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London 1846 P O Public House directory - R

A listing of the Public Houses, Publicans and Public House address in 1846

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Raby Castle, H Hussey, Wynyard Street, Kennington
Railway Tavern, William Biles, 9 Wellington place, West India dock, Limehouse
Railway Tavern, J Burgess, 5 Harmood Place, Camden town
Rainbow, J W Collyer, 24 Newgate Street
Rainbow, Joseph Dowler, 51 Queen Street, Ratcliff Cross
Rainbow, G Grave, Manchester Terrace, Liverpool Road
Ram & Magpie, Mrs Hampstead, 1 Fleet Street, Bethnal Green
Rams Head, Samuel Clark, Borough Market
Raven, David Saunders, Battersea Square
Raven & Sun, Mrs E M A Foot, Russell Street, Bermondsey
Red Bull, Joseph New, 20 St Anns court, Soho
Red Cow, Edmund Allbury, Grange, Bermondsey
Red Cow,  Hugh Birt, Princes Street, Lambeth
Red Cow, Matthew Brunt, 9 Park Place, Mile End road
Red Cow, Nathaniel King, 13 Old Castle Street, Bethnal Green
Red Cow, James Pallett, 23 Charterhouse Lane
Red Cow, George Henry Smith, 69 King Street, Deptford
Red Cow, William Sam Smith, 4 King Street, Snowhill
Red Cow, Joseph Stratton, 5 Deptford High Street
Red Cow Tavern, Thomas Wells, Dalston
Red Cross, Isaac Gable, 12 Hare Street, Bethnal Green
Red Cross, Henry Pendry, 19 Newgate Market
Red Cross, William Stodgell, 10 Upper East Smithfield
Red Cross, Henry White, 33 Barbican
Red Deer, I Bocking, 18 Patriot Row, Cambridge Road
Red Gate, John Hine, 34 & 35 Kingsgate Street, Holborn
Red Hart, Thomas Ashwell, 20 Shoe Lane, Fleet Street
Red Hart, James Wetherall, 111 Fetter Lane
Red Horse, T N Newton, 10 Old Bond Street
Red House, T E Smith, 35 College Street, Chelsea
Red House, Charles Wright, Battersea
Red Lion, R Assinder, 5 Cross lane, Long acre
Red Lion, Henry Ballard, 48 Parliament Street
Red Lion, William Banks, 6 Dockhead, Bermondsey
Red Lion, John Bare, 17 Bevis Marks
Red Lion, J Beaumont, 9 Little Guilford Street, Brunswick square
Red Lion, William Bell, Hanway street, Oxford street
Red Lion, B Blinkhorn, 1 Breezers Hill, Ratcliff
Red Lion, James Brake, 48 Red Lion Street, Clerkenwell
Red Lion, Thomas W Brown, Batty Street, Commercial Road east
Red Lion, J Calley, 29 Hart Street, Covent Garden
Red Lion, J Claxton, 19 Robert Street, Oxford street
Red Lion, J Crawley, 17 Silver Street, Golden Square
Red Lion, Richard Dawson, 51 Shoe Lane
Red Lion, Mrs Ann Dear, 5 Fleet Lane
Red Lion, H Dowling, 68 Blackman Street
Red Lion, Samuel Downing, 23 Rosoman Street, Clerkenwell
Red Lion, William Edwards, 72 King Street, Deptford
Red Lion, Richard Eldon, 8 Nags Head Court
Red Lion, James Flack, Church street, Stoke Newington
Red Lion, Robert Flagg, 4 Houghton street, Clare market
Red Lion, Mrs Carl Ford, 20 Great Windmill Street
Red Lion, Charles Fox, 123 Jermyn street, St Jameas's
Red Lion, Thomas Freeman, 27 Clarges Street, Piccadilly
Red Lion, David Fretwell, 2 York Street, St James's
Red Lion, Alex James Gate, Love Lane, Shadwell
Red Lion, Thomas Gilkes, 20 Red Lion street, Spitalfields
Red Lion, William Golding, 59 Grays Inn Lane
