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London Borough of Camden pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about London history, and connects to my many pub history sites. These pages are of all London Borough pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, currently 4441 pubs open in total. Index of all Boroughs

Camden (158)
Abbey Tavern,124 Kentish Town Road,NW1 9QB,Camden
Aces and Eights Saloon Bar,156-158 Fortess Road,NW5 2HP,Camden
Acol Bridge Club,"86 West End Lane, London",NW6 2LX,Camden
Alexander the Great,"8 Plender Street, London",NW1 0JT,Camden
Alice House,"283-285 West End Lane, London, Greater London",NW6 1RD,Camden
All Bar One,"58 Kingsway, London",WC2B 6DX,Camden
All Bar One,"108 New Oxford Street, London",WC1A 1HB,Camden
Astor Museum Inn,"27 Montague Street, London",WC1B 5BH,Camden
Be At One Limited,"55 Camden High Street, London",NW1 7JH,Camden
Belushi's,"48-50 Camden High Street, London",NW1 0LT,Camden
Betjeman Arms,"Unit 53, St Pancras International Station, Euston Road, London",N1C 4QL,Camden
Black Heart,"2-3 Greenland Place, London, Greater London",NW1 0AP,Camden
Bloomsbury Tavern,"236 Shaftesbury Avenue, London",WC2H 8EG,Camden
Bourne & Hollingsworth,"28 Rathbone Place, London, Greater London",W1T 1JF,Camden
Bricklayers Arms,"31 Gresse Street, London",W1T 1QS,Camden
Bull & Bush,"Bull And Bush, North End Way, London",NW3 7HE,Camden
Bull & Last,"The Bull And Last Ph, 168 Highgate Road, London",NW5 1QS,Camden
Bull and Gate,389 Kentish Town Road,NW5 2TJ,Camden
Callaghans,"Bloomsbury Hotel, Coram Street",WC1N 1HT,Camden
Calthorpe Arms,"252 Gray's Inn Road, London",WC1X 8JR,Camden
Camden Horseshoe Ltd,"28 Heath Street, London",NW3 6TE,Camden
Camden People's Theatre,"58-60 Hampstead Road, London",NW1 2PY,Camden
Camden's Daughter,"289-291 Kentish Town Road, London",NW5 2JS,Camden
Cella Karaoke Lounge,"84-86 Chancery Lane, London",WC2A 1DL,Camden
Chop & Chip Co,"The Wheatsheaf, Fitzrovia, 25 Rathbone Place, London",W1T 1JB,Camden
Cider Tap,"East Lodge, 188 Euston Road",NW1 2EF,Camden
Circus,"27 Endell Street, London, Greater London",WC2H 9BA,Camden
City of York,"22 High Holborn, London",WC1V 6BS,Camden
Coopers Arms,"164 Kilburn High Road, London",NW6 4JD,Camden
Craft Beer,168 High Holborn,WC1V 7AA,Camden
Craft Beer Company,"82 Leather Lane, London, Greater London",EC1N 7TR,Camden
Cross Keys,"31 Endell Street, London",WC2H 9BA,Camden
Crown & Anchor,"137 Drummond Street, London",NW1 2HL,Camden
Crown & Anchor,"22 Neal Street, London",WC2H 9PS,Camden
Cue Point Ltd (inside the Rose and Crown),"71-73 Torriano Avenue, London",NW5 2SG,Camden
Dominion Theatre,"The Dominion Theatre, 268-269 Tottenham Court Road, London",W1T 7AQ,Camden
Done Our Bit Club Ltd,"128A Maygrove Road, London",NW6 2EP,Camden
Doric Arch,"Euston Station, Unit 50 Eversholt Street, London, Greater London",NW1 2HS,Camden
Draft House,"102-106 Camden Road, London",NW1 9EA,Camden
Earl of Camden,"55 Parkway, London",NW1 7PN,Camden
Edinboro Castle,"57 Mornington Terrace, London",NW1 7RU,Camden
Escapologist,"Thomas Neal Centre, 35 Earlham Street, London",WC2H 9LD,Camden
Euston Tap,"West Lodge, 190 Euston Road",NW1 2EF,Camden
Exmouth Arms,"1 Starcross Street, London",NW1 2HR,Camden
Fifty Five Lounge,"31 Jamestown Road, London",NW1 7DB,Camden
Fitzrovia Belle,174 Tottenham Court Road,W1T 7NT,Camden
