London pub history in 1971 – B

London pub history in 1971: B

This is quite simply a list of pubs which existed in 1971 in London, it confirms their existence, and also their address at the time. These are starting with letter B.

Do you have additional detail about any of these London pubs, their history, your own photographs of yesteryear, e.g. in the 1960s and 1970s? Please let me know.

Bacchus, 177 Hoxton street N1, now closed
Bag O Nails, 6 Buckingham Palace road SW1, open
Baker & Oven, 76 Brompton road SW3, closed
Bakers Arms, 575 Lea bridge road E10, pub is permanently closed. Converted to Paddy Power bookmakers.
Bakers Arms, 75 Northiam street E8, This pub is long closed and demolished.
Bakers Arms, 70 Pitchford street E15, This pub was converted to residential by 2007 having closed by 2002
Bald Faced Stag, 69 High road, East Finchley N2, open
Balham Hotel, 21 Chestnut grove SW12, open
Balloon Tavern, 114 Lots road SW10, open
Balmoral Castle, 427 Caledonian road N7, open
Balmoral Castle, Churchill Gardens road SW1
Bancroft Arms, 410 Mile end road E1
Bank of Friendship, 226 Blackstock road N5
Bank of Swans P H, Clarence avence SW4
Baring Arms, 55 Baring street N1
Baring Hall Hotel, 368 Baring road SE12
Barley Mow, Barley mow passage W4
Barley Mow, 127 Curtain road EC2
Barley Mow, 8 Dorset street W1
Barley Mow, 82 Duke street W1
Barley Mow, 6 Errol street EC1
Barley Mow, 42 Headlam street E1
Barley Mow, 104 Horseferry road SW1
Barley Mow, 50 Long lane EC1
Barley Mow, 89 Royal hill SE10
Barons Arms, Oldfield grove SE16
Barons Court Hotel, 28a Comeragh road W14
Barrack Tavern, 9 Woolwich common SE18
Bath House, 96 Dean street Wl
Bath Tavern, 195 Asylum road SE15
Bay Tree, 59 Vicarage lane E15
Baynards Castle Tavern, 148 Queen Victoria street EC4
Beaconsfield, 24 Blythe road W14
Beaconsfield, 357/359 Green lanes N4
Bear & Staff, 11 Bear street WC2
Beaufoy Arms, 18 Lavender hill SW11
Beaumont Arms, 31 Beaumont road E10
Beaumont Arms, 170 Uxbridge road W12
Beckton Arms, 8 Beckton road El6
Bedford, 409 Clapham road SW9
Bedford Arms, 93 Andover road N7
Bedford Arms, 204 Dawes road SW6
Bedford Hotel, 77 Bedford hill SW12
Bedford Hotel, 220 Victoria park road E9
Bedford Tavern, 160 Seven Sisters road N7
Bee Hive, 21 Bartholomew street SE1
Bee Hive, Chelsea manor street SW3
Bee Hive, 128 Cobourg road SE5
Bee Hive, 258 Creek road SE10
Bee Hive, 122 Meeting house lane SE15
Bee Hive, 36 Railway side SW13
Bee Hive, Roman road E2
Bee Hive, 47 Woodside green SE25
Bee Hive Hotel, 365 Footscray road
Beehive, 60/62 Carter street SE17
Beehive, 126 Crawford street W1
Beehive, 6 Crossford street SW9
Beehive, 51 Durham street SE11
Beehive, 80 Empson street E3
Beehive, 7 Homer street W1
Beehive, Little Bury street N9
Beehive, 36 New North road N1
Beehive, 12 Robinhood lane E14
Beehive, 197 St Johns hill SW11
Beehive, Stoneleigh road N17
Beehive, 159 Walmer road W11
Belgrave, 63 Abbey road NW8
Belgrave Arms, 217 Queensbridge road E18
Belgrave Tavern, 744 High road, North Finchley N12
Belinda Castle, 63 Canonbury road N1
Bell, Addle hill EC4
Bell, 59 Bell green SE26
Bell, 29 Bush lane EC4
Bell, 617 Forest road, Walthamstow E17
Bell, 18 Haddo street SE10
Bell, 468 High road, Leytonstone E11
Bell, 53 The Mall W5
Bell, 50 Middlesex street E1
