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    UK Pub history research and London historical street directory

    Search the historical London street directory, and London pub history site including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This search engine is not brilliant, try address searches in the main google search to get better results. Searches on people names do appear to work, I think. Let me know!

    London 1899 Hotels, Inns & Taverns & Principal Coffee Houses Directory - AD

    This is a listing from the Hotels section of the UK London Post Office Directory in 1899; it lists an alphabetical listing of these Hotels, Inns & Taverns & Principal Coffee Houses in London, the Publicans and also has links to the relevant page listing of the Licensees, Bar persons and Boarders and Lodgers etc. All information on these pages comes from London census, Post Office and Kelly Directory, plus any information and pictures supplied by You.

    The Hotels, Inns & Taverns & Principal Coffee Houses Index

    Abt Morn Wolf, r, 64a Whitechapel High Street E
    Adelphi hotel, Frank Evans, 1 to 4 John street, Adelphi WC
    Albermarle hotel, Constant Vermersch, 1 Albermarle Street
    Albion tavern (The London Taverns Co Limited) (Walter George London, secretary & manager), 172 & 173 Aldersgate Streeet EC
    Alexandra hotel Co Lim (James Robinson, sec; Arthur Flatman, manager), St Georges place, Hyde Park SW
    Almonds hotel, M A Roy, 6 & 7 Clifford Street, New Bond Street
    Andertons hotel & tavern, Francis Harding Clemow, 162, 163, 164 & 165 Fleet Street EC
    Angus's hotel, Miss Bertha Rougier, 22 & 23 New Bridge Street EC
    Annovazzi Brothers, r, 11 Baker Street W
    Appenfodt Herma, r, 8 New coventry Street W
    Armfield Joseph & Son Limited, hotel, Aouth place & south Street, Finsbury EC
    Arundel hotel, Frank Hawkins, 8 Arnundel street, Strand WC
    Avenue hotel, Mrs. Emma Henderson, 25 Shaftesbury avenue. Piccadilly circus W
    Avondale hotel, 68A Piccadilly W
    Bailey's hotel. Gloucester road SW
    Baker's c. hotel, Wm. Mann Cross, 1 Change alley E C
    Baldwin's hotel, Miss Mary Baldwin, 19 Dover street, Piccadilly W
    Barkston Gardens hotel, (Peregrine Perry Pratt), 40,42 & 44 Barkston gardens, South Kensington SW
    Baron's Court hotel, Harry Hammond, 28A Comeragh road W
    Bath hotel, (Gustav Caesar Edward Galardi, manager), 25 Arlington street SW & 156 Piccadilly W
    Bath & Cheltenham hotel, Francis Charles Evans, 23 & 24 London street, Paddington W
    Batt's hotel, Mrs. Ellen May, 41 & 42 Dover street W
    Bay Tree r. (Meyer & Bird), 38 to 35 St. Swithin's lane E C
    Bayswater Private Hotel (Miss E. de Voil, proprietress), 18 & 19 Bayswater terrace W
    Bedford family hotel, Thomas Henry Walduck, 91, 93 & 95 Southampton row W C
    Bedford hotel, Herbert E. Fish, manager, Piazzas, Covent garden WC
    Bedford Head hotel, James Crouch & Co. 11 to 15 Bayley street WC
    Berkeley hotel & r. (G. Reeves-Smith, managing director), 77 Piccadilly W & 1 Berkeley street W
    Berners' Hotel (Miss Ada Harwood, manager), 6 & 7 Berners street W
    Bests Egidio, r. 84 Great Portland street W
    Bingham Albert, coffee house, 112 York road N
    Black Bull commercial hotel, Mrs. Rosanna Warren, 122 Holborn E C
    Blackwell Railway hotel, F. Bishop & Sons, 7 London street, Fenchurch street E C
    Bohn's hotel, John Bohn, 6 Circus, Minories E
    Bolton Mansions Hotel (Earl's Court Hotels Lim.), 11, 12, 13 & 14 Bolton gardens. west SW
    Bond Charles, r. 87 & 94 London wall E C
    Booth George, coffee house & hotel, 166 & 168 Westminster bridge road S E
    Bovd's Kensington hotel, William Spillane, Russell gardens, Kensington W
    Brazil Walter r. 165A Strand WC
    Brice Arthur, r. 47 Lisle street W
    Bridge House hotel, (Callingham & Co.), 4 Borough High street S E
    Bristol hotel, Burlington gardens W (I. Lersuadi, manager) (T A "Lersundi, London" ; T N 3507 Gerrard) ; proprietors, Bristol Hotel & Palmerston Co. Limited
    Bristol Restaurant (I. Lersundi, manager), 17A Cork street, Bond street W - T N 3507 Gerrard
    British hotel, Geo. Evans, 82 & 83 Jermyn street S W
    Brown's & St. George's hotels, J. J. Ford & Sons, 21 to 24 Dover street W & 31 to 34 Albemarle street W - T A " Brownotel, London " ; TN 3696
