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Essex, Herts, Kent, Middlesex, Sussex & Surrey 1855 Pubs P1.

Transcribed by Chris Goddard

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Packet, J. Brice, Customhouse Lane, Harwich
Packet, G. H. Page, Hythe Street, Colchester
Packet, H. Sizer, High Street, Manningtree
Packet Boat, R. Boorn, Radnor Street, Folkestone
Packet Boat, J. Newing, 11 Strond Street, Dover
Packet Boat, S. Pearce, Cowley Peachey, Uxbridge
Pack Horse, M. Davey, Egham Hill, Egham, Chertsey
Pack Horse and Talbot, W. J. Heath, Turnham Green
Page's Arms, J. Slowe, Northumberland Heath, Erith
Palace, W. Rowlett, Dulwich Road, Norwood
Paragon Arms, John Broughton, Surbiton Hill, Kingston
Park, G. Smith, Merton Road, Wandsworth
Park Gate, Mrs F. Farmer, Broomfield, Maidstone
Parrot, J. Butcher, Shalford, Guildford
Parrot, J. Finch, Forrest Green, Abinger, Dorking
Parr's Head, H. Garn, 63 High Street, Gravesend
Parr's Head, W. H. Tennant, Parr's Head Lane, Rochester
Patching Pound, C. Snelling, Patching, Arundel
Paul Pry, R. Pierce, Charlton, Dover
Pavilion, James G. Breach, Folkestone
Pavilion, W. Wood, Customhouse Quay, Dover
Pavilion Shades, R. Hambrook, Tram Road, Folkestone
Peacock, W. Gurney, Hatfield Road, St Alban's
Peacock, W. Young, Back Street, Hitchin
Pea Hen, Mrs M. Marks, High Street, St Alban's
Pearson's Arms, G. Whitnall, Horse Bridge, Whitstable
Pegasus, T. Wells, Green Lanes, Stoke Newington
Pelham Arms, R. E. Chandler, Pelham Street, Hastings
Pelham Arms, R. Harvey, High Street, St Ann's, Lewes
Pelham Arms, T. Lower, 38 Russell Street, Brighton
Pelican, J. Herbert, High Street, Strood
Pelton Arms, J. Stevens, Pelton Road, East Greenwich
Penny Port, J. Fearn, Stelling, Canterbury
Pensioner, J. Dean, Hatfield, Chelmsford
Percy Arms, H. Boscawen, Chilworth, Guildford
Perseverance, H. Balls, Southend Green, Hampstead
Peter Boat, J. Utton, Leigh
Peterborough Arms, G. Vincent, King's Road, Fulham
Peto Arms, R. George, Barking
Phoenix, E. Allen, Nonington, Wingham
Phoenix, J. Eldridge, 27 York Road, Brighton
Phoenix, T. Howell, Rainham, Romford
Phoenix, G. Simmons, sen., 9 Albion Terrace, Gravesend
Phoenix, S. Woodland, Orleans Road, Twickenham
Pickwick Leather Bottle, H. Dashwood, Cobham, Gravesend
Pied Bull, S. Appelbee, Bull's Cross, Enfield
Pied Bull, G. Hills, Lower Streatham
Pied Bull, T. Phillips, Stanstead Abbots, Hertford
Pier, W. Gilbard and Son, 10 Marine Parade, Brighton
Pier, W. Holbrook, 103 High Street, Woolwich
Pier, W. Hudson, Bankside, Margate
Pier, J. Lane, 1 Town Pier, Gravesend
Pier, A. Mclure, Erith, Dartford
Pier, W. Taylor, Greenhithe, Dartford
Pike and Anchor, T. Keid, South Marsh, Ponder's End, Enfield

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