London historical street directory and pub history

This is now an updated and complete, historical London street directory for 1832 and 1842 and more

The London 1891 Public House & Publican Directory.

This is a listing from the Public Houses section of the UK London Post Office Directory in 1891; it lists an alphabetical listing of these
Public Houses in London, and the Publicans.

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A 1 Tower, Francois Chrisostome Moutiet, London Central meat market E C
Abbey Tavern, James Ayley, 8 Violet hill, St John's wood NW
Abbey Tavern, James Harry Bird, 124 Kentish town road NW
Aberfeldy Tavern, William Davies, 357 East India dock road E
Abingdon Arms, William Edward Griffiths, 54 Abingdon road W
Acorn, Bruce Bros. 149 Great Cambridge street E
Acorn, Alfred Blow, 339 Rotherhithe street S E
Acorn, Henry K. Cuttriss, 1 Nicholas passage E C
Acton Arms, Samuel Sansom, 296 Kingsland road NE
Adam & Eve, Mrs. Eliza Apthorpe, 10 The Terrace, Kensington road W
Adam & Eve, Walter Balchin, 81 & 82 York street, Westminster SW
Adam & Eve, Mrs. Mary Ann Clarke, 27 Tufton street SW
Adam & Eve, Alfred Coote, Swan lane, Rotherhithe S E
Adam & Eve, Thomas Potter, 284 & 286 Euston road NW & 1 Hampstead road N W
Adam & Eve, John Rattle, 475 Liverpool road N
Adam & Eve, Arthur Wellington, 71 Hoxton street N
Adams Arms, Dominic Evento, 4 Southampton street, Fitzroy square W
Addington Arms, George Bugler, 25 Addington road E
Adelaide, George Spier, 385 Liverpool road N
Adelaide Tavern, Frederick Church, 1 Adelaide road NW
Adelphi Wine & Spirit Stores, Miss Elizabeth Ann Barnes, 75 Strand W C
Admiral Blake, George Augustus Webb, 215 Ladbroke grove road W
Admiral Carter, Mrs. M. J. Green, 3 Bartholomew close E C
Admiral Codrington, Harry Pulham, 17 Green street, Chelsea SW
Admiral Duncan, Jas. Betts,38 Old Compton street W
Admiral Duncan, William Thomas Lewis, 503 New Cross road SE
Admiral Hawke, Ch. Butcher, 191 Jamaica road S E
Admiral Keppel, Cain & Co. 158 Shoreditch High street E
Admiral Keppel, Charles Deacon, 77 Fulham road S W
Admiral Keppel, James Forward, 232 Hoxton. street N
Admiral Mann, Edward James McGregor, 9 Hampshire street, Brecknock road N W
Admiral Napier, George Bray, 46 Amersham vale, New Cross road SE
Admiral Napier, Chapman S. Wright, 84 Weedington road NW
Admiral Nelson, William Beach, 7 Greycoat place, Westminster S W
Admiral Rodney, King George French, 35 New King street, Deptford S E
Admiral Tyrrell, Frederick Walter Pearce, 86 Bermondsey wall S E
Admiral Vernon, George Cook, 8 New Nichol street E
Admiral Vernon, Osborne McCrea, Upper Ground street S E
African Chief, Jn Snelus Easey, 69 0ssulston street NW
African Tavern, Charles Dickson, Grundy street, Poplar E
Agricultural Hotel, Frederick Palmer, l3 Liverpool road N
Albany Arms, Thomas William Venner, 209 Albany road S E
Albany Tavern, Herbert Mayor, 240 & 242 Great Portland street W
Albert, Thomas Butler, 52 Victoria street SW
Albert Arms, Julian Leonard Harvey, 66 Bancroft road E
Albert Arms, John Ward, 1 Gladstone street S E
Albert Edward, Andrew E. Townsend, 29 Bolton road N W
Albert Hotel, William Ponton, 82 Cornwall road W
Albion, Frederick William Bevaa, 7 Duke street, Grosvenor square W
Albion, George Brown, 33 Caledonian road N
Albion, Thomas Richard Cass, 10 Thornhill road N
Albion, Thomas Elms, 69 Union road, Newington causeway S E
Albion, Jas. Harry Havil1, 3 Lower East Smithfield E
Albion, London Taverns Co. Limited (James Perrior Swayne, manager ; Walter George London, see.), 172 & 173 Aldersgate street E C
Albion, George Longman Moore, Peckham park road & 155 Commercial road, Peckham S E
Albion, Mrs. Julia Pocock, 20 Albion street, Rotherhithe S E
Albion, Puzey & Co. 211 & 212 Shadwell High street E
Albion, James Rogers, 7 Redman's road E
Albion, Edward Tappendeu,17 Sussex street, Pimlico SW
Albion, Dalby Williams, 65 Ropemakers' fields E
Albion Hotel, ,Mrs. Sarah Abseil, 2 & 3 New Bridge street E C
Albion Tavern, George Urquhardt Milne, 35 Albion street W
Alderman, George Henry Stubbs, 37 Stannary street, Kennington road S E
Alexandra Hotel, Robert Ilan, 21 Alexandra road NW
Alfred Tavern, Jn. Foster, 67 Shandy street, Stepney E
Alfred Tavern, Robert Slater, 47 Roman road N
Alfreds Head, Mrs. Mary March, 15 Brushfield street E
Alfreds Head, Hy. Morgan, 140 Newington causeway S E
Alfreds Head, William Oates, 49 Gold street, Stepney green E
Allason Arms, William Henry Turner, Uxbridge street, Notting hill W
Allsop Hotel, Hy Leeson Slight, 172 Marylbone road NW
Alma Tavern, Chas Elledge, 29 Alma street, Hoxton N
Alma Tavern, John Salter, 19 Norfolk terrace, Westbourne grove W
