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The London 1842 Robsons Beer Retailer Directory - WY.

A listing of the Public Houses, Publicans and Public House address in 1842


Waigh Robert. 228 Bethnal green
Wall Thomas. 9 Artillery pass, Bishopsgate street
Wallis J. Wellington street, London bridge
Wapshott W. 9 Crosby row, King street, Boroogh
Ward C. East street, Walworth road
Ward George, Freeschool street, Horselydown
Ward John, 1 Lion street, New Kent road
Ware Sarah, 3 Plumbers street, City road
Wareham Jos. 21 Britannia street, City road
Wareham Jos. 32 Baldwins gardens
Watkins Chas. Orchard house, Blackwall
Watkins Thomas. 15 Sidney street, Commercial road
Watson William, Wandsworth road
Watts Jas. Shepperton place, New north road, Islington
Watt Jas. 295 Rotherhithe street
Watts William, 5 White horse yard, Drury lane
Waugh John, 34 Wapping wall
Webb Eli, Church street, Camberwell
Wester Pet. 54 Ratcliffe highway
Westbury William, 5 Emmett street, Poplar
Westcott Sam. 26 Bath street, St Lukes
Westwood Jas. Macclesfield street north, City road
Wharton Allen, 81 New Gravel lane, Shadwell
Whisby Thomas. 6 Lit Peter street, Westminster
Whitaker John, 9 Carburton street, Fitzroy square
Whitaker John, 19 Robert street, Hampstead road
Whitaker Thomas, 31 William street,Regents park & 42 Fetter lane
Whittaker John, 42 Seymour place, Bryanstone square
White Chas. 17 Harper street, New Kent road
White Chas. 12 Strutton ground, Westminster
White Edw. St Georges row, Pimlico road
White Thomas. 3 Peters lane, St John street
White Thomas. 13 Queen street, Grosvenor square
Wiggin Thomas. 169 Hoxton old town
Wilcox John, 63 Rahere street, Goswell street road
Wilkins Isaac, Ferry road west, Mill wall, Poplar
Wilkins Robert. 1 Back road, St Georges east
Wilkins W. Battersea
Williams Chas. 17 New road, St Georges east
Williams Edw. 126 Old street
Williams William, Ferry road, West Poplar
Williams J. D. & Co. 1 Bush lane, Cannon street
Willis George, 237 Barrett street, Vauxhall
Willoughby Jas. 16 Queen street, Pimlico
Willsmore Jas. 37 Lower Sloane street, Chelsea
Wimpery W. Tysson street, Bethnal green
Wingfield William, Globe road, Mile end
Winn George, 3 Green bank, Wapping
Winning Hen. 56 Back Church lane, Whitechapel
Wood Ann, 65 Brook street, West square
Wood Dan. 3 Saviile place, Mile end road
Woodhouse John, Ferry road West, Poplar
Woodman _, 4 George street, Suthmptn street, Camberwell
Woodwards William, Park place, Old Kent road
Woolmer Robert. Westmoreland place, Walworth common
Workman Chas. Park road, Acre lane, Brixton
Worthington Thos. 22 Brill row, Somers town
Wright Elizabeth. 19 Weston place, Pancras road
Wright Hen. 1 Chapel street, Holywell mount
Wright Jas. Whiting street, Waterloo road
Wright John, 4 James street, Oxford street
Wright John, 42 Ruffords row, Islington
Wright John, H. 4 Little Warner street, Clerkenwell
Wright Mary, 122 New Gravel lane, Shadwell
Wright Thomas. 12 White place, Low Kennington lane
Wright William, 18 Exeter street, Sloane street
Wyatt John, Mill pond street, Bermondsey

Yaxley Jas. 6 Ebury square, Pimlico
Yeoman William, New Gravel lane, Shadwell
York Richard, Somerset place, New road, Whitechapel

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