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London Borough of Brent pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about London history, and connects to my many pub history sites. These pages are of all London Borough pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, currently 4441 pubs open in total. Index of all Boroughs

Brent (95)
Angies,11A-13A Walm Lane, London,NW2 5SJ,Brent
Angie's,127 High Street, London,NW10 4TR,Brent
Arista Bar,232 Church Lane, London,NW9 8SN,Brent
Ask Lounge (Ask UK Limited),The Heather Park Hotel, Heather Park Drive, Wembley,HA0 1SN,Brent
Bar Lula's,50 High Road, London,NW10 2QA,Brent
Barretts,239 Cricklewood Broadway, London,NW2 3HP,Brent
Black Horse,1018 Harrow Road, Wembley,HA0 2QP,Brent
Black Leaf,163 Edgware Road, Kingsbury, London,NW9 6LL,Brent
Blue Ginger,383 Kenton Road, Harrow,HA3 0XS,Brent
Bokor,77 Kilburn High Road, London,NW6 6HY,Brent
Brent Tavern,4 Gladstone Parade, Edgware Road, Cricklewood, London,NW2 6JS,Brent
Carlton Lounge,232-234 Kingsbury Road, London,NW9 0BH,Brent
Club 182,182-184 Preston Road, Wembley,HA9 8PA,Brent
Club Marina,244-246 Kingsbury Road, London,NW9 0BG,Brent
Crystals / Aqua,Crystal Sport Bar - Crystal Aqua (Ground Floor), 1 Pop In Commercial Centre, South Way, Wembley,HA9 0HB,Brent
Crystals Bar & Restaurant,Community Centre, Crystal House, 2 Agate Close, London,NW10 7FJ,Brent
Earl Derby,155 Kilburn High Road, London,NW6 7HU,Brent
Erin's Hope,189 Edgware Road, Kingsbury, London,NW9 6LP,Brent
First Class Sports Bar,125 Wembley Park Drive, Wembley,HA9 8HQ,Brent
Fizz Sports Bar,217 Kenton Road, Harrow,HA3 0HD,Brent
Flannery's Bar,610-612 High Road, Wembley,HA0 2AF,Brent
Flynns,117 High Road, London,NW10 2SL,Brent
George Public House,George, Church Lane, London,NW9 8SN,Brent
Grand Junction Arms Public House,Grand Junction Arms, Acton Lane, London,NW10 7AD,Brent
Green Man Hotel,Green Man Hotel, Dagmar Avenue, Wembley,HA9 8DF,Brent
Greenes,362-364 Neasden Lane North, London,NW10 0BT,Brent
Harlesden Picture Palace,26 Manor Park Road, London,NW10 4JJ,Brent
J J Moons,397 High Road, Wembley,HA9 6AA,Brent
J J Moons,553 Kingsbury Road, London,NW9 9EL,Brent
Jet Set,252 High Street, London,NW10 4TD,Brent
JoNo's,458 Church Lane, London,NW9 8UA,Brent
Katie's,350 Neasden Lane, London,NW10 0AD,Brent
Kilburn Arms,97-101 Willesden Lane, Kilburn, London,NW6 7SD,Brent
Lost Rivers Taprooms,67B London Designer Outlet, Wembley Park Boulevard, Wembley,HA9 0FD,Brent
Maggies Bar,102 Chamberlayne Road, London,NW10 3JN,Brent
Maloney's,429 High Road, London,NW10 2JN,Brent
Masons Arms,665 Harrow Road, London,NW10 5NU,Brent
McDonaghs Bar,2-4 Slough Lane, London,NW9 8QL,Brent
McGlynn's Bar,70 Willesden Lane, Kilburn, London,NW6 7SX,Brent
McGoverns,147 Cricklewood Broadway, London,NW2 3HY,Brent
McGoverns,60 High Road, London,NW10 2PU,Brent
McGowans,225-227 Edgware Road, Kingsbury, London,NW9 6LU,Brent
McGowans,88 Walm Lane, London,NW2 4QY,Brent
Metro Bar,238-240 Neasden Lane, London,NW10 0AA,Brent
Moonbay Bar & Restaurant,1-2 Court Parade, East Lane, Wembley,HA0 3HY,Brent
