The London Public Houses in the 1944 Post Office Directory - D.

By visiting the relevant London Public Houses, you will find Licensee information, bar staff, boarders & lodgers from Census and Trade Directory information. The East London / Essex / Middlesex areas are best covered, and new information is being added daily.

1944 index

Dagmar Arms, Wm Edwin Jn Belch, 64 Cornwall Road N15
Daisy, Yardley's London & Provincial Stores Ltd, 33 Brompton Road SW3
Dalby Tavern, Mrs Gwen A Bonsor, 7 Dalby Street NW5
Dartmouth, Percy Horace Lovett, 77 & 79 Laleham Road SE6
Dartmouth Arms, Mrs Lucy A Collings, 162 Bidder Street E16
Dartmouth Arms, Wm Joseph Gianella, 7 Dartmouth Road, Forest Hill SE23
Dartmouth Arms, Hy T Hammond, 35 York Rise, Highgate Road NW5
Dartmouth Castle, Disney Perry & Rd P Perou, 26 Glenthorne Road W6
De Beauvoir Arms, Frank H Weinberg, 28 Stamford Road N1
Denbigh Arms, Jas Suff, 3 Denbigh Place SW1
Denman Arms, 86 Denman Road SE15
Denmark, Fredk Smith, 102 & 104 Old Brompton Road SW7
Denmark Tavern, Mrs Nellie M Bentley, 115 Denmark Road SE5
Desborough Arms, Mrs R Stevenson, 274 Harrow Road W2
Devonshire Arms, Wm Edwin Boorman, 46 Moreton Street SW1
Devonshire Arms, Louis Cole, 21a Devonshire Road W1
Devonshire Arms, Wm Jas Ilines, 37 Marloes Road W8
Devonshire Arms, Levy & Franks Ltd, 17 Denman Street W1
Devonshire Arms, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 90 Notting Hill gate W11
Devonshire Arms, Miss Gladys E Skinner, 7 Duke St, Manchester Square W1
Devonshire Arms, Fredk Slaughter, 33 Kentish Town Road NW1
Devonshire Castle, Jn G Elvin, 67 Axminster Road N7
Devonshire Castle, Edward Hesling, 320 Harrow Road W2
Dew Drop Inn, Albert Jas Fendley, 72 Clifton Rise, New Cross Road SE14
Dew Drop Inn, Ernest A & Maud G Mears, 6 Hatfield Road E15
Dickens Wine House, 66 Edgware Road W2
Director General, Leslie J Jameson, 55 Wellington Street SE18
Distillers Arms, Mrs Catherine D Vinton, 28 Hancock Road E3
Dock House, Darby & Jpan (Caterers) Ltd, 293 & 295 East India Dock Road E14
Dockhead Stores, Herbert Fras Hasney, 146 Tanner Street SE1
Dog & Duck, Albert Arth Aldridge, Commercial Dock Pass SE16
Dog & Duck, Miss Clory de Maria, 18 Bateman Street W1
Dog & Truck, B M Briggs, 72 Back Church Lane E1
Dolphin, Billy Brake, 44 Red Lion Street WC1
Dolphin, Edwin Chas Cox, 85 Redchurch Street E2
Dolphin, Mrs Poppy Nellie Mabel Hansell, 121 Sydenham Road SE26
Dolphin, Jas Arth Shosbree, 47 Tonbridge Street WC1
Dolphin, Harry Silver, 165 Mare Street E8
Dorset Arms, Walter Edward Morgan, 124 Clapham Road SW9
Dorset Arms, Kenneth Barclay Smith, 377 & 379 Manchester Road E14
Dover Castle, 55 Sutton Street E1
Dover Castle, Mrs Catherine Conrad, 7 Deptford Broadway SE8
Dover Castle, Wm Rd Gardener, 42 Davidge Street SE1
Dover Castle, Harry Garrod, 91 Plumstead Road SE18
Dover Castle, Arth Moynes & Muriel Newman, 43 Weymouth Mews, Portland Place W1
Dover Castle, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 170 Westminster Bridge Road SE1
Dover Patrol, J T Davies & Sons Ltd, Rochester Way SE3
Doves, Geo C Izzard, 19 Upper Mall W6
Downham Arms, Hy Albert Smith, 158 Downham Road N1
Downham Tavern, Anchor Taverns Ltd, Downham Way, Bromley, Kent
