6 Dean Street, Shadwell
King of Prussia, Lenton William, 94 Middlesex Street, Aldgate
King of Prussia, O'Leary Thomas, 1 Fair Street, Tooley Street
King of Prussia, Ratcliff James, 29 Somerset Place, Rosemary Lane
King of Prussia, Reynolds Paul John, 30 Leather Lane
King of Prussia, Townsend Henry, 30 Little Charlotte Street
King on Horseback, Bale Richard, 118 High Street, Borough
King William, Tavener Stephen, New Gravel Lane
Kings and Key, West Charles, 142 Fleet Street
Kings Arms, Allen James, Neptune Street, Wellclose Square
Kings Arms, Arnett Thomas, 8 Little St James Street
Kings Arms, Baily Jessy Ann, 13 Newgate Market
Kings Arms, Balk Edwin, 1 Moor Street, Seven Dials
Kings Arms, Barlow John, College Street, Westminster
Kings Arms, Bayley Thomas, 6 Little St James Street, Bedford Row
Kings Arms, Beckett Alfred, 9 Rolls Buildings
Kings Arms, Berger Eliz S, 115 Great Suffolk Street, Borough
Kings Arms, Betts James, 51 Sloane Square, Chelsea
Kings Arms, Bingley Benjamin, 1 Wood Street, Spafields
Kings Arms, Brooks Benjamin, 27 Exmouth Street, Spitalfields
Kings Arms, Brown Eliza Ann, New Palace Yard
Kings Arms, Brown Stephen, 39 Brook Street, Ratcliff
Kings Arms, Bull James, 87 Snowhill
Kings Arms, Cannon Thomas, Abbey Street, Bethnal Green
Kings Arms, Carman Edward, Freeschool Street
Kings Arms, Chapman Robert, Blackwall
Kings Arms, Cheeseman Robert, Sun Tavern Fields
Kings Arms, Childs Mary, Deans Place, Westminster
Kings Arms, Clark Anthony, Queenhithe
Kings Arms, Coneybeare John, 48 Orchard Street, Westminster
Kings Arms, Cook James, 20 Wilkes Street, Spitalfields
Kings Arms, Cook John, Shorts Gardens, Drury Lane
Kings Arms, Davies James, 18 Charles Street, Goswell Road
Kings Arms, Ellis James, Roupell Street, Cornwall Road
Kings Arms, Eyres Alice, 22 Little Moorfields
Kings Arms, Felton Richard, 294 Kent Street, Borough
Kings Arms, Fossick Stephen, 132 High Holborn
Kings Arms, Furzeman Jas, 11 Coal Yard, Drury Lane
Kings Arms, Gent James, Peckham Rye
Kings Arms, Hall William, 22 Bennett Street, Blackfriars Road
Kings Arms, Harris Daniel, 8 Bridge Court, Westminster Bridge
Kings Arms, Hattersley George, Claremont Row, Islington
Kings Arms, Hemingway Thomas, Hayfield Place, Mile End
Kings Arms, Higgins Richard, 264 Oxford Street
Kings Arms, Hobbs James, 124 High Street, Hoxton
Kings Arms, Hollingdale George, 10 Mint Street, Borough
Kings Arms, Hooper James, 1 Shepherds Market
Kings Arms, Hudson Benjamin, 52 Tothill Street
Kings Arms, James Thomas, 29 Kennington Lane
Kings Arms, Jarvis William, 10 Hanway Street
Kings Arms, Judd James, Old Chapel Row, Kentish Town
Kings Arms, Keene James, 2 Duke Street, Grosvenor Square
Kings Arms, Kobelt John, Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel
Kings Arms, Langston William, 23 Poland Street
Kings Arms, Littlewood Enoch, 5 Chapel Street, Lambs Conduit Street
Kings Arms, Maber Thomas, 1 Stockbridge Terrace, Pimlico
Kings Arms, McDonald E, 44 Blackman Street, Borough
Kings Arms, McIntosh Alex, Surrey Row, Blackfriars Road
Kings Arms, Marson Henry, 47 Upper Ebury Street, Pimlico
Kings Arms, Maryon Hny, Hickmans Folly, Dockhead
Kings Arms, Mathey Louis Henry, 7 Old Compton Street
Kings Arms, Mattey John, 19 Castle Street, Long acre
Kings Arms, Matthews John, John Street, Limehouse Fields
Kings Arms, Maxwell David, 140 Houndsditch
Kings Arms, May Joseph Compton, 2 Houghton Street
Kings Arms, Meade Joshua, Old Kent Road
Kings Arms, Morton & Skeats, 39 Three Colts Street
Kings Arms, Moseley Edw, St Georges Street, Albany Road
Kings Arms, Oliver Henry Wm, Princes Street, Lambeth
Kings Arms, Pither William, 2 Ranelagh Road, Pimlico
Kings Arms, Plowman John, 20 Crown Row, Walworth
Kings Arms, Pratt Thomas Wills, 108 Edgware Road
Kings Arms, Pugh Lewis, 10 Windmill Street, Finsbury
Kings Arms, Read Richard, Craven Buildings, City Road
Kings Arms, Richards Thomas Bailey, 8 Green Bank, St Georges East
Kings Arms, Robertson James, 82 Tottenham Court Road
Kings Arms, Sandwell James, Rotherhithe Wall
Kings Arms, Savage William, Davis Place, Chelsea
Kings Arms, Sharples Thomas, 42 Sclater Street, Spitalfields
Kings Arms, Smith Benjamin, Narrow Street, Ratcliff
Kings Arms, Smith James, Bishopsgate Church Yard
Kings Arms, Smith Thomas Edw, 61 Lower Thames Street
Kings Arms, Smith William Armett, 52 Beech Street
Kings Arms, Stroud Abraham, 1 Park Place, Liverpool Road
