The London 1899 Public House & Publican Directory - Q.



Queen, Mrs. Jane Marner, 571 Manchester Road E
Queen, William John Musto, 274 Victoria Park Road NE
Queen, Frederick Charles Wallis, 81 Neate Street, Albany Road SE
Queen Adelaide, John Davis, 483 Hackney Road NE
Queen Anne, William Craddock sen., 126 South Street, Walworth SE
Queen Catherine, Edward Ives, 119 Brook Street, Ratcliff E
Queen Charlotte, Henry H. Finch, 210 Jamaica Road SE
Queen Eleanor, Thomas Edward Cross, 19 Tower Street, Hackney NE
Queen Elizabeth, John Coles, 42 Merrow Street, Walworth SE
Queen Elizabeth, Miss Kate Jagels, 9 Graham Road, Dalston NE
Queen & Prince Albert, Charles Knowles Heather, 125 Great Titchfield Street W
Queen Victoria, Arthur Hatton, 179 St. Leonard Street, Bromley E
Queen Victoria, Frank Huggins, 45 Skinner Street, Clerkenwell EC
Queen Victoria, Arthur Larcher, 148 Southwark Park Road SE
Queen Victoria, Charles Hillary Lawrence, 72 Barnet Grove, Bethnal Green NE
Queen Victoria, Alfred Payne, 96 Exmouth Street, Stepney E
Queen’s Arms, Louis Adolphe Achard, 38 Albert Gate, Knightsbridge SW
Queen’s Arms, John Federick Ayton, 30 Queen’s Gate Mews SW
Queen’s Arms, Richard Baker & Co., 1 High Road, Kilburn NW
Queen’s Arms, John Kirk Burch, 11 Warwick Street SW
Queen’s Arms, Frank Henry Callingham, 1, 2, 3 & 4 Bird-in-Hand Court EC
Queen’s Arms, Ernest George Carrington, 288 Hackney Road NE
Queen’s Arms, Thomas Carsberg, 49 Henry Street, Pentonville N
Queen’s Arms, John Davison, Queensland Road N
Queen’s Arms, Thomas Duncan, 97 Upper Kennington Lane SE
Queen’s Arms, Mrs. Amelia Gallaway, 12 Bateman Street, Soho W
Queen’s Arms, Frederick Rickard Garrett, 10 Red Lion Passage WC
Queen’s Arms, Mrs. Alice Hiscock, 7 Little College Street, Westminster SW
Queen’s Arms, Arthur John Jones, 30 & 31 Queen Street EC
Queen’s Arms, William George Lee, 2 Queen’s Crescent, Haverstock Hill NW
Queen’s Arms, Miss Maud Mills, 18 Portland Street, Walworth SE
Queen’s Arms, William Rowe Newman, 19 Caledonian Road N
Queen’s Arms, James Pawson, 96 Marlborough Road, Chelsea SE
Queen’s Arms, Henry Phillips, 26 Norland Road W
Queen’s Arms, James Pitcher, 53 Douglas Street, Deptford SE
Queen’s Arms, George Richards, 78 Spa Road, Bermondsey SE
Queen’s Arms, Charles Bates Smith, 1 Lower William Street, Portland Town NW
Queen’s Arms, Whitlock & Son, 1 High Road, Kilburn NW

Queens Elm, Francis John Pullen, 241 Fulham Road SW
Queens Head, Mrs. Annie Ansell, 116 Tanner Street EC
Queens Head, John William Bannell, 3 Albemarle Street W
Queens Head, George Bolam, 23 Great Bath Street, Clerkenwell EC
Queens Head, John Booty, 15 Wharf Road, City Road N
Queens Head, H.W. Brown & Co., 19 Great Tower Street EC
Queens Head, Spencer W.T. Chaplin, 48 Broad Street, Lambeth SE
Queens Head, George Charles Chappell, 18 Amelia Street, Walworth Road SE
Queens Head, Mrs. Harriett Clifford, 3 Water Lane, Blackfriars EC
Queens Head, Sam Cohen, 83 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel E
Queens Head, Joseph Collien, 45 Pitfield Street, Hoxton N
Queens Head, Mrs. Emma Jane Cox, 154 Whitechapel Road E
Queens Head, William Crickmay, 93 High Street, Marylebone W
Queens Head, Mrs. Sarah Curtice, 52 Piccadilly W
Queens Head, James William Dunn, 104 Keppel Street, Chelsea SW
Queens Head, Thomas Fitzgerald, 95 Poplar High Street E
Queens Head, Alfred Gear, 2 Great Guildford Street SE
Queens Head, Robert Gillard, 64 Theobalds Road WC
Queens Head, Frank Green, 10 Pedley Street, Bethnal Green E
Queens Head, Henekey & Co., 22 High Holborn WC
Queens Head, Thomas Hunt, 243 Rotherhithe Street SE
Queens Head, Mrs. Harriette Jeffries, 13 Brook Green, Hammersmith W
Queens Head, Alfred John Kiddell, 215 Upper Thames Street EC
Queens Head, Henry Lee, 10 Charlotte Street SE
Queens Head, William Edward Low, Paradise Street, Rotherhithe SE
Queens Head, Henry Macaire, 18 Gossett Street, Bethnal Green E
Queens Head, Alexander Mackenzie, 33 Whitecross Street EC
Queens Head, Henry Mason, 13 Little Pulteney Street W
Queens Head, Henry Newcombe, 8 York Street East Stepney E
Queens Head, Mrs. Clara Annie Price, 23 Easton Street, Spitalfields WC
Queens Head, Alfred Proops, 35 Fendall Street, Bermondsey SE
Queens Head, Evan David Richards, 16 Denman Street, Golden Square W
Queens Head, Tom Rodgers, 74 Commercial Street E
Queens Head, Frederick Saddington, 98 Cambridge Road E
Queens Head, Walter Sanders, 178 Hoxton Street N
Queens Head, William Shaw, 14 Medland Street, Ratcliff E
Queens Head, George Norman Tarr, 5 Tower Hill E & 5 King Street, Tower Hill E
Queens Head, Richard Smith, 68 Marsham Street, Westminster SW
Queens Head, Gregory Spaul, 20 Park Side, Knightsbridge SW
Queens Head, William Townsend, 167 Bermondsey SE
Queens Head, Richard Brown Troughton, 58 Great Ormond Street WC
Queens Head, James Isaac Wernham, 66 Acton Street WC
Queens Head, Richard Mills Wilkie, 159 City Road EC
Queens Head & Artichoke, George James Harvey, 30 Albany Street NW
Queens Head & French Horn, Benjamin Pearce Lucas, 48 Little Britain EC
Queens Head Hotel, Agostino & Stefano Gatti, 405 Strand WC
Queens Hotel, Mrs. Annie Marie Gaillard, 49 Regents Park Road NW
Queens Hotel, George Knights, 15 James Street, Westbourne Terrace W
Queens Palace of Varieties, (Tom Maltby, Wickes, Williams & Co. proprietors) Poplar High Street E
Queens Tavern, Alfred King, 1 Eton Street, Regents Park NW

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And Last updated on: Sunday, 22-Nov-2020 13:56:12 GMT
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