Downs Hotel, Stewart Cecil Phillips, 75 Downs Road E5
D'Oyley Arms, Geo E Westley, 34 Draycott Avenue SW3
Drapers Arms, Albert Joseph Milne, 44 Barnsbury Street N1
Drayton, Herman Witney, 153 Old Brompton Road SW5
Drayton Park Hotel, Hy Chas Rhodes, 66 Drayton Park N5
Dreghorn Castle, Miss Minnie Eliza Carrington, 157 Queens Crescent NW5
Druids Head, Leonard Hanton Mackrell, 8 Deptford Church Street SE8
Dublin Castle, Matthew Nichols, 94 Parkway NW1
Duchess of Clarence, George Walter Cooper, 171 Vauxhall Bridge Road SW1
Duchess of Kent, Mrs Katherine Francis Lewis, 179 Morning Lane E9
Duchess of Kent, Mrs Harriet S Vaughan, 67 Deverell Street, Great Dover Street SE1
Duchess of Kent, Jas Weston, 441 Liverpool Road N7
Duchess of Kent, George L White, 72 Prebend Street N1
Duchess of Sutherland, Rd K Ralton, 66 Hazelville Road N19
Duchess of Wellington, Arthur Thomas Walls & Reg Oscar Corney, 28 Greens End Sw18
Duchess of York, Joseph Thomas Album, 170 Kingsland Road E2
Duchess of York, Jn William Rawlings, 2 Barlow Street SE17
Duchess of York, Godfrey Alan Vines, 87 Battersea Park Road SW8
Dudley Arms, Mrs Mabel Jennings, 147 Harrow Road W2
Duke, Jn Gomm, 125 Creek Road SE8
Duke of Albany, Ernest Edward Dilley, 39 Monson Road SE14
Duke of Albany, Mrs Maud Bessie Noon, 1 Kitto Road SE14
Duke of Albermarle, Knowland Bros, 6 Stafford Street, Old Bond Street W1
Duke of Argyll, Mrs Jessie Fraser, 26 Great Windmill Street W1
Duke of Bedford, London & Suburban Catering Co Ltd, 204 Eversholt Street, Euston Square NW1
Duke of Bridgewater, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 63 Graham Street, City Road N1
Duke of Cambridge, Jn Stanley Barry, 43 Thorne Road SW6
Duke of Cambridge, Frederick Reuben Buchele, 32 Lewisham High Street SE13
Duke of Cambridge, Mrs Margaret L Evans, 30 St Peters Street N1
Duke of Cambridge, H H Finch Ltd, 71 Cambridge Road NW6
Duke of Cambridge, Chas Grindrod, 431 West Green Road N15
Duke of Cambridge, Ernest Hancock, 28 Loddiges Road E9
Duke of Cambridge, Caedric Dixon Manning, 31 Devons Road E3
Duke of Cambridge, Jn Margulis, 345 Whitechapel Road E1
Duke of Cambridge, Thomas Moakes, 52 Deptford High Street SE8
Duke of Cambridge, William Andrew & Mrs Martha Myers, 106 Victoria Dock Road E16
Duke of Cambridge, Leonard M Ride, 349 Kennington Lane SE11
Duke of Cambridge, Rolles Bros, 64 Lawford Road NW5
Duke of Cambridge, Mrs M Smyth, 228 Battersea Bridge Road SW11
Duke of Cambridge, Jn Rd Soper, 43 Thorne Road SW8
Duke of Cambridge, Harold H & Mrs Sarah Virrels, 40 Hooks Road SE15
Duke of Clarence, Alfred W Bissell, 69 Tooley Street SE1
Duke of Clarence, Alfred Edward Brewer, 140 Rotherfield Street N1
Duke of Clarence, Mrs Edith Harrison, 98 Osnaburgh Street NW1
Duke of Clarence, George Jas & Mrs Florence Harvey, 186 Rotherhithe Street SE16
Duke of Clarence, Cyril Anthony Howett, 8 Frampton Street, Lisson Grove NW8
Duke of Clarence, W J Jenkins & Victor G Court, 61 Hackney Road E2
Duke of Clarence, William M Lawrence, 133 Grundy Street E14
Duke of Clarence, Laurence Owen Moran, 203 Holland Park Avenue W11
Duke of Clarence, Arth Geo Morgan & Herbert Samuel Timms, 154 Manor Road SE17
Duke of Clarence, Edwin Pears, 78 Clarence Road E5
