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The London Public Houses in the 1944 Post Office Directory - LordD.

By visiting the relevant London Public Houses, you will find Licensee information, bar staff, boarders & lodgers from Census and Trade Directory information. The East London / Essex / Middlesex areas are best covered, and new information is being added daily.

1944 index

Lord Derby, Arth Roades, 89 Walmer Terrace SE18
Lord Derby, Edward Wood, 74 Woodpecker Road SE14
Lord Duncan, Bertrand Guy, 36 Broadway Market, London Fields E8
Lord Elgin, Mrs R Martin, 255 Elgin Avenue W9
Lord Hampden, Stanley A Porter, 71 Hampden Road N19
Lord Henniker, Chas R Weston & Alfred Wood, 119 The Grove E15
Lord Herbert, Mrs Dulcie Alice Hoy, 47 Herbert Road SE15
Lord High Admiral, Anchor Taverns, 89 Church Street, Lisson Grove NW8
Lord High Admiral, Fredk Thos Barrett, 145 Vauxhall Bridge Road SW1
Lord Hill, Improved Public House Co Ltd, 74 North Wharf Road W2
Lord Hill, George William Seager, 131 Peckham Hill Street SE15
Lord Hood, Alfred Rd Baker, 300 Creek Road SE10
Lord Howick, Hy Holte, Warspite Road SE18
Lord John Russell, William Badge, 91 & 93 Marchmont Street WC1
Lord Lyndhurst, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 53 Lyndhurst way SE15
Lord Morpeth, Alfred Bailey, 402 Old Ford Road E3
Lord Napier, Edward Jas Crouch, 6 Woolwich Road SE10
Lord Napier, Albert Dockrell, 118 Great Church Lane W6
Lord Napier, George Edwin Moore, 25 White Post lane E9
Lord Napier, Harry Palmer, 27 London Fields, West side E8
Lord Nelson, Edward Jas Acres, 48 Stanhope Street, Euston Road NW1
Lord Nelson, Arth Jn Adams, 137 Trafalgar Street SE17
Lord Nelson, Sidney Victor Bishop, 264 Old Street EC1
Lord Nelson, Jn M Carroll, 105 & 107 Copenhagen Street N1
Lord Nelson, Mark Davis, 230 Commercial Road E1
Lord Nelson, Mrs Frances Freedman, 143 Morning Lane E9
Lord Nelson, Raie L Hames, 117 Victoria Dock Road E16
Lord Nelson, Hy Warburton Kenchat, 65 Watney Street E1
Lord Nelson, Percy Thos Lovely, 47 Pelly Road E13
Lord Nelson, Mrs Edith Eliz McIntyre, 1 Manchester Road E14
Lord Nelson, Joseph Harker Mehew, 37 Cranbrook Street, Old Ford Road E2
Lord Nelson, Leonard William Pryer & Ben Lear, 100 Holloway Road N7
Lord Nelson, L T Salmon & E J Clark, 386 Old Kent Road SE1
Lord Nelson, William Frederick Simmonds & Sons Ltd, 200 Kings Road SW3
Lord Nelson, Herbert M Soulsby, 6 Trafalgar Road SE10
Lord Nelson, L Harry Williams, 92 Hanson Street W1
Lord Nelson, Alfred Witherick, 148 Lever Street EC1
Lord Northbrook, Mrs E M Rawlins, 116 Burnt Ash Road SE12
Lord Palmerston, Clarke Baker & Co Ltd, 308 Kilburn High Road NW6
Lord Palmerston, Reginald Beak, 70 Harlington Road SW8
Lord Palmerston, Bartholomew Cowley, 91 Lordship Lane SE22
Lord Palmerston, Sidney Elvey, 648 Kings Road SW6
Lord Palmerston, Leonard Gurr, 33 Dartmouth Park Hill NW5
Lord Palmerston, William Garlick, 45 Hewlett Road E3
Lord Palmerston, David Gordon, 141 Merton Road SW18
Lord Palmerston, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 10 Annette Road N7
Lord Palmerston, Rolles Bros, 60 Hampstead Road NW1
Lord Palmerston, Mrs E & Wm Walter Rooke, 197 Philip Lane N15
Lord Palmerston, Frank P Webster, 81 Childers Street SE8
Lord Panmure, Albert Arth Robinson, 107 Plumstead Road SE18
Lord Raglan, Geo Ambler, 158 Burrage Road SE11
Lord Raglan, Geo Hy Martin Cox, 139 Southgate Road N1
Lord Raglan, Henekeys Ltd, 34 King Street W6
Lord Raglan, Morris Isaacs, 9 High Street, Plaistow E13
Lord Raglan, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd, 392 Wandsworth Road SW8
Lord Raglan, Edward Jn Wilder, 65 Cronin Road SE15
Lord Raglan, George H Wood, 19 Midlothian Road, Bow Common E3
Lord Ranelagh, Hy E Jones & Mrs Amy S Barnes, 53 Verona Street SW11
Lord Ranelagh, A A Williamson, 294 Old Brompton Road SW5
Lord Rodneys Head, Simon Bloom, 285 Whitechapel Road E1
Lord Somers Arms, L Rose, 115 Chalton Street NW1
Lord Southampton, Mrs Rovena M Harrison, 2 Southampton Road NW5
Lord Stanley, Harry Hastings & Harry Redfern Sutton, 51 Camden Park Road NW1
Lord Stanley, Chas E Hills & Chas E Keating, 31 Hinton Road SE24
Lord Stanley, Chas Savage, 136 Sandringham Road E8
Lord Stanley, William Edward Simmons, 15 St Marys Road E13
Lord Truro, Cyril Burmby & Alfred Jn Amis, 180 Dalston Lane E8
Lord Tyrawley, Patrick & McGregor Ltd, 71 Marylebone High Street W1
Lord Vernon Arms, Chas F George, 188 Pentonville Road N1
Lord Wellington, George Arth Bryan, 31 University Street WC1
Lord Wellington, Rt J C watson, 132 Weston Street SE1
Lord Westbury, Mrs Amelia Moss, 418 Wandsworth Road SW8
Lord Whitworth, Hy Chas Beckingham, 44 John Wilson street SE18
Lord Wolseley, William E G Williams, 76 Upper Brockley Road SE4
Loughborough Hotel, Mrs Alice Smith, 39 Loughborough Road SW9
Loughborough Park Tavern, Chas Edward Hills, 305 & 307 Cold Harbour Lane SW9
Lovat Arms, Howard R House & Caedric D Manning, 301 Burdett Road E14
Lowndes Arms, Mrs Bertha Lizzie Swaffer, 37 Chesham Street SW1
Lucas Arms, Mrs Emma Cosnett, 245a Grays Inn Road WC1
Lucas Arms, Mrs Emma Cosnett, 2 Cromer Street WC1
Lyric tavern, Louis Smurthwaite, 37 Great Windmill Street W1

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