Fitzroy Tavern,"16A Charlotte Street, London",W1T 2LY,Camden
Flask Tavern,"77 Highgate West Hill, London",N6 6BU,Camden
Freemasons Arms,"32 Downshire Hill, London, Greater London",NW3 1NT,Camden
Friend at Hand,"4 Herbrand Street, London",WC1N 1HX,Camden
Gallery Coffee Shop,"University Of London Union, Malet Street, London",WC1E 7HY,Camden
Gatehouse,"Highgate West Hill, London",N6 6JS,Camden
George Birkbeck Bar,"University Of London Birkbeck College, Malet Street",WC1E 7HX,Camden
George IV,"76 Willes Road, London, Greater London",NW5 3DL,Camden
Globe Lawn Tennis Club Bar,"190a Haverstock Hill, London, Greater London",NW3 2AL,Camden
Grafton,"20 Prince Of Wales Road, London",NW5 3LG,Camden
Gunmakers Arms,13 Eyre Street Hill,EC1R 5ET,Camden
Hampstead Cricket Club,"Hampstead Cricket Club, Lymington Road, London",NW6 1HZ,Camden
Hare & Tortoise,"11-13 Brunswick Centre, London",WC1N 1AF,Camden
Hat & Tun,"3 Hatton Wall, London",EC1N 8HX,Camden
Hell's Kitchen,"124 Kentish Town Road, London",NW1 9QB,Camden
Hercules Pillar,"18 Great Queen Street, London",WC2B 5DG,Camden
Horse & Wig,"Cromwell House, 14 Fulwood Place, London",WC1V 6HZ,Camden
Hudsons House,"St Giles Hotel, Bedford Avenue",WC1B 3AS,Camden
Jack Horner,"235-236 Tottenham Court Road, London",W1T 7QN,Camden
Jacques Wine Bar,"Tavistock Hotel, 46-55 Tavistock Square, London",WC1H 9EU,Camden
Joe's,"78-79 Chalk Farm Road, London, Greater London",NW1 8AR,Camden
Junction Tavern,"101 Fortess Road, London",NW5 1AG,Camden
Kilburn Ironworks,332 Kilburn High Road,NW6 2QN,Camden
King William IV,"Public House And Premises, 77 Hampstead High Street, London",NW3 1RE,Camden
Knights Templar,"95 Chancery Lane, London",WC2A 1DT,Camden
Koko,"1a Camden High Street, London",NW1 0JH,Camden
Lillie Langtry,"121 Abbey Road, London",NW6 4SL,Camden
London Pub,"Royal National Hotel, Bedford Way, London",WC1H 0JX,Camden
Lord John Russell P.H.,"91-93 Marchmont Street, London",WC1N 1AL,Camden
Lucas Arms,"245A Gray's Inn Road, London",WC1X 8QY,Camden
Lyttleton Arms,"1 Camden High Street, London",NW1 7JE,Camden
Mabel's Tavern,"9 Mabledon Place, London",WC1H 9AZ,Camden
Marlborough Arms,"36 Torrington Place, London",WC1E 7HJ,Camden
Marquis Cornwallis,"31 Marchmont Street, London",WC1N 1AP,Camden
McGlynn Freehouse,"1-5 Whidborne Street, London",WC1H 8ET,Camden
Museum Tavern,"49 Great Russell Street, London",WC1B 3BA,Camden
My Old Dutch,"131-132 High Holborn, London",WC1V 6PS,Camden
Nelsons Wine Bar Ltd,"48 Stanhope Street, London",NW1 3EX,Camden
New Ambassadors Theatre,"Ambassadors Theatre, West Street, London",WC2H 9ND,Camden
New Bloomsbury Set,"76 Marchmont Street, London, Greater London",WC1N 1AG,Camden
Night and Day Bar Imperial Hotel,"61-66 Russell Square, London",WC1B 5BA,Camden
Norfolk Arms,"28 Leigh Street, London",WC1H 9EP,Camden
North Star,"104 Finchley Road, London",NW3 5JJ,Camden
Northumberland Arms,"119 Tottenham Court Road, London",W1T 5AW,Camden
Northumberland Arms,"141 King's Cross Road, London",WC1X 9BJ,Camden
One Tun,"58-60 Goodge Street, London",W1T 4ND,Camden
O'Neill's,"73-77 Euston Road, London",NW1 2QS,Camden
Oxford Arms,"265 Camden High Street, London",NW1 7BU,Camden
Pembroke,"150 Gloucester Avenue, London",NW1 8JA,Camden
Penderel's Oak,"New Penderel House, 283-287 High Holborn, London",WC1V 7HP,Camden
Philomena's,"40 Great Queen Street, London",WC2B 5AA,Camden