Duke of Clarence, Miss Alma B Smale, 132 London Road SE1
Duke of Clarence, Chas F & Mrs Grace D Shaw, 181 Camberwell Road SE5
Duke of Cornwall, Walter William Conway, 3 Sherborne Place, Blandford Square NW1
Duke of Cornwall, Levy & Franks Ltd, 48 Fulham Palace Road W6
Duke of Cornwall, Hy Jn Swain, 127 Ledbury Road W11
Duke of Cornwall, Alec Tanner, 11 Lismore Circus NW5
Duke of Cornwall, William Thomas Ward, 152 Blenheim Gardens SW2
Duke of Cumberland, Mrs S L Belshaw, 16 Kensington High Street W8
Duke of Devonshire, Thomas W Cole & J W C Lynch, 72 Darnley Road E9
Duke of Devonshire, Alfred Rosen & Mrs Grace B Croker, 39 Balham High Road SW12
Duke of Edinburgh, 114 Fairfoot Road E3
Duke of Edinburgh, Frank Herbert Bailey, 204 Ferndale Road SW9
Duke of Edinburgh, Harry Chuter, 140 Albany Road SE5
Duke of Edinburgh, William Classen, 94 Wells Park Road SE26
Duke of Edinburgh, Mrs Margaret T Harris, 20 Fonthill Road N4
Duke of Edinburgh, Mrs Sarah Emily Knowles, 81 Malpas Road SE4
Duke of Edinburgh, Geo Osborne, 39 Shard Road SE15
Duke of Edinburgh, William L Reece, 93 Queensway W2
Duke of Edinburgh, Edward Chas Skillern, 165 Upper Richmond Road SW15
Duke of Edinburgh, Arthur Jas Wetheridge, 26 Crichton Street SW8
Duke of Gloucester, George B Fitt, 26 Seabright Street E2
Duke of Gloucester, Mrs Mary Ellen Jackson, 154 Pitfield Street N1
Duke of Gloucester, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 497 Oxford Street W1
Duke of Gloucester, Hy Worrow, 44 Gurney Street SE17
Duke of Grafton, Modern Inns & taverns Ltd, 278 Euston Road NW1
Duke of Hamilton, R M Williams, 25 New End NW3
Duke of Kendal, Mrs Eleanor Anna Molz, 39 Connaught Street W2
Duke of Kent, Rt Rd Carr, 365 Old Kent Road SE1
Duke of Kent, Jn Burn Catherwood, 26 Point Hill SE10
Duke of Lancaster, Chas Hunnings, 36 Laburnam Street E2
Duke of Marlborough, Chas George James, 212 Richmond Road E8
Duke of Norfolk, Mrs Lily Lyons, 202 & 204 Westbourne Grove W11
Duke of Richmond, London & Suburban Catering Co Ltd, 270 Caledonian Road N1
Duke of Richmond, Albert Simpole, 316 Queensbridge Road E8
Duke of St Albans, Philip D Turner, Highgate Road NW5
Duke of Suffolk, Arthur William Bloomfield, 28 & 29 Ellerman Street E14
Duke of Suffolk, Miss Christina Louise Cast, Hawkstone Road SE16
Duke of Sussex, Jas Frederick Cole, 23 Baylis Road SE1
Duke of Sussex, Walter Arthur Dungate, 106 Islington High Street N1
Duke of Sussex, H H Finch Ltd, 272 Portobello Road W10
Duke of Sussex, Edward Foster, South Parade, Bedford Park W4
Duke of Sussex, Leonard Knight & Fredk Pollard, 77 Friary Road SE15
Duke of Sussex, Mrs Emma E McDonald, 30 Beresford Street SE18
Duke of Sussex, Betram Jas Phillips, 151 Haggerston Road E8
Duke of Sussex, Albert Hy Woodroof, 27 Latimer Road W11
Duke of Sutherland, William G McNaughton, 51 Lorrimore Road SE17
Duke of Wellington, Alfred Ernest Brockman, 260 Haggerston Road E8
Duke of Wellington, Hugh Rashleigh Cardale,  119 Balls Pond Road N1
Duke of Wellington, Jn William Craigen & Mrs Frances Ann Cooper, 5 Whidborne Street WC1
Duke of Wellington, Denis C Donovan, 37 Mcmillan Street SE8
Duke of Wellington, William E Evans, 77 Wardour Street W1
