London 1899 Hotels, Inns & Taverns & Principal Coffee Houses Directory - EL

This is a listing from the Hotels section of the UK London Post Office Directory in 1899; it lists an alphabetical listing of these Hotels, Inns & Taverns & Principal Coffee Houses in London, the Publicans and also has links to the relevant page listing of the Licensees, Bar persons and Boarders and Lodgers etc. All information on these pages comes from London census, Post Office and Kelly Directory, plus any information and pictures supplied by You.

The Hotels, Inns & Taverns & Principal Coffee Houses Index

Eastern hotel, George King, 1 West India dock road E & 2 East India dock road E
Empire hotel & r. Charles Vonhagen, 44, 45 & 46 Leicester square WC
Empire r. Pasquale Cariello, 65 St Martin.'s lane W C
Epitaux's r. Costa & Rizzo 9 & 10 Haymarket SW
Euston hotel (Henry Taylor, manager), Drummond street, Enston square NW
Falstaff r. Baker Bros. Lim. 17 Eastcheap E C & 12 Philpot lane E C; reg. offices, Tottenham chambers, 1 Tottenham court road W
Fenn James, r. 2 Lawrence lane E C
First Avenue hotel (The), High Holborn W C - T A "First Avenue, London"
Fischer's f. hotel, (Miss Kate Prior, manageress), 11 Clifford street, Bond street W
Fleming's hotel, (William Sanford, proprietor), 9 & 10 Halfmoon street, Piccadilly W & 41 Clarges street, Piccadilly W
Florence hotel & r.Luigi Azario, 56,57,58 Rupert street W
Ford's hotel Lim, 14 & 15 Manchester street W
Four Swans tavern, Henry H. W. Brown & Co. 82 & 84 Bishopsgate street within E C
Fracapani Albert, r. 17 Oxendon street SW
Freemasons' Tavern (Spiers & Pond Lim. proprietors), 61 to 63 Great Queen street WC
Fripp's hotel, Henry Fripp, 33 to 36 Manchester street, Manchester square W
Fumagalli Camillo, r. 12 & 13 Wilton road SW
Gaiety r. Grimes Limited, 343 & 344 Strand WC
Gambrinus Restaurant, Charles Manzel, 3 & 5 Glasshouse street W
Garlant's hotel, Mrs. Sarah Garlant,11, 15, 16 & 17 Suffolk street, Pall mall SW
Geneux's p.h. Edward Geneux, 11 St. James' place S W
George hotel, Mrs. Amelia Charlotte Murray, 77 Borough High street S E
German Young Men's Christian Association Home (Vereinshaus) (F. Bieri, manager), 28 Finsbury square E C
Gibezzi Yincenzo, r. 182 Great Portland street W
Glendower hotel, London Hotels Co. Lim. 17 & 19 Harrington road SW & 8 Glendower place SW
Globe r, Baker & Co. 3 & 4 Coventry street W
Golden Cross hotel, (Macdonald Sinclair & Co. Ltd. proprietors ; J. H. Firmin, manager), 452 West Strand W C; opposite Charing cross station
Gordon Hotels Limited (The),
The Grand Hotel, London
The Hotel Metropole &
The Whitehall Rooms, London
The Hotel Victoria,
The First Avenue Hotel,
Central offices (Charles Shilson, secretary) 450 West Strand W C
Grand h.otel (The) (The Gordon Hotels Limited), Trafalgar square W C; Northumberland avenue WC & Strand WC
Grand Hotel(Zurich)CO. Ltd. 218 Gresham house E C
Great Central Hotel, Kossuth Hudson, managing director, 218 to 240 Marylebone road NW Tel. Ad. " Centellare, London "; TN 522 Pad
Great Eastern hotel, (Henry Christian Thomas Amendt, manager), Liverpool street station EC
Great Northern Railway Company's hotel, (Mrs. Meyer, manageress), King's cross station N
Great Western Royal hotel, (Great Western Railway Co. proprietors), Praed street, Paddington W
Gregg's p.h. (Miss Margaret Roper, proprietress), 22 Ironmonger lane E C
Grosvenor hotel (The), Buckingham palace road S W
Guidotti Virgilio, r. 11 Bridge street SW
Guildhall tavern & coffee house, Fredk. Walter Smith & Co., 81 & 83 Gresham street E C & 22 King street E C
Half Moon hotel, CarlO Federicco Rimoldi, 183 Borough High street S E
