The London 1899 Public House & Publican Directory - W.

This is a listing from the Public Houses section of the London Post Office Directory in 1899; it lists an alphabetical listing of these Public Houses in London, the Publicans and also has links to the relevant Public House page listing of the Licensees, Bar persons and Boarders and Lodgers etc. All information on these pages comes from London census, Post Office and Kelly Directory, plus any information and pictures supplied by You.

Transcribed by Kevan



Wades Arms, Mrs Bridget Hickey, 15 Jeremiah Street E
Waggon & Horses, Thomas Foulds, 23 Newington Butts SE
Waggon & Horses, Thomas David Hill (exor of), 27 Newington causeway SE
Walford Tavern, George Charles Busby, 121 Stoke Newington Road N
Wallace Head, Arthur Pullen, 4 Blandford Street, Portman Square W
Walmer Castle, George Charles Warde, 58 Ledbury Road W
Walnut Tree, George Asser, 18 Ben Jonson Road E
Walnut Tree, Edward Banbery, 40 St Albans Street, Lambeth SE
Warburton Arms, James Sims, 137 Mare Street, Hackney NE
Wargrave Arms, Hy Hobson Finch, 48 John Street, Edgware Road W
Warrior, Saml Salter Harding, 209 Lower Road SE
Warwick Arms, William Hepworth, 160 Warwick Road, Kensington W
Warwick Arms, Spencer Payne, 27 Gillingham Street, Pimlico SW
Warwick Castle, William Gammon, 6 Warwick Place, Maida Hill W
Warwick Castle, William George Newman, 225 Portobello Road W
Warwick Hotel, John Augustus Rolls, 106 Harrow road W
Washington, John Wormald, 50 Englands Lane, Hampstead NW
Waterloo, Richard Truckell, 20 Wellington Road, Holloway Road N
Waterloo Arms, David Shaul, 50 High Street, Marylebone W
Waterloo Hero, Samuel Stride, 19 Gough Street, Poplar E
Waterloo Tavern, William George Bradley & Co, 69 Haymarket SW
Waterloo Tavern, Edward John Pass, 64 Samuel Street, St Georges east E
Watermans Arms, Brown Bros, 6 West Ferry Road E
Watermans Arms, Hermann Dittmer, 43 Virginia road, Bethnal Green E
Watermans Arms, William Eady, 23 Paris Street, Lambeth Palace Road SE
Watermans Arms, Arthur Allen Hopper, 120 & 122 Belvedere Road, Lambeth SE
Watermans Arms, Stephen O'Connor, 26 Dockhead SE
Watermans Arms, William Joseph Taylor, 60 Bankside SE
Watermans Arms, Francis Wheeler, 11 Barnham Street, Tooley Street SE
Weavers Arms, Coysh & Knight, 17 London wall EC
Weavers Arms, Edmund Farrow, 17 Hanbury Street E
Weavers Arms, Benjamin Joshua Grimes, 1 Warley street, Bethnal Green E
Weavers Arms, John Max, 13 Vallance road, Whitechapel E
Weavers Arms, Thomas Robinson, 26 Drysdale Street, Kingsland road N
Weavers Arms, Mrs Frances Sole, 98 Newington Green Road N
Weavers Arms, Richard Trelawney, 46 Farm lane, Fulham SW
Weavers Arms, Thomas Pannell Webb, 36 Sun Street, Finsbury EC
Weavers Arms, William Talbot Weston, 63 Spelman Street, Mile End new Town E
Well & Bucket, Edward John Rose & Co, 143 Bethnal Green road E
Wellesley Arms, Mrs Frances Gibson Kirby Humphreys, 70 Sydney Street, Chelsea SW
Wellington, John Edward Cann, 196 Goswell Road EC
Wellington, Arthur Moulding Parker, 14 Page Street SW
Wellington Arms, Thomas Watts, 32 Wellington Road, Bow E
Wellington Arms & Shropshire House, John Price, 81a Waterloo Road, Lambeth SE
Welsh Harp, Mrs Caroline Barratt, 47 Chandos Street, Covent Garden WC
Welsh Harp, Robert Josiah Hall, 23 Aylesbury Street EC
Welsh Harp, Charles Scott McLaren, 2 & 3 Essex Street, Bouverie Street EC
Wenlock Arms, Daniel Adams, 25 Wenlock Road N
