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Brentwood, Essex pubs in August 2018

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Brentwood, Essex - 109
124 (Essex) Transport Squadron Rlc Army Reserve Centre,"Territorial Army Centre, Clive Road, Warley, Brentwood",CM13 3UJ,Brentwood
Abbotswick Cottage,"Navestock Side, Navestock, Brentwood, Essex",CM14 5SH,Brentwood
Above Par Catering Ltd (At Thorndon Park),"Thorndon Park Golf Club Ltd, Thorndon Gate, Brentwood, Essex",CM13 3RH,Brentwood
Alma Arms Freehouse,"Alma Arms, Horseman Side, Navestock, Brentwood",CM14 5ST,Brentwood
Ashwells Sports & Country Club Ltd,"Ashwells Sports And Country Club, Ashwells Road, Pilgrims Hatch, Brentwood",CM15 9SE,Brentwood
Baptist Church,"Blackmore Baptist Church, The Green, Blackmore, Ingatestone",CM4 0RT,Brentwood
Baptist Church,"Brentwood Baptist Church, Kings Road, Brentwood, Essex",CM14 4DR,Brentwood
Bardswell Social Club,"Club House, Bardeswell Close, Brentwood, Essex",CM14 4TJ,Brentwood
Bentley Cricket Club,"Coxtie Green Road, Pilgrims Hatch, Brentwood, Essex",CM14 5PN,Brentwood
Bentley District Village Club,"Bentley Village Hall, Ongar Road, Pilgrims Hatch, Brentwood",CM15 9RZ,Brentwood
Blackmore Sports And Social Club,"Blackmore Village Hall, Nine Ashes Road, Blackmore, Ingatestone",CM4 0QW,Brentwood
Brave Nelson,"The Brave Nelson, Woodman Road, Warley, Essex",CM14 5AL,Brentwood
Brentwood County Cricket Club,"County Cricket Ground, Shenfield Road, Shenfield, Brentwood",CM15 8AJ,Brentwood
Brentwood Golf Club,"Coxtie Green Road, Pilgrims Hatch, South Weald, Essex",CM14 5RJ,Brentwood
Brentwood Hard Court Tennis Club,"Brentwood Hard Court Club, Childerditch Lane, Warley, Brentwood",CM13 3EH,Brentwood
Brentwood Rugby Club,"Brentwood Rugby Football Club, King Georges Playing Fields, Ingrave Road, Brentwood",CM15 8AT,Brentwood
Brentwood Tennis Club,"County Cricket Ground, Shenfield Road, Shenfield, Brentwood",CM15 8AJ,Brentwood
Brentwood Theatre,"15 Shenfield Road, Brentwood Town, Brentwood, Essex",CM15 8AG,Brentwood
Brookweald Cricket Club,"Weald Road, Brentwood, Essex",CM14 5QS,Brentwood
Charlies Bar Ltd,"152 Warley Hill, Warley, Brentwood, Essex",CM14 5HE,Brentwood
Christ Church Hall,"Christ Church, Warley Hill, Warley, Brentwood",CM13 3AA,Brentwood
Corner Wine Bar,"23 High Street, Ingatestone, Essex",CM4 9DU,Brentwood
Dairyman,"16 High Street, Brentwood, Essex",CM14 4AB,Brentwood
East & West Horndon Village Hall,"East And West Horndon Village Hall, Thorndon Avenue, West Horndon, Brentwood",CM13 3TP,Brentwood
Essex Arms,"The Essex Arms, Warley Hill, Warley, Brentwood",CM14 5HA,Brentwood
George Inns Ltd,"The Railway, Station Road, West Horndon, Essex",CM13 3TL,Brentwood
Great Danes Youth Football Club,"Sports Ground, Sawyers Hall Lane, Brentwood, Essex",CM15 9BY,Brentwood
Greene King @ The Boars Head,"The Boars Head, Billericay Road, Herongate, Essex",CM13 3PS,Brentwood
Harewood Road Social Club,"Communal Hall, Harewood Road, Pilgrims Hatch, Brentwood",CM15 9PD,Brentwood
Hartswood Golf Club,"Clubhouse, King Georges Playing Fields, Ingrave Road, Brentwood",CM14 5AE,Brentwood
Herongate Cricket Club,"Brentwood Road, Brentwood, Essex",CM13 3QH,Brentwood
Herongate Football & Athletic Club,"Sports Ground Between 65 And 67, Billericay Road, Brentwood, Essex",CM13 3PU,Brentwood
Hollands Wine Bar,"234 Hutton Road, Shenfield, Brentwood, Essex",CM15 8PA,Brentwood
Hutton All Saints Scout Group,"Wash Road, Hutton, Brentwood, Essex",CM13 1BS,Brentwood
