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The London 1891 Public House & Publican Directory.

This is a listing from the Public Houses section of the UK London Post Office Directory in 1891; it lists an alphabetical listing of these
Public Houses in London, and the Publicans.

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Ship Tavern, Henry Cole, 101 Great Towr street E C
Ship Tavern, Henry French, 90 Three Colt street, Limehouse E
Ship Tavern, George Henry Pearce, 11 Talbot court E C
Ship Tavern, Fleetwood Thomas, 538 Rotherhithe street S E
Ship Afloat, William Collins, 52 Lower Thames street E C
Ship Aground, Harry Thomas Arnold, 56 Broad street, Ratcliff E
Ship Aground, George Hy. Dibbs, Edward street, Dockhead S E
Ship Argo, Thomas Sadler, 312 Rotherhithe street S E
Ship & Blue Ball, James Edward Anderson, 13 Boundary street, Shoreditch E
Ship Deflance, Hy. Wallce. 277 Grove street, Deptford S E
Ship & Dolphin, Mrs. Elizabeth Dunnett, 34 New Gravel lane E
Ship & Mermaid, Edward George Angeham, 129 Snows fields S E
Ship & Pilot, William James Bunbury, l Marigold street, Bermondsey S E
Ship & Rising Sun, Charles Pailes, 134 Shadwell High street E
Ship & Shovel, Henry Millson, Steel yard, St. Thomas street S E
Ship & Star, George Dunton, 4 Sparrow corner E
Ship & Whale, James Morgan Maud, 61 Derrick street, Rotherhithe S E
Ship York, Thomas McKenzie, Swingbridge road, Rotherhithe S E
Shipwrights Arms, Butler, Searle & Co. 45 Emmett street, Poplar E
Harry Charles Cross, 88 Tooley street S E
Shirland Hotel, John Jervis. 55 Shirland road W
Shovel, Conrod Hausman, 142 Cable street E
Shuckburgh Arms, George Denton.,Denyer street, Chelsea SW
Sidney Arms, George Hughes, 90 Charles street, Commercial road east E
Silver Cross, Hy. Guest, 25 Charing cross SW
Silver Cap, Frederick Hands, 17 Cromer street W C
Silver Tavern, Thomas Charles Cooper, 315 Burdett road E
Simon the Tanner, John Armstrong, 231 Long lane, Bermondsey S E
Sir Christopher Wren, Francis Story, 59 Wilson street, Finsbury E C
Sir Garnet Wolseley. George William Day, Warndon. street, Rotherhithe S E
Sir George Osbornes Head, Robert Moss, 131 Old Montagne street E
Sir Hugh Myddelton, Henry Edward Davis, 17 Myddelton place, Sadlers wells E C
Sir Isaac Newton, Maurice Greenfield, 120 High street St. Johns wood N
Sir Isaac Newton, William Henry Shoobert, 18 Union street, Middlesex hospital W
Sir John Barleycorn, Eugene Sandwell, 32 Thomas street, Whitehapel E
Sir John Falstaff, Jack Billinghurst, 45 & 46 Houndsditch E
Sir John Falstaff, James Clark, 29 Catherine street, Strand W C
Sir John Falstaff, Lionel Fairweather, 53 Old street E C
Sir John Falstaff, Jas. Osmond, 261 Tabard street S E
Sir Ralph Abercrombie, William Duncan, 13 Charles street, Hatton garden E C
Sir Richard Steele Hotel, Robert Simpson Goudie & Son, 97 Haverstock hill N W
Sir Robert Peel, Hy. Brading, 29 Eagle wharf road N
Sir Robert Peel, Mrs My. A. Smith, 19 Isabella street, Oakley street S E
Sir Robert Peel, Charles Steel, 108 Malden road NW
Sir Sidney Smith, Charles Bigg, 22 Dock street E
Sir Sydney Smith, Rickard Caley, 26 Chester street, Kennington S E
Sir Walter Raleigh, Lewis Levy, 20 New street, Houndsditch E
Sir William Gomm, Joseph Vines, 44 Abbeyfield road, Rotherhithe S E
Six Bells, John Lonsdale, 197 Kings road SW
Skiddaw Hotel, John Cook Cuthbertson, 46 Chippenham road W
Skinners Arms, Mrs. Edith Bruce, 25 Coburg street, Clerkenwell E C
