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The London 1839 Public House & Publican Directory - as listed in LONDON 1839 Pigots Directory - R.

A listing of the Public Houses, Publicans and Public House address in 1839

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Railroad Tavern, Homer My, 107 Minories
Railway, Goodman Martha,5 Harmwood Place, Hampstead Road
Railway, Howse George, Nine Elms, Vauxhall
Railway, Leith John, side of Greenwich Railway
Railway, Philips Nathaniel, 15 & 16 Joiner Street, Borough
Rainbow, Argent Isaac, 15 Fleet Street
Rainbow, Dowler Joseph, Queen Street, Ratcliff
Rainbow, Frimley John, Felix Street, Liverpool Road
Rainbow, Rudd William, 24 Newgate Street
Ram and Magpie, Hampstead Samuel, Fleet Street, Brick Lane, Spitalfields
Rams Head, Clark Samuel, Borough Market
Raven and Sun, Foot Mary Ann, Russell Street, Bermondsey Street
Red Bull, Webster James, 20 St Anns Court
Red Cap, Standen Stephen, 24 High Street, Camberwell
Red Cow, Blight John, King Street, Snowhill
Red Cow, Gray Andrew, 72 Long Lane, Smithfield
Red Cow, Haynes Joseph, High Street, Peckham
Red Cow, Phillips Jno Harrington, Grange, Bermondsey
Red Cow, Phillips Sarah, 22 Long Lane, Smithfield
Red Cow, Pound George, Dalston Lane, Hackney
Red Cow, Rowley Charles, 23 Charterhouse Lane
Red Cow, Taylor Thomas, 9 Park Place, Mile End Road
Red Cow, Wise James, Princes Street, Lambeth
Red Cross, Fielder Hannah, 200 High Street, Borough
Red Cross, White Henry, 33 Barbican
Red Cross, Windus W Jas, 19 Newgate Market
Red Deer, Turner Thomas, Patriot Row, Cambridge Heath
Red Gate, Hine John, 34 Kingsgate Street
Red Hart, Ashwell Thomas, 20 Shoe Lane
Red Horse, Marshall J Hy, 10 Old Bond Street
Red House, Taylor Jas, College Street, Chelsea
Red Lion, Assinder Rd, 5 Cross Lane, Long acre
Red Lion, Atkinson Samuel, 13 Horselydown Lane
Red Lion, Ayre Joseph, Butcher Hall Lane
Red Lion, Bare John, 17 Bevis Marks
Red Lion, Barwick Henry, 6 Fleet Lane
Red Lion, Beaumont Joseph, 9 Little Guilford Street
Red Lion, Bentall John, 20 Redlion Street, Spitalfields
Red Lion, Berry Thomas, Type Street, Finsbury
Red Lion, Black Edward, 23 Crown Court, Pall Mall
Red Lion, Blackman William, 14 Great Wild Street
Red Lion, Bowley Samuel, 46 Coppice Row, Clerkenwell
Red Lion, Buckmaster John, 51 Shoe Lane, Fleet Street
Red Lion, Butler Richard, 48 Redlion Street, Clerkenwell
Red Lion, Calley John, Hart Street, Covent Garden
Red Lion, Church T W, 339 Strand
Red Lion, Clark Benjamin, 2 Hanway Street
Red Lion, Davis James, Houghton Street, Clare Market
Red Lion, Delaney Jas, 20 Great Windmill Street, Haymarket
Red Lion, Drewry Jas, 44 Cowcross Street, Smithfield
Red Lion, Eaton William, 145 Fenchurch Street
Red Lion, Gamble Thos E, 14 Princes Street, Drury Lane
Red Lion, Geils John Jasper, Breezers Hill, Ratcliff
Red Lion, Gibbs Robert, 8 Nags Head Court, Gracechurch Street
Red Lion, Golding William, 59 Grays Inn Lane
Red Lion, Goodchild R, 27 Upper King Street, Bloomsbury
Red Lion, Gosling Thomas, 1 Lower Street, Islington
Red Lion, Grason Thomas, 68 Blackman Street, Boro
Red Lion, Grotheer John, Blacklion Yard, Whitechapel
Red Lion, Groves James, Batty Street, Commercial Road
Red Lion, Hall Thomas, 33 Liverpool Street, Bishopsgate
Red Lion, Hampton Thos, 19 Upper Ebury Street, Pimlico
Red Lion, Hardy Jos, 11 Upper Queens Buildings, Brompton
Red Lion, Harlock Edward, 11 Laystall Street
Red Lion, Hart William, 49 Hart Street, Covent Garden
Red Lion, Hayward Samuel, 34 Spleer Street, Spitalfields
Red Lion, Hicks James, Pearl Row, Magdalen
Red Lion, Hill Benjamin, 31 Poppins Court, Fleet Street
Red Lion, Hodges Philip, 53 Bridge Road, Lambeth
Red Lion, Holloway Elizabeth, 5 Great Warner Street
Red Lion, Howard Samuel, Robert Street, Berkeley Square
Red Lion, Huggonson Edw, 19 Charles Street, Long acre
Red Lion, Johnson John, 10 Islington Green
Red Lion, Jones Richard, 85 Union Street, Borough
Red Lion, Josling George, 52 Basinghall Street
Red Lion, Kay Jos, 9 Mount Row, Walworth Road
Red Lion, Kemp James, 3 Green Street, Theobalds Road
Red Lion, Kesby John, 30 Whitechapel Road
Red Lion, King George, 81 Chamber Street
Red Lion, Lambert William, Redlion Court, Fleet Street
Red Lion, Langridge Mary, 21 Princes Street, Westminster
Red Lion, Lovelock Henry, 21 Basing Lane

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