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The London Public Houses in the 1944 Post Office Directory - Go.

By visiting the relevant London Public Houses, you will find Licensee information, bar staff, boarders & lodgers from Census and Trade Directory information. The East London / Essex / Middlesex areas are best covered, and new information is being added daily.

1944 index

Goat, Wm Bravery, 16 Queen Elizabeth Street  SE1
Goat, Mrs Emma Alice Rhodes, 3 Stafford Street  W1
Goat, Horace Jn Williams & Louis A Bruce, 3a Kensington High Street  W8
Goat in Boots, Mrs Anne Corteel, 333 Fulham Road SW10
Goat in Boots, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 31 Stanhope Street  NW1
Goat & Compasses, Albert Ernest Street, 341 Euston Road NW1
Goat & Compasses,  Albert Ernest Street, 60 Fitzroy Street  W1
Golden Anchor, Ernest A & Esther G F Thomas, 16 Evelina Road SE15
Golden Cross, Chas Oliver Edwards, 12 Church Hill SE18
Golden Cross, Albert C James, 74 Lancaster Road W11
Golden Fleece, Jn Goldman, Law Street, Tabard Street  SE1
Golden Fleece, Samuel Hyams, 216 Essex Road N1
Golden Heart, Jn Stephen Maddison, 110 Commercial Street  E1
Golden Horse, Wm Percy Childerhouse, 111 Forest Lane E7
Golden Lion, Mrs Ruby Hart, 133 Sumner Road SE15
Golden Lion, Mrs Grace M Hayden, 57 Fulham High Street  SW6
Golden Lion, Geo Jefcoate, 51 Dean Street  W1
Golden Lion, Clifford Lenehan, 221 Copenhagen Street  N1
Golden Lion, Phineas Lewis, 2 Britannia Street , Kings Cross WC1
Golden Lion, Joseph & Hyman Milner, 135 Cannon Street Road E1
Golden Lion, Regent Catering Co Ltd, 25 King Street, St James SW1
Golden Lion, Arth Rist, 116 Sydenham Road SE14
Golden Lion, Fredk C Twining & Wm Chas Wentworth, 23 Denmark Hill SE5
Golden Lion, Mrs Esther Walters, 88 Royal College Street  NW1
Goldhawk Hotel, Albert Hy Jn Heard, 122 & 124 Goldhawk Road W12
Goldsmiths Arms, Rt Arthur Knight, 91 Goldsmiths Row E2
Goldsmiths Arms, Sidney Herbert Taylor, 130 East Acton Lane W3
Good Samaritan, Alfred Hy Ryan, 87 Turner Street  E1
Gospel Oak, J R Murphy & Sons Ltd, 62 Southampton Road NW5
Gosset Arms, Mrs Sarah Rider, 111 Gosset Street  E2
Gosterwood tavern, Mrs Eliz Frances Crocker, 111 Gosterwood Street  SE8
Gower Arms, Mrs Phoebe Nickolls, 7 Store Street  WC1
Gowlett Arms, Wm Alfred Benning, 62 Gowlett Road SE15
Grafton Arms, Cope's Taverns Ltd, 20 Prince of Wales Road NW5
Grafton Arms, Albert J Hulse, Eburne Road N7
Graftons, Mrs Norah Marion Perkins, 2 Strutton Ground SW1
Grand Junction Arms, Mrs Cecilia F Long, 28 Praed Street  W2
Grange, Harry Smith, Acton Lane NW10
Grange, Alfred Howard Border, 56 Mayfield Road E8
Grapes, Mrs Myriam Lydia Allen, 5 India Street EC4
Grapes, Allens (Caterers) Ltd, 16 Shepherd Market W1
Grapes, Mrs Charlotte Askew, 76 Narrow Street  E14
Grapes, Ernest A Berridge, 39 Fairfield Street  SW19
Grapes, Fredk Joseph Eaton, 2 St Thomas Street  SE1
Grapes, Mrs Lilian Winifred Lauchlan, 27 London Road SE1
Grapes, Philip Levy, 29 Long Lane SE1
Grapes, Mrs Mildred P Noble, 121 Borough High Street  SE1
Grapes, Mrs Gertrude Norton, 26 Great Marlborough Street  W1
Grapes, Rt Ernest Pither, 50 Gainsford Street  SE1
Grapes, Uriah Vinn, 21 James Street  WC2
Grave Maurice, Ernest A Giddins, 269 Whitechapel Road E1
Grave Maurice, Nat Harris, 18 St Leonards Road E14
Graving Dock Tavern, Horace Chas Grant Salmon, North Woolwich Rd E16
Great Western, Ernest W Bell, 57 Hampton Crescent, Harrow Road W2
Green Coat Boy, Edgar Wiggins, 2 Greencoat Place SW1
Green Dragon, Ernest Blow, 123 Well Street  E9
Green Gate, Fredk Thos Camplin, 492 West Green Road N15
Green Gate, Albert Edward Carter, 228 & 230 Bethnal Green Road E2
Green Gate, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 198 City Road EC1
Green Man, Kempson Thompson, 225 Coldharbour Lane SW9
