The London Public Houses in the 1944 Post Office Directory - H.

By visiting the relevant London Public Houses, you will find Licensee information, bar staff, boarders & lodgers from Census and Trade Directory information. The East London / Essex / Middlesex areas are best covered, and new information is being added daily.

1944 index

Haberdashers Arms, Geo Jas Pomfret, 47 Culvert Street SW11
Half Moon, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 471 Holloway Road N7
Half Moon, Samuel Townsend, 84 Essex Road N1
Half Moon Hotel, Caterers Ltd, 10 Half Moon Lane SE24
Half Moon Hotel, Albert Edward & Mrs Annie Wiltshire, Lower Richmond Road SW15
Half Moon Tavern, Levy & Frank Ltd, 88 Gracechurch Street EC3
Half Moon & Bulls Head, Rt Franklin, 238 Rotherhithe Street SE16
Half Way House, Fredk Geo Stock, 393 Battersea Park Road SW11
HalfWay House, Caterers Ltd, 314 & 316 Lillie Road SW6
HalfWay House, H E Clark & F D Bartlett, 433 Garratt Lane SW18
HalfWay House, A Doe Ltd, 229 Rotherhithe New Road SE16
Hall Arms, Mrs Mary Gladys Hembling Schafer, 164 Church Street WC2
Hallsville Tavern, Geo Fredk Munday, 57 Hallsville Road E16
Hammelton, Wm Parr, 33 Akerman Road SW9
Hammersmith Tavern, Arth Claxton & Wm Chas Wines, 82 King Street W6
Hampshire Hog, Leslie & Mrs Florence Holingbery, 227 King Street W6
Hampton Court Palace, Beak & Mattocks, 21 Crampton Street SE17
Hanbury Arms, .., 59 Felton Street N1
Hanbury Arms, Wm Hy Allsop, 33 Linton Street N1
Hand & Flower, Mrs Eliza M Evans, 72a Parnell Road E3
Hand & Flower, Isaac Levy, 1 Hammersmith Road W14
Hand & Flower, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 617 Kings Road SW6
Hand in Hand, Frederick Edwin Loomes, 61 New Park Road SW2
Hand & Marigold, Mrs Ethel Hardiman, 244 Bermondsey Street SE1
Hand & Racquet, J T C Phillips Ltd, 48 Whitcomb Street WC2
Hand & Shears, Percy Wm Hills, 1 Middle Street EC1
Hanley Arms, Jas Thomas & Mrs Doris Sarah Goodland, 440 Hornsey Road N19
Hanover Arms, Knowland Bros Ltd, 326 Kennington Park Road SE11
Hanover Arms, Levy & Franks Ltd, 38 Rye Lane SE15
Harcourt Arms, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 32 Harcourt Street W1
Hare, Chas Aldred Jas Yeo, 505 Cambridge Heath Road E2
Hare & Billet, Frederick Guy Silk, 1a Grotes Place SE3
Hare & Hounds, Raymond C Bowling, 181 Upper Street N1
Hare & Hounds, Hy Dunlop Butler & Colman Raphael, 97 Stoke Newington Road N16
Hare & Hounds, Frank W Musgrave, North End Way NW3
Harmood Arms, Harold C H Treadaway, 59 Harmood Street, Chalk Farm NW1
Harp, Thos Keys, 52 Church Street NW8
Harrington Hotel, Ernest Block & Jas R Taylor,  25 Gloucester Road SW7
Harrison Arms, Rd Burwood, 28 Harrison Road WC1
Harrow, Ernest Haynes Dove, 22 Whitefriars EC4
Harrow, Mrs Rose E Emery, 9 Stoney Street, Borough Market SE1
Harrow, Edward R G W Parker, 64 Compton Street EC1
Harry Tavern, Wm Hy Rawe, 131 Brunswick Road E14
Harwood Arms, Levy & Franks Ltd, Walham Grove SW6
Hat & Feathers, Alfred Hy Gould, 2 Clerkenwell Road EC1
Hat & Tun, Sidney S Frank, 3 Hatton wall EC1
Hatchet, Mrs Frances Sarah Marks, 28 Garlick Hill EC4