Hutton Cricket Club,"Hall Green Lane, Hutton, Brentwood, Essex",CM13 2EH,Brentwood
Hutton Football Club,"Hall Green Lane, Hutton, Brentwood, Essex",CM13 2EH,Brentwood
Hutton Free Church,"Hanging Hill Lane, Hutton, Brentwood, Essex",CM13 2SJ,Brentwood
Ingatestone & Fryerning Community Association,"Community Centre, 7 High Street, Ingatestone, Essex",CM4 9ED,Brentwood
Ingatestone Bowling Club,"Rear Of Community Centre, 7 High Street, Ingatestone And Fryerning, Ingatestone",CM4 9ED,Brentwood
Ingleton House Social Club,"Ingleton House, Stock Lane, Ingatestone, Essex",CM4 9DY,Brentwood
Juniper And Rowan Green Social Club,"Juniper Court, Beech Avenue, Brentwood, Essex",CM13 2EL,Brentwood
K H Village Hall Charitable Trust,"Kelvedon Hatch Village Hall, School Road, Kelvedon Hatch, Brentwood",CM15 0DL,Brentwood
Kelvedon Hatch Senior Citizen Lunch Club,"Fane Memorial Room, Church Road, Kelvedon Hatch, Brentwood",CM14 5TJ,Brentwood
Kings Chase Sports And Social Club Ltd,"Kings Chase Sports And Social Club, Kings Chase, Brentwood, Essex",CM14 4LD,Brentwood
Luncheon Club,"Navestock Village Hall, Navestock Side, Navestock, Brentwood",CM14 5SD,Brentwood
Mavericks RFC,"Warley Playing Fields, The Drive, Warley, Essex",CM14 5LF,Brentwood
Mill Green Gospel Hall,"Mill Green Road, Fryerning, Essex",CM4 0HY,Brentwood
Mount Avenue Banqueting Suite,"The Masonic Hall, Mount Avenue, Hutton, Brentwood",CM13 2NS,Brentwood
Navestock Cricket Club,"Pavillion The Green, Navestock Side, Navestock, Brentwood",CM14 5SD,Brentwood
O'Neills,"86 High Street, Brentwood, Essex",CM14 4AR,Brentwood
Prince Of Wales,"The Prince Of Wales Public House, 199 Roman Road, Mountnessing, Ingatestone",CM15 0UG,Brentwood
Quennell Way Club,"Quennell Way, Hutton, Brentwood, Essex",CM13 2RS,Brentwood
Rendezvous At Pilgrims Hall,"Pilgrims Hall, Ongar Road, Pilgrims Hatch, Brentwood",CM15 9SA,Brentwood
Rumours,"110 - 112 Kings Road, Brentwood, Essex",CM14 4EA,Brentwood
Shenfield Cricket Club,"Chelmsford Road, Shenfield, Brentwood, Essex",CM15 8RQ,Brentwood
Slug & Lettuce,"The Slug And Lettuce, Hanover House, 82 High Street, Brentwood",CM14 4AP,Brentwood
Society Of Old Brentwood Sports Club,"Ashwells Road, Pilgrims Hatch, Brentwood, Essex",CM15 9SE,Brentwood
South Essex Golf & Country Club,"South Essex Golf And Country Club, Brentwood Road, Brentwood, Essex",CM13 3LW,Brentwood
South Weald Cricket Club,"Sandpit Lane, South Weald, Brentwood, Essex",CM14 5QE,Brentwood
South Weald Parish Hall,"London Road, Brentwood, Essex",CM14 4NP,Brentwood
Spread Eagle (Pub - Wetside),"Spread Eagle Public House, 88 Queens Road, Brentwood, Essex",CM14 4HD,Brentwood
St Peters Church,"Weald Road, South Weald, Brentwood, Essex",CM14 5QJ,Brentwood
St Stephens Church,"St Stephens Crescent, Brentwood, Essex",CM13 2AT,Brentwood
Sugar Hut,"93 High Street, Brentwood Town, Brentwood, Essex",CM14 4RR,Brentwood
Thatchers Arms,"Thatchers Arms Public House, Warley Road, Warley, Brentwood",CM13 3HU,Brentwood
The Bell,"The Bell Public House, High Street, Ingatestone And Fryerning, Ingatestone",CM4 0AT,Brentwood
The Black Horse,"The Black Horse, 420 Ongar Road, Pilgrims Hatch, Brentwood",CM15 9JN,Brentwood
The Blue Crown,"Rose And Crown, Ongar Road, Pilgrims Hatch, Essex",CM15 9JH,Brentwood
The Brewery Tap,"Primrose Hill, Brentwood, Essex",CM14 4LT,Brentwood
The Bricklayers Arms,"Bricklayers Arms, Ongar Road, Stondon Massey, Brentwood",CM15 0EQ,Brentwood
