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    UK Pub history research and London historical street directory

    Search the historical London street directory, and London pub history site including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This search engine is not brilliant, try address searches in the main google search to get better results. Searches on people names do appear to work, I think. Let me know!

    The London 1891 Public House & Publican Directory.

    This is a listing from the Public Houses section of the UK London Post Office Directory in 1891; it lists an alphabetical listing of these
    Public Houses in London, and the Publicans.

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    Falcon, William Cate, 6 Pemberton row E C
    Falcon, Mrs. Matilda James, 8 Falcon square E C
    Falcon, Charles Mender. 10 Fetter lane E C
    Falcon, John Palmer, 20 Wardour street, Soho W & 1 Lisle street, Leicester square W
    Falcon, John Ramsey, Old Bethnal green road E
    Falcon, William Joseph Hy. Sims, 234 Great College street NW
    Falcon, Lloyd Lewis Taplin, 57 Knightrider street E C
    Falkland, Robert Gregory, 66 Falkland road NW
    Father Red Cap, William King, 319 Camberwell road S E
    Faunce Arms, John Chesterton, 2 Faunce street, Kennington park S E
    Feathers, Charles Chaplais, 50 Hart street, Covent garden W C
    Feathers, Spencer Chaplin, Deptford green S E
    Feathers, William John Cooper, 21 Great Smith street SW
    Feathers, Mrs. Emma Edwards, Temple. street, Whitefriars E C
    Feathers, William Alfred Edwards, 50 Duke street, St. James SW
    Feathers, Richard Evans, 42 Brown street, Bryanston square W
    Feathers, Henry Hobson Finch, 13 Dockhead S E
    Feathers, Hy. Foster, 33 Virginia road, Bethnal green E
    Feathers, Chas. Gurney, 34 Great Chapel street. Westminster SW
    Feathers, Charles William Minter, 8 St. Martins street W C
    Feathers, Mrs. Caroline Osborne, 15 Hobart place, Eaton square SW
    Feathers Tavern, Robert Chas. Wilson, 1 Waterloo road S E & 75 Commercial road, Lambeth SE
    Fellmongers Arms, Thomas Moore Sheath, 25 Crimscott street, Bermondsey S E
    Ferry House, George William Tremlett, Ferry street, Cubitt town E
    Finboro Arms, William Finch, 118 Finboro road SW
    Finish, Alfred John Paine, 142 Lynton road, Bermondsey S E
    Fish, Alfred Joseph Sharp, 121 Fisher street, Red Lion square W C
    Fish & Bell, Charles Henry Hundertmark, 9 Soho street W
    Fish & the Ring, Henry William Koppe, White Horse street, Stepney E
    Fishing Smack, John Henry Bunyard, 22 & 24 Watergate street, Deptford S E
    Fishing Smack, Mrs. Mary Ann Ewen, 28 Stowage, Deptford S E
    Fishing Smack, Frederick William Hobbs, Cold harbour, Blackwall E
    Fishmongers Arms, Frederick Wesney Stapleton, Branwhite, 5 St. Georges road, Southwrk S E
    Fishmongers Arms, Richard Kingston, 13 Holles street WC
    Fishmongers Arms, Samuel Newman, 8 West street, Soho WC
    Fitzroy, Samuel John Glover, 16 Charlotte street W
    Fitzroy Arms, Rd. Hoskins, 163 Arlington road NW
    Fitzroy Arms, Ondry Ruzicka, 21 Clipstone street W
    Five Bells, George Edward James, 155 New Cross road SE
    Five Bells,Alfred Probyn, jun. 21 Moorfields E C
    Five Bells,Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Thirgood, 535 Old Ford road E
    Five Bells & Blade Bone, James Truett, 27 Three Colt street, Limehouse E
    Flask, Thomas William Russell Brown, 21 Ebury square SW
    Fleece, James Cox, 1 Duke street, Stamford street S E
    Fleece, George Edwards,Up,Russell street, Bermondsy S E
    Fleece, Chas. Rt. Green,160 Abbey street, Brnandsey S E
