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    Search the historical London street directory, pub history site and World War One records of gallantry and casualties by surname, street or pub name; including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This site justs get more interesting.

    The entire listing of the London Public Houses as recorded in the London 1944 Post Office Directory and Beer Retailers.

    1944 index

    Abbey Arms, W J Bradstock & M Banks, 384 Barking Road E13
    Abbey Arms, Hy Durrant, 31 Harrow Manorway, Abbey Wood SE2
    Abbey Hotel, Anchor Taverns Ltd, North Circular Road NW10
    Abbey Tavern, Wm Arth Baker, 8 Violet Hill NW8
    Abbey Tavern, Thos Keys & Wm G Farrow, 124 Kentish Town Road NW1
    Abingdon Arms, Sidney J Tilyard, 54 Abingdon Road W8
    Acorn, Joseph Jas Ewin, 149 Queensbridge Road E2
    Acton Arms, Edgar Rt Hyett, 296 Kingsland Road E8
    Adam & Eve, Chas Balsdon, 81 & 82 Petty France SW1
    Adam & Eve, Ind Coope & Allsopp Ltd, 284 & 286 Euston Road NW1
    Adam & Eve, Ind Coope & Allsopp Ltd, 1 Hampstead Road NW1
    Adam & Eve, Daniel Wm Kingston & Hugh McGowan, 47 Swan Road SE16
    Adam & Eve, Harold Wm Morris, 155 Homerton High Street E9
    Adam & Eve, Sydney Chas Parker, 14 Peckham High Street SE15
    Adam & Eve, Charlie Pearce, 489 Liverpool Road N7
    Adam & Eve, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 163 Kensington High Street W8
    Adam & Eve, Stanley Douglas Williams, 126 Abbey Road E15
    Adams Arms, Geo Benjamin, 4 Conway Street, Fitzroy Square W1
    Addington Arms, Chas Rt & Mrs Edith Batten, 25 Addington Road E3
    Adelaide, Jas Devine, 385 Liverpool road N1
    Adelaide Tavern, Albert G Evans, 1 Adelaide Road NW3
    Admiral Blake, Frank E A Taylor, 355 Ladbroke Grove W10
    Admiral Codrington, Alan Frise George, 17 Mossop street SW3
    Admiral Duncan, E J Rose & Co Ltd, 503 New Cross road SE14
    Admiral Hardy, Fredk Harold Jewhurst, 7 College Approach SE10
    Admiral Hawke, Mrs Bessie Collins, 191 Jamaica Road SE16
    Admiral Keppel, Mrs L R Croll, 232 Hoxton Street N1
    Admiral Keppel, Levy & Franks Ltd, 77 Fulham Road SW3
    Admiral Mann, Harold Macbeth, 9 Hampshire St, Brecknock Road NW5
    Admiral Napier, Fredk Geo Hampton, 84 Weedington Road NW5
    Admiral Napier, Alfred Kelly, 48 Amersham Vale SE14
    Admiral Nelson, Chas Oliff & Russel Stanley Everitt, 93 Carlton Vale NW6
    African Tavern, Mrs Caroline Prevost, 48a Grundy Street E14
    Agricultural Hotel, Wm Leonard Wall, 13 Liverpool Road N1
    Albany Arms, Jn Hollister, 227 Albany Road SE8
    Albany Tavern, White's Catering Inns Ltd, 240 & 242 Great Portland Street W1
    Albert, Leonard Auckland, 40 & 42 Porchester Rd W2
    Albert, 52 Victoria Street SW1
    Albert Arms, Wm R Hartwell, 1 Gladstone Street, London Road SE1
    Albert Arms, Lewis Waterman, 239 Bancroft Road, Mile End E1
    Albert Edward, Sydney Rubin, 75 Albert Road NW6
    Albert Edward, Wm Webster, 29 Bolton Road NW6
    Albert House, Fras Chas Hagon, 39 Forest Lane E15
    Albion, G Anson, 33 Caledonian Road N1
    Albion, Albert Arth Bartwell, 17 Sussex street SW1
    Albion, Harry L Hastings, 36 Lauriston Road E9