Skinners Arms, James Christie, 53 Cannon street E C & 17 Bow lane E C
Skinners Arms, William Fowler,127 Great Suffolk street, Borough S E
Skinners Arms, William Joseph Summers, 114 Judd street WC
Sloanes Head, John Dunnhorn, 21 Exeter street, Sloane street S W
Smiths Arms, William George Bouttell, 95 Park street, Southwark S E
Smiths Arms, Albert Ernest Welstead, 40 New Church street, Bermondsey S E
Snow Shoes, Noah Foster Bullimore, 144 Pimlico road SW
Sols Arms, Charles Macarthy, 65 Hampstead road N W
Somers Arms, Edwin Gravatt, 3 Ossulston street N W
Somerset, Henry Finch, 162 Strand W C
Somerset, Alex. Owen, 7 Fore street, Cripplegate E C
Somerset Arms, Harry Hammond, 214 Fulham road SW
South Eastern Distillery, Thomas Bugler, 407 New Cross road SE
South London Distilleries, Mills Brothers, 297, 299 & 286 Walworth road S E
Southampton Arms, Herbert James Cathie, 1 High street, Camden town. NW
Southampton Arms, Mrs. Mary Chamberlain Lasham, 21 Nine Elms lane S W
Southwark Arms, Chas. Wakely, 128 Tooley street S E
Southwark Park Tavern, Alfred James Kirk, 395 Southwark park road S E
Southwark Tavern, Colley & Co. 22 Southwark street S E
Sovereign, Robert Mason Axford, 1 Taunton place N W
Sovereign, Le Beau & Prentice,13 Upper St. Martins lane W C
Sovereign, Charles Roberts, 61 Osnaburgh street N N
Spa Tavern, Frederick Judge, 126 Spa road S E
Spanish Patriot, Charles Anderson, 34 Lambeth Lower marsh S E
Spanish Patriots, Francis & James Newport, 14 White Conduit street N
Sportsman, Edwin Buckland, 93Lancaster street S E
Sportsman, John Rd. Caulcutt, 41 Great Saffron hill E C
Sportsman, Chas. Davies, 47 Whiston street, Hackney road E
Sportsmans Arms, James Evans, 315 City road E C
Spotted Dog, Mrs. Esther Bellerby, 297 & 298 Strand W C
Spotted Dog, George Hankins, 103 Poplar High street E
Spotted Dog, John Stevens,10 Cirencester street, Harrow road W
Spread Eagle, Cornelius Aldam, 55 Broad street, Bloomsbury W C
Spread Eagle, Chas. Blake, 141 Albert street, Regents park NW
Spread Eagle, James Bott, 79 Grosvenor road SW
Spread Eagle, William Henry Coade, 4 Mortimer street W
Spread Eagle, William Farr, 66 Limehoase causeway E
Spread Eagle, James Fielding, 349 Oxford street W
Spread Eagle, John Johnson, 1 Kingsland road N E
Spread Eagle, Alfred Edward Joyce, 112 Whitecross street E C
Spread Eagle, Bartholomew Chris.Manley, 117 Rothrhithe street S E
Spread Eagle, Charles John Mantel, 1 Pratt street, Lambeth road S E
Spread Eagle, Henry Mulley, 15 Stangate street S E
Spread Eagle, Mrs. Frances Tanner, 147 Lower Kennington lane S E
Spread Eagle, James Thompson, 69 Theobalds road WC
Stafford Hotel, Frederick Smith, 183 Harrow road W
Stag, Peter Way, 29 Dorset street, Portman square W
Stag, Mrs. Ada Sarah Wood, 1 Castle lane, Westminster S N
Stag Tavern, George Collins, 145 Fulham road SN
Stags Head, Edward Daniel Boyce, 35 Hawley road N W
Stags Head, John Matthew Eveson, 7 New Cavendish streetW
Stags Head, Eliza Mrs. Gower, 55 Canal road, Kingsland N
Stainsby Tavern, Thomas Bailey Richards, 49 East India dock road E
Stamford Arms, William Stephen Field, 62 Stamford street S E
Stanhope Arms, George Freeborn, 20 Oval road NW
Stanhope Arms, Smith Bros. Limited, 97 Gloucester road S N
Stanley, Charles Horatio Cox, 40 Westmoreland street, Pimlico SW
Stanley Arms, Frederick Henry Twyman, 442 Kings road S N
Stanley Tavern. H. Richardson & Co 2 Southwark street S E

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