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Old Pack Horse, 434 High road, Chiswick

A London street directory at London 1919

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Stratford High Street - looking back from London

If you can imagine walking away from a shopping centre of a busy town, and keep turning around to see if we have missed something. This would describe this page. Who normally cares where we have been? Well, it makes good photography.

Looking back down Stratford High Street, the station is hidden on the left. the red part of the road is a bus route, it's a hot day and most people are watching the World Cup - 2006.

I stand to be mistaken, but this is a view in the opposite direction, looking towards London - which is still several miles away. That looks like a very boring, and modern hotel / motel on the right. The big building, central, is a block of flats. who knows why they ever needed to build these.

This looks like the corner of carpenters Road, with the Carpenters Arms on the corner [please correct me if I am wrong] - so the next stage of the trip is to wander up Carpenters road, what fun!

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