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Exeter, Devon pubs in August 2018

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Exeter, Devon - 118
All Stars Sports Bar,"19A Sidwell Street, Exeter, Devon",EX4 6NN,Exeter
Alphington Sports Club,"Church Road, Alphington, Exeter, Devon",EX2 8SW,Exeter
Bar Fever,"Jasmine House, Mary Arches Street, Exeter, Devon",EX4 3AZ,Exeter
Bishops Blaize,"Commercial Road, Exeter, Devon",EX2 4AB,Exeter
Black Horse Inn,"Black Horse, Longbrook Street, Exeter, Devon",EX4 6AB,Exeter
Bridge Inn,"Bridge Hill, Topsham, Exeter, Devon",EX3 0QQ,Exeter
British Legion Club,"1 Legion Way, Exeter, Devon",EX2 8TF,Exeter
British Railway Club,"172 Cowick Street, Exeter, Devon",EX4 1AA,Exeter
City Gate,"The City Gate, 1 Iron Bridge, Exeter, Devon",EX4 3RB,Exeter
Clifton Inn,"1 Clifton Road, Exeter, Devon",EX1 2BR,Exeter
Conservative Club,"7 Church Street, Exeter, Devon",EX2 5EH,Exeter
Cowick Barton,"The Cowick Barton, 121 Cowick Lane, Exeter, Devon",EX2 9HF,Exeter
Crocketts,"2 Upper Paul Street, Exeter, Devon",EX4 3NB,Exeter
Cross Keys Bar & Cafe,"St Lukes Campus, Heavitree Road, Exeter, Devon",EX1 2LT,Exeter
David Lloyd Leisure Centre,"David Lloyd Leisure Clubs, Sandy Park Way, Digby, Exeter",EX2 7NN,Exeter
Devon & Exeter Institution,"7 Cathedral Close, Exeter, Devon",EX1 1EZ,Exeter
Devon And Exeter Squash Club,"Prince Of Wales Road, Exeter, Devon",EX4 4PR,Exeter
Dolphin Inn,"31 Burnthouse Lane, Exeter, Devon",EX2 6BG,Exeter
Double Locks Hotel,"Canal Banks, Exeter, Devon",EX2 6LT,Exeter
Duke of York Inn,"The Duke Of York, 58 Sidwell Street, Exeter, Devon",EX4 6PH,Exeter
EX4 BAR,"161 Fore Street, St Davids, Exeter, Devon",EX4 3AT,Exeter
Exe Water Sports Club,"62 Haven Road, Exeter, Devon",EX2 8DP,Exeter
Exeter City Hospitality & Bars,"Exeter City Afc Ltd, St James Park, Stadium Way, Exeter",EX4 6PX,Exeter
Exeter Freemasons Hall,"Exeter Fremasons Hall, 27 Gandy Street, Exeter, Devon",EX4 3LS,Exeter
Exeter Golf and Country Club,"Exeter Golf And Country Club Ltd, Topsham Road, Exeter, Devon",EX2 7AE,Exeter
Exeter Phoenix Cafe Bar,"Bradninch Place, Gandy Street, Exeter, Devon",EX4 3LS,Exeter
Exeter Saracens Rugby Football Club,"Exeter Saracens Rfc Clubhouse, Exeter Arena Car Park, Summer Lane, Exeter",EX4 8NT,Exeter
Exeter Transport Recreation Club,"Exeter Transport Club, Summerland Street, Exeter, Devon",EX1 2AT,Exeter
Exeter White Ensign Club,"White Ensign Club, Trinity House, South Street, Exeter",EX1 1ED,Exeter
Exonia Bowling Club,"61 Union Road, Exeter, Devon",EX4 6HU,Exeter
Green Gables Inn,"Buddle Lane, Exeter, Devon",EX4 1JH,Exeter
GWRSA Exeter South,"Great Western Railway Club South, Chaucer Grove, Exeter, Devon",EX4 7BX,Exeter
Heart of Oak,"34 Main Road, Exeter, Devon",EX4 8HS,Exeter
Heavitree Social Club Ltd,"Wingfield Park, 2 East Wonford Hill, Exeter, Devon",EX1 3BS,Exeter
Henrys Bar,"Mount Pleasant Road, Exeter, Devon",EX4 7AB,Exeter
Hole In The Wall,"The Hole In The Wall, Little Castle Street, Exeter, Devon",EX4 3PX,Exeter