Kings Arms, Thornby Hamond, 106 Bishopsgate within
Kings Arms, Toy William, 9 King Street, Camden Town
Kings Arms, Vousden Elizabeth, 5 King Street, Borough
Kings Arms, Ward William, 5 Castle Street, Leicester Square
Kings Arms, Waters John, 43 Parker Street, Drury Lane
Kings Arms, Wicker Richard Edmnd, Millwall, Poplar
Kings Arms, Wilkinson John, Philip Lane, London Wall
Kings Arms, Wilson Frances, 12 Marylebone Street
Kings Arms, Wilson Thomas, St John Street, Smithfield
Kings Arms, Woolstone James, 43 Rawstorne Street
Kings Arms, Wright Charles, 4 Bowling Street, Westminster
Kings Arms, Wright James, 27 Aldersgate Street
Kings Cross, Maber John, Kings Cross
Kings Head, Adams Thomas, Bayswater
Kings Head, Alehouse James, 34 Margaret Street, Regent Street
Kings Head, Baylis John, 29 Old Compton Street
Kings Head, Bisant Thomas, 42 Upper Islington
Kings Head, Bloomfield Ann, 6 Swinton Street
Kings Head, Burdon James, 44 Eastcheap
Kings Head, Burton Edward, 265 Strand
Kings Head, Cambray Wm, 11 Bakers Row, Whitechapel
Kings Head, Cowley John, 40 Bridge Road, Lambeth
Kings Head, Cox John, 21 Lower Street, Islington
Kings Head, Cresswell S H, 186 Church Street, Shoreditch
Kings Head, Crofton Sarah, 14 Earl Street, Blackfriars
Kings Head, Davie Andrew, 7 Brook Street, Ratcliff
Kings Head, Dunning Sarah, 48 Gerrard Street, Soho
Kings Head, Fellows John, 31 Museum Street, Bloomsbury
Kings Head, Fencott William, Alfred Place, Newington
Kings Head, Fiddes Charles, Church Street, Hackney
Kings Head, Fletcher John, Kings Place, Commercial Road
Kings Head, Gallon Sarah, 52 Orchard Street, Westminster
Kings Head, Garrett Lewies, 35 Crown Street, Soho
Kings Head, Gillbank & Burton, 20 Pickett Street
Kings Head, Gooch Henry, 178 Tooley Street, Borough
Kings Head, Griffiths Griff, 95 Tooley Street, Borough
Kings Head, Hackwell John, 14 Little Whitelion Street
Kings Head, Halifax William, 56 Middlesex Street, Somerstown
Kings Head, Hartshorn Henry, 142 High Holborn
Kings Head, Healey George, 12 Cumberland Market
Kings Head, Holmes Alex, 36 Little Queen Street, Lincolns Inn
Kings Head, Jones William, 50 Great Tower Street
Kings Head, Lambert Daniel, 26 Ludgate Street
Kings Head, Lenaerts John, 17 Leather Lane
Kings Head, McDonald Alex, 79 Great Portland Street
Kings Head, Mayes Ambrose, 1 Fore Street, Limehouse
Kings Head, Millidge Jno, Watts Buildings, Kingsland Road
Kings Head, Moore James Richard, Holywell Row
Kings Head, Mullett Thomas John, Rotherhithe Street
Kings Head, Nash James, 19 Winchester Street, Borough
Kings Head, Neat Simon, 24 High Road, Knightsbridge
Kings Head, Odwell Simeon, 6 Great Georges Row
Kings Head, Oldaker Ann, 42 Threadneedle Street
Kings Head, Overton H J, Webb Street, Bermondsey
Kings Head, Parlour Richard, Prospect Place, Cambridge Heath
Kings Head, Payne Thomas, 53 Fenchurch Street
Kings Head, Pearson George, Canon Alley, St Pauls
Kings Head, Pinches William, 1 Ranelagh Street, Pimlico
Kings Head, Reeves Richard, 6 Duke Street, Lincolns Inn
Kings Head, Rich Solomon, 2 Monmouth Street
Kings Head, Roundtree Edward, 47 Gravel Lane
Kings Head, Scrivener Samuel, 1 Great Mitchell Street, St Lukes
Kings Head, Seabrook Arthur, Meetinghouse Lane, Peckham
Kings Head, Shand George, 13 Long Lane, Borough
Kings Head, Siddington S, 30 Old Jewry
Kings Head, Smyth John, 12 Bowling Green Lane
Kings Head, Stevens John, 15 Broad Street, Bloomsbury
Kings Head, Stocker Henry, Cross Court, Drury Lane
Kings Head, Taylor John, King Street Mews, Park Lane
Kings Head, Thornton Thomas, 40 Queen Street, City
Kings Head, Twelftree Jane, Kings Head Court, St Pauls
Kings Head, Wadley George, 19 Frederick Street, Regents Park
Kings Head, Walkley William, 4 James Street, Westminster
Kings Head, Walter Caroline, 12 Pudding Lane
Kings Head, Walter John, 13 Great Rider Street, St James
Kings Head, Waltho Thomas, 2 James Street, Covent Garden
Kings Head, Webb James, 10 Anns Place, Hackney Road
Kings Head, Welpdale Elizabeth, 12 West Smithfield
Kings Head, Wickers Samuel, 18 Old Change
Kings Head, Wordley Edward, 22 Nutford Place
Kings Head, Yates Ann, Cumberland Street, Goodge Street
Kings Head and Eight Bells, Spenceley William, 45 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
Knave of Clubs, Goward Pearson, 25 Club Row, Shoreditch

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