Duke of Wellington, H H Finch Ltd, 179 Portobello Road W11
Duke of Wellington, William A Fox, 36 Arcola Street E8
Duke of Wellington, Jn Ingram, 71 Nile Street N1
Duke of Wellington, Gerald Stewart King, 63 Eaton Terrace SW1
Duke of Wellington, Alfred T Law, 45 Tarn Street SE1
Duke of Wellington, William Maaser, 90 Morning Lane E9
Duke of Wellington, Dennis McDonell, 12 Toynbee Street E1
Duke of Wellington, Leslie Wm Maddocls, 105 Meyrick Road SW11
Duke of Wellington, Chas Edward Michell, 82 Lough Road N7
Duke of Wellington, Mrs Cleopatra Nichol, 128 Old Woolwich Road SE10
Duke of Wellington, T Potter & Co Ltd, 94a Crawford Street W1
Duke of Wellington, Harold Hy Short, 63 Brady Street E1
Duke of Wellington, Chas & Mrs Jane E Simmonds, 74 Richmond Avenue NW
Duke of Wellington, Mrs Jane A Winn, 52 Cyprus Street E2
Duke of York, Harvey Harris Allcock, 2 Charnwood Street E5
Duke of York, Herbert Archer, 184 Larkhill Lane SW4
Duke of York, Mrs Winifred S Bailey, 2 Gateforth Street SW8
Duke of York, Baker & Medcalf, 132 & 134 Victoria Street SW4
Duke of York, Chas William Balsom, 37 Bagshot Road SE17
Duke of York, Mrs Florence May Cattell, 26 Berger Road E9
Duke of York, Mrs Nellie Clover, 35 New Cavendish Street W1
Duke of York, George William Follett, 57 York Road SE1
Duke of York, Goodhews Ltd, 24 York way N1
Duke of York, Jas William Groom, 33 Downham Road N1
Duke of York, Frank Stanley Hartland, 64 North Wharf Road W2
Duke of York, Thos Hooker & Hy Hastings, 24 Wenlock Street N1
Duke of York, Alfred Hyman, 241 Brick Lane E2
Duke of York, Mrs Banche Klein, 47 Rathbone Street, Goodge Street W1
Duke of York, Hyman Kleinfeld, 45 Harrowby Street, Edgware Road W1
Duke of York, Mrs Leah Lipman, 7 Roger Street, Grays Inn Rd WC1
Duke of York, Caedric D Manning & Mrs B J White, 6 Shetland Street E2
Duke of York, Jas Postlethwaite, 107 Devonshire Road W4
Duke of York, Hy Thomas Potter, 86 Steyne Road W3
Duke of York, William Collinwood Reed, 47 & 48 Borough Road SE1
Duke of York, Oliver Christopher Sims, 2 St Anns Terrace NW8
Duke of York, William F Stacey, 156 Clerkenwell Road EC1
Duke of York, Mrs Ellen Alice Swift, 287 Evelyn Street SE8
Duke of York, Mrs Florence Toole, 129 Antill Road E3
Duke of York, Hy Jas Webb & Mrs Mary W Wilson, 8 Dering Street W1
Dukes Head, 181 Whitechapel Road E1
Dukes Head, Sidney Keeble, 235 New Kings Road SW6
Dukes Head, Albert Stephens, 16 Highgate High Street N6
Dukes Head, Alfred Edward Tolley, 8 Lower Richmond Road SW15
Dulwich Wood House Hotel, Percy Joseph Thompson, 39 Sydenham Hill SE26
Dun Cow, Herbert Garland, 275 Albany Road SE5
Dun Cow, E J Rose & Co Ltd, 279 Old Kent Road SE1
Duncannon, George Alfred Williams & Mrs Marjorie Allan, 3 Duncannon Street WC2
Dundee Arms, William Coquard, 339 Cambridge Heath Road E2
Dunstan Arms, Mrs Charlotte D Carey, 50 East Road N1
Durell Arms, Goodhews Ltd, 704 Fulham Road SW6
Durham Arms, Chas Percy Papworth, 408 Hackney Road E2
Durham Arms, Edward Rainbow, 24 Stephenson Street E16
Durham Arms, William Joseph Skinner, 41 Harleyford Road SE11
Durham Castle, Ralph S Cromarty, 30 Alexander Street W2
Durham Castle, Hyman Raven, 165 Seven Sisters Road N4

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