Wentworth Arms, Lewis Hart, 54 Brantbridge Street, Mile End Road E
West Kent Yeoman, Edward Cassidy, 63 Edward Street, Deptford SE
Westbourne Tavern, Henry Hobson Finch, 101 Westbourne Park Villas W
Western Counties Hotel, George Alfred Newman, 8 London Street, Paddington W
Westminster Arms, Edward William Hobbs, 75 Page street, Westminster SW
Westminster Arms, Harry Rattenbury, 163 Gossett Street, Bethnal Green E
Westminster Arms, Thomas Braithwaite Turnham, 10 Praed Street W
Westmoreland Arms, Henry Devonport, 41 Westmoreland Place, City Road N
Westmoreland Arms, Henry Wooff, 34 George Street, Portman Square W
Wetherby Arms, Arthur Leonard Simmons, 500 Kings Road SW
Weymouth Arms, Nathaniel Foley, 80 Weymouth Terrace, Hackney Road E
Weymouth Arms, Richard Williams, 37 Weymouth Street W
Weymouth Arms, Francis Willmott, 14 Sayer Street, New Kent Road SE

Wheatsheaf, Henry Bardrick, 3 Lismore Circus, Haverstock Hill NW
Wheatsheaf, William Henry Barnes, 48 High Street, Camden town NW
Wheatsheaf, Richard Burden, 44 Kenton Street WC
Wheatsheaf, Jessie Buyers Dunbar, 13 Vere Street, Clare Market WC
Wheatsheaf, George Fay, 17 Dorset Street, Portman Square W
Wheatsheaf, Frank Edward Grimley, 51 Red Lion Street WC
Wheatsheaf, Jennings & Taylor, 6 Stoney Street, Borough Market SE
Wheatsheaf, John Lawlor, 88 Rotherhithe Street SE
Wheatsheaf, Frank Melhuish, 25 West Smithfield EC
Wheatsheaf, William Sidney Roberts, 161 Oxford Street W
Wheatsheaf, Hy Sands, 39 Middleton Street, Bethnal Green NE
Wheatsheaf, William James Smith, 329 Edgware Road W
Wheatsheaf, James Tytheridge, 344 Rotherhithe Street SE
Wheatsheaf, Mrs Rebecca Weston, 25 Rathbone Place W
White Bear, Joseph Baker, 83 Tabard Street SE
White Bear, Frederick Thomas Clay, 138 Kennington Park road, SE
White Bear, Charles Alfred Creasey, 24 King Street, St Lukes EC
White Bear, Mrs E Howard, Bear Gardens, Bankside SE
White Bear, Charles King, 1 St George Street E
White Bear, Arthur Loft, 57 St John Street EC
White Bear, John McKenzie, 66 King William Street EC
White Bear, John McQuillen, 64 Park Street, Grosvenor Square W
White Bear, Mrs Jane Mason, 19 Long Walk, Bermondsey Square SE
White Bear, Robert Shaw, 30 Lisle Street, Leicester Square W & 28 Little Newport Street WC
White Bear, Albert Shipway, 96 Kingsland Road NE
White Bear, Charles Walker, 100 Berwick street W
White Conduit House, George Langley, 14 Barnsbury Road N
White Hart, George Anderson, 18 Abchurch Lane EC & 135 Cannon Street EC
White Hart, Mrs Jemima Andrews, 39 Wigmore Street W & 66 Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square W
White Hart, James Anstee, 72 George row, Bermondsey Wall SE
White Hart, Alex Jas Avery, 185 Lower Kennington lane SE
White Hart, Chas Fredk Barnard, 563 Fulham Road SW
White Hart, John Berenstein, 197 Shoreditch High Street E
White Hart, John Besser, 126 & 128 Theobalds road WC
White Hart, Albert Edward Brett, 184 New Cross Road SE
White Hart, Edmund Brien, 47 Turner Street, Commercial Road east E
White Hart, Mrs Harriett Brine, 63 Myddelton Street EC
White Hart, John Brown, 48 St Thomas Street, Borough SE
White Hart, Mrs Elizabeth Ann Burall, 199 Tottenham Court Road W
White Hart, Walter Buxton, 64 Fetter Lane EC
White Hart, John George Cathie, 45 Euston Road NW
White Hart, Charles Chalk, 191 Drury Lane WC
White Hart, William Henry Chaplin, Hooper Street E
White Hart, Philip Clark, 24 Lexington Street W