Phineas,"25 Gordon Street, London",WC1H 0AH,Camden
Prince Albert,"163 Royal College Street, London",NW1 0SG,Camden
Prince Arthur,"80-82 Eversholt Street, London",NW1 1BX,Camden
Prince of Wales,"53 Highgate High Street, London",N6 5JX,Camden
Prince Of Wales Feathers,"8 Warren Street, London",W1T 5LD,Camden
Princess Louise,"208 High Holborn, London",WC1V 7BW,Camden
Princess of Wales,"22 Chalcot Road, London",NW1 8LL,Camden
Proud Camden Horse Hospital,"The Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road, London",NW1 8AH,Camden
Queen's Head,"66 Acton Street, London",WC1X 9NB,Camden
Queens Head & Artichoke,"32 Albany Street, London",NW1 4EA,Camden
Railway,"100 West End Lane, London",NW6 2LU,Camden
Reverend J W Simpson,32-34 Goodge Street,W1T 2QJ,Camden
Rising Sun,"46 Tottenham Court Road, London",W1T 2ED,Camden
Rose and Crown,71-73 Torriano Avenue,NW5 2SG,Camden
Royal George,"8-14 Eversholt Street, London",NW1 1DG,Camden
Salsa!,"96 Charing Cross Road, London",WC2H 0JG,Camden
Salt Bar,"269 West End Lane, London",NW6 1QS,Camden
Secrets,"51 Parker Street, London",WC2B 5PS,Camden
Secrets,"4 Gray's Inn Road, London",WC1X 8HG,Camden
Secrets,"309 Finchley Road, London",NW3 6EH,Camden
Secrets,"34-38 Eversholt Street, London",NW1 1DA,Camden
Sevilla Mia,22 Hanway Street,W1T 1UQ,Camden
Shaker and Company,"119 Hampstead Road, London, Greater London",NW1 3EE,Camden
Siham Lounge Bar,15 Pratt Street,NW1 0AE,Camden
Simmons Bar,"28 Maple Street, London",W1T 6HP,Camden
Simmons Bar (Jeremy Bentham),"31 University Street, London",WC1E 6JL,Camden
Sir Christopher Hatton,"4 Leather Lane, London",EC1N 7RA,Camden
Sir Colin Campbell,"264-266 Kilburn High Road, London",NW6 2BY,Camden
Sir John Oldcastle,"Farringdon Point, 29-35 Farringdon Road, London",EC1M 3JF,Camden
Sir Richard Steele,"97 Haverstock Hill, London",NW3 4RL,Camden
Sir Robert Peel,"108 Malden Road, London",NW5 4DA,Camden
Skinners Arms,"114 Judd Street, London",WC1H 9NT,Camden
Slatterys Bar,"69 Camden Road, London, Greater London",NW1 9EU,Camden
South Side Bar,"Royal National Hotel, Bedford Way, London",WC1H 0JX,Camden
Southampton Arms,"139 Highgate Road, London",NW5 1LE,Camden
Spearmint Rhino,"161 Tottenham Court Road, London",W1T 7NN,Camden
Spiritual Bar,6 Ferdinand Street,NW1 8ER,Camden
Spread Eagle,"141 Albert Street, London",NW1 7NB,Camden
St Martin's Theatre,"St Martins Theatre, West Street, London",WC2H 9NG,Camden
St Peters Italian Social Club,"St Peters Italian Church, 136 Clerkenwell Road, London",EC1R 5DL,Camden
Sway,"61-65 Great Queen Street, London",WC2B 5BZ,Camden
Tavistock Bar,"Tavistock Hotel, 46-55 Tavistock Square, London",WC1H 9EU,Camden
TCR Lounge Bar,"183 Tottenham Court Road, London",W1T 7PE,Camden
The Alliance,"40-42 Mill Lane, London",NW6 1NR,Camden
The Angel Inn,"37 Highgate High Street, London",N6 5JT,Camden
The Angel Public House,"61 St Giles High Street, London",WC2H 8LE,Camden
The Apple Tree,"The Apple Tree, 45 Mount Pleasant, London",WC1X 0AE,Camden
The Arches,"7 Fairhazel Gardens, London",NW6 3QE,Camden
The Argyle,"1 Greville Street, London",EC1N 8PQ,Camden
The Assembly House,"292-294 Kentish Town Road, London",NW5 2TG,Camden
The Beaten Docket,"50-56 Cricklewood Broadway, London",NW2 3ET,Camden
The Black Lion,"274 Kilburn High Road, London",NW6 2BY,Camden
The Black Lion,295 West End Lane,NW6 1RD,Camden
The Bleeding Heart Tavern,"19 Greville Street, London",EC1N 8SQ,Camden