Bell, 257/259 Pentonville road N1
Bell, 274/276 Wandsworth road SW8
Bell, 57 Webber street SE1
Bell & Crown, 72 Strand on the Green W4
Bell & Hare, 724 High road, Tottenham N17
Bell Hotel, 3 Bell lane NW4
Belle Vue, 1 South side, Clapham common SW4
Belmont, 78/79 Chalk farm road NW1
Belsize Tavern, 29 Belsize lane NW3
Belvedere, 96/98 Pentonviile road N1
Belvedere Tavern, 43 Linden grove SE15
Benyon Arms, 155 De Beauvoir road N1
Beulah Spa, 41 Beulah hill SE19
Bevington Arms, 7 Blagrove road W10
Bickleigh, 74 Vestry road SE5
Bird Cage, 80 Columbia road E2
Bird Cage, 58 Stamford hill N16
Bird-in-Hand, 126 Bow road E3
Bird-in-Hand, 35 Dartmouth road SE23
Bird-in-Hand, 38/39 Hampstead High street NW3
Bird-in-Hand, 88 Masbro road W14
Bird-in-Hand, 115 Park road N8
Bird-in-Hand, 100 Tottenhall road N13
Bird-in-Hand, 12 West End lane NW6
Birds Nest, 15 York road SE1
Birkbeck, 312 Archway road N6
Birkbeck Tavern, 119 Elthorne road N19
Birkbeck Tavern, 45 Langthorne road E11
Bishop Bonner, 21 Bonner street E2
Black Boy, 169 Mile end road E1
Black Boy, 268 West Green road N15
Black Bull, 358 Fulham road SW10
Black Bull, 217 Haggerston road E8
Black Bull, 1446 High road, Whetstone N20
Black Bull, 316 Lewisham High street SE13
Black Bull, 199 Whitechapel road E1
Black Cap, 171 Camden High street NW1
Black Dog, 112 Vauxhall walk SE11
Black Eagle, 140 Brick lane E1
Black Friar, 174 Queen Victoria street EC4
Black Horse, 195 Evelyn street SE8
Black Horse, 40 Leman street E1
Black Horse, 109 Marylebone High street W1
Black Horse, 168 Mile end road E1
Black Horse, 35 Old Church street SW3
Black Horse, 6 Rathbone place W1
Black Horse, 67 Roman road E2
Black Horse, 27 Ropemakers fields El4
Black Horse, 313 Royal College street NW1
Black Horse, 167 Rushey green SE6
Black Horse, 41 St Martins lane WC2
Black Horse, 254 Tabard street SE1
Black Horse, 37 Wedmore street N19
Black Lion, 123 Bayswater road W2
Black Lion, 59 High street, Plaistow E13
Black Lion, High street north E6
Black Lion, 274 Kilburn High road NW6
Black Lion, South Black Lion lane W6
Black Lion & French Horn, 5 Pollen street W1
Black Prince, 6 Black Prince road SE11
Black Raven, 185/187 Bishopsgate EC2
Black Swan, 148 Bow road E3
Blackbird, Blackbird hill NW9
Blacksmiths Arms, 25 West Ferry road E14
Blacksmiths Arms, 257 Rotherhithe street SE16
Blackstock (The), 284 Seven Sisters road N4
Blade Bone, 185 Bethnal green road E2
Blakeneys Head, 143 Poplar High street E14
Blakesley Arms, 53 Station road E12
Blenheim, 27 Cale street SW3
Blenheim, 21 Loudoun road NW8
Blenheim Arms, 14 Blenheim crescent W11
Blind Beggar, 337 Whitechapel road E1
Bloomsbury Wine Lodge, 236 Shaftesbury avenue WC2
Blue Anchor, 67 Bromley High street E3
Blue Anchor, 35 Chancery lane WC2
Blue Anchor, 1432 High road, Whetstone N20
Blue Anchor, 13 Lower mall W6
Blue Anchor, 251 Southwark park road SE16
Blue Anchor, 51 /53 Steyne road W3
Blue Boar, 328 High street, Stratford E15
Blue Coat Boy, 415 City road EC1
Blue Eyed Maid, 173 Borough High street SE1
Blue Lion, 133 Grays inn road WC1
Blue Post, 28 Rupert street W1
Blue Posts, 6 Bennet street SW1
Blue Posts, 22 Berwick street W1
Blue Posts, 86/89 Cowcross street EC1
Blue Posts, 18 Kingly street, Regent street W1
Blue Posts, 81 Newman street W1P 3LD
Blue Posts, 6 Tottenham court road W1