"Isca Christian Fellowship, The Beaco","Action For Children, Pendragon House, Beacon Lane, Exeter",EX4 8LZ,Exeter
Isca Indoor Bowling Club,"Isca Indoor Bowling Club, Summer Lane, Exeter",EX4 8NT,Exeter
JD Wetherspoon Georges Meeting House,"Georges Meeting House, 38 South Street, Exeter, Devon",EX1 1ED,Exeter
"John Gandys,","John Gandys, 23 Gandy Street, Exeter, Devon",EX4 3LS,Exeter
Locomotive Inn and B & B,"36-37 New North Road, Exeter, Devon",EX4 4EP,Exeter
Lunchbox,"Alphington Village Hall, Ide Lane, Alphington, Exeter",EX2 8UP,Exeter
Mecca Bingo Clubs,"Mecca, 12 North Street, St Davids, Exeter",EX4 3QS,Exeter
Mill On The Exe,"Bonhay Road, Exeter, Devon",EX4 3AB,Exeter
Mount Radford Inn,"Flat, 73-75 Magdalen Road, Exeter, Devon",EX2 4TA,Exeter
New Inn,"74 Church Road, Alphington, Exeter, Devon",EX2 8TA,Exeter
New Inn at Cowley Bridge,"Cowley Bridge Inn, Cowley Bridge Road, Exeter, Devon",EX4 5BX,Exeter
Newtown Community Association,"Gordon Road, Exeter, Devon",EX1 2DH,Exeter
On the Waterfront,"On The Waterfront, 5-9 The Quay, Exeter, Devon",EX2 4AP,Exeter
Pig & Pickle,"38A Fore Street, Heavitree, Exeter, Devon",EX1 2QL,Exeter
Pinhoe Jubilee Club,"4 Main Road, Exeter, Devon",EX4 8HS,Exeter
Polsloe Priory Con. Club,"Elmside House, Elmside, Exeter, Devon",EX4 6LN,Exeter
Port Royal Inn,"Weirfield Road, Exeter, Devon",EX2 4DR,Exeter
Prospect Inn,"The Prospect Inn, The Quay, Exeter, Devon",EX2 4AN,Exeter
Queens Head Hotel,"270 Pinhoe Road, Exeter, Devon",EX4 7JQ,Exeter
Rosies,"Mary Arches Street, Exeter, Devon",EX4 3AZ,Exeter
Royal Oak,"79-81 Fore Street, Heavitree, Exeter, Devon",EX1 2RN,Exeter
Royal Oak Inn,"68 Okehampton Street, Exeter, Devon",EX4 1DY,Exeter
Samuel Jones Ale & Smoke House,"37 Commercial Road, Exeter, Devon",EX2 4AE,Exeter
Sawyers Arms,"121 Cowick Street, Exeter, Devon",EX4 1JD,Exeter
Seven Stars,"The Seven Stars, Alphington Road, Exeter, Devon",EX2 8JB,Exeter
Ship & Pelican,"54 Fore Street, Heavitree, Exeter, Devon",EX1 2RR,Exeter
Ship Inn,"The Ship Inn, 1-3 Martins Lane, Exeter, Devon",EX1 1EY,Exeter
Sorry Head (Horse & Dray),"Sorry Head, 10 Blackboy Road, Exeter, Devon",EX4 6SG,Exeter
St Anne's Well,"31 Well Street, Exeter, Devon",EX4 6QL,Exeter
St Thomas Cricket Club,"Grace Road West, Exeter, Devon",EX2 8PU,Exeter
Thatched House Inn,"Exwick Road, Exeter, Devon",EX4 2BQ,Exeter
The Angel Bar Cafe,"The Angel Pub, 32 Queen Street, Exeter, Devon",EX4 3SR,Exeter
The Beer Cellar,"2 South Street, Exeter, Devon",EX1 1DZ,Exeter
The Bowling Green,"29-30 Blackboy Road, Exeter, Devon",EX4 6ST,Exeter
The Cauldron,"15 Gandy Street, Exeter, Devon",EX4 3LS,Exeter
The Cavern Club,"83-84 Queen Street, Exeter, Devon",EX4 3RP,Exeter
The Chevalier Inn,"81 Fore Street, St Davids, Exeter, Devon",EX4 3HR,Exeter
The Devon Yeoman,"156 Beacon Lane, Exeter, Devon",EX4 8LX,Exeter
The Exonian,"99-101 Fore Street, St Davids, Exeter, Devon",EX4 3HY,Exeter
The Farmers Union,"Farmers Union, Queens Terrace, Exeter, Devon",EX4 4HR,Exeter
The Fat Pig,"Flat, The Fat Pig, 2 John Street, Exeter, Devon",EX1 1BL,Exeter