White Hart, Mrs Hannah Elizabeth Cooke, 7 Giltspur Street EC
White Hart, Otto Damm, 43 Leman Street EC
White Hart, Mrs Amelia Danels, 24 Clifton Street, Finsbury EC
White Hart, John Frederick Doughty, 2 Goswell Road EC
White Hart, Elijah French, 4 Alfred Street, Bow Road E
White Hart, Archibald Frew, 49 Kings Road, Chelsea SW
White Hart, Jacob Gillett, 8a Binstead Street, Oxford Street W
White Hart, William Thomas Green, 55a Walworth Road SE
White Hart, Samuel Guest & Son, 39 High Holborn WC
White Hart, James Hain, 20a Parkside, Knightsbridge SW
White Hart, Wm Heathman, 89 Whitechapel High Street E
White Hart, Mrs Cath Hennessey, 101 Brook Street, Ratcliff E
White Hart, George Hill, 283 Grove Street, Deptford SE
White Hart, Arthur Jn Jones, 52 Gravel Lane, Southwark SE
White Hart, Thomas Mackey, 35 Belvedere road, Lambeth SE
White Hart, Justin Charles McSwiney, 65 Medland Street, Ratcliff E
White Hart, George Edward Morrow, 10 Greenfield Street, Whitechapel E
White Hart, Robert Reuben Moss, 32 Shadwell High Street E
White Hart, John Parker, Exeter Street, Strand WC
White Hart, Samuel Phillips, Little Pearl Street, Commercial Street E
White Hart, George Poolman, 359 Bethnal Green road E
White Hart, Mrs Elizabeth Puzey, 307 Poplar High Street E
White Hart, Joseph Rosenthal, 64 Leather lane EC
White Hart, George Scott, 296 Strand WC
White Hart, George Harry Smith, 1 Mile End Road E
White Hart, Frederick Hodge Tucker, 168 Old Street EC
White Hart, Mrs Elizh Mary Tuckfield, 69 Long Lane EC
White Hart, John Frederick Tunstall, 4 Aylesbury Street EC
White Hart, William Vincent, 74 Kingsland road NE
White Hart, George Whitehead, 199 Bishopsgate Street without EC
White Hart, George Whitehead, 70 Hoxton Street N
White Hart, Thomas Bush Wingrove, 413 Old Ford Road E
White Hart, Frederick Young, 17 Windmill Street, Tottenham Court Road W
White Hart Tavern, William James Williams, 63 Borough High Street SE
White Horse, Harry Bell, 37 Rupert street W
White Horse, John Alfred Bennett, 150 Mile end road E
White Horse, Charles Brien, 84 Shoreditch High street E
White Horse, William Frederick Brooke, 107 Church street, Deptford SE
White Horse, Henry Bull, 37 The Grove, Hackney NE
White Horse, Frank Richard Callingham, 67 Lupus Street SW
White Horse, Mrs Elizh Annie Curtis, 1 Union Street, Borough SE
White Horse, John Thomas Davies, 158 Fleet Road, Hampstead NW
White Horse, Charles Dearing jun, 83 Liverpool Road N
White Horse, Harry Dobbin, 100 High Holborn WC
White Horse, Mrs Emily Grinonneau, 44 Hare Street, Bethnal Green E
White Horse, Harry Heffer, 4 Chitty Street, Fitzroy Square W
White Horse, William Thomas Hooper, 163 Roman Road E
White Horse, Albert Henry Hyde, 32 Friday Street EC
White Horse, Tom Jennings & Co, 105 Long Acre WC
White Horse, Albert David Jones, 74 Central street EC
White Horse, Alex Lidgate, 98 Theobalds Road WC
White Horse, Harry Robert Medcalf, 214 Bow Road E
White Horse, Mrs Rebecca Miller, 11 Poplar High Street E
White Horse, Mrs Amelia Martha Musto, 94 White Horse Lane E
White Horse, Charles Pennack, 106 Burdett Road E
White Horse, Thomas Jas Pressinger, 12 Fann Street EC
White Horse, William Rowe, 8 Little Britain EC
White Horse, Arthur Isaac Scott, 16 West Street, Golden Square W
White Horse, John William Smith, 10 Buxton Street, Mile End New Town E
White Horse, Mrs Lizzie Smith, 23 Castle Street, Upper St Martins Lane WC