Blue Posts, 73/75 West India dock road E14
Bluecoat Boy, 5/12 Norton folgate E1
Blythe Hill Tavern, 319 Stanstead road SE23
Bobbys Bar, 9 Glasshouse street W1
Bodegas, 2 Bedford street, Strand WC2
Bodegas, 5/6 Bucklersbury EC4
Bodegas, 27/29 Eastcheap EC3
Bodegas, 16 Kensington High street W8
Boileau Hotel, Castelnau SW13
Boleyn Tavern, 1 Barking road E6
Bolingbroke, 17 Chatham road SW11
Bolton Abbey, 48 Lonsdale road W11
Bolton Hotel, 81 Duke road W4
Bolton Hotel, 326 Earls court road SW5
Bombay Grab, Bow road E3
Boot, 116 Cromer street WC1
Boot & Flogger, 101 Borough High street SE1
Boston Arms, Taunton place NW1
Boston Arms Hotel, 180 Junction road N19
Bow Bells, 116 Bow road E3
Bowyer Arms Hotel, 68 Clapham manor street SW4
Bramcote Arms, 58 Bramcote grove SE16
Bramley Arms, 1 Bramley road W10
Branksome Arms, 2 Sudbourne road SW2
Brazen Head, 69 Lisson street NW1
Breakspeare Arms, 184 Brockley road SE4
Brecknock Arms, 227 Camden road NW1
Brewery Tap, 500 Commercial road E1
Brewery Tap, 68/69 High street, Wimbledon SW19
Brewery Tap, 54 Holloway road N7
Brewery Tap, 525 Kingeland road
Brewery Tap, 78 Lingham street SW9
Brewmaster, 37 Cranbourn street WC2
Bricklayers Arms, 9 Angel road N18
Bricklayers Arms, 33 Aybrook street, Manchester square W1
Bricklayers Arms, 37 Brunel road SE16
Bricklayers Arms, 29 Chapel road SE27
Bricklayers Arms, 63 Charlotte road EC2
Bricklayers Arms, 189 Dartmouth road SE26
Bricklayers Arms, 171 Devons road E3
Bricklayers Arms, 31 Gresse street W1
Bricklayers Arms, 1 Hamilton road SE27
Bricklayers Arms, 803 High road N17
Bricklayers Arms, 38 Lowell street, Commercial road east E14
Bricklayers Arms, 6 New Quebec street W1
Bricklayers Arms, 71 Redmans road E1
Bricklayers Arms, 121 Southampton way SE5
Bricklayers Arms, 90/92 Trafalgar road SE10
Bricklayers Arms, 94 Victor road N7
Bricklayers Arms, 32 Waterman street SW15
Bricklayers Arms, 33 Westmorland road SE17
Bridge Hotel, 204 Castelnau SW13
Bridge House, 23 Barking road E16
Bridge House, 30 Borough road SE1
Bridge House, 14 Bow Common lane E3
Bridge House, 13 Westbourne terrace road W2
Bridge House Tavern, 2 High street SE20
Bridport Arms, 12 Avondale park road W11
Brighton, 111 Camden High street NW1
Britannia, 1 Allen street W8
Britannia, 185 Bow common lane E3
Britannia, 232 Cable street E1
Britannia, 12 Chilton street E2
Britannia, 123 Clarendon road W11
Britannia, 95 Fairfax road NW6
Britannia, 36 Fish street hill EC3
Britannia, 515 Fulham road SW6
Britannia, Globe road E2
Britannia, 493 High road, Leytonstone E11
Britannia, 94 Ironmonger row EC1
Britannia, 69 King George street SE10
Britannia, 44 Kipling street SE1
Britannia, 289 Mare street E8
Britannia, 44 Morris street E1
Britannia, 45 Peckham High street SE15
Britannia, 2 Plaistow grove E15
Britannia, Sebastopol road N9
Britannia, 190 Talgarth road W6
Britannia, 353 Wandsworth road SW8
Britannia Tap, 150 Warwick road W14
British Flag, 103 Culvert road SW11
British Flag, 7 Newcourt street NW8
British Flag, 190 Victoria dock road E16
British Lion, Benhill road SE5
British Lion, Central street EC1
British Lion, 193 Hackney road E2
British Lion, Thessaly road SW8
British Lion, 46 West Ham lane E15
British Oak, 120 Lea bridge road E5
British Oak, 109 Old Dover road SE3
British Oak, 11 Oldhill street N16
