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The London Public Houses in the 1944 Post Office Directory - Bo.

By visiting the  relevant London Public Houses, you will find Licensee information, bar staff, boarders & lodgers from Census and Trade Directory information. The East London / Essex / Middlesex areas are best covered, and new information is being added daily.

1944 index

Bodegas, 5 & 6 Bucklesbury, EC4
Bodegas, 45 Chancery Lane, WC2
Bodegas, 27 & 29 Eastcheap, EC3
Bodegas, Falcon Square, EC1
Bodegas, 42 Glasshouse Street, W1
Bodegas, 15 Fleet Street, EC4
Bollo Bridge Tavern, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 7 Hansbury Road, W3
Bolton Abbey, Fredk E Robins, 48 Lonsdale Road, W11
Bolton Hotel, Chas Vaughan Burr, 81 Duke Road, W4
Bolton Hotel, Arth Simmonds, 326 Earls Court Road, SW5
Bombay Grab, Jas C Lane, Bow Road, E3
Boot, Horace Markin, 116 Cromer Street, WC1
Boston Arms, Wm Samuel Page, Taunton Place, Dorset Square, NW1
Boston Hotel, N Fish, Junction Road, N19
Boundary Tavern, 62 Commercial Road, E1
Bow Bells, Jn Naylor Carter, 116 Bow Road, E3
Bowyer Arms Hotel, Wm Jn Grainger, 68 Clapham Manor Street, SW4
Bradley Arms, Jn Liddard, 179 Wandsworth Road, SW8
Bramcote Arms, Mrs Mabel Cowley, 58 Bramcote Grove, SE16
Bramley Arms, White's Catering Co Ltd, 1 Bramley Road, W10
Branksome Arms, Geo Fredk Page jun, 2 Sudbourne Road, SW3
Brazen Head, H H Finch Ltd, 69 Lisson Street, NW1
Breakspeare Arms, N Archer, 184 Brockley Road, SE4
Brecknock Arms, Benj Redfern Orton, 227 Camden Road, NW1
Brewers Hall, Martin Oates, 59 Charrington Street, NW1
Bricklayers Arms, John F Barnes & Son Ltd, 29 Chapel Road, SE27
Bricklayers Arms, Wm H Bird, 26 Cable Street, E1
Bricklayers Arms, Coman's Catering Co Ltd, 37 & 39 Old Kent Road, SE1
Bricklayers Arms, Cope's Taverns Ltd, 7 Broadwick Street, W1
Bricklayers Arms, Mrs Rose Ellen Dibsdall, 37 Brunel Road, SE16
Bricklayers Arms, Mrs Edith Kate Ford, 38 Lowell Street, Commercial Road east, E14
Bricklayers Arms, Leslie O Gomm, 33 Aybrook Street, Manchester Square, W1
Bricklayers Arms, Wm Arth Hatherall, 6 New Quebec Street, W1
Bricklayers Arms, Mrs Grace Evelyn Hicks, 94 Victor Road, N7
Bricklayers Arms, Harry Rt Jolley, 1 Hamilton Road, SE27
Bricklayers Arms, Sidney S & Harry J Jomes, 128 New North Road, N1
Bricklayers Arms, Fredk Wm Jordan, 189 Dartmouth Road, SE26
Bricklayers Arms, Herbert Victor Papworth, 90 & 92 Trafalgar Road, SE10
Bricklayers Arms, Joseph Rd Williams, 63 Charlotte Street, EC2
Bricklayers Arms, Wm Hy Wyatt, 121 Southampton way, SE5
Bridge, Mrs Jenny A Jeffery, 1 Bridgefoot, SE11
Bridge House, Jn H Eardley, 13 Westbourne Terrace, W2
Bridge House, Wm H Ludlow, 30 Borough Road, SE1
Bridge House, Geo V Palmer, 23 Barking Road, E16
Bridge House Tavern, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 55 Whitmore Road, N1
Bridport Arms, Frank Maguire, 67 Bridport Place, N1
Brighton, F A Meadows, 111 Camden High Street, NW1
Britannia, Wm Barker & Son (DDs) Ltd, 187 Camden High Street, NW1
