London historical street directory and pub history

This is now an updated and complete, historical London street directory for 1832 and 1842 and more

The London 1891 Public House & Publican Directory.

This is a listing from the Public Houses section of the UK London Post Office Directory in 1891; it lists an alphabetical listing of these
Public Houses in London, and the Publicans.

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La Cave, Thomas Coniston, 4 Castle court, Lawrence lane E C
La Criadera, Jn. Newman, 29 & 30 High Holborn WC
Ladbroke Arms, Samuel Millis, 34 Ladbroke road N
Ladbroke Hotel, Chas. Kingston Killick, Talbot grove, Notting hill W
Lads of the Village, William Mack, 29 Charles street, Deptford S E
Lads of the Village, George Hy. Page, 19 New King street, Deptford SE
Lady Franklin, Frank James, Old Ford road E
Lady Owens Arms, Edwin Woodcock, 285 Goswell road E C
Lamb, Frederick Charles Allen, 36 Wilmot street, Bethnal green E
Lamb, Richard Cain, 9 New Turnstile, Holborn WC
Lamb, Victor Emmanuel Gammon, 94 Lambs Conduit street W C
Lamb, Edward John Rose, 512 Kingsland road N E
Lamb, Daniel Whatling, 143 Whitfield street W
Lamb Tavern, William Ashley, Metropolitan Cattle market, Caledonian road (Northeast gate) N
Lamb Tavern, Pardy Brothers, 10, 11 & 12 Grand avenue, Leadenhall market E C
Lamb & Flag, Frederick Morgan & Co. 2a James street, Oxford street W
Lamb & Hare, Richard Tiltman, 43 Lower Kennington lane S E
Lamb & Lark, Frederick Roberts, 5 Printing house lane E C
Langton Arms, Sydney Bartlett, 22 Normans buildings, St. Lukes E C
Lansdowne Arms, Herbert Sprake, 10 & 11 Islington green N
Lansdowne Arms, Arthur Weaser, 90 Gloucester road N W
Latimer Arms, Mrs. Sarah Ann Singer, 1A, Walmer road W
Latymer Arms, Jn. Godfrey, 13 Norland road north W
Laurel Tree, Chas. John Ash, 69 Brick lane E
Laurel Tree, James Hogg, 113 Bayham street NW
Laurie Arms, George Frederick Murrell, 1 Shouldham street, Bryanston square W
Leaping Bar, John Olver, 13 Old street E C
Leather Exchange Tavern, Rowland Hirst, Leather market, Bermondsey SE
Ledbury Arms, John Hearn, 40 Ledbury road W
Leigh Hoy, Edward Tilney, 163 Hanbury street E
Leighton Arms, William Richard Bridgland, 101 Breeknock road, Camden New town N
Leinster Arms,Miss E. I. G. Ion, l8 Leinster terrace W
Lemon Tree, George Turner, 4 Bedfordbury WC
Leopard, Thomas Reeves, 33 Seward street, Goswell road E C
Lillyput Hall, Fras. Thompson, 9 Jamaica road S E
Lincoln Hotel, Hy. Richardson & Co. 20 South street, Manchester square W & 7A Manchester street W
Lion, Frederick William Denny, 1 Newcastle street, Strand WC
Lion, George Frederick Hine, 8 Tapp street, Three Colts lane E
Lion Tap, William Worster, New street, Golden square W
Lion Tavern, Thomas Bates, Metropolitan Cattle market, Northwest gate N
Lion & French Horn, William Daniel Kirby, 5 Pollen street, Hanover square W
Lion & Lamb, George Frederick Broach, 2 Drummond street NW
Lion & Lamb, Elisha Harrison, 14 & 15 Margaret street WC
Lion & Lamb, John Enos Schilp, 45 Skidmore street, Stepney E
Lion & Lamb, Walter Wright, 35 Aske street, Hoxton N
Little Bell, William Mott, 17 St. John street E C
Little Driver, Edward Good, 125 Bow road E
Load of Hay, Richard Baker, 144 Praed street W
Load of Hay, John Lawrence, 94 Haverstock hill NW
Lock & Key, Frederick Jas. & Harry Harden, 62 West Smithfield E C
Locomotive, Albert George Stevens, 31 James street, Camden town NW
London Apprentice,J as. Tames, 333 Old street E C
London Assurance, Mrs. Charlotte Puller, 193 & 195 City road E C
London Bridge Tavern, Melville Alexander Blest, 5 Borough High street S E
London Hospital Tavern, William Morgan Esmond, 208 Whitechapel road E
London & St. Katharine Docks hotel, David Ogg, 20 Upper East Smithfield E
London Spa, Hy. H. Finch, 70 Exmouth street W C.
London Stone, George Smith, 109 Cannon street E C
London Tavern, Ernest Edward Bowey, 27 Garden row, London road S E
London Tavern, James Thomas Smith, 393 Manchester road E
Lord Arrans Arms, William Joseph Gray, 122 New Bond street W
Lord Belgrave, John Stevens, 8 Spur street, Leicester square W C
Lord Burleigh, William Henry Prynn, 250 Vauxhall bridge road SW
Lord Camden, George William Clarke, 31 Camden street, Walworth S E
Lord Campbell, Joseph Lazarus, 142 Campbell road, Bow E
Lord Cardigan, Mrs. Martha Mary Jones, Cardigan road, Old Ford E
Lord Chancellor, Frederick Eves, 91 North street, Edgware road NW
Lord Clive, William D. Howison, 36 Duke street, Manchester square W
Lord Clyde, Edwin George Goodson Bax, 9 Wotton road, Deptford S E
Lord Clyde, William Solomon Dibbs, 97 & 99 Rochester roww SW
Lord Clyde, Henry Everson, 342 Essex road N
Lord Clyde, Martin Heeseman, 238 Cornwall road W
Lord Clyde, William Preston, 25 Pheenix street, St. Pancras N W
Lord Clyde, Peter Yarde Reeland , Aucklnd street, Vauxhall SE
Lord Collingwood, Charles Edward Miller, 40 Chicksand street E
Lord Collingwood, Jas. Spicer, 1 Collingwood street, Three Colts lane E
Lord Combermere, William Robert Bruty, Conyer street, Roman road E
Lord Derby, Harry Pegler, 74 Woodpecker road, New Cross road SE

What I am now attempting to achieve is the coverage of an earlier London street directory in 1832. This is unique, plus images of the 1842 Robsons directory which confirm earlier entries and also carry much more trade detail about a premises or person. Here is the index of streets in 1832, many with 1842 imagery added.
And next is the complete 1940 London street directory - this will take some months to complete, so bear with me!

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