Red Lion, William Grace, 13 Horsleydown Lane
Red Lion, J Grossmith, 14 Princes Street, Drury Lane
Red Lion, G Gunner, 11 Upper Queens Buildings, Brompton
Red Lion, George Gurney & Co, Camberwell Gate, Walworth
Red Lion, E R Hadgley, 5 Wilson Street, Finsbury
Red Lion, T Hampton, 19 Upper Ebury Street, Pimlico
Red Lion, E Harlock, 11 Laystall Street, Liquorpond Street
Red Lion, J Hawkins, Lower road, Rotherhithe
Red Lion, S Hayward, 34 Spicer Street, Spitalfields
Red Lion, Francis Heaney, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street
Red Lion, Daniel Heavens, 21 Princes Street, Westminster
Red Lion, Mrs M Hill, 31 Poppins Court, Fleet Street
Red Lion, George Hobson, 72 High Holborn
Red Lion, E Huggonson, 19 Charles Street, Long acre
Red Lion, Henry Hunt, 14 Great Wild Street, Lincolns Inn fields
Red Lion, T N Hurrell, 196 & 197 St George Street
Red Lion, Thomas Jones, 22 Portland Street, Soho
Red Lion, James Kenny, 6 White Horse Alley, Cowcross Street
Red Lion, J Kesby, 30 Whitechapel High Street
Red Lion, G King, 31 Chamber Street, Goodmans Fields
Red Lion, J Lebentz, Black Lion Yard, Whitechapel Road
Red Lion, William Marwick, 23 Crown Court, Pall Mall
Red Lion, H W Miles, 7 Duke Street, Manchester Square
Red Lion, Jno T Moore, 14 King Street, Golden Square
Red Lion, Joseph Morris, 85 Union Street, Borough
Red Lion, John & William Mullins, 112 Edgware Road
Red Lion, Thomas J Mullett, 155 Old Gravel Lane
Red Lion, Mrs M A Nash, 16 King Edward street, City
Red Lion, John Osment, 44 Cowcross Street
Red Lion, Thomas Payne, 1 Union Street, Berkeley Square
Red Lion, George M Perren, 103 Whitechapel Road
Red Lion, T J Phillips, 66 Old Street, St Lukes
Red Lion, H Plowman, 21 York row, Kennington road
Red Lion, J Pollard, 5 Redcross Square, Cripplegate
Red Lion, Mrs Mary Pope, Kilburn
Red Lion, Mrs A Quarterman, 7 City Road
Red Lion, J Richards, 3 Green Street, Theobalds Road
Red Lion, W Richer, 81 Paradise Street, Rotherhithe
Red Lion, William Rigby, 4 Maze, Tooley street
Red Lion, William & James Russell, 339 Strand
Red Lion, James Sayer, 27 Upper King Street, Bloomsbury
Red Lion, Jno Skinner, 5 Great Warner Street, Clerkenwell
Red Lion, William Smith, 52 Basinghall Street
Red Lion, William Stow, 21 Basing lane, Bread street
Red Lion, Thomas T Tappin, 41 Hoxton High Street
Red Lion, James Tate, 145 Fenchurch Street
Red Lion, G Testar sen, 30 St John street road
Red Lion, John Watkins, 24 New street, Borough road
Red Lion, B Wood, 5 Old Cavendish Street
Red Lion, T Worton, 261 Borough High Street
Red Lion, James Turner, 5 King Street, Long acre
Red Lion & Ball, R H Pedley, 63 Red Lion Street, Holborn
Red Lion & Key, Mrs G Brent, 25 Mill Lane, Tooley Street
Red Lion & Punchbowl, C Thacker, 51 St John Street
Red Lion & Spread Eagle, John Gray, 94 Whitechapel High Street
Red Lion & Still, Rd Cockhead, 172 Drury Lane
Red Lion & Wheatsheaf, J Nixon, Deptford High Street
Reform, John Strong, 68 Long lane, Bermondsey
Regalia, B Mackenzie, 11 Augustus Square, Regents Park
Regent Arms, Mrs A Bath, 1 Regent Street, Horseferry road