The Blue Lion,"133 Gray's Inn Road, London",WC1X 8TZ,Camden
The Blue Sea Fish Bar,"143 Queen's Crescent, London",NW5 4ED,Camden
The Blues Kitchen,"111-113 Camden High Street, London, Greater London",NW1 7JN,Camden
The Boot,"116 Cromer Street, London",WC1H 8BS,Camden
The Bountiful Cow,"47-51 Eagle Street, London",WC1R 4AP,Camden
The Cambridge Theatre,"Cambridge Theatre, Earlham Street, London",WC2H 9HU,Camden
The Camden Eye,"2 Kentish Town Road, London",NW1 9NX,Camden
The Camden Head,100 Camden High Street,NW1 0LU,Camden
The Carpenters Arms,"68-70 Whitfield Street, London",W1T 4EY,Camden
The Cobden Arms,"28-30 Camden High Street, London",NW1 0JH,Camden
The Cock Tavern,"23 Phoenix Road, London",NW1 1HB,Camden
The College Arms,"18 Store Street, London",WC1E 7DH,Camden
The Constitution Public House,"42 St Pancras Way, London",NW1 0QT,Camden
The Court,"108A Tottenham Court Road, London",W1T 5AA,Camden
The Crown,"43 Monmouth Street, London",WC2H 9DD,Camden
The Crown PH,"51 New Oxford Street, London",WC1A 1BL,Camden
The Crowndale,"61-65 Crowndale Road, London",NW1 1TN,Camden
The Dolphin,"44 Red Lion Street, London",WC1R 4PF,Camden
The Dolphin Public House,"47 Tonbridge Street, London",WC1H 9DW,Camden
The Dublin Castle,"94 Parkway, London",NW1 7AN,Camden
The Duke of Hamilton,"23-25 New End, London",NW3 1JD,Camden
The Duke of York,"7 Roger Street, London",WC1N 2PB,Camden
The Electric Ballroom,"184 Camden High Street, London",NW1 8QP,Camden
The Elephants Head,"224 Camden High Street, London",NW1 8QR,Camden
The Engineer,"65 Gloucester Avenue, London",NW1 8JH,Camden
The Enterprise,"38 Red Lion Street, London",WC1R 4PN,Camden
The Enterprise,"2 Haverstock Hill, London",NW3 2BL,Camden
The Euston Flyer,"83-87 Euston Road, London",NW1 2RA,Camden
The Fiddlers Elbow,"1 Malden Road, London",NW5 3HS,Camden
The Fitzrovia,"18 Goodge Street, London",W1T 2QD,Camden
The Flask Public House,"14 Flask Walk, London",NW3 1HE,Camden
The Garden Gate,"14 South End Road, London",NW3 2QE,Camden
The George,"250 Haverstock Hill, London",NW3 2AE,Camden
The George,"8 Great Queen Street, London",WC2B 5DG,Camden
The Golden Lion,"88 Royal College Street, London",NW1 0TH,Camden
The Good Mixer,"28-30 Inverness Street, London",NW1 7HJ,Camden
The Grafton,20 Prince Of Wales Road,NW5 3LG,Camden
The Grafton Arms,"72 Grafton Way, London",W1T 5DU,Camden
The Great Nepalese Restaurant,"48 Eversholt Street, London",NW1 1DA,Camden
The Griffin,"125 Clerkenwell Road, London",EC1R 5DB,Camden
The Harrison,"28 Harrison Street, London",WC1H 8JF,Camden
The Hawley Arms,"2 Castlehaven Road, London",NW1 8QU,Camden
The Holly Bush,"22 Holly Mount, London",NW3 6SG,Camden
The Hope,"15 Tottenham Street, London",W1T 2AJ,Camden
The Ice Wharf,"Suffolk Wharf, 28-30 Jamestown Road, London",NW1 7BY,Camden
The Lady Ottoline,"11a Northington Street, London, Greater London",WC1N 2JF,Camden
The Lamb,"94 Lamb's Conduit Street, London",WC1N 3LZ,Camden
The Lansdowne,"90 Gloucester Avenue, London",NW1 8HX,Camden
The Lion and Unicorn,"42-44 Gaisford Street, London",NW5 2ED,Camden
The Lock Tavern,"35 Chalk Farm Road, London",NW1 8AJ,Camden
The London Cocktail Club,224a Shaftesbury Avenue,WC2H 8EB,Camden
The Lord Palmerston,"33 Dartmouth Park Hill, London",NW5 1HU,Camden
The Lord Southampton,"2 Southampton Road, London",NW5 4HX,Camden
The Lord Stanley,"51 Camden Park Road, London",NW1 9BH,Camden
