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The London 1891 Public House & Publican Directory - F.

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Falcon, William Cate, 6 Pemberton row E C
Falcon, Mrs. Matilda James, 8 Falcon square E C
Falcon, Charles Mender. 10 Fetter lane E C
Falcon, John Palmer, 20 Wardour street, Soho W & 1 Lisle street, Leicester square W
Falcon, John Ramsey, Old Bethnal green road E
Falcon, William Joseph Hy. Sims, 234 Great College street NW
Falcon, Lloyd Lewis Taplin, 57 Knightrider street E C
Falkland, Robert Gregory, 66 Falkland road NW
Father Red Cap, William King, 319 Camberwell road S E
Faunce Arms, John Chesterton, 2 Faunce street, Kennington park S E
Feathers, Charles Chaplais, 50 Hart street, Covent garden W C
Feathers, Spencer Chaplin, Deptford green S E
Feathers, William John Cooper, 21 Great Smith street SW
Feathers, Mrs. Emma Edwards, Temple. street, Whitefriars E C
Feathers, William Alfred Edwards, 50 Duke street, St. James SW
Feathers, Richard Evans, 42 Brown street, Bryanston square W
Feathers, Henry Hobson Finch, 13 Dockhead S E
Feathers, Hy. Foster, 33 Virginia road, Bethnal green E
Feathers, Chas. Gurney, 34 Great Chapel street. Westminster SW
Feathers, Charles William Minter, 8 St. Martins street W C
Feathers, Mrs. Caroline Osborne, 15 Hobart place, Eaton square SW
Feathers Tavern, Robert Chas. Wilson, 1 Waterloo road S E & 75 Commercial road, Lambeth SE
Fellmongers Arms, Thomas Moore Sheath, 25 Crimscott street, Bermondsey S E
Ferry House, George William Tremlett, Ferry street, Cubitt town E
Finboro Arms, William Finch, 118 Finboro road SW
Finish, Alfred John Paine, 142 Lynton road, Bermondsey S E
Fish, Alfred Joseph Sharp, 121 Fisher street, Red Lion square W C
Fish & Bell, Charles Henry Hundertmark, 9 Soho street W
Fish & the Ring, Henry William Koppe, White Horse street, Stepney E
Fishing Smack, John Henry Bunyard, 22 & 24 Watergate street, Deptford S E
Fishing Smack, Mrs. Mary Ann Ewen, 28 Stowage, Deptford S E
Fishing Smack, Frederick William Hobbs, Cold harbour, Blackwall E
Fishmongers Arms, Frederick Wesney Stapleton, Branwhite, 5 St. Georges road, Southwrk S E
Fishmongers Arms, Richard Kingston, 13 Holles street WC
Fishmongers Arms, Samuel Newman, 8 West street, Soho WC
Fitzroy, Samuel John Glover, 16 Charlotte street W
Fitzroy Arms, Rd. Hoskins, 163 Arlington road NW
Fitzroy Arms, Ondry Ruzicka, 21 Clipstone street W
Five Bells, George Edward James, 155 New Cross road SE
Five Bells,Alfred Probyn, jun. 21 Moorfields E C
Five Bells,Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Thirgood, 535 Old Ford road E
Five Bells & Blade Bone, James Truett, 27 Three Colt street, Limehouse E
Flask, Thomas William Russell Brown, 21 Ebury square SW
Fleece, James Cox, 1 Duke street, Stamford street S E
Fleece, George Edwards,Up,Russell street, Bermondsy S E
Fleece, Chas. Rt. Green,160 Abbey street, Brnandsey S E
Fleece, Frederick Trodd, 16 Marsham street SW
Fleur de lis, Arthur King, Fleur de lis street, Norton folgate E
Flint House, Alexander Charles Hollingsworth, 65 Hyde road, Hoxton. N
Florence Tavern, John Williams, Florence street N
