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London 1846 P O Public House directory - D

A listing of the Public Houses, Publicans and Public House address in 1846

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Daniel O'Connell, Richard York, 17 New road, St Georges East
Dark House, Bruce & Gibson, 8 Three Tuns Passage, Newgate Market
David & Harp, William Dane, 114 Fore street, Limehouse
Delaware Arms, William Blackman, 220 Oxford street
Derby Arms, William Lee, 7 harper street, New Kent road
Devonport Arms, J Marshall, Devonport mews, Somers street, Edgware road
Devonshire Arms, George Blizard, 21 Duke street, Portland Place
Devonshire Arms, Mrs Hannah Giles, 1 Devonshire street, Globe road
Devonshire Arms, Thomas Johnson, 13 Hartland terrace, Camden Town
Devonshire Arms, James Lawrence, 21 Devonshire street, Portland Place
Devonshire Arms, G C Parker, 17 Queen street
Devonshire Arms, Rd Slaney, 20 Duke street, Manchester square
Dial, James Manning, 132 Long alley, Finsbury
Distillers Arms, A Rebbeck, 11 Great Saffron hill
Dock Head Tavern, S Follett, 12 Fashion street, Dockhead
Dock House, John Pritchard, 4 East India road
Dog & Bell, Mrs Elizabeth Runham, Dock street, Deptford
Dog & Duck, John Jones, 18 Queen street, Soho
Dog & Duck, S Phillips, 13 Princes street, Bedford Row
Dog & Partridge, Mrs Mary Ann Tanner, Bow
Dog & Stile, William T Tritton, Earl street, London road
Dolphin, Hy Beeby, 6 Tonbridge street, New road
Dolphin, S P Beeton, 39 Milk street, Cheapside
Dolphin, J F Burdett, 38 Church street, Shoreditch
Dolphin, George Capron, 6 Union street, Lambeth
Dolphin, James Earp, Dolphin Court, 11 ½ Ludgate Hill
Dolphin, C Furnivall, 16 Long Alley, Finsbury
Dolphin, J Hadrell, 44 Red Lion street, Holborn
Dolphin, John James Homer, Mare street, Hackney
Dolphin, William Pierce, 73 Redcross street, Borough
Dolphin, James W Ready, 135 Old street, St Lukes
Dolphin, William Henry Roberts, 318 Oxford street
Dolphin, Edw Russell, 15 Hyde street, Bloomsbury
Dolphin, William Smith, 6 Tonbridge street, New road
Dolphin, Henry Surridge, 60 Coleman street
Dolphin, John Thorne, 50 Whitechapel road
Don Salteros Coffee House, William Waldie, 18 Cheyne walk, Chelsea
Dorset Arms, Thomas Tout, 15 Old Dorset Place, Clapham road
Dover Castle, John Hall, 36 Commercial road, Lambeth
Dover Castle, R B Martin, 7 Broadway, Deptford
Dover Castle, S P Noble, 1 Mount street, Lambeth
Dover Castle, Mrs Sarah C Norman, 17 Rotherhithe street
Dover Castle, E Vincer, 30 Church road, Commercial road east
Dover Castle, Mrs M Wicks, 43 Weymouth Mews
D'Oyley Arms, Hy Middleton, 11 Orford Place, Marlborough road, Chelsea
Drapers Arms, Edw Healey, 29 Upper Barnsbury street
Druids Arms, C T Parker, 34 East street, Manchester square
Druids Head, Sam Smith, 6 Church street, Deptford
Drum, George Mitchell, 60 Snows Fields, Bermondsey
Drummond Arms, Thomas Oliver, 35 Drummond street, Euston square
Dublin Castle, Rt Seaton, 18 Park street, Camden Town
Duchess of Brunswick, W Harbar, Brunswick square, Deptford
Duchess of Cornwall, C J Ryan, 75 Cornwall road
Duchess of Clarence, Walter S Walford, 1 Belvoir Terrace, Vauxhall Bridge road
Duchess of Kent, J Lindfield, 30 Liverpool Terrace, Liverpool road
Duchess of Kent, Aaron Adam Watkiss, 14 Prebend street, New North road
Duchess of Oldenburgh, William Palmer, 38 Goswell road
Duchess of York, Charles Rd Dean, Battersea Fields
Duchess of York, William Hy Ford, 90 Kingsland road
Duchess of York, J Perry, York street, Locks fields
Dudley Arms, J Hards, 47 Dudley grove, Harrow road
