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The London 1891 Public House & Publican Directory - A

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A 1 Tower, Francois Chrisostome Moutiet, London Central meat market E C
Abbey Tavern, James Ayley, 8 Violet hill, St John's wood NW
Abbey Tavern, James Harry Bird, 124 Kentish town road NW
Aberfeldy Tavern, William Davies, 357 East India dock road E
Abingdon Arms, William Edward Griffiths, 54 Abingdon road W
Acorn, Bruce Bros. 149 Great Cambridge street E
Acorn, Alfred Blow, 339 Rotherhithe street S E
Acorn, Henry K. Cuttriss, 1 Nicholas passage E C
Acton Arms, Samuel Sansom, 296 Kingsland road NE
Adam & Eve, Mrs. Eliza Apthorpe, 10 The Terrace, Kensington road W
Adam & Eve, Walter Balchin, 81 & 82 York street, Westminster SW
Adam & Eve, Mrs. Mary Ann Clarke, 27 Tufton street SW
Adam & Eve, Alfred Coote, Swan lane, Rotherhithe S E
Adam & Eve, Thomas Potter, 284 & 286 Euston road NW & 1 Hampstead road N W
Adam & Eve, John Rattle, 475 Liverpool road N
Adam & Eve, Arthur Wellington, 71 Hoxton street N
Adams Arms, Dominic Evento, 4 Southampton street, Fitzroy square W
Addington Arms, George Bugler, 25 Addington road E
Adelaide, George Spier, 385 Liverpool road N
Adelaide Tavern, Frederick Church, 1 Adelaide road NW
Adelphi Wine & Spirit Stores, Miss Elizabeth Ann Barnes, 75 Strand W C
Admiral Blake, George Augustus Webb, 215 Ladbroke grove road W
Admiral Carter, Mrs. M. J. Green, 3 Bartholomew close E C
Admiral Codrington, Harry Pulham, 17 Green street, Chelsea SW
Admiral Duncan, Jas. Betts,38 Old Compton street W
Admiral Duncan, William Thomas Lewis, 503 New Cross road SE
Admiral Hawke, Ch. Butcher, 191 Jamaica road S E
Admiral Keppel, Cain & Co. 158 Shoreditch High street E
Admiral Keppel, Charles Deacon, 77 Fulham road S W
Admiral Keppel, James Forward, 232 Hoxton. street N
Admiral Mann, Edward James McGregor, 9 Hampshire street, Brecknock road N W
Admiral Napier, George Bray, 46 Amersham vale, New Cross road SE
Admiral Napier, Chapman S. Wright, 84 Weedington road NW
Admiral Nelson, William Beach, 7 Greycoat place, Westminster S W
Admiral Rodney, King George French, 35 New King street, Deptford S E
Admiral Tyrrell, Frederick Walter Pearce, 86 Bermondsey wall S E
Admiral Vernon, George Cook, 8 New Nichol street E
Admiral Vernon, Osborne McCrea, Upper Ground street S E
African Chief, Jn Snelus Easey, 69 0ssulston street NW
African Tavern, Charles Dickson, Grundy street, Poplar E
Agricultural Hotel, Frederick Palmer, l3 Liverpool road N
Albany Arms, Thomas William Venner, 209 Albany road S E
Albany Tavern, Herbert Mayor, 240 & 242 Great Portland street W
Albert, Thomas Butler, 52 Victoria street SW
Albert Arms, Julian Leonard Harvey, 66 Bancroft road E
Albert Arms, John Ward, 1 Gladstone street S E
Albert Edward, Andrew E. Townsend, 29 Bolton road N W
Albert Hotel, William Ponton, 82 Cornwall road W
Albion, Frederick William Bevaa, 7 Duke street, Grosvenor square W
Albion, George Brown, 33 Caledonian road N
Albion, Thomas Richard Cass, 10 Thornhill road N
Albion, Thomas Elms, 69 Union road, Newington causeway S E
Albion, Jas. Harry Havil1, 3 Lower East Smithfield E
Albion, London Taverns Co. Limited (James Perrior Swayne, manager ; Walter George London, see.), 172 & 173 Aldersgate street E C
Albion, George Longman Moore, Peckham park road & 155 Commercial road, Peckham S E
Albion, Mrs. Julia Pocock, 20 Albion street, Rotherhithe S E
Albion, Puzey & Co. 211 & 212 Shadwell High street E
Albion, James Rogers, 7 Redman's road E
Albion, Edward Tappendeu,17 Sussex street, Pimlico SW
Albion, Dalby Williams, 65 Ropemakers' fields E
Albion Hotel, ,Mrs. Sarah Abseil, 2 & 3 New Bridge street E C
Albion Tavern, George Urquhardt Milne, 35 Albion street W
Alderman, George Henry Stubbs, 37 Stannary street, Kennington road S E
Alexandra Hotel, Robert Ilan, 21 Alexandra road NW
Alfred Tavern, Jn. Foster, 67 Shandy street, Stepney E
Alfred Tavern, Robert Slater, 47 Roman road N
Alfreds Head, Mrs. Mary March, 15 Brushfield street E
Alfreds Head, Hy. Morgan, 140 Newington causeway S E
Alfreds Head, William Oates, 49 Gold street, Stepney green E
Allason Arms, William Henry Turner, Uxbridge street, Notting hill W
Allsop Hotel, Hy Leeson Slight, 172 Marylbone road NW