Alscot Arms, Western & Tyrie, 128 Alscot road S E
Alwyne Castle, George O'Bree, 83 St. Paul's road N
Ambassador, Henry Westlake, 60 York road, King's cross N
Amberley Tavern, Robert McGown, 26 Amberley road, Harrow road W
American Stores, Henry Finch, 118 0xford street W
American Stores, The London Tavern & Property Co. Lim. (Alexander Start, sec. & man.), 55 Fenchurch street E C & 5 Mark lane E C
Amersham Arms, James Phillip Janes, 388 New Cross road S E
Anchor, Mrs. Eliza Fells, 1 Bankside S E
Anchor Tap. William Sealy, 28 Horsleydown lane S E
Anchor & Hope, William James Elmy, 41 West Ferry road E
Anchor & Hope, Harry Ivory, 8 Jamaica street E
Anchor & Hope, Joseph Jeffs Meadows, Horseferry branch road E
Anchor & Hope, Robert Pedley Mortimer, 4l Brook street, Ratclff E
Anchor & Hope, Bartholomew Murphy, New Crane wharf, Shadwell E
Anchor & Hope, Chas Ratcliff, 63 Sancroft street, Kennington road SE
Anchor & Hope, Thomas Scott, 90 Duckett street, Stepney E
Anchor & Hope, Sims & Sanders, 19 Great Charlotte street SE
Angel, Baker Bros. Lim. I Islington High street N
Angel, Henry Benwell, 60 Upper Ground street S E
Angel, Mrs. Mary Burne11, 14 John street, Minories EC
Angel, Chas. Herbert Cates, 37 Thayer street W
Angel, Robert Stanley Chattey, 73 City road EC
Angel, B. Conolly, 23 Great Chapel street, Westminster S W
Angel, Charles Cook, 61 High street, Bloomsbury W C
Angel, James Craigen, 73 Lambeth walk SE
Angel, Charles Ellett, 268 Cable street E
Angel, Frederick Gibb, 85 Whitechapel High street E
Angel, Richard J. Jones, 76 Old Gravel lane E
Angel, Henry Owers, 21 Rotherhithe street SE
Angel, Samuel Edward Albert Rice, 71 Webber street, Blackfriars road S E
Angel, William Smurthwaite, 36 Warwick street, Regent street W
Angel, Js Joseph Tattersa11, 38 Newcomen street, Borough SE
Angel & Crown, Thomas William Bridgman, 23 Gloucester street WC
Angel & Crown, Thomas Bullock, 2 Whitechapel road E
Angel & Crown, Leonard Halsey, 58 St. Martin's lane WC
Angel & Crown, Reilly Anthony Mead, 235 Upper street N
Angel & Crown, George Poolman, 180 Green street, Bethnal green E
Angel & Sun, Henry Frederick Nash, 285 Strand WC
Angel & Trumpet, Emmanuel Mordecai, 2 Stepney High street E
Antelope, George Thomas Brown, 22 Eaton terrace, Eaton square SW
Antelope, Vousden Brothers, 15 Phipp street, Great Eastern street EC
Antigallican, Frank Patch, 155 Tooley street S E
Apollo, George Bailey, 191 Tottenham court road W
Apollo, Edward Peirson, 28 Paddington street W
Apple Tree, Mrs. Ann Osbond, 45 Mount Pleasant, Gray's inn road WC
Apple Tree & Mitre, William Hy. Giles Rudderforth, 30 Cursitor street, Chancery lane EC
Aquarium, Tavern, Miss Elizabeth Mugridge, 4 Tothill street, Westminster SW
Arabian Arms, John Robert Bowen, 234 Cambridge road E
Archduke Charles, Frederick Havenhand, 18 White Hart street, Kennington park road SE
Archduke Charles, Charles Sewell, 1 Rodney road, Walworth SE
Archers Tavern, John Goddard, 24 Osborn street, Whitechapel E
Archery Tavern, Mrs. Harriet Susannah Clark, 4 Bathurst street, Sussex square W
Archway Tavern, William Wheeler, Upper Holloway N
Argyle Hotel, George Perkins, 31 Liverpool street, King's cross WC
Argyll Arms, Miss A. J. Beard, 18 Argyll street W
Artesian, Mrs. Anne Gomm, 80 Richmond road, Westbourne grove W
Artichoke, William Charlton, 34 Farringdon street EC
Artichoke, George Robert Dawes, 55 Newington causeway SE
Artichoke, Jacob Phillip Keller, 19 St. George street E
Artichoke, Chas. Alfred Peach, 121 Lambeth Lower marsh SE
Artichoke, George Spaul, 13 White Hart street W C
Artichoke, Fras. William Webb, 20 Clare street, Clare market WC
Artillery Arms, Rd. Hy. Eale, 102 Bunhill row EC
Artillery Arms, Arthur Jas. Remnant, 102 Rochester row S W
Artillery Tavern, Chas. Wiggs, 1 Gun street Spitalfields E
Arundel Arms, William Selfe Applegate, 14 Westbourne road N
Assembly House. Goddard & Sullivan, 298 Kentish town road N W
Audley Hotel, Robert Hy. Barnes, 43 Mount street W
Australian, Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Jackson, 29 Milner street, Chelsea SW
Axe Inn, Charles Augustus Meekness, Three Nun court, Aldermanbury E C

What I am now attempting to achieve is the coverage of an earlier London street directory in 1832. This is unique, plus images of the 1842 Robsons directory which confirm earlier entries and also carry much more trade detail about a premises or person. Here is the index of streets in 1832, many with 1842 imagery added.
And next is the complete 1940 London street directory - this will take some months to complete, so bear with me!

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