Havelock, Joseph Levy, 57 Masboro Road W14
Havelock, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 20 Grays Inn Road WC1
Havelock Arms, Walter T Lucas, 110 Fort Road SE1
Havelock Tavern, Louis Solomons, 113 Albion Drive E8
Haverstock Arms, Thos W Childs, 154 Haverstock Hill NW3
Hayfield Tavern, Misses Ellen E Moss & Kathln Knight, 158 Mile End Road E1
Heaton Arms, Mrs Florence Susan Poole, 249 Rye Lane SE15
Heber Arms, Frank H Risdon, 3 Heber Road SE22
Helvetia, Frank D Cooper, 23 & 25 Old Compton Street W1
Hemingford Arms, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 158 Hemingford Road N1
Hen & Chickens, Geo Baker, 54 Alvey Street SE17
Hen & Chickens, Regent Catering Co Ltd, 109 St Pauls Road N1
Henley Arms, Mrs Jane Alice Cashman, 268 Albert Road, North Woolwich E16
Henry the Eighth, Edwin Jas Eatwell, 35 King Henry Street N16
Henshaw Arms, Miss Alice M Lewis, 93 Balfour Street SE17
Hercules, Albert W Peck, 44 Mansell Street E1
Hercules Pillars, Mrs Amy Holland, 18 Great Queen Street WC2
Hercules Tavern, Michl Z Staal, 2 Kennington Road SE1
Hercules Tavern, Goodhews Ltd, 504 Holloway Road N7
Hereford Arms, Mrs B A Woolner, 127 Gloucester Road SW7
Herne Arms, Maurice Harry Fiber, 18 Herne Hill Road SE24
Herne Tavern, A & S A Kench, 2 Forest Hill Road SE22
Hero of Maids, S Leslie Harris, 435 & 437 Edgeware Road W2
Hero of Waterloo, A G Morgan & G Tierman, 108 Waterloo Road SE1
Heroes of Alma, Mrs Hetty Eliz Marsh, 11 Alma Square NW8
Hever Castle, Ernest Arth Bennett, 16 D'Eynsford Road SE5
Highbury Barn tavern, Herbert Spencer & Sons (Caterers) Ltd, 26 Highbury Park N5
Highbury Park tavern, Ernest Lewis Watkin,  177 Highbury New Park N5
Highlander, Mrs Maude B Galloway, 89 Dean Street W1
Hog in the Pound, R V Goodhew Ltd, 373 Oxford Street W1
Holborn Tavern, Owen Ward, 4 High Holborn WC1
Hole in the Wall, Levy Bros, 1 Old Gloucester Street WC1
Hole in the Wall, G A Williams & Mrs D V Young, 202 - 206 Borough High Street SE1
Holland Arms, Trevor E Webb, 1 St Mary Abbots Terrace, Kensington High Street W14
Holloway Castle, Joe Platt Kinder, 392 Camden Road N7
Holloway Station Hotel, Valentine Oliver Gasking, 295 Holloway Road N7
Holly Bush Hotel, Wm A Brown, Hollymount NW3
Holly Tree, Wm Walter Hendy, 32 Dermody Road SE13
Holly Tree, Alfred Wm Lake, 129 Dawes Road E7
Holly Tree, Ernest Hy Pipkin, 349 Southwark Park Road SE16
Hollydale Tavern, Wm Geo Byne, 115 Hollydale Road SE15
Hollywood Arms, Herbert Chas Edwards, 45 Hollywood Road SW10
Holyrood, Mrs Jessie Franks, 77 Wells Street W1
Hoop, H H Finch Ltd, 45 Notting Hill Gate W11
Hoop & Grapes, Frank Edward Young, 80 Farringdon Street EC4
Hoop & Grapes, Trust Houses 47 Aldgate High Street EC3
Hoop & Toy, Mrs N E Penney, 34 Thurloe Place SW7
Hop Pole, Joseph Allen, 50 Upper Tulse Hill SW2
Hop Pole, Geo Fredk Sims, 14 Gambia Street SE1
Hop Poles, Hy Wm Ellis, 17 & 19 King Street W6
Hope, Fredk Bonehill, 4 Kenton Street WC1
Hope, E A Breacker, 24 St Peters Road W6
Hope, Mrs Ellen May Connors, 2 Pollard Row E2
Hope, Jas Rd Macdonald, 89 Holly Street E8