    Albion, Harold W Hills, 69 Harper Road, Newington Causeway SE1
    Albion, Albert Joseph Patrick & Mrs Elsie L Bergin, 52 Rodney Road SE17
    Albion, Thos W Pearce, 20 Albion Street SE16
    Albion, Mrs Hilda May Swan, Albert Road, North Woolwich E16
    Albion, Jas G Thompson, 88 East Road N1
    Albion, Mrs Charlotte Edith Walker, 10 Thornhill Road N1
    Albion, Albert Edwin Weller, 155 Commercial way SE15
    Albion, Mrs Alice Wells, 26 Bridge Road E15
    Albion Hotel, Alfred Hy Gane, 141 Boleyn Rd, Forest Gate E7
    Albion Hotel, Hy & Mrs Sarah Harris, 2 Clissold Road N16
    Albion Hotel, Rt Hy Kurn, 48 Woolwich Church Street SE18
    Albion Hotel, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 2 & 3 New Bridge Street EC4
    Albion Tavern, Geo Thos Collier, 33 Albion Drive E8
    Alderman, Wm Verge, 37 Stannary Street SE11
    Alexandra, Sidney S Harris, 162 Victoria Park Road E9
    Alexandra, Jas Geo Mitchell, 21 Alexandra Road NW8
    Alexandra, W J A Plant, 49 Gibbons Road SE15
    Alexandra, Fredk W Press, 289 Kirkdale SE26
    Alexandra, Howell St George, Knightsbridge SW1
    Alexandra Hotel, Wm Hy Banfield, 14 South Side, Clapham Common SW4
    Alfred Tavern, Fredk Jn Eden, 47 Roman Way N7
    Alfreds Head, Davy & Co Ltd, 140 Newington Causeway SE1
    Alfreds Head, Mrs Ada D Gipson,  49 Gold Street E1
    Alfreds Head, A E Hunt & G Keirle, 13 & 15 Brushfield Street E1
    Allen Arms, Frank Joseph Walker, 8 Allen Road N16
    Alliance, Rt Cary, 42 Mill Lane NW6
    Alliance, Rt W Spencely, 260 Sumner Road SE15
    Allsop House, Allens (Caterers) Ltd, 174 Marylebone Road NW1
    Alma, Edward Chas Burslem, 41 Barnabas Road E9
    Alma, Sydney Geo Purcell, 48 Kings Highway SE18
    Alma Tavern, Mrs Ellem Mary Doughty, 59 Newington Green Road N1
    Alma Tavern, Lewis Myers, 175 Westbourne Grove W11
    Alma Tavern, Geo Albert Williams, 499 York Road SW18
    Alscot Arms, Sidney Fredk Meadows, 128 Alscot Road SE1
    Alwyne Castle, Woolf Weinberg, 83 St Pauls Road N1
    Amersham Arms, Edward C Norman, 388 New Cross Rd SE14
    Amhurst Arms, Geo Ernest Perkins Nixon, 240 Amhurst Road E8
    Anchor, Chas Anthony Bentley, 165 Lewisham Road SE13
    Anchor, Thos David Erwin, 1 Bankside SE1
    Anchor, Mrs Eleanor Bertha Harris, 170 Bollo Bridge Road W3
    Anchor & Hope, Sidney Cash, 41 West Ferry Road E14
    Anchor & Hope, Hy Harding,  63 Sancroft Street, Kennington Road SE11
    Anchor & Hope, Rd J Moore, 8 Jamaica Street E1
    Anchor & Hope, 90 Duckett Street E1
    Anchor & Hope, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 36 The Cut SE1
    Anchor & Hope, Walter C J & Mrs Edna Sargent, Riverside SE7
    Anchor & Hope, Chas E H Topley, 83 New Church Road SE5
    Anchor Tap, Haroold Alfred Rayner, 28 Horselydown Lane SE1
    Andover Arms, Hy G Stuart, 57 Aldensley Road W6
    Angel, Mrs Beatrice Mary Bear, 61 St Giles High Street WC2
    Angel, Goodchild & Oldfield, 81 King Street W6
    Angel, Albert Edward Gower, 31 Webber Street SE1
    Angel, Wm Reginald Kendall, 11 Roehampton High Street SW15
    Angel, Jn Murphy, 21 Church Street E15
    Angel, Hy Arth Noakes, 14 Crosshall Street EC3
    Angel, Harry B L Rawlinson, 41 Upper ground SE1
