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London 1919 Suburban directory Beer Retailer listing - B.

This is a listing of the Beer Retailers in the UK London Post Office suburban Directory in 1919; it is an alphabetical listing of these Beer Retailers in the London suburbs, and also has links to the relevant page listing of the Licensees, Bar persons and Boarders and Lodgers etc. You can research further by entering the street address into the search engine database.


Bagnall Mrs. Mary E. 48 Magdala road N1.9
Bagnall Mrs. 20 Aintree street, Fulham SW6
Bailey Joseph Hodgson, 105 Falcon road, Battersea SW11
Bailey William George, 20 Bradmore park road, Hammersmith W6
Baker Edwd. Arth. 191 Lyham road Brixton SW2
Baker George, 179 Battersea park road SW8
Baker Joseph, 11 Retreat place, High hill ferry, Upper Clapton E5
Baker Mrs. Verina E. 46 Ancona road, Plumstead SE18
Baker Wm.John, 632 Kings road Fulham SW6
BaldwinsonFrank, 80 Avenue road Camberwell S E5
Ball Mrs. Henry, 118 Hither green lane SE13
Bampton Albert Chas. 231 Rye lane, Peckham SE15
Banister Wm. Hy. 35 Walmer road Plumstead SE18
Barbieri John, 56 Ashbrook road, Upper Holloway N19
Barker William Daniel, 40 Bolingbroke road, Battersea SW11
Barklamb Walter, 30 Rossington street, Upper Clapton E
Barnes George, 38 Old town, Clapham common SW4
Barnes Mrs. Minnie Gwendoline, 99 Summerstown, Tooting SW17
Barnes Mrs. 46 Porson street, Lewisham SE13
Barnes Percy Wm. 108 Wandsworth road SW8
Barnett George, 105 Tanner's hill, Deptford SE8
Barrett Albt.E. 45 Campbell road, Finsbury park N4
Barrett G. H 2 Perrers road, Hammersmith W6
Barrett William, 64 Shelgate road, Battersea SW11
Barrett W. E. 17 Ardmere road, Lewisham SE13
Barrow S. J. 39 Chatham road, Battersea SW11
Barton F. B. 89-91 Burrage road Plumstead SE18
Barton H. B. 18 Green's end, Woolwich SE18
Barton Wm. B. 296 Woolwich road, Charlton SE7
Bass Arthur, 69 Henley street, Battersea SW11
Batchelor Wm. Jn. 2 High street, Eltham SE9
Bathe Wm. Jas. 22 Peckham park road SE15
Baxter Frank, 43 Lower Clapton road E5
Beach Harry Francis, 2 Borrodaile road, Wandsworth SW18
Beagle Alfred. J. 96 Bridge road west, Battersea SW11
Bean Benj. 439 Wick road, Hackney wick El
Beaney John, 96 Usk road, Battersea SW11
Beard John, 76 Mitcham road, Tooting SW17
Beckley Ernest Augustus, 1 Hanbury road, Battersea SW11
Beech Cecil T. 169 Clarence road Lower Clapton E5
Bell Wm.R. 49 Becklow road Shepherd's bush W12
Bennett Frederick A. 14 Boathouse walk, Peckham SEl5
Bennett Henry William, 13 & 15 Woolwich road, Greenwich SE10
Benson Francis Bingley, 40 Landor road, Stockwell SW9
Biggs Harry, 69 Plough road, Battersea SW11
Birch George, 70 Clive road, Dulwich SE21
Bishop & Gm 48 Trinity road, Upper Tooting SW17
Bishop Henry, 47 01d Woolwich road Greenwich SE10
Blagg Jacob, 23 & 25 Marryat street, Hammersmith W6
Blake Charles, 243 Glyn road, Lower Clapton E5
Blake James, 51 & 53 Robsart street, Brixton SW9
Blake William, 1 Cheam place, Camberwell SE 5
Bliss Mrs. Alice L. 96 Culvert road, Battersea SW11
Bloss John, 191 Estcourt road, Fulham SW6
Bloss Mrs. Selina, 30 Putney bridge road SW18
Bloxhall Richard Hy. 46 Winstanley road SW11
Bond A. G. 330 Glyn road, Lower Clapton E5
Borroff Walter, 64 Glengall road, Peckham SE15
Bourne ErnestH.174 Daubeney road Clapton Park 5
Bowmer Daniel, 71 Arthur street, Battersea SW11
Boxall Eber, 32 Besley street. Streatham SW16
Boxell Miss Laurie G. W. 34 & 36 Holmbrook street, Homerton El
Boyes Wm. Jardine, 709 Fulham road SW6
Boyton Edward William, 143 New Church road, Camberwell SE 5
Braddle Charles William, 90 Southampton street, Camberwell SE 5
Bradshaw Alfred J. 155 Lower Richmond road, Putney SW15
Breach Arthur, 25 Nursery street, South Lambeth SW8
Briggs Colin, 17 Chatham road, Battersea SW11
Briggs Thos. 102 Flaxton road Plumstead S E18
Broadway Mrs. Laura M. 175 King street, Hammersmith W8
Brockman Mrs. Ellen E. 148 Albert road E16
Bromley Arthur Charles, 165 Lewisham road, Lewisham SE13
Brooker Mrs. Annie, 4 Fortune green,Fortune green road, Kilburn NW6
Brooks Alfd. Thos. 79 Sidney road Homerton E9
Brown Albt.H. 171 Queen's road Peckham SE15
Brown Mrs. Edward, 69 Herries street, Queen's park W10
Brown Edward, 18 Landor road Stockwell SW9
Brown Mrs. Hilda, 20 Median road Lower Clapton E 5
Brown Stuart Wm. 114 Trafalgar road SE10
Brownfield Saml. 1 Pemell's place, Peckham S E15
Brownrigg Wm. Jn. 256 Wandsworth road SW8
Buchele Alfd. 231 St. George's road Peckham SW15
Buchele Jas. 2 & 4 Queen street, Hammersmith W6
Buckland T. 91 St. Johns road, Battersea SW11
Burge Thos. 18 Northwold road, Stoke Newington N16
Burnett William 0. 18 Crimsworth road, South Lambeth SW8
Burrows Wm. 41Coldharbour lane, Cambrwell SE5
Burslem George, 55 Mandeville street E 5
Burton Herbt. R. 19 Pearscroft road Fulham SW6
Burton John, 1 Stainforth road, Battersea SW11
Butcher Caleb, 37 Taylor's lane, Upper Sydenham SE26
Butcher Thos. Jsph. 21 Chip street, Clapham SW4
Butler Arthur George Hack, 25 Hanbury road, Battersea SW11
Butler Charles Hasell, 40 Holmshaw road SE 26
Butler Frank, 66 Greyhound road Hammersmith W6
Byne Edward Davey, 57 Battersea bridge road SW11

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