Alma Tavern, Chas Elledge, 29 Alma street, Hoxton N
Alma Tavern, John Salter, 19 Norfolk terrace, Westbourne grove W
Alscot Arms, Western & Tyrie, 128 Alscot road S E
Alwyne Castle, George O'Bree, 83 St. Paul's road N
Ambassador, Henry Westlake, 60 York road, King's cross N
Amberley Tavern, Robert McGown, 26 Amberley road, Harrow road W
American Stores, Henry Finch, 118 0xford street W
American Stores, The London Tavern & Property Co. Lim. (Alexander Start, sec. & man.), 55 Fenchurch street E C & 5 Mark lane E C
Amersham Arms, James Phillip Janes, 388 New Cross road S E
Anchor, Mrs. Eliza Fells, 1 Bankside S E
Anchor Tap. William Sealy, 28 Horsleydown lane S E
Anchor & Hope, William James Elmy, 41 West Ferry road E
Anchor & Hope, Harry Ivory, 8 Jamaica street E
Anchor & Hope, Joseph Jeffs Meadows, Horseferry branch road E
Anchor & Hope, Robert Pedley Mortimer, 4l Brook street, Ratclff E
Anchor & Hope, Bartholomew Murphy, New Crane wharf, Shadwell E
Anchor & Hope, Chas Ratcliff, 63 Sancroft street, Kennington road SE
Anchor & Hope, Thomas Scott, 90 Duckett street, Stepney E
Anchor & Hope, Sims & Sanders, 19 Great Charlotte street SE
Angel, Baker Bros. Lim. I Islington High street N
Angel, Henry Benwell, 60 Upper Ground street S E
Angel, Mrs. Mary Burne11, 14 John street, Minories EC
Angel, Chas. Herbert Cates, 37 Thayer street W
Angel, Robert Stanley Chattey, 73 City road EC
Angel, B. Conolly, 23 Great Chapel street, Westminster S W
Angel, Charles Cook, 61 High street, Bloomsbury W C
Angel, James Craigen, 73 Lambeth walk SE
Angel, Charles Ellett, 268 Cable street E
Angel, Frederick Gibb, 85 Whitechapel High street E
Angel, Richard J. Jones, 76 Old Gravel lane E
Angel, Henry Owers, 21 Rotherhithe street SE
Angel, Samuel Edward Albert Rice, 71 Webber street, Blackfriars road S E
Angel, William Smurthwaite, 36 Warwick street, Regent street W
Angel, Js Joseph Tattersa11, 38 Newcomen street, Borough SE
Angel & Crown, Thomas William Bridgman, 23 Gloucester street WC
Angel & Crown, Thomas Bullock, 2 Whitechapel road E
Angel & Crown, Leonard Halsey, 58 St. Martin's lane WC
Angel & Crown, Reilly Anthony Mead, 235 Upper street N
Angel & Crown, George Poolman, 180 Green street, Bethnal green E
Angel & Sun, Henry Frederick Nash, 285 Strand WC
Angel & Trumpet, Emmanuel Mordecai, 2 Stepney High street E
Antelope, George Thomas Brown, 22 Eaton terrace, Eaton square SW
Antelope, Vousden Brothers, 15 Phipp street, Great Eastern street EC
Antigallican, Frank Patch, 155 Tooley street S E
Apollo, George Bailey, 191 Tottenham court road W
Apollo, Edward Peirson, 28 Paddington street W
Apple Tree, Mrs. Ann Osbond, 45 Mount Pleasant, Gray's inn road WC
Apple Tree & Mitre, William Hy. Giles Rudderforth, 30 Cursitor street, Chancery lane EC
Aquarium, Tavern, Miss Elizabeth Mugridge, 4 Tothill street, Westminster SW
Arabian Arms, John Robert Bowen, 234 Cambridge road E
Archduke Charles, Frederick Havenhand, 18 White Hart street, Kennington park road SE
Archduke Charles, Charles Sewell, 1 Rodney road, Walworth SE
Archers Tavern, John Goddard, 24 Osborn street, Whitechapel E
Archery Tavern, Mrs. Harriet Susannah Clark, 4 Bathurst street, Sussex square W
Archway Tavern, William Wheeler, Upper Holloway N
Argyle Hotel, George Perkins, 31 Liverpool street, King's cross WC
Argyll Arms, Miss A. J. Beard, 18 Argyll street W
Artesian, Mrs. Anne Gomm, 80 Richmond road, Westbourne grove W
Artichoke, William Charlton, 34 Farringdon street EC
Artichoke, George Robert Dawes, 55 Newington causeway SE
Artichoke, Jacob Phillip Keller, 19 St. George street E
Artichoke, Chas. Alfred Peach, 121 Lambeth Lower marsh SE
Artichoke, George Spaul, 13 White Hart street W C
Artichoke, Fras. William Webb, 20 Clare street, Clare market WC
Artillery Arms, Rd. Hy. Eale, 102 Bunhill row EC
Artillery Arms, Arthur Jas. Remnant, 102 Rochester row S W
Artillery Tavern, Chas. Wiggs, 1 Gun street Spitalfields E
Arundel Arms, William Selfe Applegate, 14 Westbourne road N
Assembly House. Goddard & Sullivan, 298 Kentish town road N W
Audley Hotel, Robert Hy. Barnes, 43 Mount street W
Australian, Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Jackson, 29 Milner street, Chelsea SW
Axe Inn, Charles Augustus Meekness, Three Nun court, Aldermanbury E C

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