    Angel, Ernest Walter Hy Reeve, 21 Rotherhithe Street SE16
    Angel, Hy Jn Shere, 29 Tooting High Street SW17
    Angel, Frank Valentine Tuck, 73 Lambeth Walk SE11
    Angel & Crown, Albert Hy Barnes & Mrs Edith Hubbard, 36 Warwick Street W1
    Angel & Crown, Sam Chaimo, 180 Roman Road E2
    Angel & Crown, Fras Conlon, 235 Upper Street N1
    Angel & Crown, 5 Whitechapel Road E1
    Angel & Crown, Levy & Franks Ltd, 58 St Martins Lane WC2
    Angel Hotel, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 73 City Road EC1
    Angel Inn, Eric Lewis Henderson, 37 Highgate High Street N6
    Angel Inn, Reginald Courtney Hilder, 11 Loampit Hill SE13
    Angell Arms, Mrs Olive Elder, 2 Loughborough Road SW9
    Angell Arms, Fredk Skinner, 69 Binfield Road SW4
    Angerstein Hotel & Tavern, Albert Fras Bessemer, 108 Woolwich Road SE10
    Anglesea, Fras J Brookerman & Winifred S Smith, 15 Selwood Terrace SW7
    Anglesea Arms, Mrs Mary Finn, 35 Wingate Road W6
    Anglesea Arms, Albert Matthews, 91 Woolwich New Road SE18
    Antelope, L M Humphreys, 22 Eaton Terrace SW1
    Antelope Tavern, Edward Askew, 55 Lorn Road SW9
    Antigallican, Cope's Taverns Ltd, 428 Woolwich Road SE7
    Antigallican, Mrs Minnie C Fordham, 155 Tooley Street SE1
    Apollo, Regent Catering Co Ltd, 28 Paddington Street W1
    Approach Hotel, Wm Wheeler Ltd, 11 Railway Approach SE1
    Approach Tavern, Jacob J King, 47 Approach Road, Victoria Road E2
    Arab Boy, Kenneth Joseph Mills, 289 Upper Richmond Road SW15
    Arabian Arms, Cecil H J Broadway, 234 Cambridge Heath Road E2
    Archduke Charles, Jas Fredk Abrahams,  1 Rodney Road SE17
    Archers Tavern, Simon Green, 42 Osborn Street E1
    Archery Tavern, Mrs Mary Bridgeland, 4 Bathurst Street, Hyde Park W2
    Archway Tavern, Carr's (London) Ltd, 1 Archway Road N19
    Archway Tavern, Carr's (London) Ltd, 2 Highgate Hill N19
    Argyll, Arth Silver, 18 Argyll Street W1
    Army & Navy, Jn Wm Chantry Lynch & Edwin Brownless, 1 Matthias Road N16
    Arsenal Tavern, Mrs R M Rusby, 175 Blackstock Road N4
    Artesian, Jn D Hobbs, 80 Chepstow Road W2
    Artichoke, Philip Cohen, 50 The Highway E1
    Artichoke, J T Davies & Sons Ltd, 55 Newington Causeway SE1
    Artichoke, Rt Dent, 121 Lower Marsh SE1
    Artichoke, Jas Wm Moore, 25 Camberwell Church Street SE5
    Artillery Arms, Thos Nelson Charlton, 102 Rochester Row SW1
    Artillery Arms, Albert Melton, 102 Bunhill Row EC1
    Arundel Arms, H James, 14 Westbourne Road N7
    Ashburnham Arms, Mrs Gladys A Walden, 25 Ashburnham Grove SE10
    Askew Arms, Wm Hunter Hollingdale, 269 Uxbridge Road W12
    Assembly House, Fredc Joseph French, 298 Kentish Town Road NW5
    Astbury Arms, Louis W Dinneen, 59 Astbury Road SE15
    Asylum Tavern, Chas Geo Hearn, 40 Asylum Road SE15
    Athenaeum, Henekeys Ltd, 332 Camberwell New Road SE5
    Atlantic Hotel, W E & F H Beard & Jn Rees THomas, 389 Coldharbour Lane SW9
    Atlas, Lawrence taylor, 16 Seagrave Road SW6
    Atlas Tavern, Wm T Douglas, 25 Winston Road N16
    Audley, Watts Coman, 41 & 43 Mount Street W1
    Australian, Jn Edward Ensom, 29 Milner Street SW9

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