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The London 1884 Public House & Publican Directory - P2.

This is a listing from the Public Houses section of the UK London Post Office Directory in 1884; it lists an alphabetical listing of these Public Houses in London, the Publicans and also has links to the relevant Public House page listing of the Licensees, Bar persons and Boarders and Lodgers etc. All information on these pages comes from London census, Post Office and Kelly Directory, plus any information and pictures supplied by You.

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Plough, William F Boncey, 36 Rochester row Westminster sw
Plough, John Cakehread, 53 Fore street EC
Plough, Stephen 0 Carlton, 27 Museum street Bloomsbury wc
Plough, Susan Davis, 194 Giltspur street EC
Plough, W E Mager, 40 Rupert street, Coventry road w
Plough, William Ship, Hatcham road, Old Kent road SE
Plough, George H Smith, 144 High street, Notting Hill w
Plough, Abraham Stone, Plough bridge, Rotherhithe SE
Plough, Albert H Warren, 201 Hoxton street N
Plough, Louisa Webb, 606 Mile End road E
Plough & Harrow, Henry Guest, 140 Newington butts SE
Piumbers Arms, George Gillard, 14 Lower Belgrave street, Pimlico sw
Plumbers Arms, Jas Vernier, 3 Hastings street, Burton crescent WC
Plume of Feathers, James Drake, 229 Oxford street w
Plume of Feathers, Elizabeth Neal, 24 Lower Shadwell E
Pocock Arms, Jane Hitchcox, 468 Caledonian road N
Ponsford Arms, Alfred Crisp, 55 Malden road
Ponsonby Arms, Fanny Hills, 18 Causton street, Westminster SW
Pontefract Castle, Allan J Dale, 71 Wigmore street w
Pontefract Castle, Emily Lipscomb, 48 Chapel street, Edgware road
Porchester Arms, James Hodgson, 3 Leinster place, Bayswater w
Porcupine, Alfred Aberg, Castle street, Leicester square wc
Portland Arms, Andrew H Adams, 1 Long lane EC
Portland Arms, George Beale, 59 Westmoreland road
Portland Arms, Charles Cockburn, 40 Great Portland street w
Portland Arms, Fowler & Dyson, 60 High street, St Johns wood NW
Portland Arms, William Gardner, 54 Great Marylebone street w
Portland Arms, Thomas Powell, 72 Millman Street, Bedford row wc
Portman Arms, William Burgess, 422 Edgware road NW
Portman Arms, John Blackms n, 21 Milton street, Dorset square Nw
Portman Arms, James Drake, 34 Great Quebec street, Montagu square w
Portman Arms, Charles Palmer, Milbank street sw
Portobello, Samuel Watts, 5 Turville street, Bethnal green E
Portobello Arms, Alfred Hookham, Kensal road near Westbourne park station w. Patentee of the improved money tills
Portobello Tavern, William Gillard, 133 Portobello road w
Post Office Hotel, Alfred D Grant, 2 and 3 Noble street EC
Poulterers Arms, Charles Wall, Freemans street Cheapside EC
Pride of the Isle, William F Olley, Havannah street, Millwall
Primrose, William & Alf Medcalf, 109 Bishopsgate street without
Prince Albert, George Baynham, 37 Wharfdale road, Kings Cross N
Prince Albert, Chas H Belsey, 73 Acton street, Grays Inn road we
Prince Albert, John Bernhard, 3 Mape street, Bethnal green road E
Prince Albert, William Broom, 163 Great College street, Camden town NW
Prince Albert, Edward A Cook, 11 Craven road, Paddington w
Prince Albert, George J Coppendale , 221 Queens road, Dalston
Prince Albert, William Dougherty, 10 Woodfield road, Harrow road w
Prince Albert, S Dutneall, 3 Upper St Martins lane wc
Prince Albert, Henry Gabb, 29 Elmore street, Islington N
Prince Albert, George F Garrett, 1 Sherborne street, Blandford square NW
Prince Albert, John Grist, H Hollingsworth street, Liverpool road N
Prince Albert, Henry Hawkes, Amersham Vale, New cross SE
Prince Albert, Ellen M Horsey, 16 Alfred street, City road N
Prince Albert, John W Oliver, 4 Portobello terrace, Notting Hill w
Prince Albert, William Pansey, 24 Heygate street, Walworth SE
Prince Albert, Frederick Parker, 47 Haws street, Kingsland road E
Prince Albert, Thomas Potts, SI Blackfriars road SE
Prince Albert, Thomas W Rayner, 6 Lincoln street, Mile end road E
Prince Albert, Alfred Rogers, 21 Brushfield street, Bishopsgate E
Prince Albert, Edwd Smith, 11 Coopers row, Crutchedfriars EC
Prince Albert, Elizabeth Spicer, 11 Princess terrace, Regents park NW
Prince Albert, Charles Wakefield, Orchard place, Blackwall E
Prince Alfred, Abraham Bright, 267 Walworth road SE
Prince Alfred, William H Davis, 29 Tufton street, Westminster
Prince Alfred, George Denford, 118 Marylebone lane w
Prince Alfred, Charles Dohoo, 38 Offord road, Barnsbury N
Prince Alfred, Henry J Homer, 86 Locksley street, Limehouse E
Prince Alfred, Henry A Scott, 39 Drummond road SE
Prince Alfred, Walt J Wainwright, 49 Alscot road, Bermondsey SE
Prince Alfred, Frederick Warclroper, 94 Charrington street and 13 Crowndale road, Oakley square Nw
Prince Alfred Hotel, John hart, 112 Queens road, Bayswater w
Prince Arthur, Jas Brunsden, 55 Brunswick road, East India road E
Prince Arthur, Alexander Manson, 150 Turners road, Limehouse E
Prince Arthur, William Merry, 379 Caledonian road N
Prince Arthur, Edward Webb, 95 Forest road, Dalston E
Prince of Brunswick, Henry G Stranger, 58 Brunswick street, Stamford street SE
Prince of Brunswick, Alfred Wilson, 127 Barnsbury road N
Prince George, Mercy Hills, 131 Hill street, Walworth SE
Prince George of Cumberland, Jas Burley, 195 Albany street NW
Prince George of Cumberland, James J Knowles, 41 Frederick street, Portland town

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