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Prince Alfred, Charles Adams, 29 Tufton Street SW
Prince Alfred, Austin William Dockett, 118 Marylebone Lane W
Prince Alfred, William Charles Fowler, 46 Eleanor Road, Hackney NE
Prince Alfred, John Goodrich, 267 Walworth Road SE
Prince Alfred, James Mark Hall, 86 Locksley Street, Burdett Road E
Prince Alfred, Robert Low, 38 Offord Road N
Prince Alfred, Mrs. Emma Jane Minter, 13 Crowndale Road NW
Prince Alfred, David Savory, 49 Alscot Road, Bermondsey SE
Prince Alfred, William George Pardew Stanbury, 116 Kilburn Park Road NW
Prince Alfred, Frederick Edmond Manfred Tree, 59 Drummond Road SE
Prince Alfred, Walter John Woodwell, Formosa Street, Paddington W
Prince Alfred Hotel, James Henry Cooper, 112 Queen’s Road, Bayswater W
Prince Arthur, James John Headington, 95 Forest Road, Dalston NE
Prince Arthur, George Hutcheson, 55 Brunswick Road, Poplar E
Prince Arthur, George Sherwin, 150 Turner’s Road E
Prince Arthur, George Hardy Stansall, 379 Caledonian Road N
Prince Arthur, Jonathan G. Thompson, 36 Boundary Road NW
Prince Arthur, Harry Richard Willans, 10 Golborne Road W
Prince of Brunswick, Charles Brown, 127 Barnsbury Road N
Prince of Brunswick, Robert Frederick Chappell, 58 Brunswick Street, Blackfriars SE
Prince Consort, William John Huxley, 210A New Kent Road SE
Prince Consort, Percy Walter Keeble, 9 King’s College Road NW
Prince of Denmark, Henry Whale, 151 Junction Road N
Prince Edward, Henry Cuthbert, 97 Wick Road, Hackney NE
Prince Edward, James Thomas Fishwick, 38 Parkhurst Road, Holloway N
Prince Ernest, George Dann, 64 Clarissa Street, Kingsland Road NE
Prince George, George James Biggs, 40 Parkholme Road, Dalston NE
Prince George, James Farnham Flower, 131 Hillingdon Street, Walworth SE
Prince George of Cumberland, Stephen Dutneall, 41 Frederick Street, Portland Town NW
Prince George of Cumberland, Henry Featherstone Holland, 195 Albany Street NW
Prince Imperial, John George Price, 310 Rotherhithe New Road SE
Prince of Orange, Alfred John Brewer, 25 Philip Street, Commercial Road East E
Prince of Orange, Arthur Edward Knust, 118 Lower Road SE
Prince of Orange, Mrs. Emma Mary Tester, 4 Artillery Row SE
Prince & Princess, Rogers Brothers, 84 Gravel Lane, Southwark SE
Prince & Princess of Wales, Henry Forster, 109 Kinglake Street, Walworth SE
Prince of Prussia, Alfred George, 126 Harford Street, Stepney E
Prince Regent, Arthur Archer, 81 Salmon Lane E
Prince Regent, Edward Blissett, 111 East Road, City Road N
Prince Regent, Eaton Burrell, 201 Liverpool Road N
Prince Regent, Thomas Caffan, 37 Sidmouth Street WC
Prince Regent, Patrick Condon, 80 High Street, Deptford SE
Prince Regent, Charles Elphinstone, 8 St. George Street E
Prince Regent, Thomas Harris, 107 Seymour Place W
Prince Regent, John Charles Linton, 40 South Street, Walworth SE
Prince Regent, Frederick James Southgate, 130 Ethelred Street, Lambeth SE
Prince Regent, Thomas Henry Veasey, 86 Beresford Street, Walworth SE
Prince Regent, Mrs. Ann Whiter, 105A Globe Road E
Prince of Saxe Coburg, Godwin S. Johnson, 886 Old Kent Road SE
Prince of Teck, Enoch Taylor, 161 Earl’s Court Road SW

Transcribed by Lyn Yates

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