British Oak, 28 Robinhood lane E14
British Oak, 37 Westbourne park road W2
British Prince, 49 Bromley street E1
British Prince, 77 Goldhawk road W12
British Queen, 134 Cannon Street road E1
British Queen, 161 Haydons road SW19
British Queen, Love lane N17
British Queen, 63 New Wanstead E11
British Queen, 34 Picton street SE5
British Queen, 32 Prince of Wales crescent NW1
British Queen, 208 Trafalgar road SE10
British Queen, 434 Uxbridge road W12
British Queen, 167 Whitecross street EC1
British Sailor, 26 Lassell street SE10
British Volunteer, 274 Latimer road W10
Broadway (The), 141 The Broadway SW19
Brockley Jack, 40 Brockley road SE4
Brockwell Park Hotel, 133 Dulwich road SE24
Bromley Arms, 84 Cleveland street W1
Bromley Arms, 51 Fairfield road E3
Bromley Hall Tavern, 211 Brunswick road E14
Brompton, 58 Brompton road SW3
Brondesbury Arms, 111 Canterbury road NW6
Brook (The), 386 Shooters Hill road SE18
Brook Green Hotel, 170 Shepherds bush road W6
Brookfield, 119 Dartmouth park hill N19
Brown Bear, 154/156 Deptford High street SE8
Brown Bear, 179 High Holborn WCl
Brown Bear, 139 Leman street E1
Brownlow Arms, 10 Scriven street E8
Brownswood Park Tavern, 271 Green lanes N4
Brunswick Arms, 78 Blackwall way E14
Brunswick Arms, 44a & 46 Macdonald road N19
Brunswick Arms, 237 Well street E9
Brunswick Tavern, 148 Old Kent road SE1
Bucks Head, 202 Camden High street NW1
Buccaneer, 17/18 Leicester square WC2
Buckingham, 62 Petty France SWl
Bugle Horn, 6 The Village SE7
Builders, 81 King street W6
Builders Arms, 13 Britton street SW3
Builders Arms, 162 Brownfield street E14
Builders Arms, 302 High street, Stratford E15
Builders Arms, 1 Kensington court place W8
Builders Arms, 44 Longfield street SWl8
Builders Arms, 140 St Pauls road N1
Builders Arms, 35 Woodfield place W9
Builders Arms, 8 Wyvil road SW8
Bull, 4/6 Devonshire row EC2
Bull, 13 North hill N6
Bull, Silver street N18
Bull, 262 Upper Richmond road west SWl4
Bull & Anchor, 92 High Holborn WC1
Bull & Bush Hotel, North End way NW3
Bull & Butcher, 1277 High road, Whetstone N20
Bull & Crown, The Green E4
Bull & Gate, 89 Kentish town road NW5
Bull Hotel, 151 Shooter‘s hill SE18
Bull inn, 278 High road, Tottenham Nl5
Bull Inn, 37 Kingsland High street
Bull & Last, Highgate road NW5
Bull & Mouth, 31 Bloomsbury way WC1
Bull & Pump, 72 Shoreditch High street El
Bull & Star, 36/38 Putney High street SW15
Bull Tavern, 14 Vincent road SE18
Bulls Head, 125 Central street EC1
Bulls Head, 80 Leadenhall street EC3
Bulls Head, 75 Lever street, St Lukes EC1
Bulls Head, 373 Lonsdale road SW13
Bulls Head, 87 Rectory grove SW4
Bulls Head, 15 Strand on the Green W4
Bunch of Grapes, 11 Dering street W1
Bunch of Grapes, 31 Duke street Wl
Bunch of Grapes, 14 Lime street EC3
Bunch of Grapes Tavern, 207 Brompton road SW3
Bung Hole, 57 High Holborn WC1
Burford Arms, 11 Burford street E1
Burgundian, 317 Finchley road NW3
Burlington Arms, 21 Old Burlington street W1
Burnell Arms, 241 High street north E1
Bush Hotel, 2/6 Goldhawk road W12
Butchers Arms, 56 Farringdon road EC1
Butchers Arms, 149 Thessaly road SW8
Butchers Arms, 256 York way N7
Butlers Head, 11 Telegraph street EC2
Butts, Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre SE1

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