    Brunswick hotel, John Alfred Le Gros, 52 & 53 Jermyn street SW
    Buckingham hotel, Pietro Macario, 25 Villiers street, Strand WC
    Buckingham Palace hotel, (George Cooke, managing director),9 Buckingham gate S W
    Buckland's hotel, Mrs. Jane Chaplin, 43 Brook street, Grosvenor square W
    Buecker's hotel Lim.(Gustave Hohly, managing directoe), 26 Finsbury square EC; 1, 3, 5 & 7 Christopher street, Finsbury square E C & 59 Wilson street E C
    Burlington hotel, (George Cooke, managing director), 19 & 20 Cork street Bond street W & 29 & 30 Old Burlington street W
    Cadogan hotel, Robt. Callingham & Co, 75 Sloane street S W
    Caledonian hotel, Jacob Jas. Tate, Adelphi terrace W C
    Cannon Street Hotel & Tavern (Ritter & Puzey, proprietors. ), S E R.Station, Cannon street E C
    Carter's hotel, J.A Baldwin,14 &15 Albemarle street W
    Castle & Falcon hotel, Charles Bonsall, 5 Aldersgate street E C
    Cavendish hotel, Felipe S. Franco,81 Jermyn street SW
    Cavour hotel & r. Oscar Philippe, 20 & 21 Leicester square W C
    Challis's Royal hotel (Baker & Co. proprietors), 59 to 64 Rupert street & 7 Coventry street, Piceadilly circus W - TN 2989 G-errard
    Challis Frank, r. 12 Craven road W
    Champion f. hotel, James Christie & Son, 15 Aldersgate street E C & 6 FaLcon street E C
    Charing Cross hotel S.E.R. (G. S. Haines, sec.); office, 1 Charing cross chambers, Duke street, Adelphi W C
    Charing Cross hotel & restaurant (E. Neuschwander, manager), Strand W C
    Chattey Robt. Stanley, r. 4 Bucklersbury E
    Cheshire Cheese hotel, Henry Frederick Lindhurst, 10 Surrey street, Strand W C
    City Arms restaurant, 2 St. Mary Axe E C
    City of London hotel, Miss Agnes Mary Porter, 104 Berwick street, Oxford street W
    Clarence tavern, Fk. Chas. Buxton, 34 Charing cross SW
    Claridge's hotel, (H Menge, manager), Brook street, Grosvenor square W - TA "Claridge's Hotel, London " ; T N 6397 Gerrard
    Clifton hotel, Hy. Westhorpe Cullum, Welbeck street W
    Coburg Hotel (The) Limited, Carlos place, Grosvenor square W (E. H. Watts, manager - T A " Chataigne, London " ; Telephone No. 1719 Gerrard
    Cock tavern, George King & Co. 22 Fleet street E C
    Cocker's hotel, 18 to 21 Cnarterhouse square E C
    Coleherne hotel, John Bishop, 1 Claro terrace, Richmond road SW
    Comedy r. Carmine & Auddagna, 28 Panton street SW
    Compton Hotel, Church street, Liverpool
    Cooke's p.h. William George Cooke, 13 & 14 Dover street, Piccadilly W
    Cooling's p.h. Charles Cooling, 26 Dover street W & 29 Albemarle street W
    Cornhill r. Joseph Rodgers, White Lion court E C
    Coveney Howard, p.h. 30 & 32 George street, Portman square W
    Covent Garden hotel, M. A. S. Browne, 22 to 25 Southampton street W C
    Cox's hotel, James Varley, 55 Jermyn street SW
    Craven hotel, Walter Richard Solman, 43 to 46 Craven street, Strand WC
    Criterion r. Spiers & Pond Lim., Regent circus W
    Crown hotel, Frank Crocker, 23 Aberdeen place NW
    Crown hotel & tavern, J. Leather, 7 to 9 St. Martin's court WC
    Crown & Cushion tavern & r. Alfred Crisp, 28 Great. Winchester street E C & 73 London wall E C
    D'Alessandri Guglielmo, r. 86 Victoria street SW
    Dean George p.h. 30 & 29B, Albemarle street W
    De Keyser's Royal hotel, ( P. W. DeKeyser, managing director), Victoria embankment, Blackfriars E C
    De Maria Stephen. r. 35 Oxford street W
    Derwent House hotel, Miss Ann Mortimer, 2 Howard street, Strand WC
    De Vere hotel, (Mrs. Adelaide Tucker, manageress), 48, 49 & 50 Hyde park gate W & De Vere gardens, Kensington palace W
    Devon, Matthew Thomas Tuck, hotel, 33 & 34 London street, Paddington W
    Dieudonne's hotel, Cyril Guffanti, 11 Ryder street, St. James' S W
    Divan tavern, (Edmund William Cathie, managing director), 103 Strand WC
    Dolcini Enrico, r. 21 Hanover street, Hanover square W
    Dover Castle hotel, Charles Best, 170 Westminster bridge road S E
    Dr. Butler's Head tavern, George Goetz, Mason's avenue, Coleman street E C
    Dray Mrs Emma, coffee house, 103 Bermondsey New road S E
    Drayton park hotel, Wm. Budd, 66 Drayton park N
    Duke of Edinburgh hotel, George James Graham, 10 Salisbury square E C
    Durrant's hotel, Henry Fripp, 26 & 28 George street, Portman square W

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