Duke, William Maslen, Creek road, Deptford
Duke of Albermarle, G & H Bevans, 6 Stafford street
Duke of Argyle, John Henry Hutchinson, 19 Little Pulteney street
Duke of Argyle, John Edward North, 5 Laystall street
Duke of Bridgewater, Thomas John Browning, 29 Macclesfield street north, City road
Duke of Cambridge, Frederick Crawley, Felix street, Hackney road
Duke of Cambridge, S Walker, 177 Whitechapel road
Duke of Clarence, George Branburg, 1 Rotherfield street north, Lower road, Islington
Duke of Clarence, J B Clarke, 1 Clarence Place, Camberwell road
Duke of Clarence, R Daniel, 1 Hope Terrace, Notting Hill
Duke of Clarence, A R Hall, Cumberland street, Hackney road
Duke of Clarence, G Forster, 17 Pancras Place
Duke of Clarence, Rd Harvey, 132 London road
Duke of Clarence, Alfred Holder, 19 Wades Place, Hackney road
Duke of Clarence, G Hutchinson, 94 Vauxhall street
Duke of Clarence, B & G Jones, 34 Charing Cross
Duke of Clarence, D Milton, 3 North street, Lisson Grove
Duke of Clarence, W H Oliver, Penton Place, Kennington road
Duke of Clarence, James Stacey, 56 Tooley street
Duke of Clarence, W T Ramage, 302 Rotherhithe
Duke of Clarence, J Sinclair, 14 Langley Place, Commercial road East
Duke of Clarence, J Verey, 19 Munster street
Duke of Clarence, J Woodcock, Grundy street, East India road
Duke of Cumberland, William Brock, 8 High street, Kensington
Duke of Cumberland, J Cantor, 11 New road, St Georges East
Duke of Cumberland, H Southcombe, 20 Bryanston street
Duke of Gloucester, William Clarke, 8 Gloucester Terrace, Commercial road
Duke of Gloucester, W T Hudson, 79 Seabright street, Bethnal green road
Duke of Gloucester, J Pople, Gloucester Row, Walworth
Duke of Gloucester, E J Pople, Union row, New Kent road
Duke of Gloucester, J Yardley, 4 Gloucester Terrace, Hoxton
Duke of Grafton, W Osborn sen, 3 Palace Row, New road

Duke of Kendal, Mrs M M Keen, 20 Upper Berkeley street west
Duke of Kent, M Power, 2 Peter street, Southwark Bridge road
Duke of Marlborough, William Hawtinm St katherines
Duke of Newcastle, S Chasen, 34 Little Earl street, Seven Dials
Duke of Northumberland, W Cottage, 64 Worship street
Duke of Ormond, H McHale, 17 Princes street, Westminster
Duke of Richmond, William Press, Queens road, Dalston
Duke of Suffolk, H Hudson, 64 Brandon street, Walworth
Duke of Sussex, D Croft, New street, Deptford
Duke of Sussex, Samuel Fowler, Grange walk
Duke of Sussex, John Masters, 10 Rosemary lane
Duke of Sussex, R S Griffiths, 12 Gibson street, Lambeth
Duke of Sussex, R Hale, Thrawl street, Brick lane
Duke of Sussex, George Hockley, 55 Kensington High street
Duke of Sussex, W Poulter, 18 Perrepoint Row, Islington
Duke of Wellington, J Allin, Morning Lane, Hackney
Duke of Wellington, T Blondell, 232 Shoreditch High street
Duke of Wellington, John Boyden, 41 Lucas street, Commercial road east
Duke of Wellington, C Carlton, 15 Spring Gardens
Duke of Wellington, T Carveth, 20 Cross street, Hoxton
Duke of Wellington, R Derry, Elizabeth Place, Balls Pond road
Duke of Wellington, E Hale, 13 Well stree, East India road, Poplar
Duke of Wellington, John Heath, 94 Crawford street
Duke of Wellington, E Jacobs, Upper North street, Whitechapel
Duke of Wellington, Mrs A Jones, 152 Bishopsgate without
Duke of Wellington, Thomas Jones, 100 Goswell street
Duke of Wellington, James Lynn, 20 Coleshill street, Pimlico
Duke of Wellington, J Mapp, 1 Richmond Terrace, Pentonville
Duke of Wellington, J Murray, 22 John street, Limehouse
Duke of Wellington, Charles Rotherham, 28 Princes street, Leicester square
Duke of Wellington, W Sadler, 16 South street, Chelsea