No 8,305 High Road, London,NW10 2JT,Brent
North London Tavern,375 Kilburn High Road, London,NW6 7QB,Brent
Paradise By Way of Kensal Green,19 Kilburn Lane, North Kensington, London,W10 4AE,Brent
Parlour,5 Regent Street, London,NW10 5LG,Brent
Power's Bar,23 Hay Lane, London,NW9 0NH,Brent
Preston Public House,161 Preston Road, Wembley,HA9 8NG,Brent
Prince of Wales PH,11 Cambridge Gardens, London,NW6 5AE,Brent
Rising Sun,25 Harlesden Road, London,NW10 2BY,Brent
Royal Oak,95 High Street, London,NW10 4TS,Brent
Sportsman,58 Station Road, London,NW10 4UA,Brent
Student Union (Bars (x2) & Shop),UNIVERSITY OF WESTMINSTER, Watford Road, Harrow,HA1 3TP,Brent
Sugar & Spice Lounge,12-13 Queensbury Station Parade, Edgware,HA8 5NR,Brent
The Arch Wembley,324 Harrow Road, Wembley,HA9 6LL,Brent
The Boat,346 Ealing Road, Wembley,HA0 1BH,Brent
The Burren,174 Church Road, London,NW10 9NH,Brent
The Chamberlayne,83 Chamberlayne Road, London,NW10 3ND,Brent
The Cock Tavern,125 Kilburn High Road, London,NW6 6JH,Brent
The Copper Jug,10 The Broadway, Wembley,HA9 8JU,Brent
The Corner House,313 Harrow Road, Wembley,HA9 6BA,Brent
The Cricklewood Club,327 Edgware Road, Cricklewood, London,NW2 6JP,Brent
The Crock of Gold,23 Bridge Road, Wembley,HA9 9AB,Brent
The Field,249 Neasden Lane, London,NW10 1QG,Brent
The Fleadh,278 Preston Road, Harrow,HA3 0QA,Brent
The Fusilier,The Fusilier, Harrow Road, Wembley,HA0 2HA,Brent
The Green Man,The Green Man, Slough Lane, London,NW9 8YG,Brent
The Island Bar & Dining,123 College Road, London,NW10 5HA,Brent
The Kingdom,229 Kilburn High Road, London,NW6 7JG,Brent
The Liquor Station,397A High Road, Wembley,HA9 6AA,Brent
The Nest,104-106 Windermere Avenue, Wembley,HA9 8RB,Brent
The New Inn,19 Burnt Oak Broadway, Edgware,HA8 5LD,Brent
The Parish Freehouse,120 Wembley Park Drive, Wembley,HA9 8HP,Brent
The Pearl Lounge,F3, Bang Bang Oriental Food Hall, Unit C, 399 Edgware Road,NW9 0FH,Brent
The Queensbury,110A Walm Lane, London,NW2 4RS,Brent
The Roisin,1 Fryent Way, London,NW9 9ER,Brent
The Salusbury,50-52 Salusbury Road, London,NW6 6NN,Brent
The Shanakee,253 Edgware Road, Kingsbury, London,NW9 6LU,Brent
The Shawl,25 High Street, London,NW10 4NE,Brent
The Swan,789 Harrow Road, Wembley,HA0 2LP,Brent
The Torch,1-5 Bridge Road, Wembley,HA9 9AB,Brent
The Wembley Tavern,121 Wembley Park Drive, Wembley,HA9 8HG,Brent
The Whippet Inn,64-66 Chamberlayne Road, London,NW10 3JJ,Brent
The Windermere,Windermere, Windermere Avenue, Wembley,HA9 8QT,Brent
Thirsty Eddies,412 High Road, Wembley,HA9 6AH,Brent
Tonys Freehouse,356-360 High Road, London,NW10 2EG,Brent
Villa Country Club,75 Park Parade, London,NW10 4HT,Brent
Vybz Bar,1 Craven Park Road, London,NW10 8SE,Brent
Wembley Park Theatre (Troubadours Theatres),128 Wembley Park Drive, Wembley,HA9 8HP,Brent
Whelans,341 Oxgate Lane, London,NW2 7HS,Brent
William The Fourth,786 Harrow Road, London,NW10 5JX,Brent
Wishing Well,Wishing Well, Church Lane, London,NW9 8JS,Brent
Chippenham Public House,207 Shirland Road, London,W9 2EX,Brent