Hanover hotel & r. (Anthony Bellini, proprietor), 6 Mill street, Hanover square W
Hans Crescent Hotel Co. Limited, Hans crescent, Sloane street SW
Harrington Residential hotel, Mrs. Wm. Woolnough, 37 & 39 Harrington road SW
Harvey Alfred Alphaeus, p. h. 60 Curzon street, Mayfair W
Hatch's p.h. Mrs. Elizabeth Hatch, 8 & 9 Dover street, Piccadilly W
Hatchett's r. 671, Piccadilly W
Haxell's Family hotel (Leonard Haxell, proprietor), 369 to 371, 373 to 375 Strand WC - T A " Haxell, London"
Holborn Viaduct hotel, r. Spiers & Pond Auxiliary Lim. Holborn viaduct E C
Holman Misses Eleanor & Maud, coffee house, 102 Tooley street S E
Horrex's hotel, William Horrex, Strand WC & Norfolk street, Strand W C
Horse Shoe hotel, Baker Bros. Limited, 264 - 267 Tottenham court road W
Hotel Belgravia, 72 & 74 Victoria street SW
Hotel Cecil Ltd. (A. Judah, manager), Strand & Victoria embankment WC
Hotel Continental Co. Limited (Alfred Y Wilson, manager & sec.), 1 Regent street SW
Hotel de Hongrie (Fras. R. Raymond), 36 Lisle street W
Hotel d'Italie, Molinari & Baglioni, 26 Old Compton street, Soho W
Hotel des Etrangers (Nale & Cattaneo, proprietors), 37 & 38 Gerrard street W
Hotel Francais, Philippe Ganosse, 27 Gerrard street, Soho W
Hotel Mathis, Mentasti Bros. proprietors, Arundell street, Coventry street W
Hotel des Pyrenees, Philippe Genoese, 86 Wardour street, Oxford street W
Hotel Previtali, Mentasti Bros. proprietors, Arundell street, Coventry street W
Hotel Provence, John Thomas Davies, 17 & 18 Leicester square WC
Hotel Ronveau, Leon Peter, 2 & 13 Golden square W
Hotel Victoria (The Gordon Hotels Lim. proprietors), Northumberland avenue WC
Hotel Windsor (John R. Cleave & Co. proprietors), 46 Victoria street SW
Howard hotel, John William Metcalf Jarrett, Norfolk street, Strand WC
Hughes' hotel, Miss Margaret Bennett, 87 Jermyn street SW
Hughes p.h. John Hughes, 19 Albemarle street W
Hummums hotel & Rockley'e (Robert Henry Barnes, proprietor), Covent garden W C
Imperial hotel, (Alfred Begbie, manager), 6 Holborn viaduct E C
Inns of Court hotel Limited (Frank Blackley, manager & sec.), High Holborn WC & Lincoln's inn fields WC
Kennan's hotel, (Cheapside) Lim. (Wm. Charles, Stocker, sec.), 3 Crown conrt. Cheapside E C _
Kent's f. hotel, Mrs. Henrietta Kent, 32 Norfolk street, Strand W C
Kerton Mrs. Harriet, p.h. 7 Holles street, Cavendish square W
Kettners r. (Kettner's Limited), 28 to 31 Church street, & 37 & 38 Greek street, Shaftesbury avenue W; telegraphic address, " Kettners ; T N 5436 Gerrard
Kirk Edward, r. 51 & 52 Haymarket SW
Klein's hotel, August Wanner, 38 Finsbury square E C & 2 & 4 Sun street, Finsbury E C
Lake's Old Grasshopper r. F. E. Smith & Co. 13 Gracechurch street E C
Lamperti Antony, r. 182 Queen's road, Bayswater W
Langham hotel, (Walter Gosden, manager), Portland place W; offices, Chandos street W (Thomas Dixon, sec)
Lay's hotel, Wm. Lay,5,6,8 & 9 Surrey street, Strnd W C
Lidwell Alfred, r. 4 Mill street, Hanover square W
Limmer's hotel, 1 & 2 George street. Hanover square W
Lincoln's inn, r, Jas Rchd Palmer, 8 Serle street WC
Lombard r. Thos. Arth. Skeate, 2 Lombard court E C
London Commercial hotel, Mrs. Eliza Sevier, 266A Strand WC
London Tavern & Property Co. Lim. (The), (Alex. Start, sec. & manager), 53 & 54 Fenchurch Street E C
Long's hotel Lim. (Family) (A. Hartmann, manager),15 & 16 New Bond street W & r. 13 14 Clifford street W
Lord's hotel, Douglas Martin Sherwin, 41 St John's wood road NW
Loudoun Hotel Lim. (C. A. & I. Bunyard, managers), 24 Surrey street, Strand WC
Love's hotel, Richard Ball, 35 & 36 Albemarle street W


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