London historical street directory and pub history

This is now an updated and complete, historical London street directory for 1832 and 1842 and more

The London Beer Retailers in the 1944 Post Office Directory - S.

By visiting the relevant London Public Houses, you will find Licensee information, bar staff, boarders & lodgers from Census and Trade Directory information.  Then try the address in the search engine.

1944 index

Albert Percy Saddington, 19 Wall Street N1
Jn J Sage, 551 & 553 Commercial Road E1
Mrs Sophia Ellen Sage, 127 Fonthill Road N4
Mrs Gertrude Freda Salmon, 2 St Dionis Road SW6
Jn William Salmon, 30 Broadway Market E8
Leonard George Salmonese, 65 Langford Road SW6
Rt M Salmons, 137 Harrow Road W2
Ernest Albert Saltern, 86 Neptune Street SE16
Mrs Laurie G W Sampson, 34 & 36 Holmbrook Street E9
Harry Samuels, 104 East India Dock Road E14
Miss Ivy Lilian Sandels, 2 Tidbury Street SW8
Mrs Bessie Sands, 42 Barnsbury Grove N7
Thomas C Sandman, 107 Sceptre Road E2
Mrs Florence R Sartain, 241 Haggerston Road E8
Jas Saunders, 188 Kendal Road W10
Mrs Mary A Saunders, 118 Old Bethnal Green Road E2
Walter Charles Sayers, 78 Hows Street E2
Jn L Scanlan, 41 Raglan Street NW5
Jn Rufus Scotford, 16 St Marks Road W11
A Scott & Co Ltd, 389 Mare Street E8
Frederick Scott, 116 & 118 Hackney Road E2
Marten Jn Way S Seal, 57 Elmira Street SE13
Fritz Eugen Sebright, 69 Plough Road SW11
Chas Hy Secular, 37 Arch Street SE1
Mrs Lilian C Seddon, 144 Lea Bridge Road E5
William Selves & A J West, 80 Plumstead Road SE18
Frederick Thomas Setterfield, 9 Mund Street W14
Mrs Mary Shacklady, 48 Timothy Road E3
James Albert Sharvill, 4 Robertson Street SW8
James Thomas Shaughnessy, 22 Head Street E1
Joseph Samuel Shaw, 16 Hillingdon Street SE17
Maurice Percy Shaw, 102 Riverdale Road N15
Albert Edward Shead, 57 Tarling Street E1
Wilfred James Shean, 60 & 62 Chelsea Manor Street SW3
Frederick C Sheldrick, 36 Chalgrove Road N17
Frank Shellibeer, 63 Rahere Street EC1
Frederick Chas Shepherd, 125 Gosset Street E2
Frederick E Shepherd, 9 Warspite Road SE18
Hy Shepherd, 35 Senior Street W2
Walter F Shepherd, 52 Broad Lane N15
Sydney Herbert Sheppard, 40 Holmshaw Road SE26
Chas Sherriff, 176 Camberwell Rad SE5
Frederick J Shipp, 140 Balaam Street E13
H T G Silk, 78 Blackheath Road SE10
Jn Sills, 95 Culvert Road SW11
Mrs Annie E Silverton, 410 Mile End Road E1
Frederick Geo & Mrs Elsie Simmonds, 27 Frederick Road E16
Mrs Ada Simmonds, 239 Victoria Park Road E9
William D Simmonds, 27 York Road SW11
William Jn Simmonds, 96 Merton Road SW18
Jn H Simpson, 102 Northwold Road E5
Oliver Saml Sims, 203 Southampton Way SE5
Abraham Skinner, 175 Longley Road SW17
Alfred Frederick Sleet, 130 Chalton Street NW1
Mrs Eliz E Slennett, 51 Durham Street SE11
Herbert Smalley, 10 Whateley Road SE22
G A Smith & Sons Ltd, 586 barking Road E13
Alex Frederick Smith, 473 Bethnal Green Road E2
Mrs Dorothy Gladys Smith, 880 High Road, Tottenham N17