Duke of Wellington, W R Seares, 15 Brunswick street, Hackney road
Duke of Wellington, William Thorn, 13 Brighton street
Duke of Wellington, John Trimby, 92 Drury lane
Duke of Wellington, Augustus H Turner, 50 Wellington street, Newington Causeway
Duke of Wellington, J Wetherell, 8 Cannon street, Ratcliff
Duke of Wellington, J Woodhead, 12 Brook street, Ratcliff
Duke of Wurtemberg, T Marshall, 44 Hatfield street, Blackfriars
Duke of York, Mrs M A Barnett, 8 Shepherd street, Oxford street
Duke of York, E H Blay, 18 North Wharf road, Paddington
Duke of York, James Corder, 1 York Terrace, Salmon Lane
Duke of York, Philip Coxhead, York street, Commercial road east
Duke of York, J Dodson, 28 Stockbridge Terrace
Duke of York, John Dunn, 3 Fair street, Horselydown
Duke of York, G Faulkner, 17 Serles Place, Carey street
Duke of York, A Graham, Hertford road, Kingsland road
Duke of York, W Griffiths, 29 1/2 York street, Portman square
Duke of York, W J Gwynn, 29 Shadwell High street
Duke of York, Rt Harris, 2 York Terrace, Camberwell New road
Duke of York, Andrew Jones, 15 Turk street, Bethnal Green
Duke of York, S Kingston, Larkhall Lane, Clapham
Duke of York, W Millwood, Kensington Place, Kensington
Duke of York, J Missen, Ormond Yard, York street, St James's
Duke of York, E Mitcherson, 9 Royal Hospital row
Duke of York, J Moore, 1 Upper York Place, St Johns Wood
Duke of York, Thomas F Nunney, 14 Gloucester street, Clerkenwell
Duke of York, J Pickerell, Henry street, Grays Inn Lane
Duke of York, William Piper, York terrace, Borough road
Duke of York, Mrs A Price, 202 Blackfriars road
Duke of York, R Ridler, 59 Regent street, Horsferry road
Duke of York, Thomas Rogers, 1 Upper Rathbone place
Duke of York, John Scull, 45 Queen street, Bryanstone square
Duke of York, William Silcock, 22 Phoenix street, Somers Town NW
Duke of York, William Skelton, 13 Great Marylebone street
Duke of York, Thomas Thompson, 35 Munster street, Regents Park
Duke of York, Jn Thomas Alford, 46 Borough road, Southwark
Duke of York, W Watts, 13 Grove lane, Lower road, Deptford
Dukes Arms & Bower Saloon, George A Hodson, 43 Lambeth Upper Marsh
Duke on Horseback, William Avrill, 9 Holland street
Dukes Head, J Booth, Priests alley, Great Tower street
Dukes Head, Mrs M A Brown, 16 Vine street, Hatton Garden
Dukes Head, Mrs H Daves, 10 Lower Kennington lane
Dukes Head, John Dinham, 56 Museum street, Bloomsbury
Dukes Head, William Gardiner, 79 Whitechapel road
Dukes Head, J Gawan, 46 Redcross street, Borough
Dukes Head, J Gillman, 16 Mint street, Borough
Dukes Head, Edward Harris, 28 Norton Folgate
Dukes Head, Mrs E Law, 236 Rotherhithe
Dukes Head, T Lunn, 53 Chambers street, Goodmans fields
Dukes Head, George Miles, 6 Reeves Mews, Grosvenor square
Dukes Head, Thomas Pegler, 37 St Martins street
Dukes Head, David Ruming, 1 Queen street, Chelsea
Dukes Head, W Wright, 1 Loman street, Gravel Lane
Dun Cow, J Phillips, Northampton place, Old Kent road
Dun Horse, Samuel Gill, 11 Kingsland road
Dun Horse, H Yearwood, 161 Borough High street
Dundee Arms, Richard Allen, 252 Wapping
Dundee Arms, George Jones, 16 Bethnal Green
Dundee Arms, N Norton, 48 Charles street, Horselydown
Dunstan Arms, Samuel Clerc, 10 East road, City road
Durham Arms, W Simmons, Harleyford road
Durham Arms, D Sinclair, 1 Durham Place east
Durham Arms, Thomas Stoatt, Stephenson street
Dyers Arms, William Chapman, 55 Long Alley, Finsbury
Dyers Arms, A Davies, 7 Webb street, Bermondsey
Dyers Arms, C F Lamprell, 17 Cannon street, City

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