The London Beer Retailers in the 1944 Post Office Directory - Bl.

By visiting the relevant London Public Houses, you will find Licensee information, bar staff, boarders & lodgers from Census and Trade Directory information.  Then try the address in the search engine.

1944 index

Edgar Ronald Blanks, 80 Bethwin Road SE5
Edmund David Blanks, 49 Alma Road SW18
Mrs Edith Bliss, 89 Lugard Road SE15
Jn Bloss, 191 Estcourt Road SW6
Harold F Blyfield, 9 Old Mill Road SE18
Jas R Boatright, 22 Dundridge Street E2
Douglas Chas Bolts, 27 Broadway, Stratford E15
Fred T Bone, 133 Teesdale Street E2
Mrs Ada Bonner, 29 Herbert Street NW5
Jas A Bonner, 20 Bulow Road SW6
Rt Boundy, 71 Alphonsus Road SW4
Mrs Ethel A Bourke, 2 & 4 Queen Caroline Street W6
Louis W Boutquin, 1 Normand Road W14
Ernest Rt Bowra, 24 Murray Grove N1
George J Bowra, 395 The Highway E1
William Jardine Boyes, 701 Fulham Road SW6
Edward William Boyton, 143 New Church Road SE5
Jas Hy Boyton, 46 St Matthews Road SW2
Edward George Brackpool, 229 Stepney Way E1
Mrs Elvina Bradford, 352 High Road, Tottenham N17
Stephen A Bradford, 36 Goodge Street W1
Alfred Ernest Bray, 43 Casterton Street E8
Alfred G Bray, 48 Duke Road W4
Mrs Mary Brennan, 249 Queensbridge Road E8
Frank Brett, 10 Grimaldi Street N1
Arthur Brewer, 126 Devonshire Road W4
Mrs Alice A Bridges, 121 Kensal Road W10
William A M Bridges, 85 Wornington Road W10
Colin Briggs, 17 Chatham Road SW11
Bertram J Bright, 78 Fitzalan Street SE11
Alfred W Bristow, 315 Hackney Road E2
William Hy Bristow, 116 Stonehouse Street SW4
Jn William Broadhurst, 53 Peel Street W8
Frederick Rd Brockwell, 104 St Anns Road W11
Mrs Cecilia Emma Bromfield, 26 Douglas Way SE8
George William Brooke, 57 Greenwich High Road SE10
Jas T Brooke, 250 Roman Road E2
Albert Jn Brooks, 56 Glenister Road SE10
Geo William Brooks, 13 Tooting Grove SW17
Brough & James, 14 Margravine Road W6
George W Broughton, 382 Lee High Road SE14
Ernest & Mrs Rose E Brown, 183 Copenhagen Street N1
Mrs Fanny L & Jn W H Brown, 153 East Street SE17
Arthur Brown, 7 Station Rise SE27
Arthur Neve Brown, 18 Wilmount Street SE18
Mrs Helena M Brown, 44 Staffordshire Street SE15
J J Brown, 173 Sydenham Road SE26
Joseph Brown, 103 Wick Road E9
Joseph H Brown, 112 Grange Road E13
William Jn Brown, 53 High Cross Road N17
Tom William Browning, 51 Harrow Road W2
Mrs Emma Mary Buck, 136 Cheshire Street E2
Thomas Edward Buckley, 578 Old Kent Road SE1
Arthur Buckridge, 30 Putney Bridge Road SW18
Sidney George Bugg, 15 Sparta Street SE10
Thos Hy Bull, 10 Thomas Street SE18
Mrs Mary E Bunbury, 44 North Wharf Road W2
Mrs Helena Bundock, 55 Woolwich Road SE10
Mrs Wilhelmina G Burch, 150 Jamaica Road SE16
Fredk Burchell, 176 Kingsland Road E2
Jas Burden, 96 Britannia Walk N1
Jn Jas Burford, 113 Lower Richmond Road SW15
Ernest George Burgess, 20 Bradmore Park Road W6
Mrs Rose Burgrim, 27 Rathbone Street E16
Mrs Florrie Burley, 58 Bush Road SE8
Jas Burrows, 12 Fellbigg Road SE22
Arthur Chas Burton, 131 Well Street E9
Frederick George Burwood, 3 & 5 Hallville Road E16
Rt William Bush, 117 London Road SE1
Mrs Gladys Buss, 10 Montpelier Vale SE3
Ernest A Butler, 343 Barking Road E13
Frank William Butler, 61 Old Ford Road E2
Harry Dunlop Butler, 37 Roman Road E2
Hy Butler, 25 St Pauls Way E3
Hy D Butler, 20 Aintree Street SW6
Hy Dunlop Butler & Walter Edmond Ponting, 100 Arlington Road NW1
Hy Dunlop Butler, 80 Loveridge Road NW6
Mrs Mary Butler, 64 Glengall Road SE15
Leslie Joseph Bygrove, 6 & 8 Greenman Street N1
Jas & Mrs Mary Byrne, 96 Usk Road SW11

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