London historical street directory and pub history

This is now an updated and complete, historical London street directory for 1832 and 1842 and more

The London 1891 Public House & Publican Directory.

This is a listing from the Public Houses section of the UK London Post Office Directory in 1891; it lists an alphabetical listing of these
Public Houses in London, and the Publicans.

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Ifield Arms, John Stacey, 59 Ifield road, Fulham road S W
Imperial Crown, George Hutcheson, 50 St. Leonard street E
Imperial hotel, Jas. Fox, 109 Southwrk street S E
India Arms, Henry John Evans, 62 Gainsford street, Horselydown S E
India Arms, David King, 642 Rotherhithe street S E
Iron Bridge tavern, George Bally Smith, 117 East India dock road E
Ironmongers Arms, Henry Caldecourt, 7 Lizard street E C
Ironmongers Arms, Justin McSwiney, 210 West Ferry road E
Island Queen, William John Jennings, 34 Hanover street, Islington N
Isle of Wight, Mrs. Frances Brown, 83 Warwick street, Deptford S E
Ivy House, Hyams Bros. 88 St.Johns road, Hoxton N
Ivy House, John Snelus Easy, Brunswick street, Blackwall E

Jack of Newbury, Duncan Robertson, 25 Chiswell street E C
Jacobs Well, Alfred Bishop, 13 George street, Portman square W
Jacobs Well, Alfred William Meryett, 127 Hanbury street E
Jacobs Well, Mrs. Charlotte Overy, 25 New inn broadway, Curtain road E C
Jamaica (The), Rose & Co. St. Michaels alley E C
Jamaica Tavern, William Chicken, 495 Southwark park road S E
Jamaica Tavern, Thomas Harwood, West India dock road E
Jane Shore, Edward John Rose, 103 Shoreditch High street E
Jews Harp, Thomas Wheatley, 1 Redhill street NW
Jobs Castle, Robert Jackson Towne, 40 White Lion street, Norton folgate E
John Bull, William Andrews, 2 Bath street, Poplar E
John Bull, George Chas. Busby, 287 Southwark park road S E
John Bull, John Clements, 64 Tyers street, Lambeth S E
John Bull, Henry Cox & Co. 202 Roman road E
John Bull, George Fowler, 3 Brewer street north, St. John street road E C
John 0' Gaunt, Frank Freter, 16 Sardinia street W C
John o' Groat, James Little. 63 Gray street, Blackfriars road S E
John of Jerusalem, William Wright, 1 Rosoman street, Clerkenwell E C
Johnsons Arms, Job Copeman, 24 Johnson street, Notting hill W
Joiners Arms, William Bennett, 59 Westminster bridge road S E
Joiners Arms, Walter Buckley, 154 Tredegar road E
Jolly Anglers, William Wright Sanderson, 227 Kentish town road NW
Jolly Anglers, Frederick William Tofield 42 Bath street, City road E C
Jolly Butchers, Ellis Bros. 157 Brick lane E
Jolly Butchers, John Wort, 261 Old street, Shoreditch E C
Jolly Coopers, Percy Beard, 1 Shorts buildings, Clerkenwell E C
Jolly Farmers, Walter Langdale, 113 Southgate road N
Jolly Farmers, John Moss, 58 Cumberland market NW
Jolly Gardeners, William Dorrell, 187 Rotherhithe New road S E
Jolly Gardeners, John Hy. Heil, Princes road, Lambeth S E
Jolly Gardeners, Alfred Frederick Janes, 14 Cobourg street, Euston souare NW
Jolly Miller, Edward Dickman, 50 Millbank street SW
Jolly Sailor, Joseph Hugo, 95 Lower road S E
Jolly Sailor, John Richard Taylor, 182 St. George street E
Jolly Sailors & Little Billet, Charles Russell, 314 Cable street E
Jolly Tanners, James Piper, 1 Rothsay street, Bermondsey S E
Jolly Waterman, Henry Pocock, 51 Rotherhithe street S E
Jubilee, William John Huxley, 3 Gee street, Somers town NW
Junction, Henry Revill, 92 Tavistock road, Westbourne park W
Junction tavern, Benj. Acres, 61 Fortess road N W

What I am now attempting to achieve is the coverage of an earlier London street directory in 1832. This is unique, plus images of the 1842 Robsons directory which confirm earlier entries and also carry much more trade detail about a premises or person. Here is the index of streets in 1832, many with 1842 imagery added.
And next is the complete 1940 London street directory - this will take some months to complete, so bear with me!

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