Britannia, Mrs Louisa Adelaide Bloxham, 515 Fulham Road, SW6
Britannia, Wm A Butlin, 5 & 7 Plaistow Grove, E15
Britannia, F C Cammell, 27 Fulham Palace Road, W6
Britannia, Stanley Cyril Crew, 64 Frances Street, SE18
Britannia, Hy H & Mrs Matilda M Defries, 185 Bow Common Lane, E3
Britannia, Geo Hardy, 103 Kensal Road, W10
Britannia, Mrs Sophie K Hunt, 2a Junction Street, E16
Britannia, Improved Public House Co Ltd, 123a Clarendon Road, W11
Britannia, Mrs Eliz Lily Isaacs, 36 Fish Street Hill, EC3
Britannia, Mrs Catherine L Killman, 74 Britannia Row, N1
Britannia, Jonah F Lovejoy, 44 Kipling Street, SE1
Britannia, Mrs Hilda Susan Morgan, 95 Fairfax Road, NW6
Britannia, Bert Morris, 8 D'Arblay Street, W1
Britannia, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 232 Cable Street, E1
Britannia, Jas Oswald Reynolds, 217 Latimer Road, W10
Britannia, E J Rose & Co Ltd, 353 Wandsworth Road, SW8
Britannia, Mrs Eliz Kate Simpson, 94 Ironmonger Row, EC1
Britannia, Alex Stone, 45 Peckham High Street, SE15
Britannia, Chas Thos Wealthy, 212 Kingsland Road, E2
British Flag, Frank R Graves, 7 Newcourt Street, NW8
British Lion, Samuel Cramer, 153 & 155 Central St, St Lukes, EC1
British Lion, Arth R F Potter, 28 Acre Street, SW8
British Oak, Fredk D Lomas, 109 Old Dover Road, SE3
British Oak, Mrs Sarah Caroline Sheffield, 11 Oldhill Street, N16
British Oak, Alfred Geo Treby, 137 Westbourne Park Road, W2
British Prince, G & C J Brooke Ltd, 77 Goldhawk Road, W12
British Prince, Stephen Magee, 49 Bromley Street, E1
British Queen, Walter Geo Ellingford, 21 Love Lane, N17
British Queen, Edward Wm Fountain, 32 Prince of Wales Crescent, NW1
British Queen, Sidney Rt Harris, 208 Trafalgar Road, SE10
British Queen, Mrs Emily Joy, 134 Cannon Street Road, E1
British Queen, Percy Pulley, 47 Halton Road, N1
British Queen, Thos Hy Stevens, 434 Uxbridge Road, W12
Brockley Jack, Victor E Howlett, 410 Brockley Road, SE4
Brockwell Park Hotel, Douglas Norman Gaten, 133 Dulwich Road, SE24
Bromley Arms, Geo Cook, 51 Fairfield Road, E3
Bromley Arms, Mrs M Willoughby, 84 Cleveland Street, Fitzroy Square, W1
Bromley Hall Tavern, Reginald D Richards, 211 Brunswick Road, E14
Brompton Hotel, Alfred Lennox Hockey, 50 Brompton Road, SW3
Brondesbury Arms, Couchmans Ltd, 111 Canterbury Road, NW6
Brook Green Hotel, Wm Jas Kerley, 170 Shepherds Bush Road, W6
Brook Hotel, Rt Davidson, 386 Shooter's Hill Road SE18
Brookfield, Hy Thos Hammond, 119 Dartmouth Park Hill, N19
Brooklands Arms, Geo P Kitson & Hy Cooper, 36 & 38 Brooklands Road, SW8
Brown Bear, Geo H Brooks, 79 Aldersgate Street, EC1
Brown Bear, Mrs Annie Fowler, 139 Leman Street, E1
Brown Bear, Mrs Eliza M Gould, 154 & 156 Deptford High Street, SE8
Brown Bear, Thos McDonnell, 43 East Smithfield, E1
Brown Bear, Trust Houses Ltd, 179 High Holborn, WC1
Brownslow Arms, Jas Rd Wilkins, 10 Scriven Street, E8
Brownswood Park Tavern, Wm J Fahy, 271 Green Lanes, N4
Brunswick Arms,  Cope's Taverns Ltd, 25 Stamford Street, SE1