The Lukin,"4 Conway Street, London",W1T 6BB,Camden
The Monarch,"40-42 Chalk Farm Road, London",NW1 8BG,Camden
The Montague on the Gardens,"15 Montague Street, London",WC1B 5BJ,Camden
The Newmarket Arms,"17 York Way, London",N7 9QG,Camden
The Old Bell,"38 Kilburn High Road, London",NW6 5UA,Camden
The Old Crown,"33 New Oxford Street, London",WC1A 1BH,Camden
The Old Eagle Public House,"251 Royal College Street, London",NW1 9LU,Camden
The Old Nick,"21-22 Sandland Street, London",WC1R 4PZ,Camden
The Old Oak,"1 Mansfield Road, London",NW3 2JD,Camden
The Old Red Lion,"72 High Holborn, London",WC1V 6LS,Camden
The One Tun,"125 Saffron Hill, London, Greater London",EC1N 8QS,Camden
The Oxford,"256 Kentish Town Road, London",NW5 2AA,Camden
The Perseverance,"63 Lamb's Conduit Street, London",WC1N 3NB,Camden
The Pineapple Public House,"51 Leverton Street, London",NW5 2NX,Camden
The Place Theatre Bar,"The Place Theatre, 17 Duke's Road, London",WC1H 9AB,Camden
The Plough,"27 Museum Street, London",WC1A 1LH,Camden
The Polish Bar (Na Zdrowie),"6 Little Turnstile, London",WC1V 7DX,Camden
The Priory Tavern,"250 Belsize Road, London",NW6 4BT,Camden
The Queens,"49 Regent's Park Road, London",NW1 8XD,Camden
The Queens Head,"64 Theobald's Road, London",WC1X 8SF,Camden
The Queens Larder,"1 Queen Square, London",WC1N 3AR,Camden
The Resting Hare Pub,"8 Woburn Walk, London",WC1H 0JL,Camden
The Rocket,"120 Euston Road, London",NW1 2AL,Camden
The Roebuck,"15 Pond Street, London",NW3 2PN,Camden
The Rugby Tavern,"19 Great James Street, London",WC1N 3ES,Camden
The Seven Stars,"53-54 Carey Street, London",WC2A 2JB,Camden
The Sheephaven Bay,"2 Mornington Street, London",NW1 7QD,Camden
The Ship Tavern,"12 Gate Street, London",WC2A 3HP,Camden
The Smugglers Tavern,"28 Warren Street, London",W1T 5ND,Camden
The Square Pig,"30-32 Procter Street, London",WC1V 6NZ,Camden
The Squares Tavern & Wine Bar,"26 Tolmer's Square, London",NW1 2PE,Camden
The Stag,"67 Fleet Road, London",NW3 2QU,Camden
The Star,"47 Chester Road, London",N19 5DF,Camden
The Sun,"21 Drury Lane, London",WC2B 5RH,Camden
The Swan,"7 Cosmo Place, London, Greater London",WC1N 3AP,Camden
The Vine,"86 Highgate Road, London",NW5 1PB,Camden
The Washington,"50 England's Lane, London",NW3 4UE,Camden
The Water Rats,"328 Gray's Inn Road, London",WC1X 8BZ,Camden
The Wells Tavern,"30 Well Walk, London",NW3 1BX,Camden
The Wheatsheaf,"25 Rathbone Place, London",W1T 1JB,Camden
The World's End,"174 Camden High Street, London",NW1 0NE,Camden
The York & Albany P.H,"127 Parkway, London",NW1 7PS,Camden
The Yorkshire Grey,"2 Theobald's Road, London",WC1X 8PN,Camden
Troy Club,"22 Hanway Street, London",W1T 1UQ,Camden
Truckles Wine Bar,"Pied Bull Court, Galen Place, London",WC1A 2JR,Camden
Two Brewers,"40 Monmouth Street, London",WC2H 9EP,Camden
Undersolo,"22 Inverness Street, London",NW1 7HJ,Camden
Unicorn,"227 Camden Road, London",NW1 9AA,Camden
Vault 139,"139-143 Whitfield Street, London",W1T 5EP,Camden
Wetherspoons,"Public House And Premises At Unit 7 Level 2, The O2 Centre, 255 Finchley Road, London",NW3 6LU,Camden
White Hart,"191 Drury Lane, London",WC2B 5QD,Camden
White Mustashe,"7a Stanhope Parade, London",NW1 3RD,Camden
Ye Olde Mitre,"1 Ely Court, London",EC1N 6SJ,Camden
Ye Olde Swiss Cottage,"98 Finchley Road, London",NW3 5EL,Camden

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