Green Man, Cope's Taverns Ltd, 57 Berwick Street  W1
Green Man, Couchmans Ltd, 308 Edgware Road W2
Green Man, Marytn Defries & Co Ltd, 67 Plumstead High Street  SE18
Green Man, Arth Albert Eaton & Cecil Hugh Broadway, Bromley Road SE6
Green Man, Thos Alfred Finch, 257 Hoxton street  N1
Green Man, Geo Wm Follett, 383 Euston Road NW1
Green Man, Goodhews Ltd, 45 Bedford Street , Strand WC2
Green Man, Chas A Harris, 71 Shacklewell Lane E8
Green Man, Hy Chas Harrison, 276 Old Kent Road SE1
Green Man, Louis Jn Jelmoni, 36 Ridinghouse Street W1
Green Man, Owen Michl Lynch, 144a Essex Road N1
Green Man, Frank Percival Muller & Cyril Theodore Carton, High Street, Harlesden NW10
Green Man, Whitey M Pollock, 7 & 9 Bucklersbury EC4
Green Man, Archie Rose, 1 Dartmouth Row SE10
Green Man, Horace D Sheppard & H E Hastings, 70 Poplar High Street  E14
Green Man, Mrs Lily Ann Stevenson, Putney Heath SW15
Green Man, Mrs Emily Strong, 287 Cambridge Heath Road E2
Green Man Distillery, Burgess Balls, 196 High Street, Stratford E15
Green Man & French Horn, Mrs Margaret Butcher, 54 St Martins Lane WC2
Green Man & Still, Jn Davis, 161 Whitecross Street  EC1
Greenwich Pensioner, Jn Hy Miller, 9 Bazely Street  E14
Gregorian Arms, Jn Thos Bagley, 96 Jamaica Road SE16
Grenadier, Arth Frank Curry, 18 Wilton Row SW1
Gresham Tavern, Alex Scopes, 3 Fyfield Road SW9
Grey Coat Boy, Geo Alfred Rider, 92 Roan Street  SE10
Grey Eagle, Arth Jas Wall, 52 Grey Eagle Street  E1
Grey Horse, Edwin Jn King, 5 Regent Street  NW10
Greyhound, Mrs Clara E Aldridge, 32 Old Ford Road E2
Greyhound, Mrs I F Bristow, 143 Phillip Lane N15
Greyhound, Jn Caulfield, 1 Kensington Road W8
Greyhound, Jn Wm Elms, 86 Eltham High Street  SE9
Greyhound, Alfred Garretts, 72 Balls Pond Road N1
Greyhound, Victor H Gibbons, 246 Woolwich Church Street SE1
Greyhound, R V Goodhew Ltd, 175 & 177 Fulham Palace Road W6
Greyhound, B Guest & A Tucker, 174 Balaam Street  E13
Greyhound, Mrs Mary E Higgs, 13 Cambridge Street  SW1
Greyhound, Chas W Hoye, 151 & 153 Greyhound Lane SW16
Greyhound, Mrs Florence B Mayhew, 109 Peckham High Street  SE15
Greyhound, Mrs Laura Mortlock, 315 Kirkdale SE26
Greyhound, Hy Edwin Robinson, 136 Battersea High Street  SW11
Greyhound, Ernest Thomas Whittingham, 136 West ham Lane E15
Griffin, Hy Colmer, 125 Clerkenwell Road EC1
Griffin, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 93 Leonard Street EC2
Griffin Tavern, Knowland Bros, 9 & 11 Villiers Street  WC2
Grosvenor, Mrs Eleanor R Askins, 75 Grosvenor Avenue N5
Grosvenor Arms, Wm Botwright, 108 Grosvenor Terrace SE5
Grosvenor Arms, Sidney Herbert Catt, 17 Sidney Road SW9
Grosvenor Arms, Leonard Hollingbery, 2 Grosvenor Street  W1
Grosvenor Arms, Mary M Sidle, 33 Mountmorres Road E1
Grosvenor Arms, Joseph Ward, 204 Garrett lane SW18
Grosvenor Basin, Carrs (London) Ltd, 29 Wilton Road SW1
Ground Rent Tavern, Jn Hames, 119 Forty Acre Lane E16
Grove Hotel, Joseph W Large, Oldridge Road SW12
Grove Tavern, Jas Ainsworth, 522 Lordship Lane SE22
Grove Tavern, Albert Jn Challis, 275 Battersea Park Road SW11
Grove Tavern, Percy Hector Dippple, 43 & 44 Beauchamp Place SW3
Grove Tavern, Geo Chas Sandlin, 26 Gloucester Grove SE15
Grove Tavern, Wm J Vian, 83 Hammersmith Grove W6
Grundy Arms, Jn Wm Briggs, 83 Grundy Street  E14
Guildford Arms, Mrs Amy Smeed Barnes, 55 Guildford grove SE10
Guildford Arms, S Peter Martin, 93 Godalming Road  E14
Guilford Arms, Mrs Amy & Alfred Ernest Butler, 83 Guilford Street  WC1
Guinea, Hy C Cutler, 30 Bruton Place W1
Gun, Mrs Rose Graham, 97 Woolwich New Road SE18
Gun Tavern, Jn Egan & Co Ltd, 125 Lupus Street  SW1
Gun Tavern, Thos T Oram, 27 Coldharbour E14
Gunter Arms, Gerald B Grace, 451 Fulham Road SW10
Guy, E J Rose & Co Ltd, 5 Chrisp Street  E14

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