London pub history in 1971 – F

This is quite simply a list of pubs which existed in 1971 in London, it confirms their existence, and also their address at the time. These are starting with letter F.

Do you have additional detail about any of these London pubs, their history, your own photographs of yesteryear, e.g. in the 1960s and 1970s? Please let me know.

London pub history in 1971: F

Falcon, 33 Bedford road SW4
Falcon, 202a East India dock road E14
Falcon, 10 Fetter lane EC4
Falcon, 234 Royal College street NW1
Falcon, 2 St Johns hill SW11
Falcon, 20 Wardour street Wl
Falcon Hotel, 120 Canterbury road NWS
Falcon Hotel, Lingfield crescent SE9
Falkland, 66 Falkland road NW5
Falmouth Arms, 53 Maryland road E15
Farleigh, 277 Amhurst road N16
Farmhouse, 52 Jason walk SE9
Farnborough Arms, 67 Westbridge road SW11
Farriers Arms, 214 Lower road SE8
Father Red Cap, 319 Camberwell road SE5
Faunce Arms, 2 Faunce street SE17
Favourite, 23 Hornsey rise N19
Favourite, 7/13 Queensland road N7
Feathers, 20 Broadway SW1
Feathers, Devonshire road W4
Feathers, 43 Linhope street NW1
Feathers Hotel, Broadway, Ealing W5
Fellmongers Arms, Crimscott street SEl
Fellowship Inn, Randlesdown road SE6
Fentiman Arms, 64 Fentiman road SW8
Ferndale Hotel, 40 Cyprus place E6
Ferry House, 26 Ferry street E14
Ferryboat Inn, Ferry lane N17
Festival Inn, 47 Dorset road SW8
Festival Inn, 71 Grundy street El4
Festive Briton, 55 Chrisp street E14
Final, 6 William IV street WC2
Finboro Arms, 118 Finborough road SW10
Finish, 142 Lynton road SE1
Finsbury Park Hotel, 336 Green lanes N4
Finsbury Park Tavern, 263 Seven Sisters road N4
Fir Trees, 142 Hermon hill E18
Fish & Ring, 141a White Horse road E1
Fishermans Arms, Old Oak lane NW10
Fishmongers Arms, 225 St Johns hill SW11
Fishmongers Arms, Winchmore hill road N14
Fishmongers Arms Hotel, 287 High road, Wood green N22
Fitzroy Tavern, 16 Charlotte street W1 & 43 Windmill street W1
Five Bells, 165 East End road N2
Five Bells, 153/155 New Cross road SEl4
Five Bells & Blade Bone, 27 Three Colt street El4
Flanagans Railway, 202 Upper Richmond road SW15
Flask Tavern, 14 Flask walk NW3
Flask Tavern, 77 Highgate West hill N6
Fleece, 160 Abbey street SE1
Flora Hotel, 525 Harrow road W10
Florence, 50 Florence street N1
Florfield Arms, 40 Florfield road E8
Florists Arms, 255 Globe road E2
Flower of the Forest, 123 Blackfriars road SE1
Flower of Kent, 135 Lewisham way SE
Flower Pot (The), 19/25 St Anns road N15
Flower Pot, 43 Old Bethnal green road E2
Flower Pot, 128 Wood street E17
Flying Dutchman, 156 Wells way SE5
Flying Horse, 52 Wilson street EC2
Flying Scud, 137 Hackney road E2
Flying Scud, 76 Ratbbone street E16
Fonthill Tavern, 127 Fonthill road N4
Forest Gate Hotel, 105 Godwin road E7
Forest Glen, 39 Dames road E7
Forest Hill Hotel, 41 Stanstead road SE23
Forest Hill Tavern, 108 Forest hill road SE22
Forester, 2 Leighton road W13
Forester PH, 116 Allfarthing lane SW18
Foresters, 9 Whitwell road E13
Foresters Arms, 45 Camberwell green SE5
Foresters Arms, 27 Lordship lane SE22
Foresters Arms, 76 Mitcham road SW17
Foresters Arms, 86/88 Point Pleasant SW18
Foresters Arms, 253 St Leonards road E14
Foresters Arms, 49 Waddington road E15
Foresters Tavern, 53 Perry vale SE23
Fort Tavern, 26 Sandy hill road SEl8
Fortune of War, 40 Woolwich New road SE16
Fortune of War, 184 York way N7
Founders Arms, 56 Hopton street SEl
Fountain, 68 Amwell street EC1
Fountain, 43 Camberwell road SE5
Fountain, 36 Deptford broadway SE8
Fountain, 862 Garratt lane SW17
Fountain, 16 Gillingham street SW1
Fountain, 211 Lower Clapton road E5
Fountain, 123 Sceptre road E2
Fountain, 51 Sewardstone road E4
Fountain, 125 West Green road N15
Fountain & Star, 31/32 Coleman street EC2
Fountains Abbey, 109/111 Praed street W2
Four Sisters, 25 Canonbury lane N1
Fox, 56 Ashbrook road N19
Fox, Green lane W7
Fox, 413 Green lanes N13
Fox, 372 Kingsland road E8
Fox, 62 New Cross road SE14
Fox, 28 Paul street EC2
Fox, 384 / 386 West Green road N15
Fox & Anchor, 115 Charterhouse street EC1
Fox & Goose, Hanger lane W5
Fox & Grapes, Camp road SW19
Fox & Hounds, 60 Besson street SE14
Fox & Hounds, 178 Forest lane E7
Fox & Hounds, 492 Hornsey road N19
Fox & Hounds, 150 Kirkdale SE26
Fox & Hounds, 66 Latchmere road SW11
Fox & Hounds, 29 Passmore street SW1
Fox & Hounds, 57 Plumstead common road SE18
Fox & Hounds, 56 Royal hill SE10
Fox & Hounds, Sewardstone road E4
Fox & Hounds & Mawson Arms, Chiswick lane south W4
Fox-on-tbe-Hill, Champion hill SE5
Fox & Pheasant, 1 Billing road SW10
Fox Tavern, 1 Islington green N1
Fox-under-the-Hiil, 286 Shooters hill road SEl8
Foxley Tavern, 1 Treherne road SW9
Frampton Arms, 47 Well street E9
Frankfort Arms, 518 Harrow road W9
Free Trader, 35 Green Hundred road SE15
Freemasons Arms, 32 Downshire hill NW3
Freemasons Arms, 35 Frederick place SEl8
Freemasons Arms, 38 Ladywell road SE13
Freemasons Arms, E1/82 Long acre WC2
Freemasons Arms, 96 / 98 Salmon lane E14
Freemasons Tavern, 646 Lordship lane N22
Freemasons Tavern, 81 Penge road SE25
Freemasons Tavern, 342 Romford road E7
Freemasons Tavern, Victoria dock road E16
French Horn, 49 Lambeth walk SE11
Friend at Hand, 4 Herbrand street WC1
Frying Pan, 13 Brick lane E1

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