London pub history in 1971 – L

This is quite simply a list of pubs which existed in 1971 in London, it confirms their existence, and also their address at the time. These are starting with letter L.

Do you have additional detail about any of these London pubs, their history, your own photographs of yesteryear, e.g. in the 1960s and 1970s? Please let me know

London pub history in 1971: L

Ladbroke Arms, 54 Ladbroke road W11
Ladbroke Hotel, 2 Talbot grove, Notting hill W11
Lads of the Village, 32 Hardens manor way SE7
Lady Franklin, 381 Old Ford road E3
Lady Mildmay, 29 Wolsey road N1
Lady Owen Arms, 285 Goswell road EC1
Ladywell Tavern, 80 Ladywell road SE13
Lamb, 94 Lambs Conduit street WC1
Lamb, 85 Pelly road E13
Lamb, 36 Wilmot street E2
Lamb & Flag, 24 James street W1
Lamb & Flag, 33 Rose street WC2
Lamb Tavern, 10, 11 & 12 Grand avenue, Leadenhall Market EC3
Lamb Tavern, North road N7
Lambeth Walk, 17 Lambeth road SE1
Lancaster, 134 Walmer road W11
Landor Hotel, 70 Landor road SW9
Langton Arms, 22 Normans buildings, St Lukes EC1
Lansdowne Arms, 90 Gloucester avenue NW1
Larkhall, Larkhall lane SW4
Larkhall Tavern, 96 Larkhall lane SW4
Latchmere Hotel, 503 Battersea park road SW11
Laurel Tree, 113 Bayham street NW1
Laurie Arms, 32 Crawford place W1
Laurie Arms, 234 Shepherds Bush road W6
Lea Tavern, 90 White Post lane E9
Leamington, 222 Horn lane W3
Leather Bottle, 538 Garratt lane SW17
Leather Exchange Tavern, Leather Market Bermondsey SE1
Lee Arms, 27 Marlborough avenue E8
Leicester, 44 Glasshouse street W1
Leigham Arms, 1 & 3 Wellfield road SW16
Leighton Arms, 101 Brecknock road N7
Leinster, 57 Ossington street W2
Leinster Arms, 17 Leinster terrace W2
Lemon Tree, 4 Bedfordbury WC2
Leopard, 33 Seward street EC1
Libra Arms, 53 Stratford road E13
Lillie Arms, 19 Lillie road SW6
Liliiput Hall, 9 Old Jamaica road SE16
Lincoln, 44 Blandford street W1
Lincoln Arms, 52 York way N1
Lion, 72 Angel lane E15
Lion, 1 Junction road N19
Lion, Spa road SE1
Lion, 8 Tapp street E1
Lion Hotel, North road N7
Lion & Key, 475 High road, Leyton E10
Lion & Lamb, 2 Doric way NW7
Lion & Lamb, Fanshaw street N1
Little Crown, 56 Albion street SE16
Little Driver, 125 Bow road E3
Little Star, 164 White Horse road E1
Little Western, 16 Bouverie place W2
Live & Let Live, 37 Northend road W14
Live & Let Live, 264 Romford road E7
Load of Hay, Brent street NW4
Locomotive, 31 Jamestown road NW1
Londesborough Arms, 36 Barbauld road N16
London Apprentice, 333 Old street EC1
London, Chatham & Dover Tavern, 41 & 43 Cabul road SW11
London Hospital Tavern, 176 Whitechapel road E1
London Spa, 70 Exmouth Market EC1
London Stone, 109 Cannon street EC4
London & Suburban Catering Co Ltd (managers), Vigdor house, 66/68 Pentonville road N1
London Tavern, 149 Maple road SE20
London Tavern, 92 Rendlesham road E5
Londoner (The), 2 East India Dock road E 14
Londoner (The), 1 West India Dock road E14
Long Bar, 22 Islington High street N1
Lord Bloomfield, 44 Plumstead common road SE18
Lord Brooke, 47 Shernhall street E17
Lord Burleigh, 250 Vauxhall bridge road SW1
Lord Camden, 31 Morecambe st,reet SE17
Lord Campbell, 142 Campbell road E3
Lord Cecil, 42 Lower Clapton road E5
Lord Chancellor, 91 & 93 Frampton street NW8
Lord Clyde, 1a Auckland street S E11
Lord Clyde, 3 Bethwin road SE5