Brunswick Arms, Alfred Geo Mullett, Blackwall Way, E14
Brunswick Arms, C C Pearman, 44a & 46 Macdonald Road, N19
Brunswick Arms, Albert E & Mrs Caroline F Poole, 237 Well Street, E9
Brunswick Tavern, Jn Barnett, 148 Old Kent Road, SE1
Bucks head, Roy Harry Overall, 202 Camden High Street, NW1
Buckingham, Archie I Tyler, 62 Petty France, SW1
Bugle Horn, Hallam & Co (Victuallers) Ltd, 6 The Village, SE7
Builders Arms, Thos Harry & Mrs A E Blake, 49 Tavistock Place, WC1
Builders Arms, Mrs Ettie Florence Davis, 327 York Road, W11
Builders Arms, Geo Wm Dove, 8 Wyvil Road, SW8
Builders Arms, John Egan & Co Ltd, 20 Moreton Street, SW1
Builders Arms, Rt Hayward, 12 Hammersmith Bridge Road, W6
Builders Arms, Alfred H Hoare, 13 Britton Street, SW3
Builders Arms, Geo E Meek & Mrs Sarah Elsdon, 162 Grundy Street, E14
Builders Arms, Albert Hy Nie, 140 St Pauls Road, N1
Builders Arms, Fredk Perou, 1 Kensington Court Place, W8
Builders Arms, W & E F Smallwood, 52 Dame Street, N1
Builders Arms, George Whitehead & Sons (London) Ltd, 254 Pentonville Road, N1
Bull, H W Brown & Co, 4 & 6 Devonshire Row, EC2
Bull Hotel, Mrs Violet May Pickering, Shooters Hill, SE18
Bull Inn, Reginald Walter Elnaugh, 37 Kingsland High Street, E8
Bull Inn, Mrs H A M West, 278 High Road, Tottenham, N15
Bull & Anchor, Mrs Rose Geard & Mrs Rose Dorothy Crispin, 92 High Holborn, WC1
Bull & Gate, Rolles Bros, 389 Kentish Town, NW5
Bull & Last, Walter Jn Hughes, Highgate Road, NW5
Bull & Mouth, Harry Myers, 31 Bloomsbury Way, WC1
Bull & Pump, Samuel A Deakin, 72 Shoreditch High Street, E1
Bull & Star, Mills & Jeggo, 56 & 58 Putney High Street, SW15
Bull Tavern, Alfred H Masters, 14 Vincent Road, SE18
Bulls Head, Frederick Chas Barnes, 75 Lever Street, St Lukes, EC1
Bulls Head, Walter A Bennett, 15 Strand on the Green, W4
Bulls Head, Cope's taverns Ltd, 80 Leadenhall Street, EC3
Bulls Head, Ernest Rt Finch, 58 St Katharines Way, E1
Bulls Head, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 87 Rectory Grove, SW4
Bun Shop, Fredk Crookes Smith, 417 Strand, WC2
Bunch of Grapes, Cope's Taverns Ltd, 14 Lime street, EC3
Bunch of Grapes, Hy Michl Emery & Walter Chas Whitehouse, 80 Jermyn Street, SW1
Bunch of Grapes, Fredk P Hughes, 31 Duke Street, Manchester Square, W1
Bunch of Grapes, Improved Public House Ltd, 11 Dering Street, W1
Bunch of Grapes, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 45 Strand, WC2
Bunch of Grapes Tavern, Mrs D Witherick, 207 Brompton Road, SW3
Burford Arms, Mrs Hilda Pearce, 11 Burford Road, E3
Burlington, Costa & Biss, 169a Regent Street, W1
Burlington Arms, Cope's Taverns Ltd, 21 Old Burlington Street, W1
Bush Hotel, Clarke, Baker & Co Ltd, 2 to 6 Goldhawk Road, W12
Butchers Arms, Leonard Meyers, 56 Farringdon Road, EC1
Butchers Arms, Mrs Lily Rudkins, 256 York Way, N7
Butlers Head, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, Telegraph Street, EC2
Buxton Arms, Edward Geo Stradling, 47 Buxton Road, E15

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