Braintree Essex pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about pub history, and also connects to my many other pub history sites. These pages are of all the open pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, there are currently over 50,000 open pubs.  Index of all Boroughs

Braintree Essex - 133
47 Bar & Restaurant,"47 The Street, Rayne, Braintree, Essex",CM77 6RU,Braintree
Bespoke Catering @ Parklands Restaurant,"Haverhill Golf Club Ltd, Coupals Road, Sturmer, Halstead",CB9 7UW,Braintree
Bird In Hand,"Coggeshall Road, Earls Colne, Colchester, Essex",CO6 2JX,Braintree
Bird In Hand PH,"Chapel Hill, Halstead, Essex",CO9 1JP,Braintree
Bocking Arts Theatre,"Bocking End, Braintree, Essex",CM7 9AE,Braintree
Bocking Sports Club,"Church Street, Braintree, Essex",CM7 5JY,Braintree
Bocking United Services Club,"Church Street, Bocking, Braintree, Essex",CM7 5LA,Braintree
Bradwell Village Hall,"Church Road, Bradwell, Essex",CM77 8EW,Braintree
Braintree And Bocking Constitutional Club,"Great Square, Braintree, Essex",CM7 1TY,Braintree
Braintree Bowls Club,"29/31 Clare Road, Braintree, Essex",CM7 2PA,Braintree
Braintree Hockey Club,"The Four Releet, Church Street, Braintree, Essex",CM7 5LJ,Braintree
Braintree Rugby Club,"Beckers Green Road, Braintree, Essex",CM7 3PR,Braintree
Braintree Town Football Club,"Clockhouse Way, Braintree, Essex",CM7 3DE,Braintree
Braintree Youth Project,"10 Leather Lane, Braintree, Essex",CM7 1UZ,Braintree
Castle Hedingham Bowls Club,"Sheepcot Road, Castle Hedingham, Halstead, Essex",CO9 3HB,Braintree
Coggeshall Conservative Club,"32 Church Street, Coggeshall, Colchester, Essex",CO6 1TX,Braintree
Coggeshall Cricket Club,"Kelvedon Road, Coggeshall, Colchester, Essex",CO6 1RQ,Braintree
Coggeshall Town Football Club,"West Street, Coggeshall, Colchester, Essex",CO6 1NT,Braintree
Colne Valley Golf Club,"Station Road, Earls Colne, Colchester, Essex",CO6 2ER,Braintree
Colne Working Mens Constitutional Club,"16/18 York Road, Earls Colne, Colchester",CO6 2RN,Braintree
Courtauld Bowls Club,"C/O 54 Whitehorse Ave,, Halstead, Essex",CO9 1AL,Braintree
Crittall Athletic Social Club,"Village Hall, Broadway, Silver End, Witham",CM8 3RQ,Braintree
Cross Keys,"1 The Street, White Notley, Witham, Essex",CM8 1RU,Braintree
Dolphin Public House,"Coggeshall Road, Bradwell, Essex",CM77 8EU,Braintree
Earls Colne Recreation Club,"Halstead Road, Earls Colne, Colchester, Essex",CO6 2NG,Braintree
Earls Colne Social Club,"4 Foundry Lane, Earls Colne, Colchester, Essex",CO6 2SB,Braintree
Easterford Lodge Masonic Hall,"High Street, Kelvedon, Colchester, Essex",CO5 9DX,Braintree
Fox And Hounds,"3 Chapel Street, Steeple Bumpstead, Haverhill, Essex",CB9 7DQ,Braintree
Gosfield Social Club,"The Street, Gosfield, Halstead, Essex",CO9 1TD,Braintree
Halstead Conservative Club,"34 High Street, Halstead, Essex",CO9 2AP,Braintree
Halstead Cricket Club,"Star Stile, Sudbury Road, Halstead",CO9 2RP,Braintree
Halstead Masonic Hall,"Parsonage Street, Halstead, Essex",CO9 2JZ,Braintree
Hatfield Peverel Football Club,"Hatfield Peverel Sports Ground, Wickham Bishops Road, Hatfield Peverel, Essex",CM3 2JL,Braintree
Haver Arms,"Phoenix Road, Sturmer, Haverhill, Suffolk",CB9 7AE,Braintree
Kelvedon Conservative Club,"84 High Street, Kelvedon, Colchester, Essex",CO5 9AA,Braintree
Kelvedon Labour Club,"75 High Street, Kelvedon, Essex",CO5 9AE,Braintree
King William IV PH,"114 London Road, Braintree, Essex",CM77 7PU,Braintree
Little Elms PH,"Dorothy Sayers Drive, Witham, Essex",CM8 2LX,Braintree
MDP Wethersfield Amenities,"MDPGA, Wethersfield, Braintree, Essex",CM7 4AZ,Braintree
