The London Beer Retailers in the 1944 Post Office Directory - QR.

By visiting the relevant London Public Houses, you will find Licensee information, bar staff, boarders & lodgers from Census and Trade Directory information.  Then try the address in the search engine.

1944 index

Charles Quant, 25 Waddington Road E15
Mrs Emma L Quinlan, 330 Glyn Road E5

William Hy Rae, 1a Cunningham Road N15
Jn Chas Lewis & Mrs May Randall, 313 St James Road SE1
Jn Rd Rt Rankin, 122 Meeting House Lane SE15
Arthur Chas Thos Ratcliff, 96 Westbridge Road SW11
George Hy Rawlingson, 2 Sunwell Street SE15
Thomas Rawlins, 79 Kenworthy Road E9
Walter F Rayner, 32 Morning Lane E9
Mrs A Read, 171 Devonshire Road W4
Mrs Florence Read, 363b Kennington Road SE11
Mrs Florence M Read, 43a Osborne Road E9
Roland Read, 25 West Green Road N15
Miss Edith Reading, 66 Blackwall Lane SE10
Walter Hy Reason, 7 St Erwans Road W10
Arthur Sidney Reavell, 20 Horsman Street SE5
Mrs Alice Ann Reay, 34 Repton Street E14
Albert E Reed, 252 High Road, Tottenham N15
Collingwood W Reed, 5 & 7 Queensland Road N7
Edward Reed, 575 Kings Road SW6
Ernest Walter Reed, 231, 233 & 235 Eye Lane SE15
Chas E Reeder, 439 Wick Road E9
Chas J Reeve, 70 Philip Lane N15
Mrs Sarah Reeves, 25 Devons Road E3
Reffells Hampstead Off Licence, 9a Hampstead High Street NW3
Mrs Celestia E Restighini, 398 Hornsey Road N19
Patrick Joseph Reynolds, 63 Elthorne Road N19
George Roberts Rice, 9 Royal Road SE17
Fredk William Rich, 89 & 91 Burrage Road SE18
Mrs Dorothy E Richards, 2 St Georges Road E7
Henry Richards, 181 Downham Road N1
O Fredk Richmond, 189 St Leonards Road E14
Thos Rickard, 8 Old Kent Road SE1
Frank Walter Ridler, 105 Falcon Road SW11
T H & A E Ring, 86a Tanner Street SE1
Mrs Grace Ethel Ringe & Son, 222 Green Street E7
William E Risby & Luke B Dormer, 490 Old Kent Road SE1
Mrs Grace I Rixon, 155 Dartmouth Park Hill N19
Alfred W E Roberts, 236 Vallance Road E2
Mrs Florence A Roberts, 131 Globe Road E2
Hy H Roberts, 500 Commercial Road E1
Joseph Roberts, 827 Old Kent Road SE15
Chas E Robinson, 230 Albert Road, North Woolwich E16
George William Robinson, 149 Thessaly Road SW8
Reginald Robinson, 71 albany Road SE5
William Edward Robinson, 50a Durham Road N7
Thomas G Rochford, 31 Bradstock Road E9
B S Rogers, 332 Stepney way E1
William A Rogers, 63 & 65 Engleheart Road NW2
William Arthur Rogers, 1 Balmoral Road NW2
Percy Harold Roofe, 66 Greyhound Road W6
Mrs Florcence G Roper, 59 Avening Road SW16
Mrs Eliz Janet Ross, 121 Hammersmith Road W14
Chas Joseph Rouse, 67 Three Colts Lane E2
Walter George Rout, 14 Lillie Road SW6
Mrs Ellen Gladys Rowe, 14 Cunnington Street W4
Mrs Katherine M Rowney, 19 Ashmole Street SW8
William R Roylance, 187 Greyhound Road W14
Mrs Julia Rubinstein, 36 Lennox Road N4
Mrs Rose Mabel & Hy Wltr Rusby, 126 Blackstock Road N4
William Gordon Ruse, 32 Besley Street SW16
Mrs Annie Eliz Rushbrook, 38 Lydden Road SW18
Leslie W Ruskin, 1a Siddons Road N17
Arthur George Washington Russell, 24 Garton Street SW18
Frank Russell, 50 Chiswick Common Road W4
Walter George Russell, 155 Lower Richmond Road SW15
Chas Ryan, 1 Chatterton Road N4
Mrs Lillian E Rye, 111 Farmers Road SE5

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