Edward Smith, 53 Waldo Road NW10
Edward B Smith, 472 Commercial Road E1
Mrs Eliz Smith, 4 Compton Avenue N1
Mrs Eva M Smith, 39 Herries Street W10
George B Smith, 109 Lauriston Road E9
George W Smith, 135 Battersea Park Road SW8
Hy J Smith, 82 Hope Street SW11
James William Smith, 125 & 126 Blackfriars Road SE1
James William Smith, 178 Walworth Road SE17
Jn Rt Smith, 148 Tooting High Street SW17
Jn Wm Smith, 275 Sumner Road SE15
Montague Herbert Smith, 211 High Street, Acton W3
Rt Smith, 38 Park Road east W3
Robert Thomas Smith, 5 Mepham Street E1
Sidney G Smith, 47 Rothbury Road E9
Mrs Violet Hilda Smith, 1 Balaam Street E13
William F Smith, 460 Hackney Road E2
William George Smith, 428 Hackney Road E2
Chas Rd Snow, 254 Mile End Road E1
Mrs Eliz M Soper, 19 Besson Street SE14
Mrs Agnes South, 113 Dovehouse Street SW3
Harry Joseph Spells, 63 Sedleigh Road SW18
Edward Spencer, 24 Broadway Market E8
Jas T Spencer, 89 Dunbridge Street E2
Albert Edward Spicer, 32 Osborne Road W3
Albert Sprange, 957 Garratt Lane, Tooting SW17
Bert Edward Spring, 47 Danesdale Road E9
Hy Jn Spurden, 1 Sands End Lane SW5
Thomas Stainfield, 73 Wyndham Road SE5
Joseph William Stapleton, 79 Knights Hill SE27
Frederick Jn Starkey, 201 Salmon Lane E14
Joseph Starling, 69 Carr Street E14
Mrs Rebecca Stebbing, 112 Pritchards Road E2
Arthur E Steer, 41 Overstone Road W6
Mrs Ellen Stephenson, 127 Curtain Road EC2
Harry Sternshine, 96 Grundy Street E14
Edward Albert Stevens, 32 Pitfield Street N1
Ernest Sidney Stevens, 119 Star lane E16
Mrs Rachael Stevens, 32 Parkway NW1
Albert Stewardson, 190 Meyrick Road SW11
Hy W Stewart, 8 Garnet Street E1
Mrs Dorothy A Stiff, 45 Denmark Street E13
Frederick Stiff, 46 Winstanley Road SW11
Mrs Margaret Still, 73 Alma Road SW18
Chas Rt Stone, 12 Avondale Park Road W11
Joseph Clarence Stone, 81 Lambeth Palace Road SE1
Mrs Ellen E Stoner, 16 St Leonards Street E3
F S Stowell Ltd, 15 to 19 Britten Street SW3
George William Stradling, 44 Boleyn Road N16
Joseph Stranders, 114 Trafalgar Road SE10
Phillip Streetly, 32 Achilles Street SE14
William Edwin Struche, 17 Kinnerton Street SW1
Albert Styman, 83 Goldsmiths Row E2
Jas Jn Sullivan, 66 Lewisham High Street SE13
Arthur A Summers, 448 Roman Road E3
Mrs Annie Eliz Sutton, 35 Medway Road E3
Mrs Lilian Sutton, 106 Chapel Street E15
Jn Swain, 15a Blewett Street SE17
Jn Sweetland, 75 Cardross Street W6
Jn Swinburne, 102 Belgrade Road N16
Thomas Symonds, 86 Wandsworth Road SW8

What I am now attempting to achieve is the coverage of an earlier London street directory in 1832. This is unique, plus images of the 1842 Robsons directory which confirm earlier entries and also carry much more trade detail about a premises or person. Here is the index of streets in 1832, many with 1842 imagery added.
And next is the complete 1940 London street directory - this will take some months to complete, so bear with me!

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