Memories Of Chinatown,"1 Crouch Green, Castle Hedingham, Halstead, Essex",CO9 3DX,Braintree
O'Grady's,"94 Panfield Lane, Braintree, Essex",CM7 5RL,Braintree
Pinkuah Arms,"Pinkuah Lane, Pentlow, Sudbury, Suffolk",CO10 7JW,Braintree
RAF Association Headquarters,"Howbridge Road, Witham, Essex",CM8 1BX,Braintree
Sible Hedingham Social Club,"Crosspath, Station Road, Sible Hedingham, Essex",CO9 3QB,Braintree
Silver End Bowling Club,"Broadway, Silver End, Witham, Essex",CM8 3RA,Braintree
Silver End Youth Football Club,"Pavillion, Silver Street, Silver End",CM8 3QF,Braintree
Sir Charlie Lockrams Drinking Parlour,"1 Lockrams Lane, Witham, Essex",CM8 2BJ,Braintree
Stepfield Snooker Club,"2 Stepfield, Witham, Essex",CM8 3TH,Braintree
Swan Inn PH,"The Street, Hatfield Peverel, Chelmsford, Essex",CM3 2DW,Braintree
Terling Cricket Club,"The Dismals, Terling, Chelmsford, Essex",CM3 2PY,Braintree
The Angel PH,"St Marys Square, High Street, Kelvedon, Colchester",CO5 9AN,Braintree
The Battesford Court,"100/102 Newland Street, Witham, Essex",CM8 1AH,Braintree
The Bell,"Dunmow Road, Great Bardfield, Braintree, Essex",CM7 4SA,Braintree
The Bell,"Kynaston Road, Panfield, Braintree, Essex",CM7 5AQ,Braintree
The Bell Inn,"10 St James Street, Castle Hedingham, Halstead, Essex",CO9 3EJ,Braintree
The Bell Inn,"The Street, Feering, Colchester, Essex",CO5 9QQ,Braintree
The Bull,"Blackmore End, Wethersfield, Braintree, Essex",CM7 4DD,Braintree
The Bull PH,"Market Place, Braintree, Essex",CM7 3HJ,Braintree
The Castle PH,"77 High Street, Earls Colne, Colchester, Essex",CO6 2QX,Braintree
The Chapel Inn,"4 Market Hill, Coggeshall, Colchester, Essex",CO6 1TS,Braintree
The Cherry Tree,"Cressing Road, Witham, Essex",CM8 2NW,Braintree
The Compasses At Pattiswick,"Compasses Road, Pattiswick, Braintree, Essex",CM77 8BG,Braintree
The Co-operative Food,"Colchester Road, Halstead, Essex",CO9 2DY,Braintree
The Cross Keys PH,"The Green, Hatfield Peverel, Chelmsford, Essex",CM3 2JQ,Braintree
The Dorrington,"2A Trinity Street, Halstead, Essex",CO9 1JD,Braintree
The Drum Inn,"21 High Street, Earls Colne, Essex",CO6 2PA,Braintree
The Duke Of Wellington,"The Street, Hatfield Peverel, Chelmsford, Essex",CM3 2EA,Braintree
The Eight Bells PH,"6 Colchester Road, Bures, Sudbury, Suffolk",CO8 5AE,Braintree
The Five Bells PH,"7 Mill Lane, Colne Engaine, Colchester, Essex",CO6 2HY,Braintree
The Fox Inn,"The Green, Finchingfield, Braintree, Essex",CM7 4JX,Braintree
The George,"36 Newland Street, Witham, Essex",CM8 2AQ,Braintree
The George Inn,"The Street, Shalford, Essex",CM7 5HH,Braintree
The Green Dragon,"Upper London Road, Black Notley, Braintree, Essex",CM77 8QN,Braintree
The Green Man,"3 Church Lane, Toppesfield, Halstead, Essex",CO9 4DR,Braintree
The Griffin,"Parsonage Street, Halstead, Essex",CO9 2JT,Braintree
The Half Moon,"Cole Green, Belchamp St Paul, Sudbury, Essex",CO10 7DP,Braintree
The Henny Swan,"Henny Street, Great Henny, Sudbury, Suffolk",CO10 7LS,Braintree
The Horse And Groom,"Cornish Hall End, Finchingfield, Braintree, Essex",CM7 4HF,Braintree
The Horse And Groom PH,"20 Rayne Road, Braintree, Essex",CM7 2QA,Braintree
The Kavern,"Function Room In The Basement Of Th, East Street, Braintree, Essex",CM7 3JJ,Braintree
The Kings Head,"The Street, Pebmarsh, Halstead, Essex",CO9 2NH,Braintree
The Kings Head PH,"The Street, Gosfield",CO9 1TP,Braintree
The Lamarsh Lion (NLT),"Bures Road, Lamarsh, Halstead, Essex",CO8 5EP,Braintree
The Lion PH,"11 High Street, Earls Colne, Colchester, Essex",CO6 2PA,Braintree
The Locomotive,"Butler Road, Halstead, Essex",CO9 1LL,Braintree
