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The London Beer Retailers in the 1942 Post Office Directory - C.

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1942 index

Fred Jn Cain, 1 Lawton Road E3
Alex McArthur Cairns, 46 Gibbon Road SE15
Harold C G Cairns, 30 Halefield Road N17
Michael Callaghan, 214 Lower Road SE8
Edward Hy Camp, 231 St Georges Way SE15
William Hy Carmichael, 34 Warwickshire Street SE8
Hardy Carr, 1 Short Road W4
Alfred S Carter, 60 Scylla Road SE15
Arthur L Carter. 4 Cardinal Place SW15
Mrs Beatrice Eleanor Carter, 52a Queen Caroline Street W6
Stanley William Case, 52 Perry Rise SE23
Edward W J Cassidy, 32 Spray Street SE18
Ernest Frederick Catanach, 19 Rhodeswell Road E14
George L Causton, 56 Albion street SE16
Edward William P & Mrs Mary Cavanagh, 85 Lower Road SE16
Mrs Ellen Myra Cavanagh, 36 Dock Street E1
Jn J Cave, 59 Marylebone Lane W1
Jn Cawdery, 42 Barnsbury grove N7
Jn Cawthorne, 15 Mehetabel Road E9
D Cesari, 340 Kennington Lane SE11
Mrs Florence Chalkley, 212 Wick Road E9
Hy Jn Chalkley, 215 Blackstock Road N5
Ernest Reginald Chandler, 632 Kings Road SW6
Thomas A Chandler, 178 Forest Lane E7
Albert E Chaperlin, 1a Chapel Street NW1
James Chaplin, 53 Highgate Street N6
Sidney Jn Chappell, 15 Relinque Road SE26
Horace Charlesworth, 86 St Georges Way SE15
Herbert Edward Childs, 10 Kelson Street NW6
William Halsey Childs, 23 Lant Street SE1
Mrs Mary A Chitty, 79 St John Street EC1
Edwin Edgar Chivers, 18 Haddo Street SE10
Percy George Chopping, 96 Moray Road N4
Hy R Chorley, 146 Thessaly road SW8
Dan Harry Church, 270 Merton Road SW18
Herbert Church, 2 & 4 New King street SE8
Albert Edward Churchill, 10 Summerstown SW17
Clark & Foord, 68 & 70 Pages Walk SE1
Alex T Clark, Harper Road SE1
Arthur Clark, 206 North End Road W14
Daniel H Clark, 34 Bruce Road E3
George Clark, 2 Pensbury Street SW8
Hy Clark, 103 Mackenzie Road N7
Reginald Clark, 14 Westville Road W12
Harold Clarke & Jn Murphy, 45 Artillery Place SE18
Alfred B Clarke, 163 Deptford High Street SE8
Alfred Button Clarke, 322 Ilderton road SE15
Mrs Grace A Clarkson, 26 Farm Lane SW6
E & A Claxton, 6 & 8 Greenman street W1
Denis Cleary, 527 Roman road E3
Rt James Clements, 150 Warwick Road W14
Frederick George Clinker, 64 Lant Street SE1
William Cload, 849 Garratt Lane SW17
Hy Jn Clogg, 55 Mandeville Street E5
Mrs Dorothy Margaret Cloud, 42 Roxwell Road W12
Mrs Ethel M Coast, 24 Bell Green SE26
David James Cochrane, 51 Solebay Street E1
Frank Cockain, 10 Collier street N1
Frederick Albert Cocksedge, 79 Neville Road N16; 61 Stoke Newington Church Street N16 & 8 Richmond Road N15
W H Coggan, 3 Medfield Street SW15
Edward H Cole, 3 Southwark park road SE16
Herbert Jn Cole, 101 Picton Street SE5
Leon J Cole, 53 Kinnerton Street SW1
Mrs Emily Coleman, 460 Bethnal Green Road E2
Harry Joseph Coleman, 276 Earlsfield road SW18
Mrs Helen Maggie coley, 13 Vansittart Road E7
Alfred J V Collett, 44 Albyn Road SE8
Thomas William Collins, 1 Preston Street E2
William Frederick George Collins, 174 Stepney Way E1
Edward Collinson & Son Ltd, 48 Lower Richmond Road SW15
Mrs Alice Eliz Collinson, 47 Wimbledon Road SW17
Charles Hy Collis, 96 Culvert road SW11
Stanley Thomas Collitt, 164 Barnsbury Road N1
George R Colwill, 6 Crossford Street SW9
William Jn Crompton, 64 Old Kent road SE1
George Conley, 161 Braintree Street E2
Jn Conning, 96 Usk road SW11
Sydney L Cook, 27 Lordship lane SE22
Mrs Susannah A Cook, 118 Vallance road E1
William Albert Cook, 29a Emford street W1
Frederick Charles Cooke, 2 Jelf road SW2
Abel Cooper, 178 Rhodeswell Road E14
Mrs Annie Cooper, 7 Willis Street E14
Albert J H Cope & Rt J Murray, 17 Remington street N1
Stanley Joseph Coppin, 401 Battersea Park Road SW11
Charles Frederick Corbey, 95 Bride Street N7
Mrs Ethel May Cordery, 233 Star Lane E16
George Hy Cordery, 21 Beale street north E13
Frederick Arthur Corfe, 115 Monier road E3
Sidney Cornelius, 1 & 3 Lilleshall Road SW4
Charles George V Cornish, 61 Frances street SE18
George Rt Cottenden, 36 Bloomfield Road SE18
William George Cotton & Arthur Craymer, 19 Besson street SE14
Edward Jn Cotton, 103 Landcroft Road SE22
Cotton & Umney, 43 Linhope street NW1
Thomas Coupland, 52 Kipling street SE1
Hy Cowen, 27 Warden Road NW5
L J Cowlard, 86 Gordon Road SE15
Albert Joseph Cox, 19 Pearscroft road SW6
Arthur Thursby Cox, 52 York Way N1
Mrs Lilian Beatrice Cox, 38 Barbauld Road N16
Jn Cozens, 55 Field Road E7
Cecil A Craig, 46 Ancona Road SE18
Charles Edward Craine, 18 Lamble Street NW5
Christopher Crawley, 25 Bow Common Lane E3
Mrs Annie Jane Cresswell, 56 Cleveland Way E1
William Crocome, 151 St Johns Hill SW11
Rt O Crofts, 41 Hoxton Street N1
Mrs Susannah Crofts, 655 Barking Road E13
Cyril Cross, 84 Scovell Road SE1
Cyril Aug Cross, 105 Landells Road SE22
Thomas Hy Cross, Bunton Street SE18
Jn Clarence James Crouch, 103 Graham street N1
S Cullen, 13 Purdy Street E3
Walter Hy Cullen, 2 Haverstock hill NW3
Ellis Culling, 24 Roehampton High Street SW15
Hy Arthur Cumming, 14 Atwell road SE15
Edward William Cunningham, 15 Passey place SE9
Percy V Cunningham, 86 Eardley road SW16
Frederick William Curtis, 105 Tanners Hill SE8
Harry Cusden Ltd, 189 Langley Road SW17; 334 Garratt Lane SW18; 15 Oldridge Road SW12; & 110 St Johns Hill SW11
Herbert Cuttriss, 139 Highgate Road NW5

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