Regents Arms, John Brown, 50 York Terrace, Regents Park
Reindeer, Allan Aitkin, 160 Old Gravel lane, Wapping
Reindeer, Rt Dinscombe, 34 Richard Street, commercial Road east
Rent Day, J Ariel, 4 Cambridge Street, Edgware Road
Richardsons Arms, Charles Willis, 11 Hampstead street, Fitzroy square
Richmond Arms, T Verey, 48 Richmond Street, Edgware Road
Rising Sun, William Bacchus, 26 High Road, Knightsbridge
Rising Sun, John Broome, 3 Air Street, Piccadilly
Rising Sun, John Davies, Great Scotland Yard
Rising Sun, W Dawson, 12 Charles Street, Grosvenor Square
Rising Sun, John Denton, 130 Princes Road, Lambeth
Rising Sun, James Esden, 41 Fair Street, Horselydown
Rising Sun, James Grape, 24 Blackfriars road
Rising Sun, George Griffiths, 57 York Road, Lambeth
Rising Sun, William Hall, 1 Lombard Street, Chelsea
Rising Sun, Richard Henry Hammond, 1 Manchester Street, Waterloo Town
Rising Sun, T Hind, 25 Richmond Place, Walworth
Rising Sun, J P Hitchcock, 8 Harper Street, New Kent Road
Rising Sun, C Holder, 22 Commercial Road, Pimlico
Rising Sun, Charles Low, 46 Tottenham Court Road
Rising Sun, H Malchar, Oxford street, Mile end
Rising Sun, John Powell, Spa Road, Bermondsey
Rising Sun, L Pugh, 12 Henrys place, Old Kent road
Rising Sun, Thomas Reeve, 1 Castle street, Long acre
Rising Sun, John Savage, 12 Somers Place east, New Road
Rising Sun, J Stephens, 20 Crescent, 1 Hackney Road
Rising Sun, Sam Stocker, 78 Grays Inn lane
Rising Sun, T Taplin, 12 Printers Place, Bermondsey
Rising Sun, J Thompson, 38 Cloth Fair, West Smithfield
Rising Sun, E Turner, 27 Brooksby Street, Liverpool Road
Rising Sun, Henry Weedon, 128 Kent Street, Borough
Rising Sun, Charles Wilson, 101 Poplar High Street
Rising Sun, P J Yetton, 1 Globe Road, Mile End
Rising Sun, William Allen, 16 & 17 Shoemakers row, Blackfriars
Roberts Arms, Mrs C Harris, 1 Devonport Street, Commercial Road east
Robin Hood, C Bone, 9 & 10 Millbank street, Westminster
Robin Hood, J Cann, Robinhood Court, Shoe Lane
Robin Hood, Thomas Gamble, 14 Great Windmill Street
Robin Hood, Mrs C Gooch, 67 Skinner Street, Bishopsgate
Robin Hood, James Mason, 26 Church lane, St Giles
Robin Hood, W P Sizer, 1 Duke Street, Westminster
Robin Hood, Mrs S Winter, 9 Leather Lane
Robin Hood & Little John, William Manning, Whitmore Place, Hoxton
Robin Hood & Little John, T Mather, Church Street, Deptford
Robin Hood & Little John, John Morrow, 33 Tabernacle Walk, Finsbury
Robinson Crusoe, William Windover, 43 Earl Street east, Lisson Grove
Rochester Castle, Rt James, High street, Stoke Newington
Rock, Richard Norden, 40 Lisson Grove north
Rockingham Arms, S Plummer, 31 Hosier Lane
Rockingham Arms, J Sinclair, 1 Newington Causeway
Rodney, William Vickress, 11 Bridge Road, Lambeth
Rodneys Head, Th Bibby, 296 Rotherhithe street
Rodneys Head, Robert Elliott, 138 Whitechapel Road
Rodneys Head, J Frankcom, 10 Little Suffolk Street
Rodneys Head, James Roberts, 4 Old Street
Rodneys Head, J Wallis, 23 Robert Street, Grosvenor Square
Rodneys Head, William Whitehorn, 22 Rodney Street, Pentonville

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