White Horse, Frederick Speed, 2 Twining Street WC
White Horse, Francis Tucker, 48 White Horse Street, Stepney E
White Horse, Alfred Ernest Warr, 8 Cornwall Road, Lambeth SE
White Horse, Frederick Jn Way, 297 Rotherhithe Street SE
White Horse, Francis Weeks, 20 Pitfield Street, Hoxton N
White Horse, Thomas Whittaker, 3 Church Street, Chelsea SW
White Horse Hotel, Thomas Foster, Metropolitan Cattle Market, South east gate, Caledonian road N
White Horse & Bower, John Thomas Turner, 86 Horseferry Road SW
White Horse & Cross Keys, Henry Johnson, 140 Goswell road EC
White Horse & Half Moon, Wood & Co, 197 Borough High Street SE
White Horse & Woolpack, Thomas William Wakefield, 443 Old Ford road, Bow E
White House, Trevers & Janes, 1 Sutherland Street, Pimlico SW
White Lion, Albert Edward Cowell, 18,19 & 20 Upper Thames Street EC
White Lion, Clifford Charles Dixon, 24 James Street, Covent garden WC
White Lion, Mrs Sarah Jane Dunbar, 85 Rotherhithe Street SE
White Lion, George Evans, 25 Islington High Street N
White Lion, William Mayne Foster, 55 Albert Embankment SE
White Lion, Sydney Fullerton, 68 Shadwell High Street E
White Lion, Charles Harding Hammett, 331 Wick Road, Hackney NE
White Lion, John Higgs, 44 Vere Street, Clare market WC
White Lion, Richard Hill, 15 High Street, St Giles WC & 13 Arthur Street, New Oxford Street WC
White Lion, Albert Frank Jackson, 6 St Albans Place SW
White Lion, John William King, 12 Little James street, Bedford Row WC
White Lion, Simon Ladbury, 37 Central Street, St Lukes EC
White Lion, William Lawrence, 49 Green bank, Wapping E
White Lion, Metropolitan Music Hall Syndicate Lim, proprietors, 267 Edgware Road W
White Lion, Purchase & Perham, 66 High Road, Streatham SW
White Lion, William Terry Shepherd, 118 Drury lane WC
White Lion, Harry Farrell Skeate, 37 Brook Street W
White Lion, Edward Horace White, 30 Old Gravel Lane E
White Lion, George John Zimmer, 29 Leather Lane EC
White Raven, Thomas Bigg, 133 Bedford Street, Commercial Road east E
White Swan, Henry Bingley Arnold, 67 Coleman Street EC
White Swan, Atherton & Co, 124 St George Street E
White Swan, Cornelius Bone, 13 Holloway Road N
White Swan, Herbert Jas Bland, 28 & 30 Tudor Street EC
White Swan, Abraham Bush, 46 Nine Elms Lane SW
White Swan, William Harry Davis, 26 White Street, Moorfields EC
White Swan, Hy Edward Gren*er, 217 High Street, Deptford SE
White Swan, George Hawkins, 28 Farringdon Road EC
White Swan, Mrs Elizabeth Hill, 108 Fetter Lane EC
White Swan, Mrs Alice Emily Kemp, 138 Salisbury Court EC
White Swan, Chas Jn Knowsley, 229 Mile End Road E
White Swan, John Thomas Lethbridge, 66 Old Gravel Lane E
White Swan, Miss Eliza Merry, 101 Wapping High Street E
White Swan, Thomas Naylor, 14 New Street, Covent Garden Lane WC
White Swan, Joseph Osenton, 181 Upper Thames Street EC
White Swan, Charles John Oughton, 18 Farringdon Street EC
White Swan, William Charles Rayner, 1 New Street square EC
White Swan, Roger Reaney, 14 Vauxhall Bridge Road SW
White Swan, Charles Fincham Simmonds, 20 Whitechapel High Street E
White Swan, Robert Thornton, 556 Commercial Road east E
White Swan, Frederick Willenbrock, 6 Great Alie Street E
White Swan Tavern, Thomas Andrews & Co, 42 Islington High Street
White Thorn, Henry Hugh Chapman, 30 White Thorn Street, Bromley E
Whittington & Cat, Mrs Eliza Gill, 21 Church Row, Bethnal Green E
Widows Son, Ernest Godfrey, 75 Devons Road E