    Fleece, Frederick Trodd, 16 Marsham street SW
    Fleur de lis, Arthur King, Fleur de lis street, Norton folgate E
    Flint House, Alexander Charles Hollingsworth, 65 Hyde road, Hoxton. N
    Florence Tavern, John Williams, Florence street N
    Flower of the Forest, John Osment, 123 Blackfriars road S E
    Flower Pot. Ellis Bros. 120 Bethnal areen road E
    Flying Horse, Thomas Bartlett, 52 Wilson street E C
    Flying Horse, Charles Best, 6 Oxford street W
    Flying Horse, Mrs. Charlotte Chaplin, 267 Borough High street S E
    Flying Horse, Henry Adolphus Gray, 78 Walworth road S E
    Foresters Arms, John Bond, 220 Vauxhall bridge road SW
    Foresters Arms, Arthur Budd, 294 Borough High streetS E
    Foresters Arms, Mrs. Eleanor Ann Flower, 253 St. Leonrds road E
    Fortune of War, Mrs. E. Bell, 4 Giltspur street EC
    Fortune of War, Walter Rd. Jarvis, 184 York road, Kings cross N
    Fortune of War, Chas. Turner, 51 Kings road, St. Pancras N W
    Founders Arms, Frank Aucetta 56 Holland street S E
    Fountain, William Ball, 105 Lambeth walk S E
    Fountain, Arthur Jas. Firmin, 249 Borough High street S E
    Fountain, Benjamin Green, 4 Foster lane E C
    Fountain, Mrs. Anne Hodadon, 41 Amwell street E C
    Fountain, James McPherson, 36 Deptford broadway S E
    Fountain, Alfred Pike, 436A Mile end road E
    Fountain, Charles Poole & Son, 74 St. Georges road S E
    Fountain, Frederick Arthur Rhodes,12 Wych street, Strand W
    Fountain, James Russell, 88 Shoreditch. High street E C
    Fountain, William John Sampaon, Jamaica street, Stepney E
    Fountain, John Selby, 39 James street, Bethnal green E
    Fountain, John Herbert Stein, 78 Neal street, Long acre WC
    Fountain, Thomas Chas. Whiter, 43 Camberwell road SE
    Fountain, Joseph Winter, 93 Virginia road, Bethnal green E
    Fountain & Star, Frederick Seaton, 31 & 32 Coleman street E C
    Fountain Abbey, John Lumby, 109 & 111 Praed street, Paddington W
    Fox, James William Cain, 65 Southwark bridge road S E & Castle street S E
    Fox, Mrs. Harriet Ellis, 372 Kingsland road N E
    Fox, John Jennings, 44 Russell street, Whitechapel road E
    Fox, Rd. Hy. Malpass, 97 Paul street, Finsbury E C
    Fox Tavern, Joseph Benn, 1 Islington green N
    Fox & Anchor, Mrs. Jane Elizabeth Bright, 115 Charterhouse street E C
    Fox & French Horn, Edward Daker, 29 Clerkenwell green E C
    Fox & Goose, Mrs. Eliza Mary Ann Jackson, 3 Brickhill lane E C
    Fox & Goose, Mrs. Ann Smith, 106 Bermondsey street S E
    Fox & Grapes, Benj Hy. Swallow, 49 Brewer street W
    Fox & Hounds, Joseph Cane, 57 Hare street, Bethnal green E
    Fox & Hounds, Walter Larby, 108 Great Guildford street S E
    Frankfort Arms, Mills & Reynolds, 518 Harrow road W
    Freemasons Arms, Allan Jacks Ainsley, 244 Hill street, Walworth road S E
    Freemasons Arms, Charles Brown, 15 Boscobel gardens NW
    Freemasons Arms, Benjamin Cooksey, 76 Portobello road W
    Freemasons Arms, John Ellis, 76 Watergate street, Deptford SE
    Freemasons Arms, James Joseph Hart, 81 Long acre W C
    Freemasons Arms, Charles Thomas Pike, 96 & 98 Salmons lane E
    Freemasons Arms, Louis Serth, 45 Pereira street, Bath street E
    Freemasons Tavern, Nathaniel Jared, Carlton street, Kentish town N W
    French Horn, Alfred Thomas Tout, 49 Lambeth walk SE
    Friend at Hand, George Mills, 64 Colonnade, Russell square W C
    Friend at Hand, William Job Spurgin,39 Hans road, Brompton road SW
    Frying Pan, William Farrow, 13 Brick lane E
    Fulham Bridge, Thomas Plumb, 66 Brmpton road SW

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