The Bull,"The Bull, 13 Brook Street, Brentwood Town, Brentwood",CM14 5LZ,Brentwood
The Chequers,"213 Rayleigh Road, Hutton, Brentwood, Essex",CM13 1PJ,Brentwood
The Chough Public House,"The Chough, 18 Eastham Crescent, Brentwood, Essex",CM13 2BG,Brentwood
The Cricketers,"Mill Green Road, Fryerning, Essex",CM4 0RH,Brentwood
The Eagle,"Ongar Road, Kelvedon Hatch, Brentwood, Essex",CM15 0AA,Brentwood
The Eagle And Child,"The Eagle And Child Public House, 13 Chelmsford Road, Shenfield, Brentwood",CM15 8RG,Brentwood
The Gardeners Arms,"27 Hart Street, Brentwood, Essex",CM14 4AX,Brentwood
The George And Dragon,"The George And Dragon Public House, Roman Road, Mountnessing, Brentwood",CM15 0TZ,Brentwood
The Green Man,"Green Man, 11 Cricketers Lane, Brentwood, Essex",CM13 3PZ,Brentwood
The Greyhound,"Greyhound Public House, Magpie Lane, Warley, Brentwood",CM13 3DZ,Brentwood
The Halfway House,"Halfway House Public House, Southend Arterial Road, West Horndon, Brentwood",CM13 3LL,Brentwood
The Hermit Club,"The Hermitage, Shenfield Road, Brentwood, Essex",CM15 8AG,Brentwood
The Hutton Public House,"The Hutton, 15 Rayleigh Road, Hutton, Brentwood",CM13 1AB,Brentwood
The Leather Bottle (wet Side),"Leather Bottle, The Green, Blackmore, Essex",CM4 0RL,Brentwood
The Lounge Bar,"3 Bell Mead, Ingatestone, Essex",CM4 0FA,Brentwood
The Merchant,"127 High Street, Brentwood, Essex",CM14 4RX,Brentwood
The Nags Head,"Brook Street, Brentwood Town, Brentwood, Essex",CM14 5ND,Brentwood
The Olde Dog Inn,"129 Billericay Road, Brentwood, Essex",CM13 3SD,Brentwood
The Plough,"The Plough Public House, 169 Roman Road, Mountnessing, Ingatestone",CM15 0UG,Brentwood
The Rising Sun,"144 Ongar Road, Brentwood, Essex",CM15 9DJ,Brentwood
The Robin,"Ongar Road, Brentwood, Essex",CM15 9EB,Brentwood
The Rose,"The Rose Inn, Chelmsford Road, Shenfield, Essex",CM15 8RN,Brentwood
The Shepherd,"Shepherd Inn, Blackmore Road, Kelvedon Hatch, Brentwood",CM15 0AT,Brentwood
The Sports Lounge,"40 High Street, Brentwood, Essex",CM14 4AJ,Brentwood
The Star Inn,"Star Inn, High Street, Ingatestone, Essex",CM4 9DU,Brentwood
The Swan,"123 High Street, Brentwood Town, Brentwood, Essex",CM14 4RX,Brentwood
The Teriss Bar,"5 Hart Street, Brentwood, Essex",CM14 4AX,Brentwood
The Vine Brentwood,"104 High Street, Brentwood, Essex",CM14 4AP,Brentwood
The White Horse (Wet Side ONLY),"White Horse Public House, 173 Coxtie Green Road, Pilgrims Hatch, Brentwood",CM14 5PX,Brentwood
The Willow,"Church Lane, Doddinghurst, Brentwood, Essex",CM15 0NG,Brentwood
Thriftwood Scout Campsite,"Thrift Wood Scout Centre, Orchard Avenue, Brentwood, Essex",CM13 2DY,Brentwood
Tipps Cross Remembrance Hall,"Tipps Cross Rememberance Hall, Blackmore Road, Brentwood, Essex",CM15 0DT,Brentwood
Toby Carvery,"The Artichoke, Ingrave Road, Brentwood, Essex",CM15 8DZ,Brentwood
Victoria Arms,"The Victoria Arms, Ongar Road, Brentwood Town, Brentwood",CM15 9AX,Brentwood
Village Hall,"Stondon Massey Village Hall, Ongar Road, Stondon Massey, Brentwood",CM15 0LE,Brentwood
Viper Inn,"The Viper, Mill Green Road, Ingatestone And Fryerning, Ingatestone",CM4 0PT,Brentwood
Virgin Active Clearview,"Clearview, Little Warley Hall Lane, West Horndon, Brentwood",CM13 3EN,Brentwood
Warley Park Golf Club,"Magpie Lane, Warley, Brentwood, Essex",CM13 3DX,Brentwood
Ye Olde Green Dragon,"Ye Old Green Dragon, 112 Shenfield Road, Shenfield, Brentwood",CM15 8EZ,Brentwood

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