Lord Clyde, 1 Brook hill road SE18
Lord Clyde, 175 Capworth street E10
Lord Clyde, 27 Clennam street SE1
Lord Clyde 342 Essex road N1
Lord Clyde, 124 Estcourt road SW6
Lord Clyde, 9 Wotton road SE8
Lord Combermere, 2 Conyer street E3
Lord Derby, 89 Walmer terrace 5E18
Lord Derby, 74 Woodpecker road SE14
Lord Elgin, 255 Elgin avenue W9
Lord Henniker, 119 The Grove E15
Lord Herbert, 47 Herbert road SE18
Lord High Admiral, 95 Church street, Lisson grove NW8
Lord Hill, 131 Peckham hill street SE15
Lord Hood, 300 Creek street SE10
Lord Hood, 89 Dunbridge street E2
Lord Howick, Warspite road SE18
Lord John Russell, 91 & 93 Marchmont street WC1
Lord Lyndhurst, 63 Lyndhurst way SE15
Lord Morpeth, 402 Old Ford road E3
Lord Morrison of Lambeth, 110 Wandsworth road SW8
Lord Napier, 75 Mortlake High street SW14
Lord Napier, 25 White Post lane E9
Lord Napier, 6 Woolwich road SE10
Lord Nelson, 66 Canon Beck road SE16
Lord Nelson, 230 Commercial road E1
Lord Nelson, 105/107 Copenhagen street N1
Lord Nelson, 100 Holloway road N 7
Lord Nelson, 1 Manchester road E14
Lord Nelson, 42 Masbro road W14
Lord Nelson, 17 Mora street EC1
Lord Nelson, 143 Morning lane E9
Lord Nelson, 386 Old Kent road SE1
Lord Nelson, 262/264 Old street EC1
Lord Nelson, 48 Stanhope street NW1
Lord Nelson, 137 Trafalgar street SE17
Lord Nelson, 243 Union street SE1
Lord Nelson, 65 Watney street E1
Lord Northbrook, 116 Burnt Ash road SE12
Lord Palmerston, 10 Annette road N7
Lord Palmerston, 81 Childers street SE8
Lord Palmerston, 33 Dartmouth park hill NW5
Lord Palmerston, Forest road E17
Lord Palmerston, 60 Hampstead road NW1
Lord Palmerston, 70 Hartington road SW8
Lord Palmerston, 45 Hewlett road E3
Lord Palmerston, 648 Kings road SW6
Lord Palmerston, 91 Lordship lane SE22
Lord Palmerston, 101 Maple road SE20
Lord Palmerston, 141 Merton road SW1I3
Lord Palmerston, 197 Philip lane N15
Lord Palmerston Hotel, 308 Kilburn High road
Lord Raglan, 158 Burrage road SE18
Lord Raglan, 9 High street, Plaistow E13
Lord Raglan, 19 Midlothian road E3
Lord Raglan, 61 St Martins-le-Grand EC1
Lord Raglan, 199 Shernhall street E17
Lord Raglan, 139 Southgate road N1
Lord Raglan, 392 Wandsworth road SW8
Lord Ranelagh, 294 Old Bromptou road 5W5
Lord Rodneys Head, 285 Whitechapel road El
Lord Rookwood, 314 Cann hall road E11
Lord Somers Arms, 115 Chalton street NWI
Lord Southampton, 2 Southampton road NW5
Lord Stanley, 51 Camden park road NW1
Lord Stanley, 55 Carmen street E14
Lord Stanley, 31 Hinton road SE24
Lord Stanley, 15 St Marys road E13
Lord Stanley, 136 Sandringham road E8
Lord Tredegar, 50 Lichfield road E3
Lord Truro, 180 Dalston lane E8
Lord Wellington, 508 Old Kent road SE1
Lord Wellington, 31 University street WC1
Lord Wellington, 132 Weston street SE1
Lord Westbury, 418 Wandswoirth road SW8
Lord Wolseley, 76 Upper Brockley road SE4
Lord Wolseley, 55 White Lion street N1
Lords Tavern, St Johns Wood road NW8
Lordship Tavern, 606 Lordship lane N22
Lorne Arms, 64 Queens road E17
Loughborough Hotel, 39 Loughborough road SW9
Loughborough Park Tavern, 305/307 Coldharbour lane SW9
Lovat Arms, 301 Burdett road E14
Lowndes Arms, 37 Chesham street S W1
Lucas Arms, 245a, Grays Inn road WC1
Lyric Tavern, 37 Great Windmill street W1

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