Flower of the Forest, John Osment, 123 Blackfriars road S E
Flower Pot. Ellis Bros. 120 Bethnal areen road E
Flying Horse, Thomas Bartlett, 52 Wilson street E C
Flying Horse, Charles Best, 6 Oxford street W
Flying Horse, Mrs. Charlotte Chaplin, 267 Borough High street S E
Flying Horse, Henry Adolphus Gray, 78 Walworth road S E
Foresters Arms, John Bond, 220 Vauxhall bridge road SW
Foresters Arms, Arthur Budd, 294 Borough High streetS E
Foresters Arms, Mrs. Eleanor Ann Flower, 253 St. Leonrds road E
Fortune of War, Mrs. E. Bell, 4 Giltspur street EC
Fortune of War, Walter Rd. Jarvis, 184 York road, Kings cross N
Fortune of War, Chas. Turner, 51 Kings road, St. Pancras N W
Founders Arms, Frank Aucetta 56 Holland street S E
Fountain, William Ball, 105 Lambeth walk S E
Fountain, Arthur Jas. Firmin, 249 Borough High street S E
Fountain, Benjamin Green, 4 Foster lane E C
Fountain, Mrs. Anne Hodadon, 41 Amwell street E C
Fountain, James McPherson, 36 Deptford broadway S E
Fountain, Alfred Pike, 436A Mile end road E
Fountain, Charles Poole & Son, 74 St. Georges road S E
Fountain, Frederick Arthur Rhodes,12 Wych street, Strand W
Fountain, James Russell, 88 Shoreditch. High street E C
Fountain, William John Sampaon, Jamaica street, Stepney E
Fountain, John Selby, 39 James street, Bethnal green E
Fountain, John Herbert Stein, 78 Neal street, Long acre WC
Fountain, Thomas Chas. Whiter, 43 Camberwell road SE
Fountain, Joseph Winter, 93 Virginia road, Bethnal green E
Fountain & Star, Frederick Seaton, 31 & 32 Coleman street E C
Fountain Abbey, John Lumby, 109 & 111 Praed street, Paddington W
Fox, James William Cain, 65 Southwark bridge road S E & Castle street S E
Fox, Mrs. Harriet Ellis, 372 Kingsland road N E
Fox, John Jennings, 44 Russell street, Whitechapel road E
Fox, Rd. Hy. Malpass, 97 Paul street, Finsbury E C
Fox Tavern, Joseph Benn, 1 Islington green N
Fox & Anchor, Mrs. Jane Elizabeth Bright, 115 Charterhouse street E C
Fox & French Horn, Edward Daker, 29 Clerkenwell green E C
Fox & Goose, Mrs. Eliza Mary Ann Jackson, 3 Brickhill lane E C
Fox & Goose, Mrs. Ann Smith, 106 Bermondsey street S E
Fox & Grapes, Benj Hy. Swallow, 49 Brewer street W
Fox & Hounds, Joseph Cane, 57 Hare street, Bethnal green E
Fox & Hounds, Walter Larby, 108 Great Guildford street S E
Frankfort Arms, Mills & Reynolds, 518 Harrow road W
Freemasons Arms, Allan Jacks Ainsley, 244 Hill street, Walworth road S E
Freemasons Arms, Charles Brown, 15 Boscobel gardens NW
Freemasons Arms, Benjamin Cooksey, 76 Portobello road W
Freemasons Arms, John Ellis, 76 Watergate street, Deptford SE
Freemasons Arms, James Joseph Hart, 81 Long acre W C
Freemasons Arms, Charles Thomas Pike, 96 & 98 Salmons lane E
Freemasons Arms, Louis Serth, 45 Pereira street, Bath street E
Freemasons Tavern, Nathaniel Jared, Carlton street, Kentish town N W
French Horn, Alfred Thomas Tout, 49 Lambeth walk SE
Friend at Hand, George Mills, 64 Colonnade, Russell square W C
Friend at Hand, William Job Spurgin,39 Hans road, Brompton road SW
Frying Pan, William Farrow, 13 Brick lane E
Fulham Bridge, Thomas Plumb, 66 Brmpton road SW

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