Wigmore, Francis Hoare, 7 Marylebone Lane W
William IV, Arthur William Davison, 46 Golden Lane EC
William IV, George Dinham, 10 Beauchamp Street, Leather Lane EC
William IV, Peter & Philip Erbach, 7 Shepherdess Walk N
William IV, William Fish, 52 Warley Street, Bethnal Green E
William IV, George Langley Smith, 84 Thornhill Road N
William IV, Mrs Elizh Fras Stace, 313 Albany Road SE
William IV, Chas Whale, 25 Commercial Road, Pimlico SW
Wilmington Arms, Ferris & Millington, 20 Yardley Street WC
Wilsons Arms, Frederick C Marks, 29 Campbell Road E
Wilton, Sinclair & Sinclair, 20 Coventry Street & 1 & 2 Great Windmill Street, Haymarket W
Wilton Arms, John Cracknell, 71 Kinnerton Steet SW
Winchelsea Tavern, Tom James Dalton, Fleming Road, Walworth SE
Winchester, George William Duck, 201 Southwark Bridge Road SE
Winchester Arms, Richard Gee Slingsbury, 63 Southwark Street SE
Winchester Hotel, Thomas Heath & Co, Winchester Road, South Hampstead NW
Windmill, Samuel Biscoe, 27 Tabernacle Street EC
Windmill, Joseph Saml Cowell, 8 Robert Street, Limehouse E
Windmill, Miss Emily Ann Fuller, 47 Leather Lane EC
Windmill, Benjamin Harris, 44 High Street, Lambeth SE
Windmill, Frank Ernest Harris, 30 St John Street EC
Windmill, John Heathcote, 52 Park Street, Borough SE
Windmill, Fredk Jas Prescott, 82 Upper Ground Street SE
Windmill, George Lewis Whitehead, 62 New cut, Lambeth SE
Windmill, Mrs Jane Wormald, 21 Upper Kennington Lane SE
Windmill Restaurant, Thomas Albert Sharp, 151 Cannon Street EC
Windsor, Frederick Stanley, 427 Strand WC
Windsor Castle, Henry Brown, 31 Windsor Street, Islington N
Windsor Castle, Richard Busse, 152 High Holborn WC
Windsor Castle, Mrs Jane Byrne, 4 Campden Hill west W
Windsor Castle, Roderick James Diment, 70 Church Street, Edgware Road NW
Windsor Castle, John William Flood, 122 Albany Street NW
Windsor Castle, William Sampson George, 229 City Road EC
Windsor Castle, Paul George Johnson, 199 Southwark Bridge Road SE
Windsor Castle, Jacob King, 22 Francis Street, Westminster SW
Windsor Castle, Alfred Jn Paine, 331 Vauxhall Bridge Road SW
Windsor Castle, Lewis Portch, 309 Harrow road W
Windsor Castle, Walter Rogers, Coopers Road, Old Kent Road SE
Windsor Castle, William Thomas Treacher, 119 Bishops Road, Victoria Park NE
Windsor Castle, James Wheelan, 61 & 62 Enid Street, Bermondsey SE
Windsor Castle, German B Worth, 98 Park Road, Regents Park NW
Wolsey Tavern, Mrs Maria Brown, 180 Kentish Town Road NW
Wolverley Arms, Frederick Kingsnorth, 62 Viaduct Street, Bethnal Green E
Woodins Shades, William Job Spurgin, 53 Bishopsgate Street without EC
Woodman, Francis Reginald Allen, 3 Trundleys Road SE
Woodman, Mrs Anne Wilson, 44 Leroy Street, Old Kent Road SE
Woodstock, Frank Day, 11 Woodstock Street W
Woodville Arms, Mrs Henrietta Scott, 86 Mildmay Road N
Woolpack, Miss Laura Chambers, 174 Bermondsey High Street SE
Woolpack, Thomas Hawkins, 39 Gravel Lane SE
Woolpack, Frederick Looms, 94 Minories E
Woolpack, Neil Mackay, 3 Hart Street, Wood Street EC
Woolsack, Samuel George Walter, Ida Street, Poplar E
Worcester Arms, Robert Thomas Godfrey, 89 George Street, Portman Square W
Worlds Turned Upside Down, John Kirk, 14 Old Kent Road SE
Worlds End, Bertram Foster, 95 Newington causeway SE
Wrotham Arms, William Hickey, 32 Wrotham Road NW
Wynford Arms, Mrs Jesse Wright, 75 Wynford Road N

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