Hope, Jas W Milton, 94 Cowcross Street EC1
Hope, J W N Peters, 15 Tottenham Street W1
Hope, Ernest Arthur Smith, 49 Norwood High Street SE27
Hope Tavern, Napoleon Bolt, 1 Bellevue Road SW17
Hope Tavern, Cope's Taverns Ltd, 73 Loampit Vale SE13
Hope Tavern, Improved Public House Co Ltd, 179 Stanhope Street, Euston Road NW1
Hope & Anchor, Arthur Clarke Ltd, 207 Upper Street N1
Hope & Anchor, W F & E A Farmer, 123 Acre Lane SW2
Hope & Anchor, Chas W E Fletcher, 20 Macbeth Street W6
Hope & Anchor, Geo Thos Paulding, The Hale, Tottenham N17
Hope & Anchor, Fras Leonard Sprossen, 74 Crowndale Road NW1
Horn of Plenty, Frank Withers, 36 Globe Road E1
Horns, Goodhews Ltd, 1 Hackney Road E2
Horns, Isaac Miller, 2 Crucifix Lane SE1
Horns Hotel, J M Booker & H M Moore, 214 Kennington Park Road SE11
Horns Hotel, J M Booker & H M Moore, 411 Kennington Road SE11
Horns Tavern, Mrs Jessie Agnes Pinchon, 40 Knights Hill SE27
Horns & Horseshoes, Mrs Minnie Hutcheon, 10 Cable Street E1
Horns & Two Brewers, Thos A & Mrs Rose May Deeprose, 162 Grange Road SE1
Hornsey Wood Tavern, J R Carmoody, 376 Seven Sisters Road N4
Horse & Dolphin, Knowland Bros, 25 St Martins Street WC2
Horse & Groom, Chas A Beach, 107 Garratt Lane SW18
Horse & Groom, Mrs Adelaide Buchele, 22 Whitcomb Street WC2
Horse & Groom, Leonard Joseph Burton, 21 Chip Street SW4
Horse & Groom, Mrs Eliz Kathln Catherwood, 60 Blackheath Hill SE10
Horse & Groom, Harold Arthur Clarke, 128 Great Portland street W1
Horse & Groom, Sydney & Mrs Dinah Cohen, 169 Newington Butts SE11
Horse & Groom, Fredk Hy Collins, 24 Sumner Street SE1
Horse & Groom, Cope's Taverns Ltd, 262 Walworth Road SE17
Horse & Groom, Wm Jn Fredk Hills, 602 Woolwich Road SE7
Horse & Groom, Louis Ledger & Wm Chas Brown, 122 & 124 Westminster Bridge Road SE1
Horse & Groom, Mrs Lilliam Light, 7 Groom Place, Belgrave Square SW1
Horse & Groom, Harry J Norris, 68 Heath Street NW3
Horse & Groom, Frank Rosher, 255 Mare Street E8
Horse & Groom, Mrs Florence A Russell, 28 Curtain Road EC2
Horse & Groom, Morris Silverston, 21 White Church Lane E1
Horse & Groom, Jn Herbert Staniland & L C Bowles, 60 Streatham High Road SW16
Horse & Sacks, Percy Fredk Roberts, 36 Harrow Road W2
Horse Shoe, Harry J Bonner, 115 Tower Bridge Road SE1
Horse Shoe, Mrs Dorothy Madeline Howes, 160 Putney High Street SW15
Horse Shoe, Benj Walden, 24 Clerkenwell Close EC1
Horse Shoe Hotel, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 264 - 267 Tottenham Court Road W1
Horse Shoe Inn, Geo David Price, 7 Newington Causeway SE1
Horse Shoe & Magpie, Jn Rickard Murphy & Mrs Anne M Acton, 5 Topham Street EC1
Horse Shoe & Wheatsheaf, Rt G Palmer, 26 Melior Street SE1
Hour Glass, Albert Croft, 89 Faraday Street SE17
Hour Glass, Cecil Hunt, 279 & 281 Brompton Road SW3
Howard arms, Sol Angel, 21 Howard Road N16
Hoy Inn, Arth P Jemmett, 193 Creek Road SE8
Huntingdon Arms, Mrs Lily Pope, 115 Hemingford Road N1
Huntsman & Hounds, Jn E Sutherland, 70 Elsted Street SE17
Hutchison Arms, Mrs Kate E Berry, 34 Devonport Street E1

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