The Globe Inn,"Globe Inn, 39 Clifton Road, Exeter, Devon",EX1 2BL,Exeter
The Half Moon,"Half Moon, 68 Whipton Village Road, Exeter, Devon",EX4 8AW,Exeter
The Horse and Groom,"The Flat, 50-52 Fore Street, Heavitree, Exeter",EX1 2QL,Exeter
The Hourglass,"21 Melbourne Street, Exeter, Devon",EX2 4AU,Exeter
The Imperial,"New North Road, Exeter, Devon",EX4 4AH,Exeter
The King Billy,"26 Longbrook Street, Exeter, Devon",EX4 6AE,Exeter
The Kings,"Kings Arms, 173 Cowick Street, Exeter, Devon",EX4 1AA,Exeter
The Lord Nelson,"Lord Nelson Inn, High Street, Topsham, Devon",EX3 0DU,Exeter
The Lucombe Oak,"Public House, Cowick Street, Exeter, Devon",EX4 1DG,Exeter
The Malthouse,"7 Haven Road, Exeter, Devon",EX2 8BP,Exeter
The Monkey Suit,"161 Sidwell Street, Exeter, Devon",EX4 6RH,Exeter
The Oddfellows,"Oddfellows, 60 New North Road, Exeter, Devon",EX4 4EP,Exeter
The Old Firehouse,"50 New North Road, Exeter, Devon",EX4 4EP,Exeter
The Passage House Inn,"Passage House Inn, Ferry Road, Topsham, Devon",EX3 0JN,Exeter
The Pinhoe Hoard,"2 Bakers Way, Exeter, Devon",EX4 8GA,Exeter
The Pursuit of Hoppiness,"42 Longbrook Street, Exeter, Devon",EX4 6AE,Exeter
The Ram Bar Students Bar,"Devonshire House, Stocker Road, Exeter, Devon",EX4 4PY,Exeter
The Rusty Bike,"67 Howell Road, Exeter, Devon",EX4 4LZ,Exeter
The Stoke Arms,"Prince Charles Road, Exeter, Devon",EX4 7BZ,Exeter
The Tally Ho,"Tally Ho Inn, Countess Wear Road, Exeter, Devon",EX2 6LG,Exeter
The Twisted Oak,"Little Johns Cross Hill, Exeter, Devon",EX2 9RG,Exeter
The Village Inn,"56-58 Whipton Village Road, Exeter, Devon",EX4 8AW,Exeter
The Winchester,"The Winchester Club, Buller Road, Exeter, Devon",EX4 1AU,Exeter
Timepiece,"Little Castle Street, Exeter, Devon",EX4 3PX,Exeter
Topsham Bowling Club,"Fore Street, Topsham, Devon",EX3 0HF,Exeter
Topsham Conservative Club,"29 Fore Street, Topsham, Devon",EX3 0HD,Exeter
Topsham Masonic Club,"Masonic Hall, Victoria Road, Topsham, Devon",EX3 0EU,Exeter
Topsham Rugby Club,"Topsham Rugby Football Club, Exeter Road, Topsham, Devon",EX3 0LY,Exeter
Topsham Sailing Club,"Topsham Sailing Club, Ferry Road, Topsham",EX3 0JN,Exeter
Topsham Town A F C,"Exeter Road, Topsham, Devon",EX3 0LT,Exeter
Unit 1,"Arena Nightclub, Summerland Street, Exeter, Devon",EX1 2AZ,Exeter
University of Exeter,"Hailey Wing, Reed Hall, Streatham Drive, Exeter",EX4 4PD,Exeter
University of Exeter Lemon Grove,"Cornwall House, St Germans Road, Exeter, Devon",EX4 6TG,Exeter
Vaults,"8 Gandy Street, Exeter, Devon",EX4 3LS,Exeter
Victoria Park Tennis And Bridge Club,"Lyndhurst Road, Exeter, Devon",EX2 4NX,Exeter
Village Inn,"Village Inn, Exeter, Devon",EX4 2AA,Exeter
Whipton And Pinhoe Labour Club,"Vaughan Road, Exeter, Devon",EX1 3JT,Exeter
Whipton Institute,"20 Whipton Village Road, Exeter, Devon",EX4 8AW,Exeter
Windsor Castle Inn,"4 North Street, Heavitree, Exeter, Devon",EX1 2RH,Exeter
Wonford Inn,"17 Wonford Street, Exeter, Devon",EX2 5DL,Exeter
Wonford Social Club,"104 Wonford Street, Exeter, Devon",EX2 5DE,Exeter

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