The Lounge,"10 - 12 Market Place, Braintree, Essex",CM7 3HG,Braintree
The Mulberry Tree,"Braintree Bypass, Braintree, Essex",CM77 8GG,Braintree
The Nags Head,"8 Market Place, Braintree, Essex",CM7 3HG,Braintree
The Onley,"The Street, Stisted, Braintree, Essex",CM77 8AW,Braintree
The Orange Tree,"Cressing Road, Braintree, Essex",CM7 3PH,Braintree
The Pheasant PH,"Audley End, Gestingthorpe, Halstead, Essex",CO9 3AU,Braintree
The Picture Palace,"Fairfield Road, Braintree, Essex",CM7 3HA,Braintree
The Plough,"The Street, Birdbrook, Halstead, Essex",CO9 4BJ,Braintree
The Railway,"2 Chipping Hill, Witham, Essex",CM8 2DE,Braintree
The Railway Tavern,"182 High Street, Kelvedon, Essex",CO5 9JD,Braintree
The Rayleigh Arms,"1 Owls Hill, Terling, Chelmsford, Essex",CM3 2PW,Braintree
The Red Lion,"The Street, Sturmer, Haverhill, Essex",CB9 7XF,Braintree
The Red Lion Inn,"Fowes Lane, Belchamp Otten, Sudbury, Suffolk",CO10 7BQ,Braintree
The Red Lion PH,"7 Newland Street, Witham, Essex",CM8 2AF,Braintree
The Red Lion PH,"8 Church Street, Steeple Bumpstead, Haverhill",CB9 7DG,Braintree
The Retreat PH,"42 Church Street, Bocking, Braintree, Essex",CM7 5JY,Braintree
The Royal Oak,"58 High Street, Halstead, Essex",CO9 2JG,Braintree
The Sportsman,"Unit 5, Lakes Road, Braintree, Essex",CM7 3RU,Braintree
The Spread Eagle Public House,"51 Newland Street, Witham, Essex",CM8 2BD,Braintree
The Sun Inn,"Feering Hill, Feering, Essex",CO5 9NH,Braintree
The Swan,"1 The Street, Rayne, Braintree, Essex",CM77 6RQ,Braintree
The Swan,"153 Newland Street, Witham, Essex",CM8 1BE,Braintree
The Swiss Bell,"Mountbatten Road, Braintree, Essex",CM7 9UL,Braintree
The Three Bottles,"Leather Lane, Great Yeldham, Halstead, Essex",CO9 4HY,Braintree
The Three Tuns Inn,"Wethersfield Road, Finchingfield, Braintree, Essex",CM7 4NR,Braintree
The Victoria PH,"Powers Hall End, Witham, Essex",CM8 1LT,Braintree
The Victory Inn,"The Green, Wickham St Paul, Halstead, Essex",CO9 2PT,Braintree
The Warrens,"Dooley Road, Halstead, Essex",CO9 1JW,Braintree
The Welsh Princess,"21 The Street, Rayne, Braintree, Essex",CM77 6RW,Braintree
The Wheatsheaf,"2 Queen Street, Castle Hedingham, Halstead, Essex",CO9 3EX,Braintree
The White Hart,"15 High Street, Halstead, Essex",CO9 2AA,Braintree
The White Hart,"Poole Street, Great Yeldham, Halstead, Essex",CO9 4HJ,Braintree
The White Horse Inn,"Mill Road, Ridgewell, Halstead, Essex",CO9 4SG,Braintree
The Willow's Inn,"The Street, Cressing, Braintree, Essex",CM77 8DQ,Braintree
The Woolpack,"Church Street, Witham, Essex",CM8 2JP,Braintree
The Woolpack Inn,"91 Church Street, Coggeshall, Colchester, Essex",CO6 1UB,Braintree
Three Pigeons,"Mount Hill, Halstead, Essex",CO9 1AA,Braintree
Twinstead Cricket Club,"30 Spire Chase, Sudbury, Suffolk",CO10 1PZ,Babergh
Vine End Gastro Pub Ltd,"Vine Street, Great Bardfield, Braintree, Essex",CM7 4SR,Braintree
Wagon And Horses PH,"53 South Street, Braintree, Essex",CM7 3QD,Braintree
Western Arms,"Western Road, Silver End, Witham, Essex",CM8 3SD,Braintree
Wethersfield Village Hall Men's Club,"Old Mill Chase, Wethersfield, Braintree, Essex",CM7 4EB,Braintree
Wheatsheaf,"The Green, Hatfield Peverel, Chelmsford, Essex",CM3 2JF,Braintree
White Notley Football Club,"Oak Farm, The Street, Faulkbourne, Witham",CM8 1SF,Braintree
Witham Bowls Club,"Collingwood Road, Witham, Essex",CM8 2DY,Braintree
Witham Rugby Club,"Spa Road, Witham, Essex",CM3 2JG,Braintree
Witham Town Football And Social Club,"Spa Road, Witham, Essex",CM8 1UN,Braintree
Witham Town Luncheon Club,"Town Hall, 61 Newland Street, Witham, Essex",CM8 2FE,Braintree

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